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Sunday, October 16

Having a Birthday Party after a Hurricane

Last week we left on Wednesday to avoid the storm. We stayed in a little town named Ozark Alabama. The second town we stayed at was in Tory it's about two hours outside of Florida. It has the busiest traffic I have ever seen.  The good side I found a coffee shop I absolute love. I don't know what they put in the coffee but it's delicious!
When you order a drink they give you a chocolate covered expresso bean. It's because of them I have been drinking coffee all week. I haven't had coffee since May. I would move there just for coffee it's that good.  Once we were able to see our house had no damage it was clean up time. Clean up the branches from the yard plan Popsicle's 6th Birthday party which by the way isn't the best thing to do after a Hurricane. There was No School on Monday we handed out invites Tuesday then I dropped my phone so there was no way I could get calls or text.  I had so much anxiety about no one showing up. It turned out well we had twenty kids show up.
Christopher was having a blast!

It was a Mario Party at the last minute. I swear  he changes his mind like his underwear. I was so happy and excited when I saw the cupcakes the baker now thinks I love him. It might have something to do with the fact that I said it. Publix did an awesome job on short notice. 

 Thor wanted to go on the slide too so he had to stay in the kitchen. He looks sad! I gave him two bacon treats inside. It kept him busy for a minute.

        You never know when Life can change make it great every day you can. Sending lots of prayers for all that were affected by the storm.

Friday, August 5

I gave myself 5 years

Me today

Weight 130 lbs
       age 33

I'm at four years now to my six pack. I have learned so much about myself in these few years that makes me wonder why I didn't start my fitness journey sooner. It has been a challenge for me and I'm thankful my hubby has been my biggest support system. Three months ago I had a very difficult time just holding a glass in my hand.  My kids nor my hubby could touch me without me being in excruciating pain. I never really paid too much mind to my arthritis before until this last outbreak. Talking with my Doctor more of trail and error since I don't take pain meds at all. My hubby has to talk me into even taking an Advil for a headache. I had to change my healthy eating completely 
to fruits and veggies oh the biggest change being gluten free. It took about a week with my green shakes. Finding the right ones mixing them to see what works. Since I already ate healthy it was a no big thing until you have to do it and it's no longer a choice. I guess it's still a choice to be in pain or not be in pain. I never want to be in that much pain ever in my life. 

Green shakes I come to love. Lol #getfit #lovinglife in a spinach, kale, cucumber, cilantro kind of way. Make sure you use cold water.

Hello, My name is Patrica and I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis. It affects everything in my body. It is chronic inflammatory disorder that affects joints including those in hands and feet.  I was diagnosed at an early age then again after Justin was born. I came from abusive household growing up then was trap in an abusive young teenage relationship which to me. I thought I was always in pain from old injuries. 
Now, With the right doctors eating right and working out In one month I lost 14 lbs. I wasn't tying to but I did. I switch my H.I.T class ( High Intensity Workout) for more cardio no weight but my body. I took up spin class again more Zumba, Running and lots of Yoga. I have worked so hard to get where I am I wasn't giving in because I was in pain. I had to find out what works for me. I have always talked about your mind set in my BLOG. Having the right thoughts changing the way you think can do wonders for anything in your life especially working out. I had a lot of time to think from day to day about how I was going to give it my best shot not to give up. One month went by I had to tell myself daily it wasn't the end of the world it's only food. I love to eat my cheat days on Fridays don't happen like they used to since sugar is a trigger. Now, My cheat days are maybe an extra green shake or protein shake that is all natural gluten free. The taste is what got me some taste gritty and nasty. Sun Warrior is actual good. I guess learning about how to keep being fit for me is going to be different from someone else. I know that but listening to my own words is harder than I thought when I want to go that extra mile in the gym knowing that I shouldn't. I am strong I won't let this bump in the road stop me. I am two months in to my changed diet which has done wonders. I am 100% better then before. My will power is going to take some work. I love cake I really do the pain that follows makes it not worth it.  

                                      Most important part is that I am Happy and almost pain free!

Tuesday, June 7

Surfing, Running, BBQ

This past week has been a busy one. Last Wednesday my boys and I ran in Cocoa Village for the Global Running Day. We made it to the first water stop then turned around. Christopher was a little champ running his heart out. I did end up carrying him on my back for about a mile.

It was a hot day to run. We made it three miles took us about 44 minutes to do it.

Then Cocoa Village had the BBQ & Blues Festival Friday again another very hot day 95 I believe. 

