Thursday, June 28

The Joy of Mothering

"Raising children is definitely not a default chore for women who were not successful in the world of business, power and wealth." by
(I wrote this before Father's Day)
I was just thinking about how I love being a mother yesterday when Justin and I were looking over some neat ideas on Pinterest for Steve for Father's Day. Trust me it's not all cake and cookie's being a mom. I run around 24/7 for my kids nonstop. Sometimes I feel like there are days I'm going to scream when the kids are not being bad just full of spunk that day. They have a lot of energy every day. Then there is work cleaning houses and getting them ready to sell. It's called Fofo the houses.  Don't ask I didn't come up with the name. We are finally getting ready to move into our new house. Steve just painted almost the whole house. The main ones are done. We still have our bathroom and the kid's bathroom to finish. I love it! Adam and Steve did a great job. I can't wait to go shopping to fill the kitchen with wine decor. The living room is going to be a tuff one going with a Mexican theme. Well I will be there now it's done. (Lol) I have so much to unpack. Justin will be nine next month. I don't know where the time went. Justin and I are close but not as much as him and his daddy. I kind of feel left out until today.
                               "Mom I love you. I think you are doing a great job with us."

Justin hugged me and walked away. I have to admit it a tear ran down my face. He still needs me just as much as he needs dad in a different way. Steve is crazy we just moved to Florida and now he is talking about leaving to move to Hawaii. What? Are you kidding me my GPS doesn't work here I know it won't work on an Island. Lola is not the best GPS. Looks like I may need to trade her in.
                  I love being a mom! The ups and downs come with whole territory. I have had more ups then downs. I have my wonderful hubby Steve to thank for that. He does way more than any other man I know. We share 50/50 on house chores which makes it easier with the kids. The dog Justin takes care of so I have no worries there. Christopher is a little on the crazy side a lot of the time but it's okay. He keeps me young. I want to have a farm somehow with chickens and ducks maybe even pigs. Pigs are friends not food! If I say I want it Steve somehow makes it happens. I owe him so much credit for what he does for us. He makes sure we are taken care of. I have to worry about the house half the time. Kid’s maybe 75% of the time and Steve has them the rest of the time.
                  I love talking walks going to the park and doing  whatever the kids want. I adore the time I get to spend with them. I don't look down on myself for not going to college. However I'm a publish writer/ Stay at home mommy who owns a small fish/landscaping company. I think I have done well for myself and family. The most important thing is that my children know that I love them no matter what. I will never turn my back on them ever. Finding time in the summer to work on my second book is a tough one. I mean with going to the beach and I all. My laptop stays at home.
blogging contest

This is my second invite to write or review something. I was unable to review a children's homeschool program I was out of town at the time. Yesterday I received an email asking to participate in a contest www. I think this will be fun. If you are a blogger you might want to check this one out. I'm posting this as I review the contest. I will blog some more once I have read everything. Thanks again to all my followers without you I wouldn't have a blog.

Tuesday, June 26

Anyone with kids should try this

The boys and I did this two weeks ago and again yesterday. You take a Ivory bar of soap put it in the microwave for three minutes. I won't give away what happens. It's really fun to do with kids. Warning it will have a strong soap smell so plug your nose. Leave me some comments tell me what you think. My boys and hubby loved it.

Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day

The kids and I made some things we seen on the web. Justin and I paid for Steve to fly a plane for one hour. It has been something Steve has wanted to do since we moved to Florida. I'm really happy to be able to do this for the man I love. Steve you are wonderful father who takes time to play with your children. You are there every step of the way. Our boys will remember that. They will have memories of you being there for Boys Scouts,soccer games, roller derby just plain old dad telling them wise tales about life. You want to do these things I don't ever have to ask you to spend time with them. I love watching you play ball with Jay. You two are so cute together. Then there is Christopher who likes to sit next to you when you watch TV. The boys run to you when  you leave to give you a kiss. Justin wants to be just like you. You are his hero as I have said before. I could have not ask for a better man then you. You are the best!

 Steve you are the man of my dreams. I don't ever have to worry about anything with you. You make sure of it. You are the father of my children and we love you more than life itself. You are my rock you are my superman. I hope today is the best day ever. I want you to know that I love and appreciate all the things you do for our family. You are a very hard working man who support his family.
You deserve the best there is.

Happy Father's Day to the best man there is! That man is you!
Justin's shirt he made for his Daddy!

