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Monday, July 6

Push Yourself

Workout for today was a killer routine.
Frog thrust
Side alternating plank
Mountain climbers
Squat jumps
I did 25 reps of each since I was using my phone to listen to music. It makes it hard to time yourself. I did three rounds and added a few more abs routine. I personally like the one where you lay down on the ground. You hold a weight in your hand and get up then lay back down. I'm not sure what that one is called it sure will push you. I get bored working out on my own with the pictures I get off line. Five rounds seems a bit much to me. Then again I have no idea who is coming up with workouts. I always let my body tell me where I'm at. I always find myself adding knees up plank walk downs, push ups, knee smash. Another favorite of mind is where you are in a push up and jump in and out with your legs. Killer for lower abs. I also work a little on arms with my bands. Traveling light is great. My bands fit right in my bag. I try use my bands as much as I can. It just takes a second to remember all the great workouts you can actually do with them. It took about an hour my boys sat in the workout room with me at the hotel. They watched TV even helped me on a few circuits. Christopher likes to mock me. It's cute when he will flex his muscles. Getting fit will always be hard no matter where you are in life. Don't let no gym or I'm traveling be an excuse. If you want it you will complete your goals. Nothing will stop you from getting it but YOU! Have faith in yourself you are worth your own time.

Tuesday, June 2

School year comes to an end

 I'm so proud of Justin. His music concert went very well. All three elementary schools sounded great. He made the Honor Roll received an award for respect and perfect attendance. He was one day away from getting perfect attendance for the whole year. He set a goal for next year. I love that about my son he is always setting goals to meet big or small. He kept his dedication to playing the violin all year. At first he thought he would be great then he was a little discourage that he wasn't.  For some reason he thought he would sound like the people on the radio. After we took time day after day to sit with him to read the music. Most important hubby and I gave our time to listen to him. In the beginning he gave us a fight. After a while he came to us to tell us he really enjoyed it. Justin sounds awesome. I hope he will take it up next year. He has music in his soul. He has taken a huge interest in classical music one of the things we all share in common as a family. That's now where his piano lessons come in at. He likes it so far and now understands to be better he has to keep at it.  With Justin once he sets his mind to something he will be great!
Soccer season is over. Justin absolutely loves this sport above anything else. His team Blue Thunder won a handful of games. Christopher liked his second season a little better now that he likes the sport. We went out everyday for the last eight weeks to play in the backyard. No matter how hot it was we where outside. Big brother started showing him how to pass the ball, stop it and run for it. Christopher thought he was being mean if he took the ball. Then he would get upset during the game because the other kids took the ball. They weren't sharing. However his last game he was off in his own little world with a teammate. I had to tell her mom "That's it we can't be friends anymore!" We both laugh but really this is where True love starts at four!
Now you see why. Oh no this is way too early for anything like this. The rule in our house is that both boys have to have a job before they can even start to think about dating. They have to be able to support her. Have both parents permission to date. Funny thing is I think I might have to worry about Christopher with the ladies more then my oldest. Looks like extra sports are needed to keep him occupied. Both boys will not have time for girls until after college. I did ask Christopher what they were talking about. He said" Mom we were just chit chatting about our day!" I know the picture is adorable. I give it that but no more.  Overall I can't wait to see what the next school year brings. My boys are my world. Growing up way to fast but I couldn't be more proud to see them grow.

Monday, May 25

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie

This is a hilarious book. It's written by a 12 year old Zombie if you follow the books Diary of a Wimpy Kid these books follow the same mindset just in Minecraft. It starts off as a diary on a Monday he doesn't understand why his mom makes him go scare the villagers. Zombies can't go out during the day he thinks it would be easier if he had human parents because they're probably nice. He has to go to scare School to learn how to scare the villagers. It's extremely cute if you or your children are obsessed with Minecraft this series is definitely for you. We started reading the book yesterday and haven't been able to put it down. It's a silly book that will make you laugh. Now, I have to order the whole set from Amazon. They run about $3.99 or so it varies. Learning how to play is hard but a lot of fun when my directions come from a four year old.  Happy Reading!  

