Friday, September 28

Act's of Kindness

                                                        Justin's act's of kindness
My son Justin loves to help other's out in any way he can. We sat up the other night to surf the web of things he could do to make someone smile. Here is his list of things.

1.Justin and I decide to make a list of things to do for others. We made some cupcakes to pass out to the mailman with a little note saying thank you for delivering our mail. It made him smile.

2.We seen this old man cleaning his yard. Justin made him two peanut butter and jelly's and took him out two bottles of water. It made him really happy. He talks to Justin all the time now. Justin even helped bag some of the leaves to give him a break.
3.We have made it an everyday thing to support our troops. We made some happy by buying them coffee through At least they can have a piece of home away from home.
4.At a local grocery store Justin went around the parking lot to collect the carts for the workers.
 5.Justin tape some change to a game machine with a note to pay it forward.
 6.We also wrote some letter's to children in the hospital.
7. We donated to charity with blankets we no longer need along with the boys clothes that are to
small. This was just the start my hubby and I need to go through our closets still.
 8. Justin talked me into giving Christopher old stroller we no longer use to a teen mom.
9. On one of walks we heard a kitten crying. Justin was able to get this tiny kitten out from under a house who he named Mickey. She is well and about four weeks old. Justin and I take turns feeding her with a medicine dropper. Today she just started eating dry food.
10. Justin gives a  bag full of shredded paper away that we would normal just take to the recycling center. Instead we found out the little girl down the street has a hamster but can't afford to go to the pet store for the bedding. Instead she comes up to the office for the shredded paper every week.
11.Justin thought it would be a great idea to buy Halloween tote bags for all the children in the area who don't have bags to go treat or treating.
I found that it is very simple to make someone smile everyday. Justin wakes up asking "So mom who will we make smile today?"
Steve has taking the boat out with Justin and friends to catch fish for a fish fry on Saturday to help raise money for our neighbor's who's house burned down. I think it will go well. What have you done today to make a smile appear? It's as easy as saying hello to someone.
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