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Tuesday, June 7

Surfing, Running, BBQ

This past week has been a busy one. Last Wednesday my boys and I ran in Cocoa Village for the Global Running Day. We made it to the first water stop then turned around. Christopher was a little champ running his heart out. I did end up carrying him on my back for about a mile.

It was a hot day to run. We made it three miles took us about 44 minutes to do it.

Then Cocoa Village had the BBQ & Blues Festival Friday again another very hot day 95 I believe. 

Christopher is not liking these hot days as you can tell from his expression on his face. If we aren't at the beach he wants nothing to do with being outside. The rest of us don't mind it that much. It's not snow so as long as Florida and I have that understanding it will be fine. Hubby and Jay ate two pulled pork sandwiches I thought it was going to come out their ears they ate so much.  Sunday it was a beach day before the storm rolled in.

This is one of my favorite pictures. Father and Son bonding time for sure they where out on the water all day they have the sunburn to prove it. Hubby needs a little more practice but Jay is outstanding.  He was up on the surfboard every time.  We would be out there today but that storm Colin has taken over for now. 
I finally broke down two weeks ago we are now back with the rest of the world on the WEB. I didn't think it would be so hard to work from home when you have had one too many espresso because you are sitting in a coffee shop using the WiFi. I'm now successful detoxing from all that coffee. Our boys love it I still have the rule two hours a day for them. I don't have any problems homework still gets done even now that school has been out for two weeks now. Summer is going to be a blast many more things to come. Check back soon.

Thursday, December 17

Cards For Noah

My cousin's wife contacted me on Facebook asking to send cards to a little boy who has cancer. It's a lady's son she works with. We sent him a card in October another one for Halloween now for Christmas.
I was able to get Justin's class to make Christmas cards. Noah should have 40 already we mailed them out two weeks ago.  Maybe if you have an extra card you can send one out. It would put a smile on his face. 

The bottom cards are from Christopher's VPK class today. I will be mailing them out in the morning. I hope he gets them in time. 

We are sending our love all the way from Cocoa Florida. 

Tuesday, December 8

Christmas in the Works

Watching Christmas movies decorating the tree and wrapping gifts is fun. I can't lie it brings out the kid in me.

I have to give credit to my wonderful hubby who puts up the lights every year. This year he had to do it a few times. They all worked until we plug them in all together. Then half the house didn't work. Changing the strand of lights where a pain. 
We have never had a theme tree before it has always been the ornaments the boys have made every year. I feel guilty in a way they aren't on the tree. I guess that is the mommy coming out in me. I love our tree I guess it worked out just fine.

A little update Christopher had his first Christmas concert. He had to learn a few songs like
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Feliz Navidad and Must be Santa. I have to admit the last one was a little hard. All the kids did a fantastic job even when it started to rain. 80 degree weather for the holidays who can ask for more. 

Wednesday, October 21

Something to think about

I received an email from a wonder person telling  me how much they love reading my blog. What caught me off guard was asking me a question about who do I see as a female financial role model.

This picture says it all about my Grandma I call her Nana along with all the grand kids and many great grand kids in my family. She is the strongest woman I know with a heart of gold and no matter her size she means business.  She a catholic. She is the only person who can cuss you out without using any cuss words. She will say whats on her mind with NO filter at all. She will replace them with food and body parts. Like "Kiss my big toe" along with something something bologna sandwich. Leaving you think what the hell just happen did she just call me out or did she ask me to lunch? Either way she loves you always wants to see you do your best. Nana would always and still put her two hands up and tell us " With these two hands is the only way I made it work for my family." She worked as a housekeeper at Oakwood Hospital for many years. My grandfather supported her with every breath he took. She kept him and the family in line. All her bills are paid on time months in advance. At one time in my grandparents small model home she had all of her five children and their children living with them. I guess it was the way the cookie fell. Hard times hit all of us in the family I was in middle school. We went poor all at the same time. My Nana kept us all sane during those few months from October to January. My Mom, Aunts and Uncle all manged to get on their feet together. It was absolutely insane how everyone was on edge with everyone. Their was my Nana keeping the peace with food. She is always trying to feed someone. She never gives up. Hardly ever complains about anything. If you did wrong trust me Nana will let you know how she disapproves of your actions. There are so many people connected to our family not by blood but because she took them in. She made them family. She let my Grandfather make mistakes then fix them later. Most importantly she let him be a man, husband and father all on his own terms. She will never pry in your life instead will give you hints about maybe going into a different light. She is my role model in many ways. She keeps things paid as I said above. She doesn't like owing people anything. She has an huge ego for sure. She will rather do it herself no matter what it is. If you wanted something in Life she made sure you knew you had to work for it. She doesn't take shit from anyone. Then again she did grow up in Detroit! You had to be strong. Growing up for her was not always easy in her day. Her childhood had a few bumps and bruises along the way. Heartaches came after she married the man of her dreams my Papa with a miscarry and her house being burnt to the ground. They picked up the pieces to move forward. Nana was pregnant for six years back to back. I come from a large family with lots of problems. Then again with any family who doesn't have a few crazies daredevils among them. Nana is a beautiful , intelligent ,strong amazing woman. I'm glad I have picked up a few of her traits along the way. She is part of who I choose to be today. Nana is unbelievably funny at times without even trying to be. She has over 240 pairs of socks. That I of course bought her. One year it was either her birthday or Christmas I can't remember. I asked her what she wanted. She said socks. Of all things socks is what she wanted. I remember it made her as happy as a child in a candy store. It's the simple things in life that makes her happy. I know that is why I love Life the way I do.
 I believe my strength comes from her with my smart mouth sometimes. I can't help it! However it does bug the crap out of my husband. My Nana has been a huge role model in my life for the simple fact she had five kids and all her bills are paid on time. Took care of all of them making it work in difficult times while keeping her head high. She always had a roof over her families head food in their belly's and clothes on their backs. She looked at life as a big playground that she had control of. It also helped that she has one tool to help to manage her money from Personal Capital's retirement planner.  It never matter how much money she had as long as you where happy. I think I will also look into Personal Capital maybe you should too.

