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Thursday, June 23

Working Out as a Family

 I love taking the kids to the gym, running and teaching them the importance of staying fit. 
 It's hard but well worth the time hubby and I spend on making dinner together. This summer Justin and Christopher are learning on how to cook meals. It's a great teaching skill to have since it won't be too long when they both decide it's time to move out. I know they are still young but time flies by. I want them to be confident in themselves to be able to take care of themselves without any help. We look up recipes plan out the week. It takes time you only have one body and it's the only place you will live in for the rest of your life. Mind as well take care of it.

Weight lifting Justin is finding hard to do because muscles don't appear over night like he wants them to. It's a long road ahead. As long as we  keep our family on track we will continue to be a fit family. We have a lot of fun with it. We join races track our steps we compete with each other. It never seems like we have to do it. We want to. With kids it can be hard to change eating habits, TV time ect. We limit two hours a day to the web and TV. I think the hardest part for people when trying to change their lifestyle is being happy no matter what. When you change your mind your way of thinking anything is possible in LIFE. Just keep smiling you are worth it.

Wednesday, June 22

Football Clinic

Last Saturday our boys wanted to take a football clinic. I have to say they were troopers on this day. It was hot as could be. You could probably cook an egg outside it was so hot. 
 Christopher is definitely different than his brother on this one. Justin when he was little well even before he could walk is always on the go 100% of the time. He is outside no matter hot or cold he is an outdoors person. Christopher forget it if he plays a sport it has to be a Jan-Feb time frame. If he is outside it better be in the water or he wants nothing to do with it. He just makes me laugh. A parent from wrestling asked Christopher if he was singing up for summer football. He looked right at him and reply "Nope not in a million years!" I was dead after he said that. I couldn't believe oh wait yes I could believe it he said it. Christopher holds nothing back ever.

It ran from 10 am to 12:30 by far way too much time in the heat. Justin is considering joining. He did win second place. 

Summer is going by way to fast already a month has gone by. School will be starting back up soon. What are you doing for summer so far? Let me know in the comments. 

Tuesday, June 7

Surfing, Running, BBQ

This past week has been a busy one. Last Wednesday my boys and I ran in Cocoa Village for the Global Running Day. We made it to the first water stop then turned around. Christopher was a little champ running his heart out. I did end up carrying him on my back for about a mile.

It was a hot day to run. We made it three miles took us about 44 minutes to do it.

Then Cocoa Village had the BBQ & Blues Festival Friday again another very hot day 95 I believe. 

Christopher is not liking these hot days as you can tell from his expression on his face. If we aren't at the beach he wants nothing to do with being outside. The rest of us don't mind it that much. It's not snow so as long as Florida and I have that understanding it will be fine. Hubby and Jay ate two pulled pork sandwiches I thought it was going to come out their ears they ate so much.  Sunday it was a beach day before the storm rolled in.

This is one of my favorite pictures. Father and Son bonding time for sure they where out on the water all day they have the sunburn to prove it. Hubby needs a little more practice but Jay is outstanding.  He was up on the surfboard every time.  We would be out there today but that storm Colin has taken over for now. 
I finally broke down two weeks ago we are now back with the rest of the world on the WEB. I didn't think it would be so hard to work from home when you have had one too many espresso because you are sitting in a coffee shop using the WiFi. I'm now successful detoxing from all that coffee. Our boys love it I still have the rule two hours a day for them. I don't have any problems homework still gets done even now that school has been out for two weeks now. Summer is going to be a blast many more things to come. Check back soon.

Saturday, February 6

The reason I live

 My kids are the reason I live. They are the reason I get up every morning. I know they watch everything I do. They have discipline to go forward with their goals they set.   We are a fit family. These pictures where taken before school on Friday. They kill me getting ready to leave they drop and complete ten push-ups for the morning. 

Justin is taking weight lifting a little more serious since next year he will be in high school. I can't  it's too soon for my baby to be growing up. 

