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Tuesday, October 29

Starting Over

Starting over is a mystery  you never know where you're going to be or where you're going to end up. For many survivors of Domestic Violence that is a decision that will change a life. I have been posting blogs all month about Domestic Violence know the facts  know how to get out. Most of all how do you get out? How do you make that step to another life? You have to re adjust yourself not to jump when there's a loud noise not to be frightened by somebody who gets loud not to look the other way when a police officer shows up not to fear them. Walking down the street having to look over your shoulder is something that I don't think will ever leave you. Making sure your windows and doors are locked adding locks making sure your children understand that protecting them will come first. Living a life after you have been abused for so many years is a challenge as a challenge you live with day to day night by night step by step you have to learn to live all over again. This movie is something that many survivors should watch it's a chance to give you a new perspective on how you can change your life.  It can happen you can go on you can be happy. Don't look back and don't apologize once you're happy you deserve it don't let anyone take that away from you. There is a life after somebody has hurt you man or woman Domestic Violence is wrong. Love doesn't hurt not in a physical way not by the hand not by a kick that's not love.  Please respect yourself please love yourself once you find that love you can find a way to get out. As always be safe!

Saturday, June 29

More Movies part two

The list continues I think I'm on movie 4. I like movies but some should never be made like this one. Beautiful Creatures it starts off slow and continues to be slow. A little action here and there now I'm a witch fan. I guess I was hoping for a movie like the sister witches in Practical Magic. That movie had a great story line/ love story attached to it. I liked it a lot five out of five stars it's a ten for me. Then again I'm a Sandra Bullock fan. Now for a movie that will shock your pants off and put your mind in a buzz is the movie Nicole Kidman did "EYES WIDE SHUT" with her ex is Tom Cruise(FYI not a kids movie lots of nudity)

Beautiful Creatures not so much I mean Lena will either be good or evil on her 16th birthday and can make a dinning room table spin. Please any woman with a attitude can do that on any good day without magic. Five out of five starts I give it a big fat zero. Not worth a dollar so don't waste your time just my opinion.

Movie 5: Hansel and Gretel
If you remember the story line it has been told to you many time as a child. The story was meant to keep kids away from strangers and out of the woods. An old folk tale as you will just like that with a little darker twist. However I don't think it's a kids movie.I liked it a lot I still think if someone makes a movie Justice League Jeremy Renner should play green arrow.

Movie: 6 Snitch with Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is an awesome movie but you have to be willing to sit through it. A man tries to save his son from staying in jail in return he has to bust the Mexican Drug Cartel. Not an easy task but if anyone is up for a challenge it's the ROCK! It's a sad/happy intense movie to see the lengths a parent a father would take to save his son. I would do it in a heartbeat if I had to. I think most parents would do just about anything and beyond to save their children. The Rocks get beat up. I know I was shocked myself. It deals with two families his and the life he had before with another woman. Putting his wife and daughter in harms way to help the police and his son. This is a must see movie again not a kids movie. I loved it!

Movie 7: Escape from Planet Earth
This is a cute kids movie that tells a story of a family mission. It's a kids movie all the way around. My boys loved it so five out of five stars. I caught bits and pieces of it running around trying to clean and sleep since Christopher has been waking up in the middle of the night with a fever since Wednesday. Popsicles, gatorades, and water has been of our best  friends besides the bubbles baths taken at 3 am. We should both be a fish by now since Christopher's likes to pull the cat in the tub and I have to fish her out. Would of advice a cat with bubbles on is not a good look when she looks likes she is going to attack me. Thank God she didn't no people were harm in drying her off.
Escape From Planet Earth

Movie 8: Broken City

Another bad bad and very bad movie that should have not been made. It was a total waste of money for sure. If you know politics there is no need to watch. I was upset that Mark Wahlberg played in a movie like this. He can do better much better like "Shooter." Which this movie is nothing like it. A city cop gets dumped on because he was just the right person to take the fall for some low life loser with power.  I'm glad I didn't go to the theater for this one!

Movie 9: Promised Land

Yet, again another sad movie with a story of a big company buying land from a small town to build on. Yes, It will bring jobs but at what cost? This movie is just an updated version of Julia Roberts movie "Erin Brockovich" just Promised Land was a Promised Not. Not worth a dollar as least Julia knows how to put people in their place. Like in this clip
I would have let the lady drink the water before I told her where it came from. People like that need an eye opener sometime. Let's be Honest we all know someone like that.