Sunday, May 24

Paintball and Brothers

My boys are always good to each other. Christopher sat with me for three hours while his big brother played with his friends shooting paintballs at each other. Christopher was bored out of his mind. We talked played tag a lady gave him pizza because he was cute. It was in the 90's Justin was covered from head to toe in sweat, dirt and paint. Justin seems to like to play right now. If he keeps it up Daddy has talked me into letting him buy a paintball gun for him. He wants all the gear. Some more Father and Son bonding time where they can be crazy together. I love it! I really do love how close they are. It melts my heart. Here is what Justin was looking at to get.
When Justin would come off the field Christopher would make sure he had his water to drink. He even helped refill his brother's gun with paintballs. Kept a handful to step on I guessed he figured it was his payment for waiting. Justin didn't care it made Christopher happy. Justin took some good hits that left marks on him. Christopher was all concern we needed to get ice packs for him on the way home. It was too cute to see how much he cares. Christopher was the only one yelling "Go Jay Go Jay!" That was one of the times Justin took a hit because of Christopher. I felt bad it looked like it hurt. Christopher tells him later "You should look next time big Bro!" I had to laugh because he is to little to understand right now.
Christopher can't play until he turns eight years old but he like this gun as well. The Combat Zone is the place to go if you are looking to try it out. They have three fields right now. The Ref's are great and work off tips so make sure you tip them. They keep it running smooth. I was a little worried about Justin getting ambush by being in there by himself. That won't happen here or at least what I see they are really strict by how the fields are run. It's a lot of fun make sure you bring water.  
Brothers Forever
Justin even clean the oven for me to say thank you for taking him to play. Justin is growing up so fast. Time sure goes by really fast. I know I have said it before but it really does.

Sunday, May 17

On the hunt for Bones Leg!

Six in a half hours two cups of coffee forty ounces of water a turkey sandwich with ten totes of Legos. We were on the hunt for this lego toy named Bone.  Apparently he lost his leg. Christopher refused to let me take a picture of him because he was leg less. The leg is smaller than my pinky nail only the white part.  We found everything else like the Iron Man lego guys. Zombies from the zombie collection. We finally found Steve from Minecraft with the rest of his body.  Christopher realize today that Minecraft Steve shares the same name as his daddy. We also found our share of cat toys that some how made there way in the lego box. Justin's poker chips were in there as well with my hair ties and clips. Christopher inform me that he uses my clips as monster cranes to pick up things. He has one heck of imagination on him. As we went through his legos we built a city that Godzilla the evil cat destroyed! He took off with the Legos with Christopher running after him. It was too funny! Christopher tries to rebuild when  Mickey decided she was going to lay on top of the Legos. We never did find Bone's leg. After all that today I think I will just go buy another Lego set just to get another Bones guy. I think that may just be a little easier since my back was not to happy with me. Thank God for yoga! It was my best friend tonight.  Boys are both sleeping.  I never knew looking and playing with Legos could be so exhausting. I wouldn't have it any other way! I love being a Mom!

Monday, January 19

A Child who laughs hysterically!

Kids are crazy!  It doesn't matter what happens my son laughs when he gets hurt. 
He was running away from his brother hit his leg on here then dropped to the floor. I go running up to him thinking the worst his leg is broke he is bleeding something horrible.  Nope he is laughing out of control. 

Here he is laughing. I will never know if he is truly hurt unless he is dragging a leg over his shoulder.  I'm sure he will be laughing saying " Look what I did!"
He isn't a serious kid at all. 

