Sunday, May 17

On the hunt for Bones Leg!

Six in a half hours two cups of coffee forty ounces of water a turkey sandwich with ten totes of Legos. We were on the hunt for this lego toy named Bone.  Apparently he lost his leg. Christopher refused to let me take a picture of him because he was leg less. The leg is smaller than my pinky nail only the white part.  We found everything else like the Iron Man lego guys. Zombies from the zombie collection. We finally found Steve from Minecraft with the rest of his body.  Christopher realize today that Minecraft Steve shares the same name as his daddy. We also found our share of cat toys that some how made there way in the lego box. Justin's poker chips were in there as well with my hair ties and clips. Christopher inform me that he uses my clips as monster cranes to pick up things. He has one heck of imagination on him. As we went through his legos we built a city that Godzilla the evil cat destroyed! He took off with the Legos with Christopher running after him. It was too funny! Christopher tries to rebuild when  Mickey decided she was going to lay on top of the Legos. We never did find Bone's leg. After all that today I think I will just go buy another Lego set just to get another Bones guy. I think that may just be a little easier since my back was not to happy with me. Thank God for yoga! It was my best friend tonight.  Boys are both sleeping.  I never knew looking and playing with Legos could be so exhausting. I wouldn't have it any other way! I love being a Mom!

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