Wednesday, September 9

We are going to Mars
We are going to space well our names are.
 The Needham family names are being sent to Mars. Justin thought he was really going. If he could he would. He is fascinated with space. 

Right now NASA has a way to get people there not home yet. It's a one way trip. Yesterday was the last day to send your name. Justin thought is was the coolest thing ever. Only after I explained that he his self was not actually going. 
We have our boarding pass. I'm going to print these off and frame them to put in the boys room. We are in the process of changing Justin's room around. He is twelve now which he informed me he needs a little older style. I'm not sure what that means but we will find out. Justin missed space camp last summer. We were out of town. I can't wait to sign him up next summer. He will put his space knowledge to work. 
I love how much my son is interested in the stars and planets. I think it's cool. Interstellar the movie is his favorite. He wants to be able to visit all the planets someday. In his time he just might get that chance. 

Saturday, July 25

Las Vegas

It has already been a long day taking a day trip to four corners into a long long trip. We hit the streets of Fremont Street about 1 am.

It was a little crazy with a lot of naked people. Some people really should not be naked. I'm not judging I'm just putting it out there. We had a blast just for one night and half a day. My father has never been to Vegas. He was over taken by the lights. We were here last year with my mom for her birthday. We didn't get to see the light show on Fremont this was an experience to see. Walking down all the lights shut off. I wasn't expecting it by far. I was like oh great we have a blackout. Then music starts to play and as you look up the screen changes. It's really neat as the people are on cables flying over your head to the end of the street.
Justin is really into magic tricks and card games. He wants to come back for a show next year. I don't know about that. We plan the trip last year this year it was by accident we came back.  I'm over Vegas unless hubby and I decide to come back without the kids. I would really like that. He loves Vegas. I'm like been there once I have seen it all. 
My dad didn't know what to expect when we stay at the Stratosphere for the night. He lost some money in the slot machines. Not a lot but he was still mad. The food was great. Most of all the family time we spent together means the most. The kids love spending time with grandpa. Jay kept playing card tricks with grandpa. Blowing him away because grandpa couldn't figure out how Jay was doing it. They have a special bond I think because they are both a little weird. 
Hubby still wouldn't go for renewing our vows in the house of Elvis. I tried talking him into it he could be Elvis I could be Priscilla. Walk down to I'm all shook up.Maybe next time. Summer still isn't over let's see what else we can do. 

Monday, July 20

Grand Canyon

Now. It's maybe noon once we left four corners monument. The Grand Canyon was four hours away. My dad was with us and he has never been to the Grand Canyon before he is not the type to come all this way by his self. My adorable hubby asked if we wanted to go. Of course I said yes I love road trips besides seizing the moment we tend to do that a lot. What's life if you can't do that? My dad didn't know what to say so the trip began. I love the mountain view they are gorgeous. It's breathtaking I could get lost just in the moment. However the curves in the road takes my breath away in a different light one wrong move you are toast. Be safe please now I have that out of the way take a look at these.
Grand Canyon 2015

It's very peaceful looking at the edge in amazement. That this sits in the middle of nowhere. I was a little on edge because as you ride to site to site there are just a few fences from the edge. With two small kids that is just crazy. One of the signs said a man used to take people by horse around the canyon that would take 12 hours one way. That is crazy to even think about. I mean it did take me thirty hours to get to Aztec from Florida. I couldn't do that on a horse.

