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Monday, August 15

Shinedown performs "Simple Man" in the 94.5 The Buzz studio

This songs means a lot to me. I used to sing and play it all the time when my son Justin was little. It was a difficult time then. A lot of things I was going through as a mother didn't make sense nor did the little man I had next to me. He couldn't talk until he was almost three but he could sing this song with me. It holds a special place in my heart. Rough times pass by and I'm grateful to the Lord and a special someone for his help.

Boy, don't you worry... you'll find yourself. 
Follow your heart, lord, and nothing else. 
And you can do this, oh baby, if you try. 
All that I want for you my son, 
Is to be satisfied. 


Baby be a simple, be a simple man. 
Oh be something, you love and understand. 
Baby be a simple, kind of man. 

All I ever wanted was for my son to be happy. He is a healthy happy nine year old with two loving parents.

Wednesday, April 20


Fishing Trip April 9,2016
We started the day out at the library with our boys with reading to a therapy dog.

It was a lot of fun the dogs where very mellow. The kids sat with a dog to read being a good big brother Justin read while Christopher showed some love to the dog. It was cute especially when he read the wheels on the bus. Christopher loves that book.

 Once we made it back home we spent the rest of the day fishing.  Hubby caught a fish in the net.  It was a lot of waiting which for a five year old is hard a hundred and one questions.

 I’m watching Grease Live with Vanessa Hudgens right now as I’m writing this. I like it different but still very much the same as the original. I like Frenchie in this one. Blanch is Hilarious! I LOVE this musical.

We went to the pier to finish off our day ran into another family with kids who’s little boy was also named Christopher.  All Popsicle wanted to do was throw the line in and out. Not a care in the world to if he caught a fish or not.
 I enjoy the family time we get to spend together more as our boys are getting older. I can’t get my head wrapped around the fact that Justin will be 13 in July starting High School next year Christopher starting kindergarten too. Time is just going by so fast I cherish it more and more each day. I think too it has a lot to getting older. It sounds funny when I say it but Life is just falling into place the last few years. Things mean something totally different then what they did five years ago. I have started a lot of projects now that I’m looking at them again. I’m taking a lot out to complete some I might just let them sit in the vault a little longer.  Fishing looks to be something we may do more often now that our boys are at the age 
when it matters the most. Every day is something new and exciting one step at a time no rush just us living life. 

Thursday, April 14

Cutting down our tree

We have this big tiny branch tree in our backyard that makes it impossible to cut the grass without running over a thousand tree branches.

 It’s half dead since we will be here for another year we decided to take it down.  We are also putting flowers in the front yard not sure what to do with my cactus tree that has grown too big for the pot last year. To think it came from nothing in size. The boys and hubby got it the first year we moved to Cocoa from Lowe's for Mother’s Day.


I don’t know why we decide to do everything at once in or out of the house. It just seems to happen that way.

                                       We took care of the first half yesterday the rest today.

Our house is a mess in the process of painting every room and having a yard sale. This is fun talking about yard sales. Did you know last Saturday was National Yard Sale Day? Hubby took the boys shopping on the other side of town while I went grocery shopping. On my way there I seen dozen of signs I made it in and out of the grocery store in 30 minutes then spent the rest of the morning driving around to yard sales.  I found movies not that we need them but for fifty cents why not? I took a ton of stuff to Christopher’s teacher who sent home a list of things they needed for the home area. Christopher was excited to give it to her. He is such a big helper.  After four years in Port St John I still have a huge area I have never been to. I did get lost but found ten more sales going on. It’s the small things that can make a person happy. My friend says I’m a simple woman. It’s true I thought I was in heaven the whole morning without kids. Life being a mom and wife sometimes it's just that simple. One step at a time will make Life simple. 

Monday, March 14

The air show and Cajun Feastival

I love living in Florida. Especially when I can spend the morning with my boys laying on the trampoline taking pictures watching the air show. We spent over an hour just chit chatting with each other I even took a nap. It was just a beautiful day yesterday. We ended up at the park to finish out the show which is just amazing to watch. It's loud as can be which the kids don't mind at all.
A few years ago we went to the museum to look at the old planes up close. They even have a few planes the kids can get into. Then you walk out to the airfield to watch the air show. We live right on the strip the planes use to go to the airport. Next year I want to try to sit on our roof to watch it.