Christopher is not liking these hot days as you can tell from his expression on his face. If we aren't at the beach he wants nothing to do with being outside. The rest of us don't mind it that much. It's not snow so as long as Florida and I have that understanding it will be fine. Hubby and Jay ate two pulled pork sandwiches I thought it was going to come out their ears they ate so much.  Sunday it was a beach day before the storm rolled in.

This is one of my favorite pictures. Father and Son bonding time for sure they where out on the water all day they have the sunburn to prove it. Hubby needs a little more practice but Jay is outstanding.  He was up on the surfboard every time.  We would be out there today but that storm Colin has taken over for now. 
I finally broke down two weeks ago we are now back with the rest of the world on the WEB. I didn't think it would be so hard to work from home when you have had one too many espresso because you are sitting in a coffee shop using the WiFi. I'm now successful detoxing from all that coffee. Our boys love it I still have the rule two hours a day for them. I don't have any problems homework still gets done even now that school has been out for two weeks now. Summer is going to be a blast many more things to come. Check back soon.

Monday, March 14

The air show and Cajun Feastival

I love living in Florida. Especially when I can spend the morning with my boys laying on the trampoline taking pictures watching the air show. We spent over an hour just chit chatting with each other I even took a nap. It was just a beautiful day yesterday. We ended up at the park to finish out the show which is just amazing to watch. It's loud as can be which the kids don't mind at all.
A few years ago we went to the museum to look at the old planes up close. They even have a few planes the kids can get into. Then you walk out to the airfield to watch the air show. We live right on the strip the planes use to go to the airport. Next year I want to try to sit on our roof to watch it.

Summer is here it's time to put the jeans away bring out the shorts and tank tops till November. We went for a run my Popsicle made good time even after he was told he has asthma two weeks ago. He ran a mile with us in 16:10 instead of our 12 minutes flat which is still really good. My oldest Justin has it too but since our move to Florida he has seem to have grown out of it. I hope the same will be for Christopher. I don't want him to think this will minimize anything he wants to do. It will just change the way he does things only a little. I won't let him use it as a crutch.

I wish I had pictures to show of the planes but my battery died on me. That's what I get for not charging it the night before. 

We had a busy day on Saturday Justin was a hit with the ladies at the Cajun Festival. He was a walking magician. He has to volunteer two hours in order to stay in his magic club. He is doing really great. I love how he can just walk up and start a conversation with anyone. The feedback was amazing from the people he showed magic tricks to. I even had one guy ask if Justin did parties. He definitely takes that from his Father. Hubby could sell you anything even if you didn't need it. 

So the idea of eating crawfish was a hit until my boys seen it. I have to confess I have never eaten it. They both made a comment that they didn't want to eat anything that had eyes looking at them. I did however get them to try Jambalaya which was not an easy task to do since it has pork in it. We don't eat red meat at all. They put a brave face on to taste a spoonful. 

We tried to wash it down with  a cupcake that was just gross. I never thought it was possible to make a gross cupcake. Well now I have seen everything. Overall when talking later at home when I asked what was the best part of the day my boys said meeting new people. When asked what they didn't like the response was wasting money. I had to laugh at this which Christopher told me it wasn't funny to waste money. Yes, I have been on this life teaching skills with them this month along with being Irish (#12monthstolearn) on my fb page. I'm glad they are picking up on it. Six dollars for the Jambalaya and three dollars for the cup cake besides that it smelled of sea food which we probably never eat again. We still had a great time. I love these moments in time. 

Wednesday, October 21

Something to think about

I received an email from a wonder person telling  me how much they love reading my blog. What caught me off guard was asking me a question about who do I see as a female financial role model.

