Thursday, April 14


Justin stays busy during the summer time. Now he is taking up soccer. Today his team won 7 to 3. It was a great game all the kids did very well. His last game Steve and I are yelling at the team telling them what to do. It was great we lost our voices his last game.  Justin was so muddy from the field but that’s okay he is a boy. I love him to death Justin is the reason I get up in the morning.  I love seeing him happy. It’s so funny I get all the questions about everything he holds nothing back from me. With his dad it’s all about sports or building something Steve never gets any questions like I do. I love that we share a close bond with each other it’s special to have that with your child. Christopher and I already had a bond since he was conceived. Steve calls just to hear Justin’s voice on the phone. He is such a great father. He likes to say that’s my boy out there. Go Jay! Practice is great the coach makes Steve go out there to help with the kids. Justin gets a kick out of it because his daddy is great. The other parents thought Steve was a professional soccer player. (lol) They didn’t believe me when they asked. I told them no he wasn’t a soccer player but a man of many trades. Justin and Steve share a different bond with each other a father and son bond.  They do everything together. 

6 months old

Wow, Christopher is already 6 months old. I can’t believe it. He is getting so big. He already has his daddy’s attitude although Steve says he gets it from me. I beg to differ but anyways I adore my little Popsicle he is so cute. I have to say I’m a little jealous that he says dada first. Justin said momma first so I guess I will give this one to Steve.

This month has been crazy taking Justin back and forth to swimming, soccer practice and games not to mention boy scouts. It has been keeping us very busy. In all of this confusion I ‘m trying to put an ending on my book make a cover and all the stuff that follows. It would help if Justin’s stuff was on different days but no that would be asking too much. I just got Justin’s spring pictures back and he is not my baby anymore he is growing up. I sat at the table Monday just bawling my eyes out. Jay thought I got a paper cut. (lol) I just hugged him then told him way I was crying he gave me a hug. He said he will always be my baby. How cute is that! Good news I just lost 5 more inches off my waistline. I can say hello to that little bikini I have for New York.  Working out 3 days at the gym and the other days at home are really paying off. I get like addicted to it.  It's great! I’m thinking about taking some classes to work towards my black belt this summer.  My sister is due in July and she is so cute with a belly. His name is brain she picked a name out already. I can't wait to meet him.

Friday, April 1

What count’s in a child’s life?

I have been thinking about my boys. I really have been thinking about kids in general and the question that pop’s in my head is this. What really counts in a child’s life? I believe that when a parent is involved in their child’s life it’s a very important part of growing up. I mean when they are born to their first words they say. Justin’s first word was mommy and Christopher has already said daddy. Children go through a lot of change from the time they are conceived to their first steps. I miss the baby days now that I can see Christopher go through them. I know relationship get hard and someone always gets hurt.  Families are made up of many people blood or not.  Anger keeps many kids from one parent most of the time because it’s the adult who can’t grow up. They are hurt for reason’s they see fit at the time. The truth is they can’t handle the one they once loved are now with someone else.  Children need people that love them in their lives and only people who truly care about what they are going though. Now don’t get me wrong if the parent is violent in any way yes the child should be kept from them.  Otherwise there is no reason a child should have to grow up without a mother or a father. Children should not be held as leverage for money or personal gain that only one parent benefits from. They only benefit them by hurting the other to see how far they can push their buttons. Some parents just give up because fighting with the other gets nowhere. Some fight back just as hard as the other  then the children grow up knowing not to trust in someone they love.  I see this all the time and it breaks my heart.  Many children are raised by wonderful people who are not their parents to start off at.  They grow with the child they become the parent they have always needed.  Many parents put their goals  first instead of their child well being. We have always put our children first. Steve and I will do anything for our boys.  Justin always see’s us happy we never fight because we have no reason to. We are a very loving couple who enjoys life. It is what it is.

Favorite movies, foods, first smile, first cry, likes and dislikes are something a real parent knows about the wonderful little person that comes up and calls you daddy or mommy.  You are the one they turn to when they are hurt or sad. You know exactly what helps when they are sick. You get to cheer them on at a soccer game. You are there on his first day of school to see that your baby is growing up. You are there when they make the right choice to stand up to another kid who was picking on them. You get to see the light in their little blue eyes when they get an A on the spelling test you help them study for.  Taking them to swimming classes, martial art classes, boy scouts just watching them grow up is a gift in its self. Being able to hug them after they walk out of school is priceless. Watching their little face light up at the zoo or seeing them hug their little brother brings tears to your eyes. Let’s not forget their first broken heart, first love, prom and going off to college.  Children don’t need to hear how bad you think the other parent is by bad mouthing them. Adults need to embrace the time they have with the children they help bring into this world.

Steve and I are able to share all these happy moments in our kid’s lives together. Our boys are going to be great at whatever they chose to do in life because they have are unconditional love and support behind them. I wish more people put the kids first. Life is too short to miss any of the above.

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