Summer is here it's time to put the jeans away bring out the shorts and tank tops till November. We went for a run my Popsicle made good time even after he was told he has asthma two weeks ago. He ran a mile with us in 16:10 instead of our 12 minutes flat which is still really good. My oldest Justin has it too but since our move to Florida he has seem to have grown out of it. I hope the same will be for Christopher. I don't want him to think this will minimize anything he wants to do. It will just change the way he does things only a little. I won't let him use it as a crutch.

I wish I had pictures to show of the planes but my battery died on me. That's what I get for not charging it the night before. 

We had a busy day on Saturday Justin was a hit with the ladies at the Cajun Festival. He was a walking magician. He has to volunteer two hours in order to stay in his magic club. He is doing really great. I love how he can just walk up and start a conversation with anyone. The feedback was amazing from the people he showed magic tricks to. I even had one guy ask if Justin did parties. He definitely takes that from his Father. Hubby could sell you anything even if you didn't need it. 

So the idea of eating crawfish was a hit until my boys seen it. I have to confess I have never eaten it. They both made a comment that they didn't want to eat anything that had eyes looking at them. I did however get them to try Jambalaya which was not an easy task to do since it has pork in it. We don't eat red meat at all. They put a brave face on to taste a spoonful. 

We tried to wash it down with  a cupcake that was just gross. I never thought it was possible to make a gross cupcake. Well now I have seen everything. Overall when talking later at home when I asked what was the best part of the day my boys said meeting new people. When asked what they didn't like the response was wasting money. I had to laugh at this which Christopher told me it wasn't funny to waste money. Yes, I have been on this life teaching skills with them this month along with being Irish (#12monthstolearn) on my fb page. I'm glad they are picking up on it. Six dollars for the Jambalaya and three dollars for the cup cake besides that it smelled of sea food which we probably never eat again. We still had a great time. I love these moments in time. 

Wednesday, March 9

Life, Running, Kids, No Internet

Since November I have had a cough that comes and goes whenever it wants. My doctor just says oh don't worry you are fine. Okay, So what am I paying you for? So my cough is back the weather changed again here in Florida so what is the best time to cough again. It's now because I'm preparing for a run with my kids. I hope I don't die like yesterday running with the family just one mile. I was so happy to see my house and driveway. I gave it my all the last block literally fell on the ground. I was so out of breath. My hubby thought I was playing around until he helped me up. It has to be the pollen that turns my black car to yellow. I'm fine in the gym which is bizarre to me as long as I don't run.  Looking for a new doctor hopeful this goes away. I still kill it now I have a butt. Yeah me on my way squatting 90 lbs one leg. Talking to a few people about fitness goals I'm finding that if you want to lose weight or build muscles you have to change the way you think. I'm a positive person always have been. It's hard to always see the bright side of life. Even when I was pregnant I loved the way I looked. I embrace who I am and my body. I think it has a lot to do with my family. The women of my family have always had a negative outlook on themselves. Which in turn did the opposite for me. I loved myself at an early age. Fitness is a huge part of my life. It is what keeps me sane. It is who I am as a Mother, Wife, Friend and me. I laugh about it now since I'm shrinking. I told my hubby I was shrinking a few years ago he didn't believe me until I bought new shoes the other day. Either I have been wearing the wrong shoe size since I was 14 years old from a nine in a half to a size eight or I'm shrinking. I'm going to go with shrinking everything else on me is. The ladies in power mode class on Monday says it could be when you start getting old. It was a good laugh I turn 33 last month and shrink at the same-time. What else in in store for me this year.

I see YouTube channels for both my boys. Christopher is making a video everyday to put on his YouTube channel he wants. I think I will make one Daddy says No. I think I can change his mind if I put one up.

Justin is a Minecraft freak who wants to record what he does on his game. First we have to see how his room set up goes. The boys might be switching rooms. Christopher has the bigger room. Redoing the whole house is a lot of fun. Between school, work, magic club and whatever my boys are doing trying not to die is a huge task. I need a break I see a trip to the ocean real soon. We cut the cable and Internet off. It's been about a month to see if our boys could do without. I have to say it has been better this last week. I wasn't the favorite person in the household when I cut it off. I didn't realize how much we really do need the web. Sitting in Starbucks is getting old on Wednesdays. I have to hang in there to prove a point now. We all have a bet to who caves first. My money is on the man of the house. Hubby can't hang in too much longer without the politics news. We will see who wins! Never give up on yourself. Change will come in time. 