He already has a six pack cut in. Oh no is all I have to say about that. Daddy mention girls uh NO big fat No.  I want him to be focus on school not girls. He is not allowed to date until he can support her.  He has been busy since he could walk with sports and he will continue to be too busy for girls come next year. Girls already call him wanting to video chat uh No again. Where are their parents? 

Christopher cracks me up as of right now he wants to grow up and be a body builder. Which is fine with me. We will see how he changes as he gets older. We won't be making the super hero race today. Allergies have had a hold of  three of us for over two weeks. It makes it hard to run with a five year old who only wants to cuddle and sleep. We will have a chance for another 5k in March. Until next time my readers stay fit be happy. 

Tuesday, December 22

If you want it you have to put the work in.

Working out is a workout in it's self when you have a family.

Yesterday trying to fit in a workout after we ran a mile in fourteen minutes with a five year old. Is by far not just fun but exhausting. I'm very proud of my boys Justin didn't have a problem with running. Christopher is better now than when we started in November. Teaching him how important it is to breathe always makes me laugh. Christopher thanks God today that he could breath without getting sick. He doesn't run crazy unless he is trying to beat his brother.

I read a lot of articles about how women don't have time to workout having a family and being a wife with a real job. If you didn't already know many of those women even ones I know tell me a stay at home mom is having a cake job aka no job at all. I would say yes to that because I enjoy it. I have fun teaching my children about life and the love of life.

Here it is:

We come home from our run boys take a shower.

I start to cook dinner we are at 5:00pm

I put the water on for the rice to boil.

Ten push ups in the bedroom check on Christopher who is making a swimming pool in the bathroom.

Cut chicken put in pan.

wipe up floor

Check on Christopher wash him up.

Back to the chicken add some spices and olive oil.

Back to Christopher get him out. He drys off.

Check on chicken stir it

Back to Christopher put lotion on him as he empties a body of lotion on himself to be a monster. lol This is one mommy moments that I love.

Check on water 20 calf raises while I add the rice and stir the chicken.

Back to my little monster who is getting dress now after he wiped most of the lotion off.

Ten more pushups Ten squats Ten hanging leg raises.

Both boys are at the table doing homework.

Check on food we are still good.

Help Christopher spell his name

Check on food

Back to hanging leg raises, ten more squats, ten burpees

Back to food 20 more calf raises as I stir the food

Back to Christopher who is coloring right now

Answer phone hubby feels like talking ten walking lunges as I walk to the sink to rinse rice

Back to Christopher who needs helps cutting his homework

Justin is done with his homework helps his brother as I finish adding rice to chicken.

Stir food together still talking to hubby as he laughs at me after I tell him what I am doing.

Ten more burpees

Boys are done with Homework and are playing.

Back to food It smells great.

Watch magic tricks from Justin who is getting ready for a magic show as I complete ten more pushups ten hanging leg raise more squats I lost count.

6;00 pm food is done homework is done Time for me to take a shower

6:15 hubby is home from work dinner is at the table.

I know it's not for everyone but if you want something bad enough you will find a way to make it work.

Just making sure I workout everyday no matter how hard it is. It''s my challenge to myself. Days are busy fun filled day no matter who you are or what you do. If it means something to you you will make it happen. Good Luck keep your head high. Never give up. 

Tuesday, November 24

Craft for Today

I love making crafts with my boys. Of course I seen this on Pinterest. 

Do-it-yourself Christmas fireplace to hang your stockings from! Do NOT try to use it to burn the Yule log, though.:  

I didn't have plain boxes I had post office boxes. We are forever sending stuff to my hubby. Now that he is home for good we no longer need our boxes. I would say about twenty dollars later after construction paper and glue. This is how ours turned out.  

We even added a fire to ours. Christopher's idea. I love it! It's too cute. Christopher loves looking at Pinterest. He wants to make crafts all day. It was easy to make as long as you don't have cat's taking your stuff. Have fun and build something. 

