Monday, July 30

I made it a whole week

I have made it a week. I thought I was going to die the first few days. My body hurt so bad I couldn't even move. "Though pain comes discipline" is a quote from my hubby I keep hearing in my head. I love the workouts I crave it in the morning. I won't look at the disk before hand just to keep the anticipation for the next workout. I live by this motto I have came up with "No stress is healthy you". I don't let anything bother me not the kids,work, hubby nada. It has done me well. My hubby says I have a glow to me. I just let it be. I'm still shock that I was fit before but yoga has nothing on this program. The guy in it is freaking hilarious! I just don't like it when they do a close up to someone who is pouring sweet. I think it's gross! I will post pictures real soon. I can't wait to see what my 90 days will bring my body to. I hit the mark a week after Christopher turns two.

Day 13 on 30 on 30

Day 13 Friday: We had fake accent day all day long. If you didn't talk with your accent it was push ups. It was so cute to hear what both my boys came up with.
Day 14 Saturday: Our family is famous for board games like monopoly. This took us all day long.
We are still not done.
Day 15 Sunday: Justin and I started a mommy and me book for the summer. It's a log of what we have done this summer. We then compare it to last year to see what new things we have learned. It's a lot of fun. Justin and I have done this for nine years. 
Day 16 Monday:  Today when my little man goes to sleep Justin and I are going to work on our secret family recipe book. This will include grandpa chili and grandma lasagna. It will be Yummy.

How about a cup of coffee?

Today I had to have a cup of coffee to try out my homemade vanilla coffee creamer. In a mason jar add 2 teaspoons of vanilla,14 oz of skim milk and one 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk. Once in the jar put the lid on and shake what your momma gave ya but don't hurt yourself. ( I love that saying lol) The next step is to add it to your cup of delicious coffee. Enjoy my reader's!

Saturday, July 28

Homemade Banana Ice Cream

I had this great idea to make some yummy ice cream since I didn't want to go to the store. I took out four frozen bananas cut them in half. I added a touch of honey not to much. Just a little bit of milk to make it  a little fluffy in my ninja. Bam we have homemade banana ice cream. I'm awesome! The kids and hubby loved it. I do have to give my hubby some credit for the thought of a hit of vanilla. Which made it of course a little more yummy. 

Friday, July 27

Stickers for a good job

I have been on Christopher a lot lately. I have been taking him every 10-15 minutes to go potty. It's a hard job to keep up on this big task.  It has worked out very well considering that he is a lot shorter than Justin was.  I just had Justin sink the hand full of cheerio's I put in the toilet. When Christopher goes he get's a potty sticker. Now I find the stickers on his butt,tv,radio,on his brother  and in his hair. It' s worth it just to hear him say " I did it." I love this  mom job!

Some things in Life you just don't see!

Meeting you was fate... becoming friends was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.

Thursday, July 26

Day 12 of 30 on 30

Today was a lot of fun just running around the house playing with my boys. While daddy is working on putting my kitchen back together. Justin and I did P90X together. It was mother and son day. We had a blast! I think that is one of my new favorite words. Justin also helped me cook meat loaf which was a hit for lunch. Thinking about taking the boys to the beach this weekend if it doesn't rain.That's one thing it does here in Florida almost everyday. It gets some taking use to.

Wednesday, July 25

Tuesday, July 24

Day 10 of 30 0n 30

This is really fun if you like to get the kids hand prints or feet prints to display out in the yard next to the garden. It was a whole lot of flour flying everywhere which gave me another idea for a fantastic day in the yard.

1/2 cup of salt
1/2 cup of flour
a bowl to mix in
add water to make almost like a play dough. If your finger's get all messy just add some more flour to your hands. Then make it into a ball push down and make your imprint. Bake it for 3 hours at 200 degrees. I'm thinking about just painting the hand prints so they can stand out. I also wrote my boys name and year on them to before I bake. Give it a try and tell me what you think?