Thursday, October 9

Hugs, Parents,Life

You need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.
                  -Virginia Satir
I'm forever hugging my kid's.  I read, write, teach them how to live in this big place called life. I'm shocked at how many people think being a Stay At Home Mom means laying on your ass all day. Talking to a few mom's myself this Friday after story time with Popsicle. 
A mommy made a comment " I wish I had that kind of time!" It was like she was making a jab at me? Yes, She was I was shocked.  All five of us were stay at home moms.  We all have the same amount of minutes in a day. We all get the same amount of hours in a day. My hubby and I always get compliments on how well behaved and how polite our boys are. I love it. That means we are doing half a decent job. I hardly ever hear a parent say please and thank you to their kids. We do if we ask them to do something.  My hubby works some mad hours still has time to play. We don't sit in front of the Television or Computer all day. We make our kids enjoy life. They love the ocean it's like our second home. However they don't swim in it anymore my bad we watched Shark Week. With all the recent attacks it's safer in the sand. I spend quality time with my boys. They come first in my life before my work or hubby. He feels the same if he didn't we wouldn't be  married. That has been our number one goal in life. To make a better life for our children to give them a chance to become something great. They are already amazing in everything they do. I encourage them to do their best give their best. I can't do that for them they have to want to learn. I can only give them the tools to do the job. 
I let my boys be boys. They play they have a life of their own. I treat them as people.  I see a lot of parents treat their kids as if they don't exist.  It's sad kid's have feelings.  Thy are like us. A child will become what they see and hear from parents. If you continue to put something in their heads they will remember. 
My son play's the violin. I'm proud to be his mom. It was a pain in ass to get an instrument from the school. They wanted me to buy one. Like it was nothing I'm not made out of money. I have no problem with that if he plays.  If he still plays by the end of the year then we will talk. So far so good.

In his short life he has accomplish a lot. It makes my hubby and I happy we are able to give him that chance. It bugs me to No end when I hear working or not parents say they don't have time to play with their kids. In fact you do it's 99 percent for your kids and that one percent is for you. If you have kids that's how it should be in my opinion. If parents took the time to turn off the TV get off the phone turn off the computer pick up a toy and play. They would get to know their kids. It's very important that you are happy to know you are giving your kids 99percent of your time. With that said Please remember
  You need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth. Tell your kids you love them go outside ride a bike play football do something. They will remember that inside of how much money you have. I have been both a full-time working parent and a stay at home mommy. I work from home and love it. At times it gets hard but if you really want something you will make time for it.

Friday, March 28

Someone once told me

Someone once told me that I need to find Jesus! I would quote them but I would rather not they know who they are. I grew up in a Catholic household until I moved out when I was sixteen.

The picture to the right hung in the middle of the doorway for many years. My mother never made us go to church because her mother forced her to go when she was younger.  She wanted us to make that choice for ourselves. She was not a religious person. She didn't follow the bible nor did she deny it. My siblings and I went to many different churches growing up it kind of came with our territory with who we grew up with. One week we were Baptist the next Catholic.  I guess you can say we were dip in many cultures so to speak. Three weeks ago I decide with the help of a now friend to take on the Church again. Going to church has always been a battle with me. It's not that I don't believe I do. I have always believed that there is a higher power then humans walking around. I have many stories to tell of God loving people who are the first to preach to you and the first to do the complete opposite of what they just preach. They are the most hypocritical people in the world with the exception of a few that I have found it hard to believe. I once had a girl tell me I was a slut for having a child out of wedlock when she did the same. Not knowing how I got pregnant in the first place. She had no problem judging me on the little information she knew.  She also tried to explain that the church wouldn't release her from it. Call me crazy but I would think all she had to do was not go. She also swings cuss words around as if she never read the bible ever in her life. Let's not to mention she has had more problems with drugs and alcohol then anyone else I know. She has no problem telling someone else what they are doing wrong but not once looked to how she lives her life. When she or any of GOD followers are told they are no angle I love the come back they have. I'm in the making of what GOD wants me to be. I find it hilarious like if I had a camera to tape you how would they act then. It's like they back track like Will Smith in the Fresh Prince the first 40 seconds of the clip below. SEE WHAT HAD HAPPEN WAS!!!

Many people go to church and live their life they see fit as I do the same.
I'm not judging the girl I spoke of above she just has a little more soul searching to do for herself if she speaks of the lord but doesn't follow where he takes her. No one is perfect in fact I don't believe in that word. There is always room for improvement in yourself and others. If you have the need to judge someone make sure your closet is free of skeletons before you utter words of hate. That's if you have too. In my book there is no need to judge another. Your shoes you walk are different then someone else's.
I can say my mother help me understand when I was still very young. That I strongly still believe in  it's not how people judge you it how that person sees themselves that comes out in a negative light. I have to keep reminding myself of that. As I get older I see LIFE in a different way then I once did. It's funny in a way that I can say that. I never wanted anything more then to be happy when I was younger. I found that ten years ago with the birth of my son and now hubby. Two lives collided together to make a family two people wanted the same thing separate now more so together. It's not hard to be happy it's left up to you to decide that. If you have to seek Jesus then by all means find him.

