Saturday, October 29

A Whale of a Tale

This is something that makes my mouth drop.I love these whales they are gorgeous!

Friday, October 28

Life, Family and Everyday Stuff

Today I feel a sense of calmness that comes over me. I’m so far from home but at home.Choices we make today will shape who we are tomorrow

Tiny fingers grab my neck it’s my Popsicle giving me a hug. The sound of laughter is what I hear as you try to give me a kiss without biting me. I love the way you kick your feet every time I pick you up. You get so excited about what is going on. Even if it’s nothing at all. I love how we play tag already melts my heart when you get daddy. I can tell you are very strong willed, stubborn and determined. You are very young still with a great life ahead of you. You are growing more and more each day with every piece of food I clean off my wall. You are such a happy baby. Watching your eyes light up every time your brother appears is something I hope lasts forever. Your bond with your big brother means a lot to me. He loves you to death there is nothing he wouldn’t do for you. Even getting in trouble when he goes to your room to play with you so you stop crying.

I love the arms wrapped around my waste and a head under my armpit. It’s my Jay man my little man always in my book. I love to hear your voice even better I love your questions you have. No, you can’t jump off the deck with your bike! No, I have never seen an alien nor do I want to. Sure your father and I will help you catch one if we see it in our backyard. As far as doing skin test on your little green friend I want gloves first. I’m not sure if the bug on the window will transform into an alien who is like a transformer. Okay you can have an alien party with your friends. No, you can not go to the mother ship not even if you promise you will be back by dinner. No, you can’t carry your little brother in your hockey bag like a Chihuahua. My little man can hold up an argument with the best meaning his father. It kills me they are so much alike but hold so much love for one another. I hear mumbling coming from the playroom it’s the sound of an owl and someone saying Oh GOD and more laughter from my boys. The sound of the monkeys, cars, spit bubbles and a motorcycle fills the room. The endless laundry the pile of dishes the constant cleaning the house is something I don’t mind doing. I put up with my husband scaring me to death in the shower. His silly acts of affection that makes me so mad at him sometimes I want to kick him in the head. To the flowers he brings me out of nowhere to the phone call to just hear my voice is why I love him. It’s my husband, my boys, my family how could I forget this moment. This is my Peace this is my Serenity this is my life as a mother and a wife. This is who I am I will not change for anyone I will not be sorry because I am happy.

 My family is happy my boys know they are loved my marriage is great even if we fight about what croutons we will get in Wal-Mart for our salad. Even if I did brake the truck and made you work on football Sunday you still love me no matter what. Thanks to my daddy you were able to get us back on the road once again.  Honey you are the best and the worst of me as I am for you. You are my weakness and my strength. We are like bread and butter you can’t have one without the other. I guess this is what makes us great partners and parents. We understand each other our children our life. Money will never be the root of all evil for us. We are not just lucky we are blessed with a life we share with one another.

Tuesday, October 25

Northern Lights

Image Detail
On our way home last night I was watching a movie on my phone when Steve starts freaking out.
"Honey look honey look out your window!"
"What are you freaking out about you crazy person!" me
We also had a family friend with us who thought it was foggy outside. The sky was all sorts of  vibrant colors the red was beautiful. Standing on the side of the road looking up I was for sure I was going to see a giant alien ship come out. I was wrong thank GOD. We were standing there watching the Northern Lights.This would be the first for us. We have tried to see them before but missed them. It was amazing to have the aurora right in front of us. I couldn't get any pictures my camera was dead and all that was on the video Steve took was us talking about what we were seeing. I'm for sure putting a line though this one on my bucket list
.Image DetailThis is what we seen last night. As fast as we pulled over to watch them they were gone in a blink of an eye. If you haven't seen these you should before you die.It was an amazing sight to see even better when you are with your soul mate. It gives you a whole new out look on life. Life is something you shouldn't take for granted  any day.

Thursday, October 20

Did your babies kick differently?

