Monday, June 27

Detroit Zoo

The Detroit Zoo was a bit confusing I would suggest go to Toledo Zoo instead. However we all had a great time with  my mom,niece and nephew who went with us.  This sign  for example you can go right or left. My question to you is what way is straight? When the sign leads you no where. Just a thought. A couple stop me to ask where something was I couldn't answer them we were just walking letting our feet lead the way. The Dino exhibit was pretty neat had to be one of my favorite. The peacock top it off who almost took out the boys.

Pretty bird they were just walking with the crowd of people. The kids wanted to touch them but we kept them away.I'm not sure what they would do. The one in the picture was moving it's feet like a bull would making funny noises. lol

I do like how there is no glass unlike Toledo but with lots of walking. My niece thought a ant eater was an elephant. She is four and too cute.

This was just Sunday then we came home to finish up some yard work. We were going to go to a friend's bbq but we all fell asleep. I guess being out in the sun mad us real sleepy. All the walking was alot to do in one day. Justin is so silly he wanted to stay the night in the zoo. He really liked the lemurs there. Steve and I were thinking about buying one after we took care of a client who had one along with lots of other animals.They are cute.

We seen the fireworks this weekend too. I was happy to see that Christopher was okay with them this time. We went to my aunt's house where my sister almost blew her hand off with a bottle rocket. I told the boys this is why we don't play with fire and let Aunt Nikki near it.
Gotta love her for trying even her husband said this is why there will not be fireworks at his house.He can't watch everyone and his wife. Love ya Andy.

I think I'm getting use to driving our new truck we just brought. My Tahoe is awesome! Now I'm a Mexican like my sister says.  I like when my hubby drives makes me feel a little safer. I should say the people on the road are safer. I feel like running over some people Michigan drivers are the worst. They don't know that red means stop. Yellow means slow down a stop sign means just that STOP. I can't forget that when you are driving 50mph that you should keep your speed instead of just stopping for no reason. Turn signals are great to use that's why they were put in the car to begin with. I'm just throwing this out there some rules need to be followed unless you don't speak or read English but still was able to get a Michigan driver's license.

Wednesday, June 22

12 pounds to go

I'm happy that I have only 12 ponds to go before I'm pre Justin and Steve weight. LOL However I think it should get easier as you work out everyday.  I have been for the last three months. I'm so sore today it feels like my arms weigh a ton. My girlfriend and I go to the gym together for support which is great. It's easy to go when you can talk about how much you don't want to be there in between pouring sweat from your face. I know gross! I can now fit into a two piece bathing suit. I can fit in my size 5 jeans.  I'm almost there. My hubby tells me all the time how great I look. It's nice to hear that all the time. I think I'm getting a big head from it. I'm sexy for just having a baby if I don't say so myself. There is this little old lady maybe in her 70's or so. Her hubby drops her off so she can workout. It's cute I will be that old lady walking in the gym at that age just not with a cane.  I hope I stay in the same shape I'm in now when I'm that old. Age is just a number. Right honey?

Saturday, June 18

Last Night

Okay Steve and I go a little over board with the 4th of July we always have. The first year we were together my hubby went out and bought over a hundred dollars in fireworks that year. He put on a show at the open field by my aunt's house. The neighbors all came out of their house to watch. They were better than the Wyandotte fireworks that year. Anyhow we love the fireworks I just hope Steve doesn’t set the house on fire this year like he almost did last night with the low ones he set off with Jay. We went to a place in Monroe to get  fireworks we seem to clean them out every year. It’s so funny we need to go back the picture below is just not enough.

We are having a BBQ and bonfire tonight with friends so Steve can show them off. We need to get the house spray for mosquitoes again those dame bugs were out for blood at 10 o' clock. Poor Christopher and I only stayed outside to watch big brother and daddy setting them off for maybe twenty minutes or so. . They are crazy running back and forth.