 I have always been extremely emotional in church. It's like I feed off what others are feeling. To me I find that to be a little strange to know that what I'm feeling are not my emotions but are that of someone else.

I don't know if the whole God thing is a man made religion to get people to believe in something more or if it's true. I'm on a six week Journey in my life to see if my views change or stay the same. I don't know what the next three weeks hold in store for me. I'm sure I will find out with an open heart and mind anything is possible. I would love to hear your views on this subject.

Monday, January 13

Ms. Leo

The sounds a turtle makes determine its gender: males grunt and females hiss.

Here are some fun facts I bet you didn't know. I came across the last ten years I have had my turtles 9 years for Leo or Ms. Leo sounds like that she will put an ad to read your palm. 

Lose an eye?No Problem! A snail can grow back a new eye if it loses one. That's kind of creepy but cool at the same time. 

A humpback whale and an elephant share mother nature with us human women during our oil change every month. I hate to be a bearer of bad news to my son later I have to let him know we have girl turtles not boys. We had three but one died two years ago in the move to Florida. I think it was too stressful for him he was as old as Justin. My mother found him outside of her work smaller than her hand. She gave it to Justin when he was just a baby his name was Rafael or Ms Rafael.  

Back to Ms. Leo she keeps getting out of the pool I have for her and Ms. Donnie if you were wondering about our names we were going for the Ninja Turtles names.

 We never did get a fourth one. This summer we are finally going to put up a pond that can be removed since we are still renting at this point. Haven't found a house yet just some land to build it on just waiting to hear if it can be zoned residential. The wait is going to kill me at least the turtles will be happy in their new home. I'm not looking forward to digging the hole to put it in that's why I have kids and a hubby. Just kidding I will help too I won't be tanning drinking ice tea while they work. Just rambling today my Popsicle has teeth coming in so he is sleeping it away. Have a great day thanks for reading. 

Thursday, December 12

Shopping with my 3 YEAR OLD

I have to laugh at Christopher he is a true nut. I walked into Aarons furniture store. I remember talking to Christopher and asking him to be on his best behavior until we leave. Laugh now I know it was not going to happen. I seen a table online so I wanted to go in and look at it so I could buy it. GOOD NEWS it gets delivered on Saturday. I'm so excited I haven't had a table in about a year because we were going to build it but it didn't turn out the way that we thought it would. Back home my hubby built the table in the wall which was pretty neat because it was half in the kitchen half in the living room best of both worlds right. First, Hubby calls me. Trying to off the phone with that man is like impossible he talks more than a woman. Sorry babe but you do. He was trying to tell me to get other things all I wanted was a table I don't like to shop. I know I'm weird! Trying to fill out paperwork was nearly impossible when Christopher spilled the water that the sales associate gave us all in our lap. Not bad I suppose it's just water. Christopher starts off saying hello to everybody then he takes off. I finally get him after making three rounds in the store running after him trying not to knock over anything as he's laughing and saying mom can't get me.  I pick him up then he licks me. He is in this licking stage I have no idea why. He wants to lick everything the couch his brother me the cat the Christmas tree the window my phone. It's totally gross! He finds  a kid in the store looks a little bit younger than him maybe 1. Mind you his parents are no where in sight. Christopher starts showing him around the store.Which in turn is fantastic for me turns out it was cheaper than I thought. I ended up just buying it right out. He was like a little  Aarons associate. He has my phone mind you and he is taking pictures of everything. Thank God the sales associate has kids two twins girls that are 3 as well. He understood even made a comment that's why he has a job and she stays home. I can't be mad at him. He did tell me he had a really good time even thanked me for taking him. Christopher is so sweet! It's all part of the job being a mom I love it!!!!

The table 
I bought.

The plant Christopher said he likes. He took a picture of it. 

He wanted to buy this! 

Random new friend.

Sunday, November 10

My Toddler

Having to take care of a three year old is a task especially when I think my son just went crazy this past week.

"Don't lick your brother."

 "Why Mom?"

 "People don't lick people you can't act like the cat."

 While he is licking his arm like the cat and running it over his head. Then he comes to lick me.

 "You can't lick me if I can't lick you back!"

 Now, I'm running after him pretending to want to lick him as he runs and hide behind his big brother. He is screaming and laughing.