1:Stack the boxes. If you use big boxes you will need five.  
2:Tape the boxes together
3:Add white paper on it. I used wrapping paper.
4:cut out  red construction paper 
5:then glue

Thursday, September 10

Busy Bees

Wow, It has been a two weeks. There are not enough words to describe how proud I am of my boys. Justin just started wrestling last week. He is getting toss around like a rag doll. The funny part he loves it. Justin is a kind hearted person not aggressive at all. It's not in his nature. He  weighs 106. He is at the right weight to compete right now. Daddy is beyond excited to help his little boy. I couldn't be happier to be apart of this exciting experience we all get to have as a family. With our martial arts experience we can show our son something we grew up doing as a child ourselves. I forgot how bad a high school gym smells. It's horrible I mean body odor galore. It's  hot and sticky. It's straight down nasty a little scary when I hear one of the boys had ring worm. Yuck, I was sitting there listening to him tell the other kid he just wrestled it's okay he is fine now. I told Justin to scrub his body really good. Oh man that is gross. I looked it up online just to show Justin what ringworm looked like just so he knows what to look for.

Justin is getting the hang of falling down to where he doesn't hurt himself. Last night at practice was one of the best he was able to throw someone now. The best part he sleeps very well at night. I love it!  As a mother it's a little scary seeing your son get toss around. It's funny Justin tells me he is fine. With both boys busy everyday of the week we are busy bees now including Saturdays with games. T-ball and Wrestling is a lot of work.  I love my kids! I don't mind being busy. It's not anything new Justin has never really had downtime since he was four. As long as school comes first he can be as busy as he wants. He knows he can stop anytime. I won't force anything on him.  His only job is going to school getting good grades and being Happy. Nothing else matters to me but my kids mental and physical health. How do you keep you kids healthy? 

Saturday, August 22

Priceless Conversations with my kids

Walking into Publix our grocery store we seen the Navy Seals standing outside. My conversation with my son Justin.
Me: "Do you want to go to Navy camp?"
Justin: "When I see the Navy I think of Popeye. I don't want to be Popeye!"
I start to laugh
Me: "Popeye? You know Coach Mike was in the Navy."
Justin: Go figure he's skinny. He looks like Popeye."
I'm dying at this point. It's so funny what kids associate things with. Christopher put five dollars into their donations jar. They saluted us and the kids were taken back by that as we walk to the car. They both said simultaneously.
That was Awesome!

On our way driving through Louisiana we stopped at a hotel for the night. I couldn't sleep to save my life at midnight I decide to go ahead get the kids ready to start driving at 1 am. I would make it home around seven that night. It had to be about an hour or so I seen a group of five deer on the side of the road. Slowly driving just in case they decided to run in the road.  A few miles from them I seen another group of deer. As I still was driving I saw another deer this time he was running. I mean he was hauling ass. My thought he was trying to catch up with his buddies. Then I saw a Bobcat. It was huge. I never seen one up close besides in a zoo. I wanted to pull over to pet him. Then I realized that would be a bad idea since he would probably eat me. I kept driving besides he was getting breakfast fast food. 

My boys woke up about five hours later. I told them what I seen. 
Popsicle: " So you saw a cat. It can run?'
Me: "Yes."
Popsicle "It looks like a cat."
Me: "Yes."
Popsicle: " It had fur?"
Me: " Yes."
Popsicle: " Can it meow?"
Me: "Yes."
I'm thinking okay where is he going with this? Then the best part came at the end. 
Popsicle: "So you are telling me it doesn't throw bombs?"
Me: "Why would it throw bombs?"
Popsicle:" So what kind of cat is it?"
Justin starts to laugh and says "He thinks it's a bomb cat!" 
That was the laugh of the morning. He asked to see a picture of it when we stop for gas. Once I pulled it up I realized it wasn't a Bobcat I saw it was a cougar. He must of had a bad hair day because it was muggy that morning. His or her tail was long and fuzzy!