This picture says it all about my Grandma I call her Nana along with all the grand kids and many great grand kids in my family. She is the strongest woman I know with a heart of gold and no matter her size she means business.  She a catholic. She is the only person who can cuss you out without using any cuss words. She will say whats on her mind with NO filter at all. She will replace them with food and body parts. Like "Kiss my big toe" along with something something bologna sandwich. Leaving you think what the hell just happen did she just call me out or did she ask me to lunch? Either way she loves you always wants to see you do your best. Nana would always and still put her two hands up and tell us " With these two hands is the only way I made it work for my family." She worked as a housekeeper at Oakwood Hospital for many years. My grandfather supported her with every breath he took. She kept him and the family in line. All her bills are paid on time months in advance. At one time in my grandparents small model home she had all of her five children and their children living with them. I guess it was the way the cookie fell. Hard times hit all of us in the family I was in middle school. We went poor all at the same time. My Nana kept us all sane during those few months from October to January. My Mom, Aunts and Uncle all manged to get on their feet together. It was absolutely insane how everyone was on edge with everyone. Their was my Nana keeping the peace with food. She is always trying to feed someone. She never gives up. Hardly ever complains about anything. If you did wrong trust me Nana will let you know how she disapproves of your actions. There are so many people connected to our family not by blood but because she took them in. She made them family. She let my Grandfather make mistakes then fix them later. Most importantly she let him be a man, husband and father all on his own terms. She will never pry in your life instead will give you hints about maybe going into a different light. She is my role model in many ways. She keeps things paid as I said above. She doesn't like owing people anything. She has an huge ego for sure. She will rather do it herself no matter what it is. If you wanted something in Life she made sure you knew you had to work for it. She doesn't take shit from anyone. Then again she did grow up in Detroit! You had to be strong. Growing up for her was not always easy in her day. Her childhood had a few bumps and bruises along the way. Heartaches came after she married the man of her dreams my Papa with a miscarry and her house being burnt to the ground. They picked up the pieces to move forward. Nana was pregnant for six years back to back. I come from a large family with lots of problems. Then again with any family who doesn't have a few crazies daredevils among them. Nana is a beautiful , intelligent ,strong amazing woman. I'm glad I have picked up a few of her traits along the way. She is part of who I choose to be today. Nana is unbelievably funny at times without even trying to be. She has over 240 pairs of socks. That I of course bought her. One year it was either her birthday or Christmas I can't remember. I asked her what she wanted. She said socks. Of all things socks is what she wanted. I remember it made her as happy as a child in a candy store. It's the simple things in life that makes her happy. I know that is why I love Life the way I do.
 I believe my strength comes from her with my smart mouth sometimes. I can't help it! However it does bug the crap out of my husband. My Nana has been a huge role model in my life for the simple fact she had five kids and all her bills are paid on time. Took care of all of them making it work in difficult times while keeping her head high. She always had a roof over her families head food in their belly's and clothes on their backs. She looked at life as a big playground that she had control of. It also helped that she has one tool to help to manage her money from Personal Capital's retirement planner.  It never matter how much money she had as long as you where happy. I think I will also look into Personal Capital maybe you should too.

Friday, December 26

Merry Christmas

I have learned a few thas this year. Never put tinsel on your Christmas tree.  It's a loss cause with kids and cats. Buy batteries before the big day. Putting together a trampoline is harder than it looks. I need to workout some more apparently the trampoline springs clearly won. Don't try and do any kind of flips with a bad back. It hurts a lot.

Kids will always make you laugh.Popsicle has a new take on Santa and the Elves. The story goes the elves make the toys drops them off at Target and Santa picks them up when they are ready for each kid. I guess that works I'll stick with that theory. If you buy a toy car make sure you have 18 hours for the first charge.
A glow in the dark race track must be charged in order to glow. Thanks mom Christopher loves his track and so do the cats. 
When buying a game chair and TV for your oldest child check the TV to make sure it has the right ports for the game chair. Justin is in heaven now that he can play his games without his little brother in his face trying to get his attention.  One more thing but not the last check books before you buy more. Just in case you and hubby buys the same one's. Minecraft is still a huge hit after a year.Justin goes through more books in a week then his daddy and I ever have. Not complaining but his books are over taking his room. A new book shelf is now in order to build. 
Merry Christmas I know a lot of people want their children to grow up.  Let them be kid's and enjoy Christmas let them believe in Santa. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. 
Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing!  Don't take their childhood away to soon.