"No mom don't lick me that's gross. Jay stop her!"

If that was bad enough he jumps off the bed I catch him in mid air.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm Iron Man mom I just got my flight power back!"

"Well you just scared me to death don't jump off the bed."

"Why Mom?"

Okay we are now in the "WHY" stage where now I have to come up with a reason why people can't fly.

"People can't fly in the house."

"Okay, Mom sorry Jay mom said we can't fly in the house let's go outside."

I seen that one coming!

"Put the turtles down they can't fight like the Ninja turtles."

He walks away only to find him talking to the turtles asking them what swords and guns they want to use to fight.

"No, Christopher Mickey doesn't want to play with the turtles!"

As he trying to put the cat in the pool with the turtles.
He has been non stop all day everyday for the past week. No naps it's like his batteries won't die out. Yup, He is crazy I don't know what else to call it when he is outside running around jumping off the lawn furniture tackling his brother and putting him in a head lock. I guess mommy and daddy can't watch MMA fighting anymore. He dressed up the cat in his Iron Man costume.  That didn't go over very well with Mickey the cat she was just a little mad. Tonight he was just running back and forth in the house for no apparent reason but to do it. He has discover his penis like a boy he walked outside with it hanging out.

"Put your penis away Christopher!"

"Why Mom?"

There is that WHY again.

"You can't be outside with your body parts hanging out."

"It's mind mom."

"Yes, I know just go get in the pool."

Okay, I think that was it nope he is now skinny dippin in the pool. I get him dressed to feed my boys dinner now he is sitting on the floor sharing his tacos with the cat. I don't know what is wrong with him. All I can do is laugh because this is not even half of my week. I still love being a mom. He makes me laugh for sure. There is not a dull day in The Needham Household.

Tuesday, October 8

My Awwe moments

If you are a mom I bet you have many of these same moments where it's hard to get out of your head. It's times you think to yourself what would my life be if I didn't have these moments in time. This morning I gave my kids their vitamins for the day like I always do. I gave Justin his first as the same time he was saying "Thank You."
I was saying "Here Chris."

Justin says"What did I do to you?"

I reply "What?"

Justin "You just said who cares,why?"

I start laughing "Why would I say that?"

"That's what I thought you must be having a bad day. You never say that to me." Justin says with a confused look on his face.

I always tell my kids to mind their manners so when Justin thought I said "Who cares." He probably thought the one time I say thank you before she says something and this is what I get. I'm laughing my butt off right now writing this. It was too funny all taking place before school.

In between looking for shoes, homework clothes,milk on the floor. Cereal in the freezer for whatever reason. The marbles I keep almost breaking my neck on not to mind the cat freaking me out. She likes to jump out of nowhere.

Later today Christopher and I took a break from doing his studies we are working on learning the parts of a skeleton right now. I laid on the floor when the cat jumped up on me purring.
Christopher said "She is vibrating."

"She is purring!" I told him

Another moment where I couldn't stop laughing

He says "Well unplug her mommy!"

Like where do they come up with this stuff? I swear I laugh more since I became a mom then I ever did before.  Christopher and Justin have a full fledge conversation. It's the cutest thing to hear my little one ask his big brother how his day was and then my oldest tells him.

Being a mommy is really hard at times I know I'm a mom. Is the most rewarding experience to become a parent to see how much you have influenced your children. You watch the way what you say and do shapes them. It's funny how it's all rolled into one. They are their own person yet there  is a little bit of you and their daddy it's amazing! My son Justin is an amazing athlete! I am constantly getting compliments on how natural he is at soccer and basketball just about any sport he has ever done it makes us as parents very proud of him. My husband just bought our little one for his 3rd birthday a tablet now he wants to buy Justin a cell phone. I don't know about you but I'm not sure about a phone for my son but I know it's needed. Times have changed since I was 10. Christopher knows how to use my phone better than I know how to use my phone. He can take pictures he can call people and he walked in the room having a conversation with somebody. I'm like who are you talking to  he tell me he knows how to hang up he knows how to use my bluetooth it is so funny! My whole world revolves around my children. I love these crazy intense even the attitude justin has inquired lately I love all these moments. My children are growing up to be incredible  people who will soon be young adults. It must mean that my husband and I are doing a great job. I'm sure all the parents that are reading this you are doing a great job too. Just hold on a little tantrum will pass they only hold your hand for a short time make sure you're there to create a new moment everyday. Make time for family fun day as today we're playing uno. Remember to always have fun. Being a parent is a journey! Thanks for reading have a blessed day.

