Monday, September 10

9/11 Heroes

There are many people who helped out on 9/11 many left unnamed. Many who left their families to go who didn't return. I remember a story I read somewhere on line that a police offer just heard the news on the radio as he drove home from a midnight shift. He got out his car walked inside and explain to his pregnant wife he had to go back. He left her on the porch begging him not to go. He never came back.

Tomorrow is a big part of U.S.A history my history. It was the reason I wanted to join the military along with many more. I spent an hour tonight watching a special on the 9/11 emergencies  that happen below the burning towers. My son and I saw and discuss this lady who was recalling the events of that day fighting back tears. We both began to cry I couldn't help but feel the pain she must have gone through along with all the people she helped that day. She talked about the skin of a man who was very badly burnt. How his skin fell off in her hands. She didn't have time to think she rush him instead the ambulance an took off. I don't think I could ever do what these men and women did that day. They continue to do this everyday. They run into a burning building as people are running out. God Bless them all. It really takes a special person to take on such a task. Many lost loved ones many lost in many different places. I hope they can all find peace as well as our Nation.
Let's take a few moments and pray please never forget.

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