Monday, July 23

Day 9: 30 on 30

Today was another craft day. We took coffee mug's and wrote on them with a black sharpie. We then baked them for 30 minutes at 350. We also tried to sew it didn't go as well as I thought it would. We all had lots of fun.


P90X workout

Day One of P90X and I think the guy was going to kill me this morning. I was soaked in sweat from head to toe it's another step to my goal of fitness. I really miss my bff Amanda going to Fitness together. That was fun catching up on our crazy Gh soap, taking about how crazy some women are and complaining about working out. I feel great today totally refresh and energized for my day. I have so much to be thankful for. The one person who keeps me going is my wonderful hubby. If it wasn't for him I think I would have just stayed with my yoga. I love being fit it's better for my mind,body and soul. I have always been able to run around with the boys. Now I can tell myself it's okay to eat a cookie every now and then for my cheat day. I'm really happy that I have been back into my walking routine like before. Since last Monday I have lost three pounds. I'm excited now that I have P90X to add to my workout. I don't know if I'm going to post before and after like on the commercials. Then again I think I might I have a huge ego. (laughing) It's fun to compete with my hubby pound for pound baby.

Lego Land

Saturday was a very long day starting at 5am. We drove to Orlando to pick up our buddy from the airport then two hours to Lego Land. At first I didn't like it but as we walked into the park it's a mini ceder point for kids Justin's age. We all had a blast walking in 100 degrees. I think I lost 10 pounds just sweating while I walked around trying to keep Christopher busy while the boys went on the roller coasters. There were a lot of playgrounds for kids his age but that was it. It was too hot for the slides so eating ice and letting him run around was plan B. Here are some pictures of our day. Steve inform me that we are are planning a Vegas trip for our honeymoon. I can't wait for that. Everything is made out of Lego's. They had mini Lego town including Vegas,New York and the White House. It's was all amazing to see it that small. I wonder how long it took to build the town with such detail. I highly suggest taking your child if they are 6 to 12 and in love with Lego's like my son is. The tickets are high but it you buy them online you will save ten dollars per ticket. They also have a water park but didn't do it instead we are going to go to splash park in Orland it has more options for Christopher to play.

Here are the boys with a giant giraffe that daddy almost broke. Below is a Dino all out of Lego's it's insane what some people can do.

Saturday, July 21

Day 8: 30 on 30

I love to hear my children laugh. The sound's of little feet as they run across the kitchen floor is priceless. Yesterday we played hide and seek almost all day. We also took turns making funny faces at each other.
To end our night we watch Alf which is the greatest show ever made.

Friday, July 20

15 Dead

I turned on the news like I always do in the morning with my cup of coffee to hear this disturbing news. A man kicked in the back door of a Amc theater and open fire on everyone watching the new "Batman" movie. 15 people are dead and 50 are wounded. Justin was happy today because Steve and I always take him to see a movie on opening day. Batman is  one of his favorites. The "Dark Knight"was not a kid movie after all but we covered his eyes. What is this world coming to? Where is GOD? I don't understand why he let's this happen. This morning on Facebook people are blaming the movie. I think people take movies and music to serious. All humans have a choice to do something. Then you have the ones who are mentality unstable who need a lot of help from god or locked up where they can't hurt anyone.  I think people get off to easy send this guy to the chair. No jail time to waste  tax dollars to feed him,clothed him and shelter him. Fry him plain and simple! What else do you need? I'm sick to my stomach. I found myself in tears this morning. I glance over at my oldest who was also in tears. All I could do was hug him. I do my very best to keep him and his brother safe. I don't know how I can go watch this movie now and not think of the ones who lost the most important thing"Life".

Thursday, July 19

Day 7: 30 on 30

My kids and I do a lot of things together like play with Lego's. Today was one of those days. I have found that being apart of 30 mintues of playing for 30 days with the kids is a whole lot of fun. I have created a list of 100 things we can do this summer for all of us. I get a kick out of checking things off. I don't know why but its fun mostly because we can say we did that with pride.