Sunday, September 29

Places you shouldn't take a baby

I took these off cafe mom I want to debate some and add to the list.
  1. The spa -- How can anyone enjoy a pedicure with a baby in her lap?
  2. Upscale restaurants -- There are plenty of family-friendly joints where you can take your tot out to eat. Let the rest of us enjoy date nights, for crying out loud. (No pun intended.)
  3. Doctor's office -- Other than the OBGYN or pediatrician, please leave your baby at home. I'm already sick and I don't need to sit in the waiting room worrying that I'm going to infect your infant.
  4. The movies -- You know that "don't make noise and be courteous to others during the show" thing? Yeah, that applies to your baby too.
  5. Concerts -- This is one I just don't understand. I want to enjoy whatever music is being played instead of listening to your baby. And guess what? Your baby's ears hate loud music anyway.
  6. Zumba -- No, I'm not kidding. I've seen moms bring their babies to my local Zumba class and just leave them in the car seat while they shake it. So not cool.                                                                       
Let's start with number 1 I don't go to the spa so I really can't say. I would imagine that women go there to relax and don't want to hear a screaming baby. As far as number 2 goes the hubby and I have taken the kids to every restaurant we can think of. My children are good as far as that part goes. I have been in many restaurants where the parents ignore their child that is screaming their head off. Yes, I have said something to them it's rude to the child and everyone else. # 3 I have two boys I don't know about you but that is one place I would take them just not in the room when the doctor is looking at my women parts. That leads to many questions I made that mistake when Justin was three. # 4 I agree with the writer unless it's a kid's movie. If you have been in a movie theater it's loud. I don't think a child under 1 should ever be in a theater after 9. Movies are a little on the pricey side for a family of four it's almost $50.00 dollars for tickets and another $30.00 for  the concession stand. Then again people these days don't have any common sense that a loud theater may be the reason your child is uncomfortable. #5 Concerts same goes for the movies it's loud! Think about it your child's  has little ears that goes for your pet dog too. #6 My Zumba class is loud as hell my ten year old like to take the class with me as far as little ones goes I wouldn't do it. 
 Here are a few I would add on a golf cart riding down the street. No joke I have seen a baby being held in the lap of the driver those suckers fly! A bar for sure again this goes with not a lot of people have common sense these days. It's wrong if you can't find a babysitter stay at home your ass doesn't need to drink. Put that money away for food. My kids are with me 24/7 they are my life I put them first. I think a lot of parents put the needs of their child last. My whole world revolves around mind and my needs are last to come.  That's called being a good parent. If you have any places you would like to add please do so. 

Monday, July 29

This is why I wake up

Playalinda Beach, Titusville Florida
The smell of salt in the air the sand between my toes I think my kids were born to swim.  They are fish with legs. They would swim all day long if I let them. Justin has taking up surfing now that he has a real surfboard not a fake one as he says. He is really good 9 out of 10 ten times he gets a wave and rides it in. I'm in aww on how good he really is. With the help of daddy taking him out for hours teaching him how to surf is amazing. My hubby has been working a lot of hours for a few months now that doesn't stop him from taking his boys to the beach.  My boys are the reason I wake up everyday. I love hearing them laugh when we play hide and seek. I love being called Mommy! It's the highlight of my day. This past weekend was packed full of stuff.
Cocoa Beach,Florida

Friday we made homemade pizza and cookies. We veggie out with a dozen movies the boys wanted to watch. Christopher cried through the whole movie of Flipper not once but twice. It was horrible he wanted the dolphin to go home with the humans. He made me cry the way he was crying making cookies made up for it. Justin loves to help in the kitchen. I find it relaxing when we cook together. It also a great learning tool to have him read off the recipe list. We made some pictures to hang up for our Art Wall.  We have made it a part of our day to have story time at 7pm every night in our house. Are you my mother? Is a big hit with the boys.
Saturday we spent all day at the beach that's Cocoa Beach. The boys are in the top picture playing in sand. Christopher waits patiently for his big brother to bury him so he can jump up out to be a sand monster. We were all sand monsters that day. I love the beach! This beach is fun if you are in the middle of it. If not you will be surrounded by people on each side. It's a very crowed beach. You have to walk forever to even get to the water. If you park by the pier you have to pay ten dollars. If you park on one of the side entrances there are parking meters so bring lots of change depending on how long you plan to be there. We are always there four or five hours at the most.  