It's still funny when I tell people about my kids. I swear I never know what will come out of either of them. I do have to say these two conversations are right up there just like when Justin was about four or so. He thought God looked like Sam Bernstein.
 The story went a little like this. I was putting Justin to bed when he asked 
"What does God look like?"
"I don't know. What do you think he looks like?" I asked
Justin:" A old guy with white hair. Like Sam."
"You think God looks like Sam our cousin Sam?" I asked
" No, The guy that says You in an accident call Sam!" He said it with passion waving his hands.
Laughing I asked " You think God looks like Sam Bernstein?"
Justin: "Yes, I do."
All I could say was okay I guess that is what God looks like. 
I love being a mommy. I love my boys! 

Friday, July 3

Zombie Games

I hear screaming coming from Justin's bedroom. Christopher comes hauling out of the room runs right into Justin.
"I saw something!" He says His eyes are big and wide.
"What? Jay ask
"It's under the bed." Christopher yells
They both bend down to take a look under the bed. I'm peeking around the corner I hear Christopher say "It's okay Jay It's a dryer sheet."
They both go back pretending to shoot each other and zombies. Children imagination are wonderful even with the age gap between my boys. It's breathtaking to see how close they are. Their brotherly bond is strong. They fight like hell sometimes but never hold a grudge. They do just about everything together. They are growing up just thinking in two weeks Justin will be twelve years old going into six grade in August. Christopher will start preschool as well. My boys will always be my babies. They are my heart and soul. I'm a very proud momma. Even if my nest is slowly emptying.

Wednesday, June 17

Traveling with my kids & cats

It's never a dull moment traveling in this family.  We seen a battleship coming through Alabama that the boys were absolutely amazed by. The cats were fine hiding in the back until the last two hours when they roamed the car. They had the boys laughing on top of meowing.  It was time to stop. Justin and I had a wonderful conversation about what he wants to do when he grows up.  I enjoyed our talk very much. He wants to join the military and become a scientist /astronaut. He would like to go to outer space.  He has a set of goals with a backup plan in sports or vice versa. We ended up stopping in Mississippi. I was having a hard time parking because the cars were not in the right spot I actually had a guy come out and fix his car. That was really nice there are still nice people in the world. We get inside our hotel room Christopher sets his backpack down throws his hands up in the air like he's going to lay back on the bed. Which is way too tall for him by the way. He falls flat on the ground at the same time
Justin turns around and says "What are you doing?"

Christopher's laying on the floor I'm waiting for a cry instead he answered Justin.
"I was trying to lay on the bed."

Justin says "It's too big!"

Christopher "Well it works at home!"

Justin helps him up off the floor. We all start laughing.  I love these mommy moment's. It's been a long day driving all I want to do is go to sleep.  Godzilla and Mickey think it's time to talk. I mean they were having a pretty heavy conversation until like 3 a.m. Thank God I brought my BCAAS from Shredz to give me that little extra boost today while driving I'm going to need it. I see many rest stops along the way to New Mexico.  First day down wish me luck on our trip. Summer has just started.

