Tuesday, October 19

Christopher David Needham

I don't know where to start he a week old today. He is so great so precious I love begin a mom again.My water broke last week  it was time to go get check in at the hospital. My hubby was  great with me every step of the way.I ended up having a c-section because he was laying on the cord. When he came out he was just fine. Justin is a big brother he loves it between us and him this baby is going to be so spoiled rotten.If I'm not holding him his daddy or big brother is. Life is so truly amazing that I was able to have a healthy little boy. He is a good baby . He sleeps though the night he doesn't cry at all unless we have to change him. He doesn't like to be naked at all. Jay was the same way! I can't get over the fact that he is here finally  we can hold him. Although I can't do anything for the next eight weeks but stay at home. It's okay because I have a loving  husband who is taking good care  of me. He is a little on the paranoid side but that's okay. I think it's so cute because I thought I seen his soft side with our son Justin.  Steve is a softy with both of our son's.  My mom with the whole family showed up to meet the new little man. My mom has been great cooking us food and bringing it over. It's been a little hectic around here. Having people who care about you so much makes it's better to get though the day.It's a little hard to sit here to type I feel like my guts are going to come out. I really hope this back pain goes away to so until next time. I adore my family  I couldn't get though it without my husband. I love him so much words are just not enough to tell him how I feel. I'm truly blessed! I love you stud muffin.

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