I have to say I love this movie instead.

Movie 10:  Spiders

Last movie for today as you can see we have been on a movie thing for a while. Not much to do when children are sick and want to be held 24/7. I needed the break anyways who doesn't. A dumb movie that makes you think what someone could do with alien spiders. I just hope it doesn't come to that. Just not with spiders in this movie it sounds like Godzilla with eight legs. No joke Godzilla for real walking down the street. My boys liked the movie again not me. They like bugs not me. I mean it's the hubby's job to kill and create a murder scene when the pre-historic spiders here in Florida come out. Yet, It always seems like they come out when I'm home alone. I'll be screaming as I try to kill it. Kind of reminds me when Justin was one there was a mouse that got in my Mom's house. My sister was trying to kill it with a broom as it ran back and fourth behind the TV like it was playing a game. My ass was on a chair yelling out where it was at then she would hit it like the game at Chuck E Cheese. (Laughing) Some of the best times I swear! This was a bad movie!

Movie Reviews

Christopher has been up and down with a fever all week so we made it a movie week. Red Box must love us but we don't love all the movies. The Great and Powerful OZ had a great story line kept to the movie I grew up with The Wizard of OZ.

I have only one complaint no Dorothy and too long.  I guess that would be two. However if you have kids it's worth watching. It's a cute movie that is funny. I rented the old version to compare which made for a great conversation that lasted the rest of the evening with Justin. He is the master of questions and idea's of how the movie could have been better.

Movie 2: Venom
Venom DVD

Okay this movie was dumb there is no other way to put it. Our boys like snakes I don't know why but they do. Bad story line and bad acting not worth a dollar.

Movie 3: Side Effects

It was date night my hubby and I rented this movie one it has my second hubby in it Mr. Channing Tatum. He is a hottie! It's a great story line of being addicted to drugs. The ups and downs it explains a story so you have to pay attention to it. If you have to pee pause it or you will be lost. It's not what you think from the previews. All the actors are awesome in this. I just wonder if it was hard for Catherine Zeta Jones to play her part since she is bipolar in real life. I heard she was in treatment not to long ago. Without giving it away it's a must watch movie. I don't I have ever seen Rooney Marie who plays the wife/sick one in the movie in anything else. I have to say she plays a great sick person! Makes you think that's for sure.

Looks like I just ran out of time Justin has a basketball game today. Wish him luck he won last week 32 to 24. It's not the point he won but he had fun playing.

Update:  Justin's team won 33 to 28 they kicked butt. All the kids did the main part all had fun and pictures today.

Sunday, June 2

All time favorite movies

Last night flipping through the channels I came across of one my all time favorite movies "Tango & Cash." Did you know Patrick Swayze was to play the part of Cash. I'm glad he went on to play in another movie I love "Road house" 

I don't or can't see him as Cash. However Mr. Swayze did a great role turn when he played in the movie "Father hood." You were able to see his funny side because up to this point I only knew him in the movie "Dirty Dancing" another all time favorites. As you can tell I have a lot of favorite movies like "Point Break"
Talk about two hotties playing in the same movie together. I think I was like ten when my dad and step mom took me to see this movie. Talk about a crush on two people. 

To get back to Tango & Cash Sly and Russell are awesome in this film. I seen this when I was little I used to be in love with Mr. Stallone. Too funny thinking about it now but I guess it was a insight to what kind of man I would marry. My hubby is somewhat like him. Armani in a Suit! When I meet him that's all he wore but then I seen the handyman side of him which is hot! These are just a few old time favorites of mind what are some of yours? 
They have awesome chemistry in this film with jokes and Kurt in a dress!

This movie will keep you laughing all the way to the end. I love the whole thing. They should of made a Tango & Cash 2. 
It's a must see just like "Rocky" and "Overboard" movies are one of a kind. 

