Wednesday, March 28


Watch "Alf tries to eat the cat" on YouTube
I love this show. I' m really happy I can share this with my boys as my father did with my sister and I. Justin and I can't seem to stop laughing.
I have seasons one,two and three. I will be looking for season four soon. Take a look.

Tuesday, March 27

This is very true for many.

"I can't go back to yesterday - because I was a different person then." - Lewis Carroll -- Great Minds Quotes (@GreatestQuotes)

Sunday, March 25


I have been taking my boys out to the park to play this past week. Christopher needs a little help to fall asleep. Justin and I will take a walk as I push the stroller. It's something we use to do when he was little now we will have mother and son talks. There is so much life in Justin. He is always happy and has a smile that lights up any room. He is a great Big brother. He always puts his little brother first. He will sit for hours and play with Christopher. I know they are still little but they have an unbreakable bond. Christopher loves to be near his Big brother as this picture will tell. I couldn't push the stroller unless Christopher held Justin' s hand. I'm very proud to be a mom their mom.

Three Avocados

Bulopa, Uganda

Our story begins in the humble village of Bulopa Uganda. Bulopa, like many other villages in Uganda, is a very remote and extremely poor village. There is a small church there, which amounts to nothing more than a few sticks in the ground and some benches. We had been invited to worship with the people of Bulopa. Despite the fact we were over four hours late, the entire village was there to welcome us.

It had been a long day, we were all tired and eager to get back to the comfort of our hotel in Jinja. And then it happened. As the offering basket was passed around, a poor widow placed three avocados in the basket. It was literally all she had. And she gave it up, all for the sake of others. You see, in Uganda, the pastors do not receive any pay. The food they eat is given through the offering as they visit different villages. That widow had given all she had to ensure someone else could eat. What a beautiful gift.

It was that simple gift that inspired us. We left Uganda brainstorming ways that we could help. Though our efforts could never match the generosity of that widow, our goal is to do everything we can to ensure the poor throughout the world are cared for and are never forgotten. And we deeply thank you for being a part of "Three Avocados."

Three Avocados 16oz Ceramic Mug Just put my order in for these things. Check it out they need your support.
Three Avocados 16oz Plastic Tumbler. BPA Free. -- FREE SHIPPING $10.00      Uganda Bugisu, 12oz. Whole Bean Coffee $11.99 I'm not sure about this but I'm up for anything new. 100% of the profits go to providing clean drinking water in Uganda. Now, this is the best part. Please go to the check and buy something today.


This is very cute. Thought I would share with everyone. I can remember paying only a dollar something for gas when I was in high school. I use to laugh when my boyfriend at the time would complain about gas prices. Oh, how time has changed things. Just yesterday I was rocking out with music from the 90's with my boys. It was funny to hear Justin ask "If this was music from back in the day." I had to laugh when I told him "Yes, honey this is music from when I was your age." God I feel old!

Tuesday, March 20


It's time to paint the house. Steve and I have decided that we are going to go with the color raspberry wine for a wine theme kitchen.
I can't believe it but I have a dinning room now which is great. I can now pick out a theme for that room. I now have to look at tables. I'm focus on the boys room right now then the rest of the house can fall into place. Justin has picked out a comic blue for his walls. I don't know what else is going in there but I'm glad I talked him out of a black bedroom. Trust me that one was  hard to do.I swear black has been Justin's favorite color since he was one.
 I have a fireplace in the living room which the wall it's on will be a canyon sun color. The other walls be a golden chime color for a Mexican theme.

Steve at first said no to my idea but later caved in.He loves me. He is painting this time. I hate painting all the lines you have to worry about not making is just too much to deal with. I'm excited about our house. There is so much to do. I love it! Steve and I have our own sinks plus we have a shower and a tub in our master bathroom. The kid's have there own bathroom which is Awesome. I love our new house!

For every ten bottles of Rainbow Light vitamins sold, one bottle will be donated to Vitamin Angels. Please go pick up your bottle today.

One third of all childhood deaths are attributable to undernutrition. We can change that. For young children, essential nutrients help build the foundation for good health and the opportunity to lead meaningful and productive lives.
Vitamin Angel's mission is to mobilize and deploy private sector resources to advance availability, access and use of micronutrients, especially vitamin A, among at-risk populations in need. We focus on two main programs that ensure maximum impact:

Vitamin A.Worldwide, an estimated 190 million children under five suffer from vitamin A deficiency (VAD), a major underlying cause of child mortality and blindness around the world. However, with a simple, cost-effective vitamin A capsule every six months we can prevent VAD blindness and reduce under-five child mortality by about 24% in at-risk populations.

