Tuesday, June 30


Last night was about the most scariest thing we have been in since last summer when my hubby had to pull off the road in North Dakota with a bunch of people at a gas station to avoid the tornado that hit.

It was crazy receiving texts from him that read.
If you wake up and see the news. I love you. 
The next one reads
I'm  okay I was able to get off the road.
Then he sent a picture 
and the last text reads 
I love you and the boys. This above picture was from a guy he worked with that sent it to him. There is no place to go the houses are all mobile homes. We stayed in an RV for the summer. The land is flat where it looks like the sky could swallow you whole. Traveling is by far the most exciting thing to do. Our drive there to North  Dakota was storms all the way. As we left one state or town a tornado hit. This year driving to New Mexico was the same. We hit a storm in Louisiana. Thank God we were driving  away from it. Last night I made my decision not to make our home in Carlsbad permanent. It will stay a summer home to visit our family. 

The road was flooded on both sides. I was for sure we we're going to get stuck in the water. The hail was so big and thick look like snow on the streets. The city has no draining system at all. I took a video mind you it's a two lane road with no where else to go. maintenance 
The kids thought it was really neat. Us not so much as hubby drove and I took pictures to keep my mind clear. Tree branches were down everywhere. I think I will stick to the Florida weather instead. Bright side we were in the same car with hail dents from last year storm. A few more doesn't matter. 

Saturday, June 27

Project Playground

The one thing I love about traveling is seeing all the different parks we come across. This  park Project Playground is absolutely amazing minus all the trash that covers it. We have  been at our home in Carlsbad New Mexico for about a week. At the beginning of the week we ran into a bunch of ten year old and younger slinging around profanity like you would not believe.  You can tell by the way they were acting they clearly learn that from home. Children see and hear what their parents do. If you are one who thinks cussing around  your kids is okay. I can ensure you that it's not pretty on the playground. I can tell you my hubby and I will ask your child to watch their  mouth. (They where also in the process of destroying the playground.) This case we did twice then told them if it continues we would call the cops to ask your child to leave. It's not cute in anyway. I don't  agree but that's the way you parent that's your right. They are future criminals in the making. In return they left which made the playground a pleasant place to have our children play. The other parents were happy too. 

Something  else that bothers me is all the trash kids leave behind that's including the adults who say nothing to their kids about putting trash where it belongs. This is a nice park keep it clean. Kids need a place to play not a landfill to slide in. Parents need to teach their kids to respect their surroundings. I counted 20 not 5 but 20 trash cans by the park. Not one adult nor child picked up after themselves. So we did this bag was just one of many we filled up in order for our boys to run around. 
If children don't have a great place to play they start to get in trouble. It's very unsettling how people treat one another as young as my four year old. Justin even ask a kid to watch his mouth because of his brother. The kid started to threaten Justin then stop when he seen us come around the corner. I'm happy to see another parent who as well spoke up. She had three small children with her. I teach my children to respect the earth and everyone in it.
Kids today need to have some kind of direction in life. Parents need to be more involved to show that this behavior just gets worse as they get older. 
Please respect others!
Please leave nothing behind but your footprints! It will matter in the end.

Friday, June 19

Mommy travel moments

I don't know how it can be sunny and raining with hail at the sametime.  I thought it was going to break my windshield. It's a beautiful scenic route driving through Louisiana,Texas and now we're in New Mexico still 5 hours to go. We're taking a family trip to four corners. Justin and I seen on TV that a lot of alien activity happens there so we decided to take a trip. I really hope we don't see any green aliens I can go for illegal aliens long as they mind their own business. Last year we just drove through Roswell. We are meeting up with my hubby and Father. They went ahead to bond and gamble a pre Father's Day gift. 
My mommy travel moment with Christopher. 
We stopped to get gas in Louisiana.
Christopher asked "Mommy why do those guy's look so rough? Did they just come back from Naked and Afraid? " 
I couldn't help but laugh as I didn't answer him till we got back in the car. 
"No, Christopher I don't think so." 
He looked confused and didn't say anything so I left it as that. By the way if you don't know Naked and Afraid is a TV show. There are two people who have to survive in the wilderness for 21 days.

Yes, There is a cat under there. The seat is on the sun is shining and Godzilla is in cat heaven.  He is warm and sleeping.  Until the storm rolled in he just had to look out the window.  This is his first trip with us. Everything is new to him. I do have to say he is a lot more active than Mickey the cat. She just hides.  Godzilla tried to steal my grapes incognito with the blanket over him. Like I wouldn't see him. 
We are still working on the whole meowing in the middle of the night as he trys to get the squirrel that's in the window.  Not to mention trying to escape from the hotel room. He is still learning. 

Wednesday, June 17

Traveling with my kids & cats

It's never a dull moment traveling in this family.  We seen a battleship coming through Alabama that the boys were absolutely amazed by. The cats were fine hiding in the back until the last two hours when they roamed the car. They had the boys laughing on top of meowing.  It was time to stop. Justin and I had a wonderful conversation about what he wants to do when he grows up.  I enjoyed our talk very much. He wants to join the military and become a scientist /astronaut. He would like to go to outer space.  He has a set of goals with a backup plan in sports or vice versa. We ended up stopping in Mississippi. I was having a hard time parking because the cars were not in the right spot I actually had a guy come out and fix his car. That was really nice there are still nice people in the world. We get inside our hotel room Christopher sets his backpack down throws his hands up in the air like he's going to lay back on the bed. Which is way too tall for him by the way. He falls flat on the ground at the same time
Justin turns around and says "What are you doing?"