Tuesday, May 14

Today & Yesterday

 Have you ever had one of those days? Today I guess was my day. Being a mom is always busy.Today was a lot of fun doing paperwork to get my passport to go to Niagara Falls dealing with Mr.Christopher who is in the post office yelling at the top of his very healthy lungs "Mommy!" over and over. Everyone and  their Momma was looking at me. Did I leave? Nope, I was there to get a passport. I was staying to finish it only to have the guy behind the counter tell me they don't do interviews on Mondays I would have to come back. 
I asked Christopher " Hey, son please use your inside voice please."
Christopher says laughing " NO, Mommy."
I ask him again "Why are you screaming?"
Christopher yells " I'm crazy!" Shaking his head and hands kind of like that kid in the commercial where they are all sitting around the table talking to the man in the suit asking questions. I couldn't help but laugh it was funny as can be. I didn't get mad at him he is a child unlike the lady who says to me " I wouldn't be seen with that kid. Just wait till he is older criminal." As she walks away.
Me laughing " I doubt my son will be a criminal because he is being crazy right now. He is two and by the way the line moved you lost your spot." As I yell " NO cuts!" All eyes on me I continue to fill out my paperwork and ask my questions about how to get our boys passports. Did you know that you have to have it okay by both parents before you leave the country? So with that note I have to wait till my hubby can come to sign the paperwork with me or have the paperwork the post office gave me to  notarized with my hubby signature. Then he doesn't have to be there for both kids. It's Canada! Who is going to run away to Canada  (Laughing) I don't know but because people have just like the warning notice on a hair dyer that says "Don't blow dry your hair while standing in the shower!" Who did that and why would you?(Laughing) 

We leave the post office to go grocery shopping well we walked into the aisle way to get tomatoes. Yup, You guess it Christopher started it all over again. I went and got the things I needed. Once we made it to the checkout he says" Mommy, I love you!" He has a very cute voice. He was having an off day. He is never like that.

He was quiet in the car on the way to the YMCA. He was sleeping that's why no complaints here gave me a rest. He loves to go play with the kids in the kids zone it's like a daycare while I workout. I ran for 30 minutes burned 350 calories then I worked my legs and back. I was exhausted by the end. I love this YMCA Justin can come workout with me. It's nice to spend time just the two of us. I took a brake from working my thighs to take a picture of him on the bike which he burned 13 calories. He was really excited showing me his muscles. I think we will continue this just like our Coffee Day Friday which is where we drink coffee but his is decaffeinated.

Have you ever had an off day like my two year old please tell me about it.

Mother's Day was the best ever we killed a snake. I hate snakes!
 I took a video which is on facebook thanks to my hubby we were saved from the snake getting into the house. I love the ocean but the creatures that live here I'm not sure about. 

We didn't do as much as I wanted to in the garden after the run in with the snake. My wonderful hubby and boys took me out for a late lunch/dinner at Chili's before we took our boys to see Iron Man 3.  It's been awhile since we went to the movies. It's something my hubby and I have always liked to do since we have been together. It was $54.00 for all of us to go with popcorn and pop. I was in shock like OMG! Are you kidding me? Wow, times have changed since last April. I think that was the last time we went. We still have date night at home. It's more entertaining at home. (laughing) We can do so much more than you can in a theater. Not that we haven't but that was when we were younger! (I kill me with the things I can freely talk about) That stuff is for another blog. 

I think this movie was AWESOME! Christopher did very well for his first time. 

This was at the start of the movie. He was really into it! He is growing up so fast I want to stop him. Both my boys. This won't be his last time going. I am very proud to be a mother to both my children. They are the reason I am who I am today. I love you guys. My hubby made it a special one just like any other day he always makes me feel like his Queen. I'm such a lucky lady to have people care about me like my family does. Have a bless day to anyone and everyone who is reading. 

Monday, February 11


You may never fly again after watching this movie!

My hubby and I go on these movies kicks for a month or so Flight was one of them. Very good character development, great directing, great story. I can't urge enough that this is not a children's movie at all with the movie starting off with full frontal nudity as a woman walks around getting dress.There is a great story line of a person who not only has a problem but knows he drinks because he wants to. He doesn't blame anyone but his self for drinking which I think is the first step to getting help.  I know alcoholic's very well and I can empathize with Whip Whithaker struggles.He has lows and his highs - the euphoria of the Cocaine high - thinking he is invincible.This is how people destroy themselves with every one around them. However, people can change. I have seen it first hand. It's a daily stuggle not to drink or take drugs. It is a personal decision and it can be done. If you want something done you have to be the one who stops yourself no one else can take the bottle from you. If you know an alcoholic you know what I mean. I love the ending of the story. I also love the fact that now the airlines drug test. You will to after watching this incredible movie. Another must see.I laugh and cried on the edge of my seat watching you will to!If you are dealing with some of these same problems just remember there is HOPE!