Multivitamins.Essential multiple micronutrients, or multivitamins, reduce the effects of undernutrition and malnutrition in children under five. Our program offers infants and children the nutrients they need to grow up healthy, increasing their potential for educational and economic achievements in life.

Friday, March 16

I love my Life!

 I took the above picture from my deck. I guess all in all I will miss Michigan. I can still share a sunset with my hubby many states away.

Sunday, March 4

Art Work

 The kids sat down and made pictures last night. Justin made sure we sent a picture to Daddy. Justin says"Home is where daddy is!"

This is Christopher's first art work. I know more will come. I love my boys they are the reason I am who I am. They made me a proud mother!

What do you think?

"Loving a child who is not biologically yours is no different then choosing to love your spouse. Both relationships are choices, not a biological bond."

Someone had this on cafemom I read it a few times over and over unsure how to respond to this. I think if a stepmother/step dad choose to love her/his husband/wife child like her own it shouldn't be a problem unless she tries to over step her boundaries. The boundaries I'm referring to would be wanting the child to call her mom because she wants the child to. I think if a child wants to call their step parent mom/dad it should be on the child's terms.(ONLY) Their are a lot of families that are made up of a lot of different people who have no Biological bond at all. Sometimes those relationships are the best. I have never been in a situation like this one but knew a friend who was. The step parent didn't want the child to call her mom but the child understood who was mom and who was mommy. The father however didn't see anything wrong with it sadly this is why he no longer sees his child. The Biological mom took the child and left. Who knows where they are. I still talk to this couple and not once heard either of them mention the child in ten years. I guess it is what it is. Steve and I have talked about this when the time comes if the children come looking for me from my days as an egg donor. I guess I would be their Biological mom but I wouldn't have any connection with them but that. I will not be their mother that JOB is left to whoever raised them. Who went to school plays, basketball and soccer games. I will welcome them with open arms if they want to get to know me. I guess I will have to see if that ever happens. Other boundaries that another parent would cross would be disciplining a child that is not theirs. I don't promote spanking and I believe that should be left up to the parents with a little input from the step parent who spends just as much time with the child. It should be a strong unit with parents and step parents to be on the same page. It makes the child's life better to see everyone happy.

Here are some comments left by other on cafemom.

1.That is a great way to say it!

A biological bond is automatically unconditional love.

With a spouse, or spouses family, it is work to fall in love with him/her and their family. I can tell you it has taken me about 5 out of 7 years to enjoy one sister in laws company... and that is because she matured a lot the past couple of years!

2.The BM's jealousy makes sense, since it is actually her child. It wouldn't be surprising if it would hurt a mother to see her child love another "mother." Her feelings of jealousy would be normal and expected.

But the SM's jealousy of BM is different, because it's not "her child", it's someone else's child. So when she is jealous of the BM, the rightful mother, it's like loving a married man... meaning a man you can't have because he is taken already. The SM is choosing to love that child in the mother/child way, and really, that may not be a very good decision, if the BM is still around.

If the BM is out of the picture, of course it's a different story

3.I *kind of* agree with that statement.

How does it play a role in a blended family.....

well, for one thing, it could cause problems because if you choose to love a child that way, the child might not choose to love you back that way. And then you have an unrequited love... which as we all know, doesn't end well.

Secondly, if you choose to love a child in the parent-child sense, are you able to deal with the fact that the child's biological parent is still around, and the child still loves her? (if that applies).

Often we have SMs who fall in love with their stepchilren in the mother-child way, and it causes problems because the SM is jealous of the BM, who is still involved in the child's life.

So, overall I'd say it can cause all kinds of problems in steplife. If you want to compare it to "choosin to love your spouse," I'd say maybe it compares to falling in love with a married man who wont leave his wife.

Yes, loving someone is a choice people choose who they want to love and who they don't. Either way it's  an honor to love a child that is not yours. It's a shame that many children don't get the chance to love step parents because the real parents have issues they need to work out as adults. There should never be a jealously problem because it's okay for a child to love both. I believe the best thing to do if you are a step parent is to try to be the child's friend at any age. Let them know you are not their parent but a friend. You will not go against their real parent unless it is needed for safety reason. Some step parents step into the role of a parent in the absence of the real parent. I give a lot of credit to these people who take on this huge role. Sometimes it is in the best interest for the child. I wish you all luck. Tell me what you think.

                         I love this quote! Love is a choice not an Obligation.

As in for loving your spouse you love all of them the good the bad, past and the present the furture is what you are. Take it don't look back because the past is in the past. It can't be changed there is no time machine to change it. You let it go and don't look back. People try and hold you down for the choices you made as a woman,man,mother and father at that time you seen it as the best choice you had right or wrong it was your choice move on. Life is only what you make it so make it count.

                                          Love is a choice not an Obligation.

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