Wednesday, July 18

Day 6: 30 on 30

If you try to play twister with a one year old its a lot of fun. Justin and I really put it to the test tonight. I love family night. After laughing till our belly hurt it was time to play guess who. Christopher knocked it off the table. He then ran off with our cards. He ate bob and another one so I gave him some chips and salsa we were then all good to get on with the game. I hate that one of the questions you have to ask is if they are black or white. It just seems wrong to me. I guess that is just me another post for another time.

Tuesday, July 17

Words I live by.

Laugh. Dance in the rain. Cherish the memories. Ignore the pain, love and learn, forget and forgive because you only have one life to live!

Day 5: 30 on 30

This past weekend was a little crazy being Justin 9th birthday. I guess you can say it was a free day. Whatever Justin wanted to do we did. Playing his ps3 was a hit as well as swimming in the pool. Today we are going to jump rope while we have a cup of water in our hands. We will jump ten times and the person with the most water left in his cup wins. This was a lot of fun. Steve and I had a blast. It didn't matter who won we were all laughing so hard at each other.Give it a try. You will love it.

Thursday, July 12

Day 4: 30 on 30 playing in the pool.

This morning Jay played basketball with daddy. Now we are playing in the pool. It's great to just relax before my work week starts Monday.
They kids are going to help me cook dinner later. That should be fun. I'm loving this lovely day. Have fun today.

Wednesday, July 11

Playing with the boys

Day Three: 30 on 30
 I enjoy the evening with my children like playing with play dough. Steve and I had a blast playing make believe chef with Justin. Steve had to one up my cup cake that's fine. I see how it is. I can't make the fake ones but I sure can make awesome real ones. I sell out of them that's if Steve and the boys don't eat them all before the bake sale. I also played basketball with my little man today and Dino's with Christopher. Times like these will pass as my kids get older. I want to remember them forever. I can't pass up these moments in life.

Tuesday, July 10

Co- Sleeping

I love this picture above. This is my Popsicle and I every night. Like last night I tried to sit up with the family and watch Ghost Rider the second one. It lost me in the first ten minutes it's nothing like the first one. It really upset me because the first one was really good. I hate when they ruin a good movie. Anyways this is one way Christopher will fall asleep with me. I have to brag that Christopher has fallen asleep in his bed all week by his self. It's amazing! I love being able to cuddle with my hubby. It' s great! My question to you is when did your baby start sleeping in his or her own bed? Don't get me wrong I love co- sleeping with my baby but sometimes you need your own space.

I think I need to get a king size bed. I'm going on a mission today to look for a bed. I would really like to see if Christopher will sleep in his bed for a change but I don't think that will happen for long in his own room. I think he has slept in his bed only because it's right next to mind. If he is not in my arms I can't sleep. It's too weird I was the same way with Justin until he was five. Steve insisted on buying Christopher a crib which he took only naps in. The crib now sits in Christopher closet. I have been looking for a dinosaurs bed for him no luck yet. I see today will be a challenge. Wish me luck I need it.

Homemade moon sand

Day two: 30 on 30
 I'm up early today to make moon sand. I love looking on the web for new inspiring idea's to share with my children. I found a way to make homemade moon sand. It's real easy first start off with one cup of flour and add baby oil till you get the texture of  sand. From there all you do is add flour and baby oil to make as much or as little as you want. The plus side to this is soft hands. It's messy so you may want to do this outside. Justin was a huge fan of moon sand when it first came out. Like the great parents Steve and I are we went out and got him all the colors the store had. Steve went a little over board and spent over $100 dollars on moon sand. I could have killed him but he was just being the best dad there is. They spent all night playing with it and slept in the next day all day. Here is a little video for you all. Have fun we did.