They do charge per person not sure how much. This trip was well worth the hot weather and headache. Pack water since you are in the desert heat. This is a must see.

Now to complete our road trip off to Las Vegas. We still have four hours to go. Thank God we have three people who can drive. That makes it's a lot easier. 

Saturday, July 18

Four Corners

It was about 9am two days when we decided to skip storytime to take an hour drive to the four corners monument. From our hotel in Aztec give or take an hour or so. Sure we get there nothing to it. Not worth the $5.00 per person I think it should be $5.00 dollars a car maybe. Since the bathroom where out of order. Hubby stood in line for forty-five minutes to take our own pictures. I walked around the circle where there are a bunch of Navajo gift shops. Half are a little pricy at $95.00 dollars for a necklace that looks like you could have bought it at the dollar store. It's all in the experience I guess of being in four states at once. I wouldn't go back but for the fun of it I can now check it off my bucket list. Justin and I watched the four corners monument on discovery channel. I was hoping for some alien activity like they said. Maybe a spaceship or something instead just plain old nothing. If you are heading that way sure stop but don't go out your way for it. The view is breathtaking. Make sure to take water,sun block a hat. Have fun with it. Please for the love of God don't take your dog with you. They are not allowed on site. We seen too many in hot cars. If it's 100 outside just double that for how it feels on the inside. Just a FYI you can't take anyone's ashes there. I didn't know that was a problem apparently it is. Along with cows that cross the road with drinking and driving. Signs are everywhere on the road be safe.

Thursday, February 5


This is how Christopher takes a shower to see.

Being a mom is great. Christopher is growing up. I'm amazed by how much of an impact a little person can make. I get people that stop me in the gym to ask if Christopher is my son. How they pick me out of the crowd I still don't know. I always respond by the dark hair loud mouth  overdramatic little boy. Which by the way is from me or his brother and Father.They laugh and say yes. He loves to encourage people no matter who they are. He greets them with Hello. He will hold a conversation with you. He may be little but he understands a lot. Justin didn't have a good game yesterday.  His team lost 22 to 6. Justin came off the field when Christopher ran up to him tap him on the arm. He said "It's okay brother.You will get them next time. Did you have fun?"
Justin response by saying yes.
"That's all that matters."Christopher says
It's funny how much he listens to me and repeats me. Christopher has my attitude. He is my sidekick. He is in the stage where is gets things now. Crossing the street as an example. We stop look both ways I ask him why do we do this. After going over it a million times since he was one. Now he gets it "Mommy we look because people don't pay attention and we could get killed." 
Now his biggest concern is that he will get stuck into the bathroom drain where he thinks rats hide. He also thinks he will be green. My child has one of imagination on him.  He is an old soul and is currently speaking in past tense as if he had a life before. It's a little weird.  When he will tell us he died but came back because God built him. He keeps me on my toes.  I wouldn't have it any other way. We are getting ready to try soccer again.  I hope it works this time.  He has no patience at all. My popsicle is one of a kind. 

Friday, December 26

Merry Christmas

I have learned a few thas this year. Never put tinsel on your Christmas tree.  It's a loss cause with kids and cats. Buy batteries before the big day. Putting together a trampoline is harder than it looks. I need to workout some more apparently the trampoline springs clearly won. Don't try and do any kind of flips with a bad back. It hurts a lot.

Kids will always make you laugh.Popsicle has a new take on Santa and the Elves. The story goes the elves make the toys drops them off at Target and Santa picks them up when they are ready for each kid. I guess that works I'll stick with that theory. If you buy a toy car make sure you have 18 hours for the first charge.
A glow in the dark race track must be charged in order to glow. Thanks mom Christopher loves his track and so do the cats. 
When buying a game chair and TV for your oldest child check the TV to make sure it has the right ports for the game chair. Justin is in heaven now that he can play his games without his little brother in his face trying to get his attention.  One more thing but not the last check books before you buy more. Just in case you and hubby buys the same one's. Minecraft is still a huge hit after a year.Justin goes through more books in a week then his daddy and I ever have. Not complaining but his books are over taking his room. A new book shelf is now in order to build. 
Merry Christmas I know a lot of people want their children to grow up.  Let them be kid's and enjoy Christmas let them believe in Santa. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. 
Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing!  Don't take their childhood away to soon.

Monday, December 8

Letters for Abbie

The boys and I made cards for Addie and her family. It has to be one of the hardest things to do is knowing your child won't make another Christmas. It makes me sad just thinking about it. I know I have a few followers if you could pass this around.  That would make this family happy.  Here are the boys cards so far. 
If you don't have a child get your niece, nephew or god child to help you out with this Christmas wish. 

