Saturday, September 8

To my Children

To my children I tell you everyday many times a day that I love you because I want you to know you are loved more then I value my life itself. Justin my little man you will always be my little man no matter how old you get. We have been though so much together as a family that I wouldn't change it at all. Justin you made your father and I see how perfect we were together despite  all the rest. The hurt and loss of time that we can't get back. It was the start of our new family. Our Journey that has taken us all over the place. It continues with your brother Christopher who completes our family. We have never been happier. Your father and I will continue to fight for our happiness day in and day out. Life is only what you make it and we chose to make it unbelievable. Your father works very hard to keep us together as his jobs takes us for a ride. Our business blooms that will give us many Opportunities for our  Future . We will always be there for you and Christopher no matter what it takes. Being a Needham means standing up for what you believe in. You already do that without a thought. It continues with your little brother you both have our hearts.
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