Wednesday, June 11

Find your way

There are times I find myself thinking about my life my kids and my hubby.  That's a lie I think about them all the time. How we became a family all the struggle that came with it. All I ever wanted when I was little was to be happy. I didn't want a new toy or my parents back together. I wanted a place I could lay my head at night to call home. My family growing up was very broken it still is. I don't know a family that isn't in some way. 
I changed that ten years ago when I had my first son. I was set on raising him on my own. I didn't want to be dependent on a man to pay child support. I didn't care if he was ever in my son's life. I wasn't going to be that baby momma chasing after a man who didn't want to be there. I was and still will never be in need for someone that bad. I can stand on my own two feet by myself. I grew up with a very large family so taking care of a child wasn't something new to me. I took care of my brother and sister when I was my son's age. I can say at ten years old I was a little more mature then the kids I went to school with. I had to be with them watching. I didn't want that kind of life for my son. That is why I choose to be a stay at home mother. It was hard at first very hard but with the help of a man now my hubby. I realized I didn't have to do it alone. It bothers me when I log on to Facebook on how many mother's are still chasing  a man for the reasons above I mention. Even worst they need a man to validated them in some way to say they are good enough. They need that constant boy not even a man to make them Happy. What is Happiness? The state of being Happy is what the definition is. It's sad many people still don't know how to have that in today's world. There is beyond enough drama on Facebook alone that makes me extra Happy I live far away from many people I know. Maybe it's because I'm older I see things in a different light now. No, that's not it. I have never been the type for drama not even in High School. However I did find it funny to say and do things on purpose that I knew would get under a few skins. I still do that while I laugh at how people react as if the world will end in that moment. I can laugh at myself if I make a mistake. I can support myself when I need it. I can't give up, it's not in my nature to do so. I was told once that I didn't know what it meant to struggle. I have struggled all my life growing up in a family of alcoholic's with more then enough pity parties to last six life times. A single mother who worked as many jobs as she could on no sleep just enough to keep a roof over our heads and food in our belly's. I can remember times where we didn't have heat or lights on in our house. Living in Michigan that was a very rough time trying to make a game out of camping in your siblings room. Thinking of things to tell them so they didn't say anything to someone at school. Taking cold showers was nothing we were going green long before it became a problem in today's world. My mother crying herself to sleep not fully understanding what was going on until much later when I became a parent.

Life never goes the way you plan it. It just happens a child before marriage a parent before a couple. My son Justin is my little sidekick. I celebrated my 21st Birthday with him when he was 7 months with a cupcake. I guess what I'm trying to say is that everyone has something in life that doesn't go the way you want it to. Don't worry about being a great person for someone else. Be something great for you. Love who you are. If you don't like the way things are going know you have the choice to change them. 
As the meaning of Life is in the title of my blog Life is only what you make it!!! 

Monday, March 10

Getting back


I have been fighting allergies for almost a month now until today. I'm getting back to my normal schedule with getting fit. My journey is still full speed ahead as I took up yet again a new workout. I hit a plateau back in January it was time to switch up my workout routine. Turbo Jam was fun today lots of energy in the DVD still very entertaining when you watch the other people on the DVD. The faces they make are just silly. I guess overall the DVD was great! Along with intense weight lifting with cardio combo and muscle conditioning it has made that plateau non existing.
I'm not looking to lose weight I just want to tone up.
Losing the weight was a plus.
 I have to say my results are wonderful. I weigh 149 as of today lost five pounds and went from a size 8 to a size 5 in my jeans. How exciting until I realized I no longer have any boobs all to due to shopping this past weekend. I was a little upset until I walked past the cute little bikini's hanging on the racks then I was alright. The funny thing about my journey to getting fit is that I didn't even notice the weight loss. My pants were a little big sagging between my legs I just thought they were a little worn out. You know from wearing them maybe four times a month. I'm never in jeans I hate jeans because they are all stretchy junk. I just want the hip hugger with flair bottoms like when I was in high school. They no longer make them as the nice lady at Old Navy told me. I guess not really a loss I never really liked that store anyways. I did find some jeans at Macy's.Yes, They have a little stretch to them which I'm not happy but old well they are a size five. I could even fit into a four but my thighs won't.
( There was a picture here Google took it off with most of my pictures on my blog. I don't know why I apologize in advance.)

 Here is me with my Popsicle doing squats. He is my weight of 34 pounds. Trust me I feel it with 30 lunges each leg and then 20 regular squats. 

I really need a full body picture I'm more then happy with my arms and body overall. My hard work, dedication and consistency has really paid off. My Journey isn't over yet still working on my six pack with a no processed food no meat unless my hubby makes me eat chicken which just kills me. I had to fight him on this last time he wanted me to eat chicken. It really upsets my stomach I'm a veggie, fruit ,water, protein shake kind of person. 
I'm happy with that I still have my cheat days once a week you have to in order to stay on this kind of lifestyle.  It is a life style not a diet. My weakness above all is cookie dough ice cream and maybe pizza. Until next time just remember it takes time to meet a goal in fitness. It has to be your goal not anyone elses. Get fit for you challenge yourself to be better then you were yesterday. Have fun with it make it work for you.

Monday, January 13

Ms. Leo

The sounds a turtle makes determine its gender: males grunt and females hiss.