Friday, November 28

Happy Thanksgiving for a family

Holidays are hard on a lot of families not being together money problems and just life gets in the way sometimes. Hubby and I purchased a Thanksgiving dinner for a family that needed a little help.  They work but like a lot of families have a hard time deciding what bills to pay vs. food. We decided a longtime ago that if we had extra to give we would. We have kept that promise to ourselves to help. Opening our non-profit business is taking forever. In the meantime as a family we are helping all the time. We don't want anything in return for helping anyone that needs it. I love knowing that someone needed help and received it. It puts a smile on their face as well as ours.  This Thanksgiving meant a lot to us. It never fails that our kids keep us laughing.  When they were asked what they were thankful for Justin says "He is thankful it's not 1621!" They didn't have bathrooms then or toilet paper.  I'm glad it's the simple things in life he appreciates. I'm thankful for spending time with my family and friends.  We went to my Aunt's house bless her heart was in the hospital. She was able to come home later that night.  The apartment complex she lives in puts on Thanksgiving in the courtyard.  Everyone brings a dish mingles and eats delicious food. It's getting a little less weird having Thanksgiving outside as the years go by. The day was beautiful as well as all the new people I ran into. Life is a Journey you live in. Make the last month of 2014 count for something you can be proud of. My accomplishments this year may not be materialistic but they did change someone's life.

Sunday, November 9

Blue lights

I know it's a little early for Christmas last weekend we put up our Christmas lights outside that leaves a blue tint if you pass our street. Yes, We are those people in the neighborhood. Sorry I love to decorate. I have to hand all the credit to my hubby who put up the lights and climbed on the roof to put the reef together too. I did my share standing there handing him the lights as he stood there on the latter. The Christmas tree is up as well as our little tree from Tampa that needs a red star. I'm excited for the holidays. Justin wants to go to New York for the New Year not sure about that one. A trip for a few years in the making when popsicle is a little older. I still think it's weird without snow but I'm not complaining.  I love it! Shopping is already on the way to be done. Stockings are hung up well for the turtle and two cats. Ours to come in a few weeks once I find out what Santa will put in them.  Christmas crafts to make letters to Santa Justin's Christmas concert coming up. It's always something but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, September 6

Building a Bond that will Last Forever

Building a strong bond with your children should come first in any parents agenda. Unfortunately it doesn't in this day in age. Too many parents stick their children in front of a computer screen or in front of the TV. My hubby works mad crazy hours all the time in order to give our boys a life he nor I had growing up. A chance for opportunity to live a life that is worth living. We may own our own business which gives me the chance to be home with our boys more. We are constantly busy with client's some how when my hubby has set a date to build something, play soccer, go to the beach, play football, travel, build a giant Lego ship he is always there. I love my hubby for that. Being a parent means more to us then anything else. It took them two hours to build this catapult with people targets. That they later set up a Nerf battle in the house with. Kids are little once no matter the amount of money you spend on them. They won't remember how much something cost but the time with you they spent. Our son loves to build things as crazy as it sounds he has had Daddy's help in building something then tearing it apart. They are always coming up with new a adventure. Take the time to get to know your children before time runs by. 

Monday, August 18

A pit stop

The best part of traveling is all the places you don't know about. 

A park alongside the road we found on the way to Las Vegas.  We stopped to play. 
Justin decided to hang like a shirt. This thing spins around. I pushed him around it. He had a blast. We stopped at the mall of course we took our cat into Macys to walk around we couldn't leave here in a hot car. People were nice about that. One plus for me she was coming in anyways.  It was 95 degrees that day.

Here is Justin swinging around. 
My men being crazy with their silly hat's. I wish I could say that about the food.
Oversized portions It was okay nothing Fantastic about it. This restaurant doesn't bring people in for the food just the site's on inside and out. F.Y.I we were a little overwhelmed by all the food on the menu.  In my opinion it was way to much to look at and hard to understand. 

We still had fun on a pit stop to stretch our legs.
Make sure to take pictures of the dinosaurs across the parking lot. 

Thursday, August 7

Walking the Strip

Walking the strip is awesome! # 67 bucket list check. Let's be real it's not New York but I loved it anyways.  I'm not One for the slots. The sites are more of my thing. 

Part of the whole experience is seeing amazing people with talents that don't seem real. Like this man who made a picture of New York with spray paint.  
I seen this before it's very different just with a putty knife.  A steady hand with amazing imagination. His artwork shows that anything is possible. 
I didn't get his name once I walk back through I will have to. 
Now complete this picture will look great in my living room. 
It's Beautiful! 
Another piece 
Stunning artwork


Sunday, August 3

Rocky Mountains

Just a few pictures of the Rocky Mountains.  Bucketlist check

Just breath taking! 
It's a little scary going around the curves.  I felt like a race car driver. Warning ears will pop.
The mountains are in front of us but we can't see them due to the weather.  A little freaky! 
These are the moment's that will last a life time.

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