Tuesday, June 2

School year comes to an end

 I'm so proud of Justin. His music concert went very well. All three elementary schools sounded great. He made the Honor Roll received an award for respect and perfect attendance. He was one day away from getting perfect attendance for the whole year. He set a goal for next year. I love that about my son he is always setting goals to meet big or small. He kept his dedication to playing the violin all year. At first he thought he would be great then he was a little discourage that he wasn't.  For some reason he thought he would sound like the people on the radio. After we took time day after day to sit with him to read the music. Most important hubby and I gave our time to listen to him. In the beginning he gave us a fight. After a while he came to us to tell us he really enjoyed it. Justin sounds awesome. I hope he will take it up next year. He has music in his soul. He has taken a huge interest in classical music one of the things we all share in common as a family. That's now where his piano lessons come in at. He likes it so far and now understands to be better he has to keep at it.  With Justin once he sets his mind to something he will be great!
Soccer season is over. Justin absolutely loves this sport above anything else. His team Blue Thunder won a handful of games. Christopher liked his second season a little better now that he likes the sport. We went out everyday for the last eight weeks to play in the backyard. No matter how hot it was we where outside. Big brother started showing him how to pass the ball, stop it and run for it. Christopher thought he was being mean if he took the ball. Then he would get upset during the game because the other kids took the ball. They weren't sharing. However his last game he was off in his own little world with a teammate. I had to tell her mom "That's it we can't be friends anymore!" We both laugh but really this is where True love starts at four!
Now you see why. Oh no this is way too early for anything like this. The rule in our house is that both boys have to have a job before they can even start to think about dating. They have to be able to support her. Have both parents permission to date. Funny thing is I think I might have to worry about Christopher with the ladies more then my oldest. Looks like extra sports are needed to keep him occupied. Both boys will not have time for girls until after college. I did ask Christopher what they were talking about. He said" Mom we were just chit chatting about our day!" I know the picture is adorable. I give it that but no more.  Overall I can't wait to see what the next school year brings. My boys are my world. Growing up way to fast but I couldn't be more proud to see them grow.

Monday, May 25

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie

This is a hilarious book. It's written by a 12 year old Zombie if you follow the books Diary of a Wimpy Kid these books follow the same mindset just in Minecraft. It starts off as a diary on a Monday he doesn't understand why his mom makes him go scare the villagers. Zombies can't go out during the day he thinks it would be easier if he had human parents because they're probably nice. He has to go to scare School to learn how to scare the villagers. It's extremely cute if you or your children are obsessed with Minecraft this series is definitely for you. We started reading the book yesterday and haven't been able to put it down. It's a silly book that will make you laugh. Now, I have to order the whole set from Amazon. They run about $3.99 or so it varies. Learning how to play is hard but a lot of fun when my directions come from a four year old.  Happy Reading!  

Wednesday, May 13

The little Joys in life

I have been taking pictures for some time now . I find the little things give me the most joy out of what I do. The faces the kid's make are absolutely priceless. My son for one I have no idea what he is thinking here. It made me laugh out loud.
I have to make Justin laugh otherwise he gives me this weird look. He always tries to tell me he doesn't have time for pictures. Like he has a hot date or something. I'll say that. That's when the real smile comes out. I'm acting funny behind the camera in order to get a smile out of him. He is a busy body! I'm forever posting pictures of my boys. They are very happy children with tons of jokes. I can't tell you how many times they can just look at each other and just laugh about nothing. It will make you laugh.
See those faces? I love it!
Jay was trying to give me a hug as I was trying not to fall as he lunged towards me.
Christopher on the other hand is a ham and a half. He is forever telling us some kind of story of some past life he thinks he had. Some stories are a little creepy when he says stuff like I seen the plane go down as I was looking up.
He is robot walking on the field.
A lost shoe says it all!!
Planes are always flying over the soccer field.  Taking time with learning the software for editing is a lot of fun. Things I never knew you could do. My website is coming along a little better. Hopefully in the near future it will be up and pictures will be for sell. PatriciaPictures I have had it since last year putting it together with my web designer is a pain. It's all worth it to see the kids run towards me as I try not to get slaughter by the ball.
Let me know what you think of these pictures.


Thursday, February 5


This is how Christopher takes a shower to see.