This is for all the women who have more then one baby. I have a one year old and eight year old. I find myself comparing my two boys. They are alike in many ways but very different too.  With my son Justin he only kicked when I wanted to sleep. I worked back to back shifts normally 14 hours a day sometimes longer. Justin would hardly ever move until I wanted to sit down and rest. His kicks were soft with a side of weirdness then again being a first time proud mommy at 19 too. I didn't really know what it should feel like. I remember the very first time Jay moved I was sitting watching the news waiting to leave for work when I felt a little flutter in the lower part of my stomach. I looked right at my cat and asked him if he felt that? (Laughing) I knew he didn't but I guess a normally reaction to what just happen. It felt like an alien inside me. With my second pregnancy Christopher was a mad man that felt like he was going to karate chop his way out of my belly. He would move for hours while Steve would talk and rub my belly. Steve would always put his head on my belly to only have Christopher kick him over and over again. Steve loved it he would just smile, laugh then look at me with those big brown eyes and say" That's our son." He would kiss my belly to his new son inside the womb. Steve couldn't wait to be a daddy again since he didn't get the chance to do it with Justin. I only saw Steve once while I was pregnant with Jay. The second time around was new to both of us. We were able to do everything together. Steve was awesome with me during my pregnancy a little too over protected at times well the whole time. It was sweet that we had that time to bond again as a couple to renew our love with each other. Christopher kicks were hard anytime he moved. Sometimes he would be so far up under my rib that he would make me sick. I could feel and see his foot sticking out of my belly. Now that is a sight to see Steve was astounded by what he saw. He still had a permanent smile on his face. There was my wonderful husband by my side holding my hair and rubbing my belly. He would tell Christopher to calm down so I could get some rest. Christopher would do just that. He would only move to his daddy and big brother voice not so much mind which was okay. I have to say its still the same when Steve or Justin walks into the room Christopher lights up as do they.The question Did your babies kick you different?

Monday, October 17

Happy Birthday Christopher

Thanks to everyone who showed up for my Popsicle 1st Birthday it was awesome. I think we all had a blast this past weekend. I went with a Halloween theme and everyone came in a costume. Christopher was a dragon while big brother was a cowboy. It was too cute he didn't know what to do with the cake since we don't let the kids eat sweets. Justin blew out his candle for him and helped opened his gifts.  I love these moments they only come once so I embraced them as often as I can. I let Jay invite his friends so I didn't get many pictures of him. He was too busy with them outside. My kids had fun and that is what counts the most. It was like pulling teeth to get Steve to dress up but it paid off in the end just like all the shopping I did. We look fantastic together all dressed up.Thanks to my Mom and Nana who help put icing on the cupcakes and cookies they were a hit. Halloween is by far my favorite Holiday to celebrate. It's amazing to watch you children grow up. Christopher is all over the place walking getting into things. He has a temper for a little person but a smile that will melt your heart. I love every second of everyday I get to spend with my boys. They grow up so very fast Justin is now in hockey. I am thankful that Steve and I can watch our children grow up together. There is so much to do to see when you have kids it's insane how times goes by. I have to admit Justin's first game I will be a mess or one of those crazy hockey moms not sure yet. I know I get a little crazy when my hubby plays it's a rough sport. Justin can take it beside I don't think they play dirty at his age yet. I'm crossing my fingers! Bring on the yelling and the lost voice. I'm happy he gets to play something new again. I try to keep Justin busy it's important to keep him active. Steve took him skating on Sunday which was an excuse for them two to spend time together. Then again I never have to beg Steve to spend time with his boys. He does it because he wants to. Have I mention that I think my hubby is a great father? I think I might of but he is. I'll say it again. I love him for that. I know these two coming months are going to be crazy with cub scouts, hockey and school. Sometimes I don't even have time to think I'm always on the go. I wouldn't change anything about my life I love it.  Until my next post have a good night readers.

Saturday, October 15

Happy Sweetest Day

Happy Sweetest Day to all my readers. My sweet hubby came home with a dozen of these yesterday to tell me it was just because he loves me. I love when Steve is sweet like this it melts my heart. I heard that Sweetest Day was created in Ohio in 1930s it's a Michigan/Ohio thing. My hubby and I really don't celebrate this Holiday because we don't need a special day to announce our love to each other. We do this everyday with a kiss, hug even those famous words I love you is said more times then I can count in our house daily. If this is your one day you can be happy with your other half then Happy Sweetest Day to you. Have a blessed day.

Thursday, October 13

Public Breast Feeding OMG!!!

Love this well said there is so much more to talk about than breast feeding in public. Oh my GOD it's a nipple run! When I breastfeed my little one I made sure my oldest knew what I was doing. I want him to respect women and know what our bodies are for until he can decide what he wants to look at. Before it's pushed in his face at the store. You go girl!!!

