Sunday, July 18

Week 27 of Pregnancy

My Baby growth chart:

My baby moves on to a whole new growth chart this week, while your swollen feet and ankles may need a growth chart of their own!
My Baby in Week 27 of Pregnancy
For a baby, it's time to trade in the old crown-to-rump measurement for a new head-to-toe standard. So what are your baby’s stats this week (which, coincidentally, is the end of the second trimester)? Fifteen inches — more than a foot long — and triple (or even quadruple) what it was in week 12. His weight is creeping up the charts as well, coming in at just over two pounds. More big news: Your baby may recognize your voice by now, so feel free to serenade your belly (start learning those lullabies!).

This is what is going on in my belly.This is so cool and I'm scared oh no it's almost time to have the baby. What do I do? My mind is going crazy I have my baby shower coming up soon and rooms need to get painted. I'm trying to stay calm but I can't help it there is just so much to do. I'm excited for our son's arrival but still no name. I think it will have to be once we see him we will name him. So far I like baby. It fits for now. This morning I sat in bed watching and feeling him move it was great. It's something else to feel a baby move inside your belly. My hubby talks to my belly all the time telling him daddy loves him and just some silly stuff that makes me laugh.He is always telling me that I'm the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He loves the way my belly is growing. When I think I might not make it though the day because it's to hot and I feel horrible or aggravate. He always makes me feel better by holding me close whispering sweet nothing in my ear.He has been great this whole time though my pregnancy I couldn't ask for more. I love my Life!!

Friday, July 9


There is so much in the world that is amazing and being able to give life is one of them. I'm about five in a half months pregnant with a little boy. I can't wait to see him soon. I get butterflies in my belly when I think about my family and how great it will be once our new little one is here to join us. I can feel him kick me all the time it makes me laugh. My husband and son love to put their head on my belly to talk to the baby. Steve is just so fantastic he is all about our family and getting everything ready before our little one comes. He has been to every doctors appointment he even came home with crab legs the other night well morning it was 3 am because I wanted them. He sat there with me to open all of them after I stabbed myself with a leg then made myself bleed. We talk about anything and everything we are completely honest with each other no matter what. I love him so much words are just not enough to describe how I feel. 

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