Here are some fun facts I bet you didn't know. I came across the last ten years I have had my turtles 9 years for Leo or Ms. Leo sounds like that she will put an ad to read your palm. 

Lose an eye?No Problem! A snail can grow back a new eye if it loses one. That's kind of creepy but cool at the same time. 

A humpback whale and an elephant share mother nature with us human women during our oil change every month. I hate to be a bearer of bad news to my son later I have to let him know we have girl turtles not boys. We had three but one died two years ago in the move to Florida. I think it was too stressful for him he was as old as Justin. My mother found him outside of her work smaller than her hand. She gave it to Justin when he was just a baby his name was Rafael or Ms Rafael.  

Back to Ms. Leo she keeps getting out of the pool I have for her and Ms. Donnie if you were wondering about our names we were going for the Ninja Turtles names.

 We never did get a fourth one. This summer we are finally going to put up a pond that can be removed since we are still renting at this point. Haven't found a house yet just some land to build it on just waiting to hear if it can be zoned residential. The wait is going to kill me at least the turtles will be happy in their new home. I'm not looking forward to digging the hole to put it in that's why I have kids and a hubby. Just kidding I will help too I won't be tanning drinking ice tea while they work. Just rambling today my Popsicle has teeth coming in so he is sleeping it away. Have a great day thanks for reading. 

Friday, January 3

Disney World Christmas Eve

                                                 Bucket List markdown here we go.

                                      37. Take the boys to Disney World for Christmas.CHECK

I didn't think we would be able to do it this year but I'm glad we did. It was even better that my sister,mom and my little niece Eva were able to share this Journey with us. My sister has never been I was surprised my baby sister had a great time!

She is a big kid herself she was really excited calling everyone telling them where she was at. She was a total spaz she was more excited then the kids were. It was a blast! A little cold during the morning hours it was a jacket pants kind of day. The shops were insane it reminded me of New York tons of stuff you can buy. Just an F.Y.I wait to buy your stuff at the end when you are leaving which leaves your arms free all day. That's what we did.

We had to stop by and see Buzz. It was funny how my little one just carried on a conversation with him like he knew him for years. We had to dance with Frozone  I believe was a women inside the suit.

Justin and I got down but Eva not so much danced the super hero dance.

 Tea cup ride we are holding on for dear life
as my hubby tries to make us all dizzy with the help of our other son. 

Boys with the little mermaid Christopher was being funny as you can see his eyes are closed. He just saw the movie the lady in this picture kept in character. I liked that everyone who was at Disney had very high energy. It was great!

We had to fight aliens!
Love the Castle! 

The castle was beautiful in with that saying it was over crowed. My hubby almost got into a fight because some old man about 50 or so thought it was a good ideal to push his way though the crowd to try to get past our son. The man started talking trash which lead my hubby to tell him to show him. I almost had a heart attack for as long as we have been married I have only seen him get mad once. Again at another old man who pushed our son in our house not a good thing to push our son then when he was two or now that he is ten. I made him count to ten and breath we all had to. My sister almost dropped my niece thanks from an adult who two handed push her and others to get through the crowd. Thank god the stroller saved her from the concert because that wouldn't have been good for the adult. There wasn't a place where you weren't elbow to elbow or butt cheek to butt cheek with someone waiting for the fireworks to start.

Still not a stroller place there were too many people pushing the stroller I felt bad for my niece who was in an umbrella stroller and my Popsicle who was in a jogging stroller. The adults there were the worst of all.You would think they would get the hint that it's a kids place. Christopher had to be saved by me at the end of the night from being trampled on by adults. Hubby had to save him once again by another adult from falling on him as we were leaving. It was insane at the end of the night. There where just way too many people other then that it was a lot of fun. Thinking about next year already. My advice pick any other day beside Christmas Eve to go to Disney World if not leave before the castle lights up with fireworks. It's a lesson learn I guess if I had to do it over we would have just picked a spot up by main street to sit and wait for the fireworks to start.  Over all My mom had a blast she loved it made her feel like a kid again. She was able to go on rides with her grandkids and be silly.
Super Dad to the rescue!!!! 

Things to know for next time
1. Bring a jacket in December it will get cold once the sun goes down.
2. Be aware of stupid people mainly the ADULTS who have NO common sense that it's a children's place.
3. Get a spot up by main street if you want to watch the fireworks and stay don't leave till the crowd leaves.
4. Buy your stuff at the end
5. Take a backpack to put all your goodies in
6. Take a camera
7. Have fun
8. Be a kid again

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