I’m excited

Today at 7:30 am my water broke last year while I was sitting at the table reading with Jay man. Today is the day Steve and I became parents again and Justin became a big brother. Our little Popsicle was born 8pounds and 2 ounces. He was born on the same day Justin was born on the 13th different months and eight years apart I may add. This must be our lucky number because I used to live on 13th street when Steve and I meet again. This last year has been a big adjustment for all of us having a little one in the house again. I have to say having my hubby here this time around meant more to me then he will ever know. I know he wanted to be here for Justin but his call was over seas. Steve was at every doctor appointments he didn’t miss one at all. He was with me every step of the way. I can remember when we seen Christopher on the ultra sound for the first time our heart drop to the floor. Steve kissed me on the forehead with a smile on his face that could be seen a mile away. Excitement over took my thoughts that day. We had so much to do and so much to buy. Today at 4:47 pm our bundle of joy will be one years old. His birthday party is this weekend I can’t wait. However we are giving him his gifts today after my little man Justin comes home from school. Justin made me promise him I would wait for big brother to come home. Justin is a great big brother. He loves Christopher very much at times I will find him talking to Christopher telling him about the world or what he did in school that day. Christopher is walking already we started potty training him too. These last two weeks he has been a pain with four more teeth coming in. This will make eight all together. He is growing up so fast. I’m glad GOD choose us to be his parents. We have done a great job with Justin so far I can’t wait to see what this New Year will bring. With all the craziness in the house I wouldn’t change it for the world. Happy Birthday Popsicle Mommy, Daddy and Big brother loves you very much.

Monday, October 10

Let's start Fall off at Cedar Point

 Saturday my wonderful hubby woke up with a great idea that he would take Jay to Cedar Point. I was a little nervous for my little man. I love how excited Steve was about taking him he couldn't stop smiling. It was adorable how he kept saying Jay is going to love it as he was getting dressed. Jay was ecstatic about going he kissed me goodbye and out the door he went. They went with some friends and had a blast. They left at 9 in the morning  and got back at 1 the next morning. Steve won this big monkey for Jay that is at least 5 feet tall that takes up one of Jay's corners of his room it's huge. Steve was trying to win another stuff toy but let it go so this lady could win it. How sweet is that? One of the many reasons I love this man.They went in some hunted houses which I'm surprised that my babe went in. I remember the first hunted house we ever went in this guy with a scream costume comes running up to us Steve grabs this guy by the throat and pushes him against the wall. I was shock as I grab his hand. This poor guy rips off his mask saying hey hey. Me " Steve honey put him down please this is what we paid for."(LOL)
Steve "I'm sorry dude I'm sorry!" The man leaves I bet he won't scare anyone again. I felt really bad for him. Steve puts his hands on my hips and squeezes them so tight I had a bruise on each side. He tells me to hold his hands there until we are done as he puts his head down on my shoulder. I was laughing at him I even teased him about the big bad Marine being scared. I know he really wasn't he just doesn't do well with non threatening things that are suppose to be funny.  I have to say we well I like to do scary stuff. I drag him with me to watch scary movies anything that is scary. Justin and Steve were a mile a minute telling me about how much fun they had.  Hearing them talk back and forth was amazing to see how involved a father can be with his son.It was some good bonding time I love that. They are already talking about going back and dragging me with them. I think not I like my feet on the ground thank you. Been there done that at six flags with my honey won't do it again. I did have fun but roller coasters are not my thing.  Justin told me that daddy was really upset that this lady wouldn't let him go on one ride because something had to stop at his head it was silly. Jay" I guess his power balance is broke!" It's some band you can buy that helps your over all health. We all have one. Jay is a trip on how well he knows his daddy. Even today on the way to school Jay was still talking about it he even called grandma and grandpa to tell them all about it. He was really happy about this weekend. My men were both glowing with excitement. I love it!

Here is my little man getting ready! He is so cute I love you.

Thursday, October 6

I love this saying because you never know what today will hold for you.

Saturday, October 1

Break The Cycle

Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) evolved from the "Day of Unity" in October 1981 conceived by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The intent was to connect advocates across the nation who were working to end violence against women and their children. The Day of Unity soon became an entire week devoted to a range of activities conducted at the local, state, and national levels.

Purple ribbons are...

■made into pins and passed out at local events

■embroidered on t-shirts, hats and bags

■tied to the antennae of police cars

■hung on doors

■wrapped around trees

■draped over fences at murder scenes

In addition to the demonstration of support for victims and advocates, the display of purple ribbons throughout a community conveys a powerful message that there's no place for domestic violence in the homes.

In addition to the demonstration of support for victims and advocates, the display of purple ribbons throughout a community conveys a powerful message that there's no place for domestic violence in the homes.

The activities conducted were as varied and diverse as the program sponsors but had common themes: mourning those who have died because of domestic violence, celebrating those who have survived, and connecting those who work to end violence.

In October 1987, the first Domestic Violence Awareness Month was observed. That same year marks the initiation of the first national domestic violence toll-free hotline. In 1989 the U.S. Congress passed Public Law 101-112 designating October of that year as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Such legislation has passed every year since with NCADV providing key leadership in this effort. Each year, the Day of Unity is celebrated the first Monday of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
-- Adapted from the 1996 Domestic Violence Awareness Month Resource Manual of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Read the full proclamation by President Obama by accessing the link here:


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