Thursday, June 16


Boy oh Boy does my baby boy have a temper. Coming back from the olive garden last night he screamed his head off. He wanted out of the car seat. He kept saying momma and dadda it broke my heart. I hate hearing my baby cry anytime. I never let my children cry I always have them right by my side. Steve was rubbing my leg telling me he will be okay as he drove home. We don't live far from the restaurant like maybe five minutes. Still it seemed like forever before I was able to take him out and hold him. Once I had him in my arms he stop. Christopher has some lungs big brother put his head phones on. Once I had him in my arms Justin came and gave his baby brother a kiss on the forehead. Justin was upset that he couldn't do anything to help. I told my son that it was okay sometimes he just needs to be held. Steve curled up in bed with him last night. It was so adorable. They said their prayers. Then I hear laughing then signing. I had to walk in there to tell them to go to sleep. Laughing they said okay Mom. I hate having to brake up a happy moment. Christopher eats pretty good without teeth. He is almost walking and drinks from a cup. He is growing up so fast.  He stands up and jumps in his crib.  Christopher thinks he is a monkey by trying to crawl out of the crib. Then he gets stuck between the bars. Poor baby of mind sometimes I wonder what he is thinking.  Christopher fell asleep by my side as his daddy came up to cuddle with me. Steve lay his head on my belly and was out. I think I put him to sleep by running my fingers though his hair. Justin is making Chris laugh right now as I write. I love these moments in life where you can just sit back and watch.

Tuesday, June 7

Jilted ex-boyfriend puts up abortion billboard

I read this story on yahoo which has been a very heated debate on the radio and the news. I’m not for or against abortion I do however think it should always be the woman right to choose.  It’s not the man who has to go through nine months to carry a child around. The man doesn’t have to worry about how to rearrange plans for work. There are a lot of emotional and physical things that happens to a woman when she is pregnant.  It takes two to tango. I do believe a father should take care of the child if it is his but I guess that can be argued to. How can a man be held responsible for the child when they are born and not before. I’m torn over this subject as I talk to Steve.  I believe there should be a limit on abortion at one. You get one chance to make this unbelievable choice that will change your life forever. A woman can’t use this as a form of birth control that is not right at all. In that case she should be focused to tie her tubes. There are many reasons a woman may choose to have an abortion such as rape. I know it’s not the child’s fault and many will fight the fact that if god didn’t want you have a baby he wouldn’t choose you. It sucks that children can’t choose their own parents. It’s also sad that anyone can have a child. I think that if more people where open minded about this issue instead one being one sided things would change. This guy however went too far.  I’m glad Steve stood by me both times we got pregnant with our kids.  Even though being pregnant with my first son a lot of issues arise that I wasn’t expecting. I’m ashamed to say that it did cross my mind. I’m glad with my husband by my side I was able to make the right choice. I wouldn’t change it. I’m grateful I was able to make that choice for myself and not focused into something like that.  Life is really only what you make it. You really need a good support system when a child is involved.

Monday, June 6

This past weekend

The cub scouts went camping it turned out to be great. We have never been there before Justin had a blast. Christopher went swimming in the lake for the first time he loved it. However I liked it when I took the boys to the Y to swim I feel better that I can see the bottom. The weather was hot but I liked it not so much my hubby or the boys. As we drove there Saturday we past though Monroe. I seen that there is a Sonic at the corner of my old block. They don't have very good food but the ice is the best in town.  That's all I ate with Christopher it was like a food group to me.We should have stoped by to see some old friends of ours I'm sure they would have been surprise to see us! Oh well maybe next time. There is alot of stuff for the kids to do like fish, face painting, riding bikes, board games with these huge chess pieces ect. Justin spent most of his time in the water and at the park playing. Christopher has his first tan lines. We had alot to do this weekend like digging and tilling up our garden. That was a lot of fun. Poor Steve he was drenched in sweat then tryed to give me a kiss. I walked away. He was still too cute not to give him one. I gave in how can I not. He is so sexy! It is twice the size it was last year. I can't wait to plant everything today. School is almost out just planed Justin's birthday pool party. He is going to love it! Thinking about going to the great wolf lodge later in August. That is a indoor water park. We missed when the cub scouts went there last year it was too close to my due date we decided it would be best to wait. Now we can take Christopher it looks like it will be a blast.

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