Monday, October 19

Nicole Brown Simpson

I recently watched The-untold-Story of OJ Simpson how he arthritis and stop taking his medicine before the trail. I do truly believe he loved Nicole like all abusers do in their own sick twisted way. This story was the first real big case of Domestic Violence in the world besides Tina Tuner and Ike. When Tina came out and told the world it wasn't ready. Then you have Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown there are so many famous people of Domestic Violence that could have had a huge impact on this subject yet they stay silent. I was really young when this trail happened. He got off because he was famous and Black. It was hard to understand that back then yet it makes sense even today. He played the system he was smart he was rich. Domestic Violence doesn't have a color. It happens to rich,poor, black ,white doesn't matter. Violence among people is wrong no matter who you are. Yes, I guess some races you can say it becomes normal. I don't choose to believe that. If you don't want something to happen you have control over it.

You just have to find that strength deep inside of you to take a stand.

Just because your parents had that life doesn't mean you have to repeat it. Know your worth it will help you. Don't let people punch you slap you call you out of your name. If a friend or family member talks to you about Domestic Violence please listen. Domestic Violence happens everyday all day long. Someone needs to be the voice to get this subject to be the hot topic and it will take someone famous to do it. As sad as that is someone needs a huge pull among society to get the talk to happen. I paid attention to Nicole Brown because my household was violent day in day out. I left when I was 16 never looked back and I still won't. I still did repeat my mothers footsteps. Only for a short time I realized that was not the life for me. That was not what I wanted. I made a choice to leave. It was the hardest choice I ever had to make. My abuser never was charged in the death of our baby. I miscarried which helped make my decision to leave. I wish I left sooner. If someone would have told me that life was wrong. Would I have listen? I'm not sure I just hope Domestic Violence Stops before everyone is lost in the past like Nicole Brown.

Sunday, October 18

October is Bubonic plague month

Bubonic plague is one of three types of bacterial infection caused by Yersinia pestis. Three to seven days after exposure to the bacteria flu like symptoms develop. This includes feverheadaches, and vomiting. Swollen and painful lymph nodes occur in the area closest to where the bacteria entered the skin. Occasionally the swollen lymph nodes may break open.

If you have been following my month logs we as a family study something new each month. Since this is October scary month what better to learn about the Bubonic plague.

Many don't know it but people still are infected by the plague today. 

The bacterium that is responsible for the plague can sometimes infect the blood, causing the hands, feet, nose and lips to become gangrenous and black. This form of the disease is almost always fatal if not treated with antibiotics.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced Monday September 15,2015  that a person in that state had the bubonic plague, one of what is now 14 such cases reported nationwide in 2015

Between 1970 and 2012, the majority of human plague cases have been in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. There have been other cases, but they have been in nearby Western and Southwestern states. Still it is carried by fleas and rats. We spent our summer in New Mexico which just so happen to be a story on TV of a couple who thought they had food poison it turned out to be the BLACK DEATH.  

The difference now today it is no longer a death sentence because of modern medicine.
To think that so many people died in Europe buried in a large gave together. Is hard to swallow considering that the plague is still around. Why don't we hear about it? I wonder how the reports on TV would be? Would they even cover any story about a person with the bubonic plague today?

We live a lot cleaner then people back then which I think has a lot to do with it. If you change your eating habits and live healthier plays a large role in your health.

I won't add any more pictures like the one above. I have a weak tummy. My children however are very intrigued about this month studies. My whole purpose for learning something new each month is for knowledge for things I know my kids won't learn in school.

Thursday, September 10

Busy Bees

Wow, It has been a two weeks. There are not enough words to describe how proud I am of my boys. Justin just started wrestling last week. He is getting toss around like a rag doll. The funny part he loves it. Justin is a kind hearted person not aggressive at all. It's not in his nature. He  weighs 106. He is at the right weight to compete right now. Daddy is beyond excited to help his little boy. I couldn't be happier to be apart of this exciting experience we all get to have as a family. With our martial arts experience we can show our son something we grew up doing as a child ourselves. I forgot how bad a high school gym smells. It's horrible I mean body odor galore. It's  hot and sticky. It's straight down nasty a little scary when I hear one of the boys had ring worm. Yuck, I was sitting there listening to him tell the other kid he just wrestled it's okay he is fine now. I told Justin to scrub his body really good. Oh man that is gross. I looked it up online just to show Justin what ringworm looked like just so he knows what to look for.