Saturday, June 16

Meeting New Family with New Beginnings

Last night we had dinner with Steve's brother. The kids met Uncle Matt for the first time. It was a lot of fun. Justin made a change jar for him for Father's Day with a card. We made one for Uncle Adam too. Don't tell him Justin is working on it now. It was kind of weird at first when we all sat down only because we all didn't know what to say. Thankfully my brother in law likes to talk which made it easy. His wife Dale was very nice and beautiful. We met her mother Stephanie that will be an easy name to remember my sister has the same name. My niece is so adorable shy at first but up running around at the end of the night. The kid's warmed up to each other a little. Hopeful we can get together for the 4th of July and the kids will get to know each other better. I was shock Christopher of all people was shy last night. He is never shy. We have to get some better picture's next time for some reason our eyes are glowing not red but white. I think because the waitress was standing to far back.
It was nice to finally met my brother in law and his family. I was shock to see how much Steve and his brother look alike. Justin at the end of the night as we walked into the gas station said.
"Mom Uncle Matt is the future me."
I just giggled and asked what do you mean?
"He looks like me. I think that is what I will look like when I get older."
I smiled at my son and said "You know what I think you might be right."

Wednesday, June 13


 You are my son. I carried you for nine months. I felt you grow inside my belly. I watched you come into this world at 7 pounds 14 ounces on a hot July day. I watched you fall and crawl but only after you took your first steps at 7 months. You ran yes my dear boy you ran. You have been non stop since then. You had eight teeth in at six months a mouth full by one. You look just like me your mommy. I love you more then life itself. I may have of had you at 19 but I wouldn't change it for the world. You made me a mother. I had a purpose once I held you in my arms.  Your tiny toes and your tiny fingers stop me right in my tracks. I will protect to no end. Justin we came a long way in eight years. You are everything I ever wanted in a son and more. You make me laugh everyday. I smile when you come into a room. No matter what it is you can make anyone smile. You brighten my life with your ray of sunshine. At two you thought you were a dare devil jumping off things. I had many heart attacks at that age. You started pre-school at three. The high light of your day was going outside and coloring. You were a ladies man at a young age. Everyone wanted to be around you it's still the same now. For being so little and young you sure have accomplish a lot. You can top any sport you join. You are the best at what you do. You have idea's that are out of this world. Next month you will be nine Justin. Where did the time go? You are growing into a young little man. I see how much you truly listen and take after your father. It is something rare to see a father and his son as close as you are. I can now see the impact I'm leaving on you. You don't take any one's word until you prove it.  You don't give up you stand tall. I love having our little talks as we walk around the pond a million times a day. You are still my baby boy with beautiful baby blue eyes you get from my side of the family. I could really see at three who you were growing up to be. You have been the same in mind,body and soul.  I love your stories you write about. I love them even more when you read them. You are a great reader. You are always watching out for your bother. You two drive me crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way. These are just some of your footprints you leave in my heart. I have a million more to tell.

Tuesday, June 12

Parents Uncensored!/ParentsUncensored

Profile PictureI would like to say thank you to all my follows. I have a heated topic I would like to talk about from facebook about this page Parents Uncensored. They get really heated when the topic of circumcising your infant son comes up. I think everyone is entitles to their opinions. I would never tell anyone they are wrong if they did or didn't. To each it's own. They act as if it is the devil. That the baby shouldn't be and it's his choice to later in life. I mean they really think it's hurting your son causing him pain when there is no need. My boys didn't make a peep when they had it done. Yes, it is causing them pain just for a short time. They did just come out of the birth canal I think they can handle it. They think it should be outlaw. I did it with both my son's because I think it is cleaner. My hubby and I made that decision for them. What do you think? I would really like to know. If you get a chance check this page out. They are funny. To think it's all over a penis when none of them have one. I really don't see why you wouldn't do it as a parent. It's cleaner and easier to take care of as you start to potty train them. It's preventing long term discomfort as far as infections goes. I think anyways. This page even suggested that it's the same as a daughter wanting to get breast implants. That it would be for the father sexual preference like it is for a son to get circumcised for a mother. Which I think has nothing to do with it. That is just sick. I don't think mother's and father's do for that reason. If they do they need to be slap for looking at it in that way. I don't think it's consider cosmetic surgery. I have seen both in my life it doesn't bother me one way or another what it looks like. Would you circumcise your son just because you want it to look the same as others? If there are any men out there who had the choice and got circumcise as an Adult does it feel different? Would you want your parents to decide for you or would you like to have that choice? I asked my hubby about this subject. He wouldn't consider this as an adult not in a million years. I know there are many question's on here. I would really like some feed back. I have to say I do like this page but with this topic I have to disagree. I do have to give them props for making me think about it. Otherwise I would have never thought about it.

Tuesday, June 5

I just added my blog to this new site.
There are a lot of neat blogs on here. I love to read and write so this site is for me. The people on there are very nice. Come check me and the rest of my friends out on here.

I have also notice on blogger that someone is following me privately. It will show a count on my dashboard but not on my blog. I think that is a little strange. Whoever they are I hope they are enjoying reading my blog. It's a shame I don't know who you are I really would like to know what you think of my blog. I love to read comments from people. It gives me a new insight on things.

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