Friday, February 8

Here Comes the Boom Trailer Official (HD)

Former collegiate wrestler Scott Voss is a 42-year-old apathetic biology teacher in a failing high school. When cutbacks threaten to cancel the music program and lay off its teacher, Scott begins to raise money by moonlighting as a mixed martial arts fighter. Everyone thinks Scott is crazy - most of all the school nurse, Bella - but in his quest, Scott gains something he never expected as he becomes a sensation that rallies the entire school

This movie is a Action/Adventure, Comedy runs about 1 hour 45 minutes. This movie really gives you the inside story of the school systems and how it works. It takes a special person to be a teacher in any grade level. I found this movie to be extremely funny and inspiring. Without giving too much away it's a must see for sure. It's a family movie I watched with my nine year old yes it has some MMA fighting in it but the meaning is much more. I wish more teachers were in this flied for the kids. You may have gone through school to teach but please note not all kids learn the same way. Be willing to try something outside the book to keep your students involve. My son had a horrible kindergarten teacher who didn't have kids yet thought all kids were the same she didn't make it pass that year as a teacher. All it takes is a second of your time to watch and you will see a future in children. It takes time. To all the teachers who take the time I thank you very much. Keep up the great job.

Friday, November 23

Movie Tall Man

For the first time in a long time I'm speechless. Yes, I like the movie that has twist and turns. If you are a mother just a parent alone the thought of your child being taken away from  you brings a ton of emotions bolting though your body.Jessica Biel doesn't say much in the flim but seals the deal with her acting. I don't want to give to much away it's a must see. This movie makes you think. It has some bloody screens not advise for anyone under 15. It is rated R for a good reason.  As you watch keep these questions in mind. How many are there? Is it better? Could you be one and not know it?  Let me know what you think after you view it.  My mind is still going wild with the questions above.

Monday, December 19

Angels Crest

Image DetailThis is a very sad movie I just watched it today. Steve and I talk about this all the time when we see someone leave their kid in the car. We always call the police on them. All it takes it one second for something to happen. It is very sad when I hear parents forgetting their children in a hot car or any car for that matter. I can't believe people have no common sense when it comes to children. This is why something has to be done to regulate who can have kids and who can't. In the last six months there has been stories of parents killing their children. It makes me sick to my stomach. I don't know how anyone can hurt anyone let alone a child. These people need to be wiped off the face of the earth. That is just how I feel. I won't tell you too much since it is not in theaters until next week. Sad but true story for many. I hope this makes people think twice before they leave a child in the car. I won't even leave my eight year old in a car by himself. In fact Justin is never out of my sight. There are way too many freaks out there who are crazy to even take a chance. I love the fact GOD made me a mother however he needs to stop making the ones who are unfit parents and give that chance to someone who deserve it. This is a must watch movie I give it four out of five stars.

Sunday, December 18

Date Night

I plan a date night with my wonderful hubby on Friday. He was very surprise I already had a sitter and dinner waiting for him. He is too funny it was the second time we have left the boys with someone since Popsicle has been born. He was teary eye. I love when he is like that. Me on the other hand I was ready to get the hell out the house. The boys were driving me crazy that day. I needed a well deserve break. Steve and I went to see IN TIME with Justin Timberlake. We really liked the movie it makes you think how would you live your life different if it was in time.
You know when you are a parent when even on a date at ten o'clock it's time for bed. We could hardly keep our eyes open at the end. It was very nice it gave us a chance to be adults for one night. Once we made it home when sat in the car taking about stuff not necessary the kids or what we had to do. We had a nice conversation about us. Sometimes Steve gets a little deep when he talks. One of the reasons I feel in love with him. I asked Steve what made him chose me over someone else.
"You seen me for who I am not who I was!"  He made me smile I love talking to him. With everything the boys have to do and work we really haven't had a chance lately to sit down and chat. I guess we needed this. Being married takes work for some for others it's like breathing. No work is needed unless I have to sit in a ice cold rink to watch Justin and Steve play hockey. That is hard to do sometimes.
Image Detail