Justin is getting the hang of falling down to where he doesn't hurt himself. Last night at practice was one of the best he was able to throw someone now. The best part he sleeps very well at night. I love it!  As a mother it's a little scary seeing your son get toss around. It's funny Justin tells me he is fine. With both boys busy everyday of the week we are busy bees now including Saturdays with games. T-ball and Wrestling is a lot of work.  I love my kids! I don't mind being busy. It's not anything new Justin has never really had downtime since he was four. As long as school comes first he can be as busy as he wants. He knows he can stop anytime. I won't force anything on him.  His only job is going to school getting good grades and being Happy. Nothing else matters to me but my kids mental and physical health. How do you keep you kids healthy? 

Monday, July 20

Grand Canyon

Now. It's maybe noon once we left four corners monument. The Grand Canyon was four hours away. My dad was with us and he has never been to the Grand Canyon before he is not the type to come all this way by his self. My adorable hubby asked if we wanted to go. Of course I said yes I love road trips besides seizing the moment we tend to do that a lot. What's life if you can't do that? My dad didn't know what to say so the trip began. I love the mountain view they are gorgeous. It's breathtaking I could get lost just in the moment. However the curves in the road takes my breath away in a different light one wrong move you are toast. Be safe please now I have that out of the way take a look at these.
Grand Canyon 2015

It's very peaceful looking at the edge in amazement. That this sits in the middle of nowhere. I was a little on edge because as you ride to site to site there are just a few fences from the edge. With two small kids that is just crazy. One of the signs said a man used to take people by horse around the canyon that would take 12 hours one way. That is crazy to even think about. I mean it did take me thirty hours to get to Aztec from Florida. I couldn't do that on a horse.

They do charge per person not sure how much. This trip was well worth the hot weather and headache. Pack water since you are in the desert heat. This is a must see.

Now to complete our road trip off to Las Vegas. We still have four hours to go. Thank God we have three people who can drive. That makes it's a lot easier. 

Saturday, June 27

Project Playground

The one thing I love about traveling is seeing all the different parks we come across. This  park Project Playground is absolutely amazing minus all the trash that covers it. We have  been at our home in Carlsbad New Mexico for about a week. At the beginning of the week we ran into a bunch of ten year old and younger slinging around profanity like you would not believe.  You can tell by the way they were acting they clearly learn that from home. Children see and hear what their parents do. If you are one who thinks cussing around  your kids is okay. I can ensure you that it's not pretty on the playground. I can tell you my hubby and I will ask your child to watch their  mouth. (They where also in the process of destroying the playground.) This case we did twice then told them if it continues we would call the cops to ask your child to leave. It's not cute in anyway. I don't  agree but that's the way you parent that's your right. They are future criminals in the making. In return they left which made the playground a pleasant place to have our children play. The other parents were happy too. 

Something  else that bothers me is all the trash kids leave behind that's including the adults who say nothing to their kids about putting trash where it belongs. This is a nice park keep it clean. Kids need a place to play not a landfill to slide in. Parents need to teach their kids to respect their surroundings. I counted 20 not 5 but 20 trash cans by the park. Not one adult nor child picked up after themselves. So we did this bag was just one of many we filled up in order for our boys to run around. 
If children don't have a great place to play they start to get in trouble. It's very unsettling how people treat one another as young as my four year old. Justin even ask a kid to watch his mouth because of his brother. The kid started to threaten Justin then stop when he seen us come around the corner. I'm happy to see another parent who as well spoke up. She had three small children with her. I teach my children to respect the earth and everyone in it.
Kids today need to have some kind of direction in life. Parents need to be more involved to show that this behavior just gets worse as they get older. 
Please respect others!
Please leave nothing behind but your footprints! It will matter in the end.