Being a mom is great. Christopher is growing up. I'm amazed by how much of an impact a little person can make. I get people that stop me in the gym to ask if Christopher is my son. How they pick me out of the crowd I still don't know. I always respond by the dark hair loud mouth  overdramatic little boy. Which by the way is from me or his brother and Father.They laugh and say yes. He loves to encourage people no matter who they are. He greets them with Hello. He will hold a conversation with you. He may be little but he understands a lot. Justin didn't have a good game yesterday.  His team lost 22 to 6. Justin came off the field when Christopher ran up to him tap him on the arm. He said "It's okay brother.You will get them next time. Did you have fun?"
Justin response by saying yes.
"That's all that matters."Christopher says
It's funny how much he listens to me and repeats me. Christopher has my attitude. He is my sidekick. He is in the stage where is gets things now. Crossing the street as an example. We stop look both ways I ask him why do we do this. After going over it a million times since he was one. Now he gets it "Mommy we look because people don't pay attention and we could get killed." 
Now his biggest concern is that he will get stuck into the bathroom drain where he thinks rats hide. He also thinks he will be green. My child has one of imagination on him.  He is an old soul and is currently speaking in past tense as if he had a life before. It's a little weird.  When he will tell us he died but came back because God built him. He keeps me on my toes.  I wouldn't have it any other way. We are getting ready to try soccer again.  I hope it works this time.  He has no patience at all. My popsicle is one of a kind. 

Friday, January 9

A Day with Christopher

He is an old soul from what I hear from many people.  He doesn't act his age. He is the cutest kindest little boy ever. He makes me laugh.  Is he four? He is so smart for his age. These are just the few compliments I receive daily from people. I love the fact we are raising him right. I love the conversations he has with his older brother. Today was one of those days. Christopher took his truck to go pick up his big brother. Christopher got a warning not to park on the sidewalk from a teacher who couldn't stop laughing. 
"Hello Jay you can put Your things in here." He says

Justin had his backpack and violin. As we start walking home. Justin saves the cone Christopher almost backed into.  Along with the gate as well. Big brother to the rescue as his little brother was going off the side. I was in the process of picking up the front as his grabs the back.

Christopher says "Thanks guys you are the best."

Walking home was a blast. I'm talking to him taking pictures when Christopher says "Mom, I need to concentrate so I can drive safely!"

We start laughing and big brother to the rescue again stopping Christopher from running over a small tree.

Christopher Justin calls out to. "Look, I'm over here. Follow me try to get me."

Christopher drives the rest of the way with no problem. This is part of Christopher's Day. 

Thursday, October 9

Hugs, Parents,Life

You need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.
                  -Virginia Satir
I'm forever hugging my kid's.  I read, write, teach them how to live in this big place called life. I'm shocked at how many people think being a Stay At Home Mom means laying on your ass all day. Talking to a few mom's myself this Friday after story time with Popsicle. 
A mommy made a comment " I wish I had that kind of time!" It was like she was making a jab at me? Yes, She was I was shocked.  All five of us were stay at home moms.  We all have the same amount of minutes in a day. We all get the same amount of hours in a day. My hubby and I always get compliments on how well behaved and how polite our boys are. I love it. That means we are doing half a decent job. I hardly ever hear a parent say please and thank you to their kids. We do if we ask them to do something.  My hubby works some mad hours still has time to play. We don't sit in front of the Television or Computer all day. We make our kids enjoy life. They love the ocean it's like our second home. However they don't swim in it anymore my bad we watched Shark Week. With all the recent attacks it's safer in the sand. I spend quality time with my boys. They come first in my life before my work or hubby. He feels the same if he didn't we wouldn't be  married. That has been our number one goal in life. To make a better life for our children to give them a chance to become something great. They are already amazing in everything they do. I encourage them to do their best give their best. I can't do that for them they have to want to learn. I can only give them the tools to do the job. 
I let my boys be boys. They play they have a life of their own. I treat them as people.  I see a lot of parents treat their kids as if they don't exist.  It's sad kid's have feelings.  Thy are like us. A child will become what they see and hear from parents. If you continue to put something in their heads they will remember. 
My son play's the violin. I'm proud to be his mom. It was a pain in ass to get an instrument from the school. They wanted me to buy one. Like it was nothing I'm not made out of money. I have no problem with that if he plays.  If he still plays by the end of the year then we will talk. So far so good.