Tuesday, November 22


Movie Trailers - Movies BlogI loved her in this movie and Dear John broke my heart but The Dilemma was awesome. The street fight was hilarious. Steve and I had a date night and watched it. It's a must to watch The vow when it comes out in February.
To get back to movies I seen The Black Swan It made me look at being crazy in a whole new light. I'm not crazy no matter what people say. (Laughing) However Natalie takes on this role very well. Steve and I are about to watch 127 hours with Franco. I'm not sure about this movie. I can't seem to stomach anything gross since I had Christopher. Franco is on my all time favorite soap general hospital where he plays a bizarre bad guy.
Image DetailSo we will see what happens if we watch it.
Love and Other Drugs is another movie my hubby and I made a date night on. I love the part where she beats the hell out of him in the parking lot then takes his picture. Steve thinks that is so me. I don't know on that maybe when I was a teen yes. Now I'm a sweet lady.

Friday, September 30

Dolphin Tale

Image DetailI took my son to go see this wonderful movie two days ago. We cried it was a happy cry I guess. This movie shows that family is really only what you make it. FAMILY IS FOREVER!  There is a scene in the movie where a lady drove eight hours with her daughter to see the Dolphin with no Tale no big deal right until she wheels her out in a wheelchair. That was the start of the water works for me. I won't tell you a lot of the movie you should take your family to watch it.
Image DetailIt will bring you joy in knowing that Hope is all you really need in life. My son told me that he will never give up on his family. I love the fact that he will never give up. It's from all that good parenting skills Steve and I have. We have raised a wonderful little boy together so far. There are many more years to come. Justin will be able to swim with dolphins very soon in the coming months. I can't wait to watch his face light up. I love watching movies with him but he is a talker. Mom watch this or the part where winter might not make it. He was really upset telling the people in the movie they can't do that. Then asking me "Can they do that mom and why would they?"
Image DetailThis is a all around family movie to see together. I'm not a big fan of watching movies in 3D. I hate the glasses they give you. Next time I'm bringing a bottle of water with me instead of paying $3.50 for a $1.00 bottle of water. Insane I will add not that I care but prices lately are getting out of hand. It's inspiring to see how so little can make a little boy happy. I know many children only have one parent due to many circumstances. I will applauded the aunts,cousins and family friends who stand up to help out. Children need to know they are loved.

Friday, September 23

The Lion King - Hula

What a classic movie from my childhood. I took Justin to the movies this past weekend while my hubby stayed home with the baby. He won't sit for long. I love how they released this movie in theaters. I hope they do it for more Disney movies. I don't mind paying ten dollars a ticket to take my son to see a movie from my childhood. It was packed from front to back. Thanks to my little sis I know this movie by heart. I can't believe I never caught what Timon said until now. Wow, the stuff they put in kids movies. I guess it's not bad considering what spongebob does which I'm happy to say Justin has been spongebob free for a week.

This is one of my favorites parts in the movie. Justins loves it too. We joked about it on the way home. I even laugh harder when he tried to tell his daddy about the part he liked. It worked out that my hubby knew what he was talking about. Jay liked to watch this when he was little. It was a flip between this and nemo. Another all time favorite we seen for the first time as a family. The only part that I hate in this movie is where Mufasa dies. I cry every time Justin gave me a big hug in the theater after it happen. I guess it's Disney way of showing children death because in every movie someone dies. I love how this movie shows a father and son relationship a healthy one at that. If you haven't seen this movie you should go see it. Justin has been bugging me to take him to see that new movie Dolphin Tale. He is the biggest animal lover I know. He wants to go see some dolphins and swim with them. I think his daddy and I might be able to make that happen sooner then what we thought with some big decisions coming up. I just hope we are around for the holidays. Justin will love it. I can't wait to take him to this movie tonight.

Sunday, September 11


WarriorMy wonderful hubby was able to get a babysitter last night to take his lovely beautiful wife me to the movies. We went and seen the movie Warrior. I seen previews for this and Martial Arts has been consent in my life since I was younger. They touch on a very touchy subject that has shaped who I am today.  This is a very hard movie to watch. I think it will do very well in the box office. It really shows that Life is really only what you make it no matter how you grew up or what you went though in your past. You can dwell on your past and never let go. On the other hand you can just let it be. You will never forget and in most cases never forgive but let it go. When you chose that then you can really be at peace with yourself.There comes a time and place where you chose the path your life will take. Family is not just defined by blood but who stands by you. Family is only what you make it.  I cried and laugh though this whole movie. I can say both of us tear up many times through this two hour movie. Our past was not an easy one to live though yet we understand it. We made a choice to move on with the people who really care about us people who make us happy. This movie makes you take a step back to look at your life. I did taking a second to talk about it afterwards with my hubby.  We share the same views on how we took a stand to make our life better for us. We left people behind who really meant nothing to us when we thought about it. I’m grateful we meet I think we meet at a time in out lives when we needed a friend more than anything.  Lucky for us we fell in love and the rest is history. If you haven’t seen this movie you should. I think many will love it. This movie shows heart.