Sunday we decide to take our boys to another beach Playalinda Beach which is a great place to watch sea turtles hatch. It's a beautiful beach to go to. I like it better than Cocoa less people and I have found my nudist beach I have been looking for. The hubby and I have to get a babysitter to come back so I can tan my ass cheeks. It's a new goal I have added to my bucket list. A few times going nude should help my cheeks out. The sand is white here filled with sea shells. Bring a bucket if you have kids.The boys and I always bring back a ton of shells. This beach has less litter like cigarette butts and is very clean unlike Cocoa. I think this will be the beach we go to for now on. The water is also very clean compare to Cocoa. The boys and I were sand monsters once again. We meet a few nice people with children at the beach another stay at home mommy. It's nice to have someone to talk to who also stays at home with their kids. Of course we shared ideals that we seen on Pinterest. That site is a hit. I have done 70% of the stuff I have seen on that site.Check me out 
 Word of advice park in the front lots not the back ones or you might just see some naked people walk your way. Bring lots of water to drink and pack a few snacks. There are not showers at either beach so jugs of water works well one for each person to rinse the sand off of you. A sandy butt doesn't go well on a 30 minutes drive home. 

This is what I wake up to do spend every moment I have with my children. We all have a sunburn so maybe a movie day is in the near future. However we will not be watching Flipper. I can't take my Popsicle crying again. He is too emotional when it comes to that dolphin. 

Sunday, May 12

Happy Mother's Day to all

The celebration of  Mother's Day began in the United States in the early 20th century; it is not related to the many celebrations of mothers and motherhood that have occurred throughout the world over thousands of years, such as the Greek cult to Cybele, the Roman festival of Hilaria, or the Christian Mothering Sunday celebration. Despite this, in some countries Mother's Day has become synonymous with these older traditions.

Take a second and pick up the phone to call your mother. Today is the day to celebrate yourself go eat that piece of cake or in my case my chocolaty protein bar. Yummy! Have a wonderful  Day our family is heading out to do some yard work for my garden today. We will go to the park maybe even go see Iron Man 3. I'm a comic book lover beside that is the only thing Christopher will watch right now. I need a change I can recite
 Iron Man 1 &2 by heart now. 
Thanks for reading.

Monday, April 1

Things you should say everyday

It's hard being a mother no doubt.You get tired , cranky  and crabby. There is never enough time in a day to do what you need.  If you where in your children's shoes what would you want to hear from your parents? I made a list of ten things you should say to your little one's everyday. Life is like an open door to whatever you want. In order to get there you have to take a chance with life itself. Believe in yourself and above all believe in God or whoever you pray to.
1) I love you! - It may seem simple to say but it means a lot to a child. A child needs to hear you say those words. Say it as you cook dinner,on a walk ,playing a game. Say it just because. My son and I have always said (I love you to the moon and back.)
2) I'm proud of you! -  No matter what my children do in life I will always be proud of them. I tell my boys if you try no matter what happens I'm here for you.
3) You are special - Every child is special. Find something everyday that makes your child special (even if it is just because they are YOURS) and tell them about it.
4) It's okay. - Honestly, a lot of things my kids do is okay. It's okay to have a off day. They are kids I mean how grown up do you want them to be. I always tell my boys that its okay to have a cookie. If they dropped  a plate of food its okay not the end of the world.
5) Yes! - Kids hear "No."all the time tell them yes once a day when you know you will say "No" it will help you give them space to grow.
6) How about now? - Don't put things off till tomorrow  do it today.
7) That's a great idea! -  Let your kids know how great that thought they had at dinner was. Be spontaneous do something different. Maybe go to the next step and create it.
8) I love spending time with you! - Believe it or not, your kids would rather have you spend an hour reading, drawing, laughing, snuggling, playing, cooking, building, learning, teaching, racing, throwing, catching, swinging and smiling than anything that you can buy them. Best of all - it doesn't cost a penny! Each day spend some time with you kids and then tell them how much you love spending time with them, it will mean more than you can imagine! At least 30 minutes a day  and see where you go from there. Act out a book or plan a zap zone in your house. It will be fun. I just made a reading fort for my boys.
9) Will you help me? -  Kids love to help out. They need to feel needed by mom and dad. My hubby always let's our boys unpack the car with him. If he is working around the house our boys are right there. It may take a little longer but well worth it. I always let my kids help in the kitchen to help me cook. It may be a giant mess really but it's fun. My son Justin and I have been doing this since he could walk.
10) You make my life complete - Let your children know you enjoy your life now more then before. My Popsicle  is two he completed us and made us whole. My oldest and I kind of grew up together. He showed my hubby and I how to be parents . All you need is love,time and to be patient  with your kids. They are learning just like you as life goes by. One step at a time is all it takes.

