Thursday, December 31

My friend Bob Pachycephalosaurus made cookies

The Joy of cooking with a five year old. This is our craft for today dino cookies. We made some on our own just plain ones. Christopher, Justin and his friends ate them went outside to jump on the trampoline when Bob went to work making cookies.  

As you can see Bob is a very talented dino. Even my hubby thought they were cool. Christopher's face was priceless when he asked if I made them. I gave Bob the credit. He says " I didn't know Bob could cook!"

Displaying 20151229_124230.jpg

Displaying 20151229_124230.jpg
I love these mommy moments when you can surprise your children with small things like a dino making cookies. I guess it's what keeps me going. It makes me smile that I made them smile. Tonight brings an end to another wonderful year. I can only hope for another one just like it if not better. Life is all about living in the moment not the past maybe for the future. As humans we are all moving in a different light daily. Some may be the same some in a complete opposite either way the year will still end the same. Take a second look back enjoy it don't look to hard learn from mistakes and smile for 2016. 
Be safe out there and enjoy what is left of 2015 not sure if I will make it to the ball dropping. I will try just Remember Life is only what you decide to make it. Mind as well make it nice and something to be proud of. 

Tuesday, December 22

If you want it you have to put the work in.

Working out is a workout in it's self when you have a family.

Yesterday trying to fit in a workout after we ran a mile in fourteen minutes with a five year old. Is by far not just fun but exhausting. I'm very proud of my boys Justin didn't have a problem with running. Christopher is better now than when we started in November. Teaching him how important it is to breathe always makes me laugh. Christopher thanks God today that he could breath without getting sick. He doesn't run crazy unless he is trying to beat his brother.

I read a lot of articles about how women don't have time to workout having a family and being a wife with a real job. If you didn't already know many of those women even ones I know tell me a stay at home mom is having a cake job aka no job at all. I would say yes to that because I enjoy it. I have fun teaching my children about life and the love of life.

Here it is:

We come home from our run boys take a shower.

I start to cook dinner we are at 5:00pm

I put the water on for the rice to boil.

Ten push ups in the bedroom check on Christopher who is making a swimming pool in the bathroom.

Cut chicken put in pan.

wipe up floor

Check on Christopher wash him up.

Back to the chicken add some spices and olive oil.

Back to Christopher get him out. He drys off.

Check on chicken stir it

Back to Christopher put lotion on him as he empties a body of lotion on himself to be a monster. lol This is one mommy moments that I love.

Check on water 20 calf raises while I add the rice and stir the chicken.

Back to my little monster who is getting dress now after he wiped most of the lotion off.

Ten more pushups Ten squats Ten hanging leg raises.

Both boys are at the table doing homework.

Check on food we are still good.

Help Christopher spell his name

Check on food

Back to hanging leg raises, ten more squats, ten burpees

Back to food 20 more calf raises as I stir the food

Back to Christopher who is coloring right now

Answer phone hubby feels like talking ten walking lunges as I walk to the sink to rinse rice

Back to Christopher who needs helps cutting his homework

Justin is done with his homework helps his brother as I finish adding rice to chicken.

Stir food together still talking to hubby as he laughs at me after I tell him what I am doing.

Ten more burpees

Boys are done with Homework and are playing.

Back to food It smells great.

Watch magic tricks from Justin who is getting ready for a magic show as I complete ten more pushups ten hanging leg raise more squats I lost count.

6;00 pm food is done homework is done Time for me to take a shower

6:15 hubby is home from work dinner is at the table.

I know it's not for everyone but if you want something bad enough you will find a way to make it work.

Just making sure I workout everyday no matter how hard it is. It''s my challenge to myself. Days are busy fun filled day no matter who you are or what you do. If it means something to you you will make it happen. Good Luck keep your head high. Never give up. 

Thursday, December 17

Cards For Noah

My cousin's wife contacted me on Facebook asking to send cards to a little boy who has cancer. It's a lady's son she works with. We sent him a card in October another one for Halloween now for Christmas.
I was able to get Justin's class to make Christmas cards. Noah should have 40 already we mailed them out two weeks ago.  Maybe if you have an extra card you can send one out. It would put a smile on his face. 

The bottom cards are from Christopher's VPK class today. I will be mailing them out in the morning. I hope he gets them in time. 

We are sending our love all the way from Cocoa Florida. 

Tuesday, December 8

Christmas in the Works

Watching Christmas movies decorating the tree and wrapping gifts is fun. I can't lie it brings out the kid in me.

I have to give credit to my wonderful hubby who puts up the lights every year. This year he had to do it a few times. They all worked until we plug them in all together. Then half the house didn't work. Changing the strand of lights where a pain. 
We have never had a theme tree before it has always been the ornaments the boys have made every year. I feel guilty in a way they aren't on the tree. I guess that is the mommy coming out in me. I love our tree I guess it worked out just fine.

A little update Christopher had his first Christmas concert. He had to learn a few songs like
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Feliz Navidad and Must be Santa. I have to admit the last one was a little hard. All the kids did a fantastic job even when it started to rain. 80 degree weather for the holidays who can ask for more. 

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