In his short life he has accomplish a lot. It makes my hubby and I happy we are able to give him that chance. It bugs me to No end when I hear working or not parents say they don't have time to play with their kids. In fact you do it's 99 percent for your kids and that one percent is for you. If you have kids that's how it should be in my opinion. If parents took the time to turn off the TV get off the phone turn off the computer pick up a toy and play. They would get to know their kids. It's very important that you are happy to know you are giving your kids 99percent of your time. With that said Please remember
  You need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth. Tell your kids you love them go outside ride a bike play football do something. They will remember that inside of how much money you have. I have been both a full-time working parent and a stay at home mommy. I work from home and love it. At times it gets hard but if you really want something you will make time for it.

Friday, October 3

A New Job

Justin has a new job. He is an Assistant Coach for flag football.  He amazes me!
I'm extremely happy for my son! He is very helpful with the children. The kids look up to him and listen.  They call him Coach Jay! It's adorable.  I guess it's different when you are a kid getting
directions from a kid. I think this will be a great experience for him to see the game from another view. I think it will make him a better player at any sport. The most important part is that he has fun. No matter what Justin does he seems to always have fun. Yes, I'm bragging about my son. I think he has found his job for right now besides school of course. He forever talks about the kids on his team. I can't remember all the names but he does. He gets really excited when he has to go to practice and games. This Saturday is his last game he will take up Basketball once again in November for his self.
My baby is growing up I don't know what to say but we are proud parents. He is turning out to be an amazing young man all on his own. My hubby and I are so happy we get to see him grow into this caring person. It's nice to know we had a little help in making this little person who he is today. I couldn't be more proud of my son than I am now. His report card was great he is learning the violin. Which took us by surprise now I'm on the hunt for a violin for popsicle.  He follows in his Big brother footsteps in everything. Let your kids be themselves they will surprise you with what they have listen too.

Thursday, September 25

Picnic Tuesdays

My popsicle came up with having a picnic in the kitchen on the floor. 

This is how I get the boys to eat leftovers.  It takes a few hours we sit there we eat we talk  even the cat gets involved. 
It has become Picnic Tuesday!  Another cute way to eat dinner with my kids. They have a blast. Next week we will try it outside if it's not raining.  

Tuesday, September 16

Challenging our ancestors!

When you have kid's everyday is an adventure. You never know what they will come up with.  Mind wanted to paint themselves with clay to tap into our  Cherokee Indian heritage. Of course I said okay why not. We will try and do just about any craft out there to keep parenting fresh. It's entertaining already however this is by far my favorite activities besides the shaving cream fight we had a year ago.
Having a blast painting themselves!  
He was dancing tapping into his  chi! Christopher is behind him trying to push him over.
Now his chi!
The video below is by far the laugh of the day.  My Popsicle is crazy funny!

Saturday, September 6

Building a Bond that will Last Forever

Building a strong bond with your children should come first in any parents agenda. Unfortunately it doesn't in this day in age. Too many parents stick their children in front of a computer screen or in front of the TV. My hubby works mad crazy hours all the time in order to give our boys a life he nor I had growing up. A chance for opportunity to live a life that is worth living. We may own our own business which gives me the chance to be home with our boys more. We are constantly busy with client's some how when my hubby has set a date to build something, play soccer, go to the beach, play football, travel, build a giant Lego ship he is always there. I love my hubby for that. Being a parent means more to us then anything else. It took them two hours to build this catapult with people targets. That they later set up a Nerf battle in the house with. Kids are little once no matter the amount of money you spend on them. They won't remember how much something cost but the time with you they spent. Our son loves to build things as crazy as it sounds he has had Daddy's help in building something then tearing it apart. They are always coming up with new a adventure. Take the time to get to know your children before time runs by. 

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