Saturday, September 1

Homade bouncing balls

What you will need:
corn starch
Elmer's Glue-All
warm water
food color (optional)
measuring spoons
2 bowls

I looked all over the place for Borax. I could not find this stuff anywhere until I seen what it was. I must have walked pasted this a million times before. It's laundry detergent. Who would have known? My hubby and I just laughed at the fact we were brain dead for a minute. I guess that is what happens to you when you become parents.

Bowl 1
I took 2 tablespoons of warm water added it to the bowl.1/2 teaspoons of Borax mix till dissolved.Add food coloring if you want about five drops or so.

Bowl 2

Add 1 tablespoon of glue but I used a full 4 ounces bottle for a bigger ball.
I then added 1/2 of the Borax mixture above.With one tablespoon of cornstarch. Don't mix let it set for 15 seconds. Then mix till you can't. Take it out of the bowl and make a ball with it as if you were playing with play dough. It will harden up fast. Your hands will be a mess. Don't worry it will only stain for a day maybe.

    It took us many times before it came out right. I still think we have to do this a few more times.Needless to say we had fun. It seems to be that food coloring stains hands and clothes. Who knew? The glue comes off easy with a little soap and water. The ball really does bounce. I was a little surprise since it took us six times before I could take a picture of what we did. Christopher being silly he tried to eat it. I would advise against it since it is glue. If you have little ones please keep an eye on them if you are doing this craft.
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