Christopher's laying on the floor I'm waiting for a cry instead he answered Justin.
"I was trying to lay on the bed."

Justin says "It's too big!"

Christopher "Well it works at home!"

Justin helps him up off the floor. We all start laughing.  I love these mommy moment's. It's been a long day driving all I want to do is go to sleep.  Godzilla and Mickey think it's time to talk. I mean they were having a pretty heavy conversation until like 3 a.m. Thank God I brought my BCAAS from Shredz to give me that little extra boost today while driving I'm going to need it. I see many rest stops along the way to New Mexico.  First day down wish me luck on our trip. Summer has just started.

Friday, June 12

Beast Within

July 2013

My fitness journey to getting fit not skinny has been a hard struggle that is still not over.
Here is when I started out three years ago.
I have had more problems then I can count working out. I have always been fit my whole life. I have no problems working out at home. As you know my P90X journey went well after I had tore my rotator cuff and re injured my left wrist. Which by the way was a walking crab injury when my son and I had a race. He won because I slipped and fell.

I started out with spin class which led to fluid in my needs and lots of time off almost two months. Then getting back into it to my disappointment I'm not able to take spin class. Maybe in the future when I build muscles around my knees. I also have sica nerve in my back which I have had all my life. I have my good days and my bad. I have noticed that the stronger my back gets sometimes the pain is manageable now. Everyone has struggles in anything they do. You can either cry about it or push through the hard times and get back to the grind. Every time I had to stop it was twice as hard to get back to where I was before I had to stop. I have a very good support team starting with my hubby who refuses to let me fall. He is my rock when I physically can not walk. He is by my side every step of the way. He  is  nothing but inspirational and confident. Most of all he makes me laugh at the times I want to give in. I can't give up I'm not that type of person even when I see no light at the end of the tunnel. I think about how far I have came in life to get where I'm at now. My kids need a strong mom. My body is my temple I take care of it. I'm even thinking about competing in bodybuilding. I have a long way to go still. I'm on the right track posing in a bikini flexing just makes me laugh when I think about it. If I do go ahead with this I'm not getting one of those spray tans. They just look silly when their head doesn't match.

Not sure about the face I'm making I'm sure holding the camera and flexing is hard. I have to also thank all the great instructors at the gym who kick my ass everyday. I have made wonderful friends in this journey. It's important to know it's a lifestyle that I have taken on. There is no end insight. I'm thankful I have the opportunity to take this step. It's hard as hell when you are sore from your workout the day before to get up and do it all over again. Even if it's ten minutes a day that I have I'm still improving my body and mind. Today is a rest day for me but I'm sure I will fit in a workout. It's  contagious when I see my lonely weights on the floor. I swear they talk to me. Just do five reps and walk away. That really never happens. I end up sweating my ass off. Love your body ladies and it won't do you wrong.

June 2015

Wednesday, June 10

Justin and Rain

He started his bucket list. Only a week out of school and he's bored. It started raining cats and dogs today its Florida it's going to every day now. Justin thought it would be a good idea to go wash the car in the pouring rain. The mom in me started to say no. Then I realize I have to take advantage of the situation he's wanting to watch the car and it's one less thing I have to do before our trip. I let him took pictures and videos. He was laughing the whole time. He was a little bummed out because he still had to go get the hose to rinse off the car because it stopped raining so hard. Christopher opt out of it he didn't find it to be funny or exciting. The things we do to stay entertained in the time of boredom. After Justin wash the car and rinsed it. I pulled into the garage dried it then did the interior. I even vacuumed it I just have to keep it that way over the weekend.

I love these moments because we might not have them again. I love being a mommy!  

Tuesday, June 2

School year comes to an end

 I'm so proud of Justin. His music concert went very well. All three elementary schools sounded great. He made the Honor Roll received an award for respect and perfect attendance. He was one day away from getting perfect attendance for the whole year. He set a goal for next year. I love that about my son he is always setting goals to meet big or small. He kept his dedication to playing the violin all year. At first he thought he would be great then he was a little discourage that he wasn't.  For some reason he thought he would sound like the people on the radio. After we took time day after day to sit with him to read the music. Most important hubby and I gave our time to listen to him. In the beginning he gave us a fight. After a while he came to us to tell us he really enjoyed it. Justin sounds awesome. I hope he will take it up next year. He has music in his soul. He has taken a huge interest in classical music one of the things we all share in common as a family. That's now where his piano lessons come in at. He likes it so far and now understands to be better he has to keep at it.  With Justin once he sets his mind to something he will be great!
Soccer season is over. Justin absolutely loves this sport above anything else. His team Blue Thunder won a handful of games. Christopher liked his second season a little better now that he likes the sport. We went out everyday for the last eight weeks to play in the backyard. No matter how hot it was we where outside. Big brother started showing him how to pass the ball, stop it and run for it. Christopher thought he was being mean if he took the ball. Then he would get upset during the game because the other kids took the ball. They weren't sharing. However his last game he was off in his own little world with a teammate. I had to tell her mom "That's it we can't be friends anymore!" We both laugh but really this is where True love starts at four!
Now you see why. Oh no this is way too early for anything like this. The rule in our house is that both boys have to have a job before they can even start to think about dating. They have to be able to support her. Have both parents permission to date. Funny thing is I think I might have to worry about Christopher with the ladies more then my oldest. Looks like extra sports are needed to keep him occupied. Both boys will not have time for girls until after college. I did ask Christopher what they were talking about. He said" Mom we were just chit chatting about our day!" I know the picture is adorable. I give it that but no more.  Overall I can't wait to see what the next school year brings. My boys are my world. Growing up way to fast but I couldn't be more proud to see them grow.

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