Monday, July 9

Happy 9th Birthday Justin

Happy Birthday my little man. I want you to know you have made me a better person since you came into my life. Mommy, Daddy and Christopher adore you so much. I hope you like your trip to Lego Land. I can't belive you are nine today nine. The time really goes by fast. I'm very proud to be called your mother. You are the most amazing person I have ever met. You don't have a mean bone in your body. You always give second chances to anyone. I love how you can make friends anywhere. You are the best big brother Christopher can have. You two do everything together even when you would rather close your bedroom door. Instead you sit on the floor in his room to play cars. You don't complain about anything you just go with it. I hope you have fun today can't wait for Lego Land. We love you!

30 0n 30

I was wondering about how much time adults spend with their children. I mean actually time not sitting on the couch watching them play I mean getting down on the floor and playing with them. I challenge anyone out there with kids to spend 30 days at 30 minutes of play. That's where I came up with 30 0n 30.  Today I spent an hour outside digging for Dino's with the boys.
Day one:'s Please post this and share with family and friends. I dare you to see if you can do this daily. I know work,school and everything else that comes with being a parent is hard. Put yourself to the test for a whole month see what you can do. Please write back I would love to have feed back on your 30 days.

Dig for Dino's

Day one: 30 on 30
Today the kids and I are digging for dinosaurs. I took a container filled with water and added the kids toy dinosaurs. I later put it in the frezzer overnight. Today we dig it out. I thought this would be a lot of fun in the Florida heat to stay cool.

Friday, July 6

Adding to our family

I have talked before about wanting to have another child. We were set to try which is a whole lot of fun. Then I had a dream a month ago that I was pregnant. Another dream a week ago and Steve tells me two weeks ago he had a dream I was nursing a little girl while he was holding a little girl Christopher was on the other side of him and Justin was sitting on the floor playing. Wow, I don't know what it all means. I looked it up looks like it can mean that one I'm going to have a baby(I knew that I didn't need Google to tell me) or a new journey is going to happen. Well they go hand in hand with each other. I just unpack all Christopher's stuff to sell it in a yard sell. I was upset for two days because I didn't want to sell it. Steve finally tells me on the way to the fireworks about his dream. Then he is rubbing my belly asking how the twins are? We talked and joked about the what if factor. I'm not sure if I'm ready to have another baby. I want one I really do. Just it would ruin my plans for the upcoming year!(laughing) My wedding dress fits perfect now at a size 10. I'm training to be a MMA fighter. It was more of a joke because I put it on my bucket list. I just want a six pack like I had before. What it came down to on our way home was stopping to pick up a test. I waited till Thursday morning to take it. You know first morning pee is the best but not needed. It came out negative. I well both of us were a little upset at the thought that I wasn't. Steve and I talked and it turns out that we want to share our love again with another baby Needham. Now that it is out in the open we just are going to try to plan what month he or she will be born. I just hope its one baby not twins or three if you count the dreams as a sign. Steve says either way he hopes for more. He makes me laugh so much at the thought of a bigger family. Guess we might need a bigger house. I think I may take up a evening with a warm bath and a radio. I can't forget a glass of wine shit the whole bottle. Well not really.A maybe but with a husband like Steve he is my drug. I adore him. Only if  the Needham household turns from four to six or seven.
We will see I guess.

Wednesday, July 4

Happy 4th From The Needham's

Going to watch the fireworks tonight with the family. It's weird last year we were in New York this year we are in Florida. Life isn't going the way I planned it out to be its better then my plan. Please have a very safe holiday today. Celebrate your freedom by being safe. Watch your kids,animals and love ones.

Tuesday, July 3

Fun crafts

The boys and I are getting ready for the 4th of July with a little craft work today. We are going to put up our flag. Then we are going to make this in the picture. It should be lots of fun. I also seen some cute ways to make a t- shirt into a tank top.
I'm not a t-shirt kind of person but I have a lot of them. This is going to be fun. Wish me luck.

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