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Wednesday, June 17

Traveling with my kids & cats

It's never a dull moment traveling in this family.  We seen a battleship coming through Alabama that the boys were absolutely amazed by. The cats were fine hiding in the back until the last two hours when they roamed the car. They had the boys laughing on top of meowing.  It was time to stop. Justin and I had a wonderful conversation about what he wants to do when he grows up.  I enjoyed our talk very much. He wants to join the military and become a scientist /astronaut. He would like to go to outer space.  He has a set of goals with a backup plan in sports or vice versa. We ended up stopping in Mississippi. I was having a hard time parking because the cars were not in the right spot I actually had a guy come out and fix his car. That was really nice there are still nice people in the world. We get inside our hotel room Christopher sets his backpack down throws his hands up in the air like he's going to lay back on the bed. Which is way too tall for him by the way. He falls flat on the ground at the same time
Justin turns around and says "What are you doing?"

Christopher's laying on the floor I'm waiting for a cry instead he answered Justin.
"I was trying to lay on the bed."

Justin says "It's too big!"

Christopher "Well it works at home!"

Justin helps him up off the floor. We all start laughing.  I love these mommy moment's. It's been a long day driving all I want to do is go to sleep.  Godzilla and Mickey think it's time to talk. I mean they were having a pretty heavy conversation until like 3 a.m. Thank God I brought my BCAAS from Shredz to give me that little extra boost today while driving I'm going to need it. I see many rest stops along the way to New Mexico.  First day down wish me luck on our trip. Summer has just started.

Wednesday, December 17

Cats,Kids, and Water

My household is full of crazy insane kids who take baths with our kitten Godzilla. He sits in the tub to my surprise he swims around. He will also sit in my stand up shower at the end while I take a shower. He is weird for a cat. Now he has discover the toilet and toilet paper. Both bathrooms looks like a tornado went by daily. I'm working on that problem as we speak.The paper is all over. Christopher was going to the bathroom when Godzilla thought it would be a great ideal to jump in the toilet face first. I had to give him a bath which in return he acted like he hated the water. I would have never guessed. Along with that he will jump up on the table to steal the kids food or whatever is on their plate. I don't remember my other cat Mickey losing her mind when she was three months old. My hubby spoiled him rotten in order to get him to calm down you have to pick him up and rock him to sleep. What? He sits by the back door then proceeds to Meow as loud as he can. At what I'm not sure Justin has taken it upon himself to take him to the litter box thinking that he might have to go to the bathroom. That only worked for a minute then he goes back to following us around talking until we pick him up. My kids are running around or running away from the cats who by the way love to play hide and seek. I should just get a baby carrier then have the boys carry him. He is such a baby but takes great pictures!
                                 Look at that face he is cute. He definitely fits his name.

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