Wednesday, June 10

Justin and Rain

He started his bucket list. Only a week out of school and he's bored. It started raining cats and dogs today its Florida it's going to every day now. Justin thought it would be a good idea to go wash the car in the pouring rain. The mom in me started to say no. Then I realize I have to take advantage of the situation he's wanting to watch the car and it's one less thing I have to do before our trip. I let him took pictures and videos. He was laughing the whole time. He was a little bummed out because he still had to go get the hose to rinse off the car because it stopped raining so hard. Christopher opt out of it he didn't find it to be funny or exciting. The things we do to stay entertained in the time of boredom. After Justin wash the car and rinsed it. I pulled into the garage dried it then did the interior. I even vacuumed it I just have to keep it that way over the weekend.

I love these moments because we might not have them again. I love being a mommy!  

Sunday, May 17

On the hunt for Bones Leg!

Six in a half hours two cups of coffee forty ounces of water a turkey sandwich with ten totes of Legos. We were on the hunt for this lego toy named Bone.  Apparently he lost his leg. Christopher refused to let me take a picture of him because he was leg less. The leg is smaller than my pinky nail only the white part.  We found everything else like the Iron Man lego guys. Zombies from the zombie collection. We finally found Steve from Minecraft with the rest of his body.  Christopher realize today that Minecraft Steve shares the same name as his daddy. We also found our share of cat toys that some how made there way in the lego box. Justin's poker chips were in there as well with my hair ties and clips. Christopher inform me that he uses my clips as monster cranes to pick up things. He has one heck of imagination on him. As we went through his legos we built a city that Godzilla the evil cat destroyed! He took off with the Legos with Christopher running after him. It was too funny! Christopher tries to rebuild when  Mickey decided she was going to lay on top of the Legos. We never did find Bone's leg. After all that today I think I will just go buy another Lego set just to get another Bones guy. I think that may just be a little easier since my back was not to happy with me. Thank God for yoga! It was my best friend tonight.  Boys are both sleeping.  I never knew looking and playing with Legos could be so exhausting. I wouldn't have it any other way! I love being a Mom!

Friday, May 15

Doing what I know

The other day the boys and I decided to make it a picture day. I now carry my camera around everywhere with me. Taking pictures takes time patience and the ability to wait. My children are my inspiration along with both my cats. This picture should be for a cat dental plan.
I enjoy working with my boys. They have a wide variety of views when I'm editing my pictures. I have always made them a huge part of anything I do. With taking pictures they see beauty in a different way.  It's interesting when they suggest a picture shot. Like this one of my Popsicle.
He is throwing himself down. He is counting 1,2,3,4 then back he goes. He is mocking Natalie Eva Marie from WWE she posted a video on her Instagram account showing her come back in the ring. We must have viewed that video a dozen times. At first Christopher was shocked asking "What in the world is she doing?" Then big brother walks in explaining it to him as they head out to the trampoline to try it out. This last picture is  taken from my two dozen roses  I received from my hubby on  Mother's Day. They now have a purple tint to them today. He gets me roses whenever which are my favorite flower of all time.  He knows me so well. I just absolutely adore him!
I'm in the middle of seeing this picture on a canvas on my wall. I might need to repaint my living room considering that the room is orange. That would be a job for Super Hubby! I dislike painting it's too much work. Until next time Have a blessed day and enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, April 9

Get Stepping

Get those rock hard abs! If it was easy everyone would do it! Monika makes you work. She is famous for making you sweat and abs sore. Just what we all come for. Russian twists,  crunches, and planks.  Monday's are plank day's.  Be the plank! Two minutes of torture with a lower planks side planks you name it. She loves them. 
Step class is always fun. As long as you don't trip over your step. It can be an amazing cardio workout. It's your workout it's your  class. Make it what you want just keep moving.  That's the hardest part when you get tired you tend to stop don't push yourself.  Train your brain even if you get tired it's your brain you have to overcome. You have to decide how bad do you want it. You are the only obstacle that you have to get by. Don't stand in your way. 