Saturday, March 23

Questions before bed

Here are some questions you should ask your children before you put them down for bed. I think bedtime is one of my favorite things to do. I give each of my children time to ask,talk or ramble about anything that happen in their day. I asked my nine year old son Justin these questions while he was finishing up his chores for tonight.

1. What do you like to dream about? My son wants to come up with ways to be a survivor if we are attack by zombies.
2. What is your best memory this school year? Making new friends I love to meet new people.
3. Who is your hero? Why? My daddy because he is the best daddy in this world. He loves me I know because he tells me all the time. We spend time together I like hanging out with him the most.
4. How would you describe your family? My family is nice,thoughtful and fun.
5. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? Nothing I love who I am.
6. What are you most proud of yourself for? I do my best in everything I do.
7. Who is the kindest person you know? Why? My parents because they help anyone they can.
8. What do you like most about your best friend? funny
9. What is one thing you would like to learn to do well? I would love to learn how to do tricks on my skateboard better.
10. If you were an animal what one would you be and why? A bird because I want to fall or dive like the birds.
11. When is the last time someone hurt your feelings? How did you react? I don't know it's been so long.
12. Do you know someone who is going though a hard time? How can you help them?My friend's sister who just had her friend kill himself. I mailed her a letter telling her it was okay it will get better.
13. What is the scariest thing that happened this year? I watch the new Resident Evil with my mom.
14. If you could keep only one thing, out of everything you have, what would it be? My notebook with all my drawings.
15. Who do you think is really successful? Why? My mom published a book that was really hard to write about.
16. What’s the best thing about your teacher this year? She is really nice.
17. When do you feel misunderstood by grown-ups? When I ask the same question more then once.
18. What three words best describe you? Nice,Creative and Handsome
19. What’s something that makes you angry? I don't get mad.
20. What’s the best compliment you ever received? More then one person at my new school says I'm awesome!

I was very surprise by some well all his answers especially # 7 and # 15. I guess I need to focus on
 # 17 He says I always tell him yes with a face. He is too funny. # 19 is very true for my son since he was born. He has never really been mad at anyone or anything. Anyone who who knows Justin knows he is a kind hearted person. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. I'm very proud of you son you are my sunshine everyday. You make my day with that smile of yours. You make me laugh at your humor and wild ways you are going to change the world someday. I just know it!

Thursday, February 7

Mommy ABC's

This is something ever mom/dad should follow. It should show you life is just life one A at a time.
Take your time to listen to your child. Get lost in the moment they  aren't little for long. Live it up now tomorrow may not come!

Wednesday, November 28

If you are a Parent.

Watch "THE PARENT RAP - Funny parenting song from Bluefish TV" on YouTube

This says it all. I had to share because if you have one or many this is you once in your life. I love it!!!

Friday, July 27

Stickers for a good job

I have been on Christopher a lot lately. I have been taking him every 10-15 minutes to go potty. It's a hard job to keep up on this big task.  It has worked out very well considering that he is a lot shorter than Justin was.  I just had Justin sink the hand full of cheerio's I put in the toilet. When Christopher goes he get's a potty sticker. Now I find the stickers on his butt,tv,radio,on his brother  and in his hair. It' s worth it just to hear him say " I did it." I love this  mom job!


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