Tuesday, November 24

Craft for Today

I love making crafts with my boys. Of course I seen this on Pinterest. 

Do-it-yourself Christmas fireplace to hang your stockings from! Do NOT try to use it to burn the Yule log, though.:  

I didn't have plain boxes I had post office boxes. We are forever sending stuff to my hubby. Now that he is home for good we no longer need our boxes. I would say about twenty dollars later after construction paper and glue. This is how ours turned out.  

We even added a fire to ours. Christopher's idea. I love it! It's too cute. Christopher loves looking at Pinterest. He wants to make crafts all day. It was easy to make as long as you don't have cat's taking your stuff. Have fun and build something. 

1:Stack the boxes. If you use big boxes you will need five.  
2:Tape the boxes together
3:Add white paper on it. I used wrapping paper.
4:cut out  red construction paper 
5:then glue

Tuesday, November 10


I have taken up running. I have my family do it to. Sometimes against their will but that's okay. It turns out to be fun. If you are thinking about running here are some benefits to look at. Most of all you get a good sweat on. I love it!
Father and son ran the zombie race last month. They placed 11th and 12th place. Next year we will do it as a family. I kind of thought Christopher would be freaked out by the zombies. I was wrong he loved it. 

  • Overall mental health.
  • Runners are happy people. We’ve got that runner high thing going for us. 
  • Strengthens your lungs.
  • Runners have increased lung capacity from logging mile after mile. Those strong lungs come in handy if you ever find yourself on the other side of race as a spectator. A runner’s WOOHOO! is loud and proud.
  • Helps prevent high blood pressure.
    Your arteries expand and contract while running helping to keep your arteries fit which in turn keeps your blood pressure in a normal range. That is until you find out that your favorite running shoe has been discontinued. Nothing is harder to replace than a beloved running shoe! I have about ten pairs of shoes. 
  • Strengthens immune system.
    Regular running builds up your tolerance to germs which results in fewer minor illnesses. That is unless you are training for a marathon. Then you will be sick all the time.
  • Weight control.
    Running burns mega-calories. However, it makes you mega-hungry, especially if you are training for long distances.  Running doesn’t give you a pass to eat all the food, all the time.
  • Physically strong legs.
    Runner’s legs are a powerhouse. They move you from point A to B. They carry you up and down hills. They know how to put it into high gear at the track. 
  • Relieves stress.Running boasts the brain’s serotonin levels which make you calmer and more relaxed. Who said you can’t run away from your problems? I used to walk away from mine. 
  • Increased bone density.
    Running stresses your bones. Essential minerals are sent to the bones when under stress, which makes them stronger. However, running does not make you unbreakable. You still can break a bone by thinking you can jump a 10-foot high fence.
  • Increased joint strength and stability.
    Running increases the strength of your ligaments and tendons. You’ll find your joints will be able to withstand more mileage and more uneven terrain. But that doesn’t mean you will never sprain your ankle again while trail running. It just may mean four weeks on crutches versus eight weeks if you didn’t run.
  • Increased confidence. Once you start running, your confidence begins to grow. You’ll feel more in control of your life and your body. You will even begin to think you look good in spandex tights.
  • Boys running yesterday. 
    After the 5k race 

    Not sure about the spandex part I will go as far a yoga pants. My knees ache when I run but I know I have early onset arthritis. You know that dull ache that never goes away. Some days are better than others. It will just take time to get used to like anything new. My Popsicle is five who can pump out a mile with a quick stop for water in about twenty minutes. Something new we are taking on with our fitness Journey together. It has been a month.  We are running at least three days a week together. I run four or five depending on my workout in the morning. Trying to balance the day with family, work and school is always something fun to do. Thank God for my phone and alarms or I would be lost each day. Let me know how you keep fit and balanced out during the week. 

                         Smile always!!!

     Wish us luck. 

    Wednesday, November 4

    Thanksgiving Tree

    What do you think about a Christmas Tree for a Boo Tree a Halloween tree? That is what we did. Do you like?

     It's still up. Instead of taking it down we will write everyday what we are thankful for and add it to the tree. I like the ideal so much I think it will be our new tradition every year. What are some of your holiday traditions? With the New Year approaching it's also time for some new family pictures to go on my clock wall. As I'm looking at my tree I'm thinking what the hell is my tree doing up? It's to early for the Holidays. I mean Christmas decorations where up in stores even before Halloween was over. Good news I have already started shopping for Christopher. By December I should be shopping for Jay. Justin is in his early teen years. He has no idea what he wants. He actually said he had everything he wants. Which makes me wonder do I spoil my children to much. Nope, I don't I think I have done a great job. We will be looking to buy Thanksgiving dinner for a family who needs it again this year. I love helping out. With us it's a daily thing to help not just around the Holidays. I never take anything for granted which is why I think this giving thanks tree will help my children along with us to understand and appreciate what we have even more.

    Tuesday, November 3

    Mexico's Day of the Dead

    Día de los Muertos is not Halloween but a chance to honor the dead. I remember the first time I took Justin to a graveyard to hand out flowers. He was almost a year old. You won't find me in a graveyard the whole year but on Día de los Muertos. November 1 honors departed children and November 2 honors adults. I started believing in this Holiday for one reason in hope I would find comfort in losing my baby before Justin. Not looking at death in a negative way helped me become a better mother to Justin.  I have celebrated this Holiday every year since. It took some convincing on my part with my hubby as he didn't see a point and thought it was silly. We took our boys to hand out flowers on graves on Halloween before we headed home. To wish the dead a happy stay as they visit their love ones. 

    This year was Christopher's first time. I waited with him because he is emotional child sometimes. He did very well. I have never cooked for a particular person. I have always just put flowers down.  I may not know them but at least they know someone cares. 

    This year we picked a section that looked like a whole family was laid to rest here in the above picture. We came across a mother and child grave. Life cannot exist without death. It may be sad at times. Looking for a positive in death will help you survive another day.  Live life to the fullest because tomorrow is never promised.

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