Monday, April 6

Stuff you do for your kid's

Today is a nice sunny day to get shot! To lay on the ground get dirty come out full of paint and pain. Today is the day to come out and have fun with the kids!
Justin wanted to go have fun and shoot paintball guns he's doing good so far and having a blast! Christopher can't play until he's seven. He's a little upset but we talked the ref into letting him shoot just a few by himself. I never seen my boys so excited to shoot Daddy. I have to admit now our boys are getting older they want daddy more. It makes me have mix feelings I both love it and sad at the same time. Nothing sexier than a father playing with his boys. I love him more and more with each new day. Children will melt your heart if you let them. We live to make them smile. Smiling is all they did Sunday now that's the new thing that has taken over our house. Checking EBay for paintball guns and equipment planning the next time. I love it! I love the relationship my hubby has with our boys. I can't believe that this summer Justin will be 12 years old. He is growing up so fast Christopher is in the fast lane as well. I'm very proud of the boys we are shaping into young men. It shows in how we live our lives. We don't live in the past we live for today! Being a parent takes time to mold a little person into who they are not what you want them to be. We live to make them Smile!
My Husband the Dad
He is a father that takes his time to love with his whole heart. NO matter what the day will bring or how long he had to work. He is there to listen to love. His gives advice shows his kids it's okay to make a mistake. No one is perfect it's a life of learning step by step. His time is all about the kids. Nothing takes away from that. They come first and foremost even before me. That's okay I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm amazed by how much he has grown into the Father he was meant to be. The kids did that with a little help from me. The most important part is that I didn't try to control how he became a father. I didn't tell him he was doing it wrong. To me there is no wrong way to be a parent as long as you give your children time nothing else matters. Time is the one thing you won't get back. My Husband the Dad is doing a great job!

Thursday, March 19


Abandoned Ireland is something I came across today as I was looking for information on being Irish this month. Just looking for something to tell and share with my boys when I came across this site.

I like to look into this in the future. I have a weird pull to strange abandoned places. I always have the need to investigate. It's in my blood I can remember being young always wanting to know the rest of the story to these beautiful places. The how, when and why? This place is maybe not on my list since everyone died who came in contact with it.

Another beautiful picture I found but no information about it.
Carna, Connemara, Eire, Ireland, 

Trying to trace my roots is a little harder than I thought it would be. No hit's on the web yet and tracking down family is not going so well. I sent a few Facebook messages out since everyone and their momma is on that site. Still after a week nothing well until then reading a few more kid stories to buy us some time. My boys love to make crafts and food which they were not sure about the soda bread. Then again I don't know if I made it the right way.

Crock Pot Guinness French Onion Soup & Irish Cheddar Crouton  Um, WHAT?! This is my dream recipe. French onion soup has always been a big favorite in my household. Hubby and my oldest loves it. It's awesome a childhood treat that takes me back to when my Papa would tell his stories. This dish was one of his old time favorites. I sure do miss him a lot. I can't believe it has already been five years since he past.

Abandoned Tyrone House, County Galway, Ireland

Wish me luck on finding out any information. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, February 18

Give a smile

Shopping the other day at Walgreen's we were approach by a women wanting us to help her buy a few things. Now, I have seen her all over the place walking sleeping in the park at one of the parks I take my boys to. She looked like she needed the help. I understand being homeless as I was there once in my life. I remember what it felt like what it felt like to be hopeless. It wasn't fun and not anything anyone should have to go though in life. You would think it wouldn't be an issues in today's world but it is. My son and I gave her $20 dollars I wish I had more on me at the time. There is also a man who waits on the corner with a sign and a dog. Sometimes he is by Burger King with a few other people. We collect and buy food for our local animal shelter this time we have put dog food in our car to give it to him next time we see him. If you have extra anything money, clothes, food please give when you can. We do all the time we try and help daily to put a smile on someone's face. Pay It Forward today and everyday. Be safe as always when dealing with people you don't know. Please keep that in mind. Thanks for reading!


Thursday, January 15

Teaching is fun!