On another note for today my heart is with everyone who lost loved ones today. To that girl I will never know from high school. I hope you are okay today. I explain to my eight year old why today was a special day. I had to explain this is why Daddy went to war. My heart goes out to everyone who lost loved ones on this day America will never forget.

Wednesday, August 3

However I do not advise children to watch the other guys. Steve and I were laughing non-stop. This movie is really up and down. It switches from one thing to another leaving you think WTF.

 Good Vibrations is a great song also by Mark.
 Last night I took my little man to see the Smurfs. This movie is really cute I loved it. Taking my son to see the smurfs was pretty neat considering I used to watch them with my sister when I was his age. I especial loved when Neil Patrick Harris of all people to play in this movie found the little blue people.  I still see him as Doogie Howser.

 They were climbing all over him asking where clumpy was who was the cutest little thing ever.  George Lopez was great as the voice of Grouchy. The scene with the green m&m where he spills all his feelings out of why he is grouchy is classic. The movie takes place in New York of all places because they get sent there by some portal. I have to say listening to Jay say “Hey mom we where there and there too!” As the camera passes the M&M store we went into. The empire state building was another one. He loved standing in front of all the TV’s in time square. I just smiled at him as he was filled with excitement.  There is a part in the movie where Neil stands to look at his ad as they appear all around on the big screens. It over takes you for a moment. If you ever go to New York just take a moment to take it all in. It’s an unforgettable experience to have. Justin loved the subway. The Smurfs get stuck in the subway door cute really cute.  The only thing I couldn’t get use to was the smell of the city. You could smell all the trash and pollution around. The business leave their trash on the side of the road is another site I could do without. They don’t recycle there which upset me.  Other then that I loved New York in fact it is one city we are thinking about moving to soon.  Smurfette kicked Gargamel butt. Girl power is all I have to say besides she was amazed by how many times Grace changed her clothes. It was adorable when she thought she made a mess of herself that’s why she changed. This is a must see family movie. I couldn’t stop laughing as Jay was constantly pulling on my arm to talk. I don’t want to give it all away. I loved Papa Smurf he is the father of the year with all those children. Papa Smurf and Neil have a talk as Papa Smurf is trying to find a way back home. A heart to heart about having kids it melted my heart it sounded like the same talk Steve and I had about our kids. I guess more me then anything Steve was really confident in being a Father. He couldn’t wait to hold our sons. With him at my side I was sure to follow.  Steve helped me see that I would be just fine a confident woman who will pull out all the stops for my children. Hope you like this movie as much as we did.The previews of Dolphin Tail will be a must see in September for us we love the ocean and dolphins.

Friday, March 25

The Forbidden Dance Is Lambada

just heard J-Lo new song “On the Floor” it took me back to this movie The Forbidden Dance Lambada.  This movie is one of my favorite’s I can remember my sister Nikki and I used to dance to this every time it came on. Another favorite artist of mind is Jon Secada “Too Late to soon” along with Bryan Adams, Whitney, Wilson Phillips, Ace of Base, Coolio, Shania Twain, Madonna, Maya, Usher, Britney Spears love the new album. There are so many to still list like En Vogue, Run DMC, Selena “Dreaming of You” I fall in love with this song every time I hear it. Nsync my son is named after of them Steve was against it but being the man he is he let it be.  TLC, Next, Cher, and let’s not forget Los Del Rio for the Macarena thank you.  Wow, it seems so long ago from the water balloons fight we had with the neighbors to bike riding to tot lot with friends. My most famous out of school parties I had in my backyard with the help of my BFF Cindy. Being in the 90’s and having 4th grade be one of the best times it was a blast. I can only say life has just gotten better with every step I take. I love it!

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