Monday, March 14

The air show and Cajun Feastival

I love living in Florida. Especially when I can spend the morning with my boys laying on the trampoline taking pictures watching the air show. We spent over an hour just chit chatting with each other I even took a nap. It was just a beautiful day yesterday. We ended up at the park to finish out the show which is just amazing to watch. It's loud as can be which the kids don't mind at all.
A few years ago we went to the museum to look at the old planes up close. They even have a few planes the kids can get into. Then you walk out to the airfield to watch the air show. We live right on the strip the planes use to go to the airport. Next year I want to try to sit on our roof to watch it.

Summer is here it's time to put the jeans away bring out the shorts and tank tops till November. We went for a run my Popsicle made good time even after he was told he has asthma two weeks ago. He ran a mile with us in 16:10 instead of our 12 minutes flat which is still really good. My oldest Justin has it too but since our move to Florida he has seem to have grown out of it. I hope the same will be for Christopher. I don't want him to think this will minimize anything he wants to do. It will just change the way he does things only a little. I won't let him use it as a crutch.

I wish I had pictures to show of the planes but my battery died on me. That's what I get for not charging it the night before. 

We had a busy day on Saturday Justin was a hit with the ladies at the Cajun Festival. He was a walking magician. He has to volunteer two hours in order to stay in his magic club. He is doing really great. I love how he can just walk up and start a conversation with anyone. The feedback was amazing from the people he showed magic tricks to. I even had one guy ask if Justin did parties. He definitely takes that from his Father. Hubby could sell you anything even if you didn't need it. 

So the idea of eating crawfish was a hit until my boys seen it. I have to confess I have never eaten it. They both made a comment that they didn't want to eat anything that had eyes looking at them. I did however get them to try Jambalaya which was not an easy task to do since it has pork in it. We don't eat red meat at all. They put a brave face on to taste a spoonful. 

We tried to wash it down with  a cupcake that was just gross. I never thought it was possible to make a gross cupcake. Well now I have seen everything. Overall when talking later at home when I asked what was the best part of the day my boys said meeting new people. When asked what they didn't like the response was wasting money. I had to laugh at this which Christopher told me it wasn't funny to waste money. Yes, I have been on this life teaching skills with them this month along with being Irish (#12monthstolearn) on my fb page. I'm glad they are picking up on it. Six dollars for the Jambalaya and three dollars for the cup cake besides that it smelled of sea food which we probably never eat again. We still had a great time. I love these moments in time. 

Wednesday, March 9

Life, Running, Kids, No Internet

Since November I have had a cough that comes and goes whenever it wants. My doctor just says oh don't worry you are fine. Okay, So what am I paying you for? So my cough is back the weather changed again here in Florida so what is the best time to cough again. It's now because I'm preparing for a run with my kids. I hope I don't die like yesterday running with the family just one mile. I was so happy to see my house and driveway. I gave it my all the last block literally fell on the ground. I was so out of breath. My hubby thought I was playing around until he helped me up. It has to be the pollen that turns my black car to yellow. I'm fine in the gym which is bizarre to me as long as I don't run.  Looking for a new doctor hopeful this goes away. I still kill it now I have a butt. Yeah me on my way squatting 90 lbs one leg. Talking to a few people about fitness goals I'm finding that if you want to lose weight or build muscles you have to change the way you think. I'm a positive person always have been. It's hard to always see the bright side of life. Even when I was pregnant I loved the way I looked. I embrace who I am and my body. I think it has a lot to do with my family. The women of my family have always had a negative outlook on themselves. Which in turn did the opposite for me. I loved myself at an early age. Fitness is a huge part of my life. It is what keeps me sane. It is who I am as a Mother, Wife, Friend and me. I laugh about it now since I'm shrinking. I told my hubby I was shrinking a few years ago he didn't believe me until I bought new shoes the other day. Either I have been wearing the wrong shoe size since I was 14 years old from a nine in a half to a size eight or I'm shrinking. I'm going to go with shrinking everything else on me is. The ladies in power mode class on Monday says it could be when you start getting old. It was a good laugh I turn 33 last month and shrink at the same-time. What else in in store for me this year.

I see YouTube channels for both my boys. Christopher is making a video everyday to put on his YouTube channel he wants. I think I will make one Daddy says No. I think I can change his mind if I put one up.

Justin is a Minecraft freak who wants to record what he does on his game. First we have to see how his room set up goes. The boys might be switching rooms. Christopher has the bigger room. Redoing the whole house is a lot of fun. Between school, work, magic club and whatever my boys are doing trying not to die is a huge task. I need a break I see a trip to the ocean real soon. We cut the cable and Internet off. It's been about a month to see if our boys could do without. I have to say it has been better this last week. I wasn't the favorite person in the household when I cut it off. I didn't realize how much we really do need the web. Sitting in Starbucks is getting old on Wednesdays. I have to hang in there to prove a point now. We all have a bet to who caves first. My money is on the man of the house. Hubby can't hang in too much longer without the politics news. We will see who wins! Never give up on yourself. Change will come in time. 

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