I have an ideal for the next eleven months since I am a Jehovah witness for the month. These two little old ladies Carol and Mary with Bibles have been stalking me since October. Hubby told me in order to get them to leave me alone I should tell them I'm Christian. They are Christian well that made them happy. Now I feel guilty for telling a lie. I told them the truth.  I have never been the type to listen and would send them on their way. Something made me listen the first time they stopped by. Maybe it was the man himself I'm not sure but I have a feeling I need to listen. To what that is what this post is about. A year ago some people came to our door while Christopher and I were playing Nerf battle he proceed to tell them to leave or he would shot them. As I closed the door I'm shaking my head for sure I'm going to Hell now. Carol and Mary are very nice filled with lots of information. I believe there is a higher power I just don't believe in the bible. It's a man mad religion to people who need something in writing to have faith in besides them. I was raised as a Catholic in a sense. On one hand I went to church while my Grandmother taught of prayers. My mother was raised on church every Sunday Bible school the whole nine yards somewhere she lost her way. I'm not sure when but I would have liked to of had some kind of stable background in church. When I was younger I started to follow the more in the teaching of the Bible. That is also when I found out I came from a very strong Mexican background on my Biological father's side. I didn't live with him and my brothers so it came and went life goes on. It fell in the back of my mind. I have ran into a lot of people who are social church goers. Who will preach to you but choose themselves not to follow. A bunch of Hypocrites in my opinion all of this is just my opinion. Now, I'm on a Journey with my family to see what fits us as a family and myself. Hubby isn't the church kind of person he was more or less damaged by an insane church lady. Now he is a little more open minded after years of talking about it going to several different churches. I always thought I had to not believe because he didn't. He didn't want to talk about it so we didn't. I find too that when God is brought up with anyone they are uncomfortable with the issue.  I have almost seen a few dozen people almost have a heart attack when I would say I believe I have faith but not so much in the written word of The Bible. I might as well be the devil that's how they look at me. I know I may not be making any sense in this post so here is the good part. The boys and I will learn about a different culture and religion each month. That's our goal and by December I will see if my mind way of thinking have changed or not. I will post updates come February we will be studying Black History Month in our household. Let's see if I can get hubby to be Dr. King and recite his speech fingers crossed. If you have an ideal please leave a comment here or on Facebook. I have eleven months to fill. I need a little help. I think since none of the history I was taught in school is taught today in light of everything that has happen. This would be a good way to teach my boys about the world and all the people who live here.

Friday, January 9

A Day with Christopher

He is an old soul from what I hear from many people.  He doesn't act his age. He is the cutest kindest little boy ever. He makes me laugh.  Is he four? He is so smart for his age. These are just the few compliments I receive daily from people. I love the fact we are raising him right. I love the conversations he has with his older brother. Today was one of those days. Christopher took his truck to go pick up his big brother. Christopher got a warning not to park on the sidewalk from a teacher who couldn't stop laughing. 
"Hello Jay you can put Your things in here." He says

Justin had his backpack and violin. As we start walking home. Justin saves the cone Christopher almost backed into.  Along with the gate as well. Big brother to the rescue as his little brother was going off the side. I was in the process of picking up the front as his grabs the back.

Christopher says "Thanks guys you are the best."

Walking home was a blast. I'm talking to him taking pictures when Christopher says "Mom, I need to concentrate so I can drive safely!"

We start laughing and big brother to the rescue again stopping Christopher from running over a small tree.

Christopher Justin calls out to. "Look, I'm over here. Follow me try to get me."

Christopher drives the rest of the way with no problem. This is part of Christopher's Day. 

Friday, November 28

Happy Thanksgiving for a family

Holidays are hard on a lot of families not being together money problems and just life gets in the way sometimes. Hubby and I purchased a Thanksgiving dinner for a family that needed a little help.  They work but like a lot of families have a hard time deciding what bills to pay vs. food. We decided a longtime ago that if we had extra to give we would. We have kept that promise to ourselves to help. Opening our non-profit business is taking forever. In the meantime as a family we are helping all the time. We don't want anything in return for helping anyone that needs it. I love knowing that someone needed help and received it. It puts a smile on their face as well as ours.  This Thanksgiving meant a lot to us. It never fails that our kids keep us laughing.  When they were asked what they were thankful for Justin says "He is thankful it's not 1621!" They didn't have bathrooms then or toilet paper.  I'm glad it's the simple things in life he appreciates. I'm thankful for spending time with my family and friends.  We went to my Aunt's house bless her heart was in the hospital. She was able to come home later that night.  The apartment complex she lives in puts on Thanksgiving in the courtyard.  Everyone brings a dish mingles and eats delicious food. It's getting a little less weird having Thanksgiving outside as the years go by. The day was beautiful as well as all the new people I ran into. Life is a Journey you live in. Make the last month of 2014 count for something you can be proud of. My accomplishments this year may not be materialistic but they did change someone's life.

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