Monday, April 27

Smoothie of the Day

I love my smoothie's thought I would share this one.
-A handful of ice cubes
-A handful of strawberries
- 1 cup of almond milk (milk)
A dash of cinnamon and pumpkin powder.
-honey to taste add as much as you want or as little. 
-A scoop of my shredz protein powder Cinnabon. (my secret ingredient)
This smoothie turned out fluffy and smooth.  I need a little bit of a change from my normal smoothie which I add the above but also add spinach and change up to chocolate peanut butter protein powder from when I need to have  something sweet. I also blend it with my Ninja Blender a little longer just to make sure the strawberries are mixed well. I love my Ninja it's the only thing that can break down the ice. This makes up about five cups total.  Have a smoothie day!

Thursday, April 23

23 Day's In

We have taken this month to be a religion month. Reading the Bible has been fun in the land of milk and honey. If you read the picture below you will understand. Justin thought that was really funny. I have to agree it was and explaining it was more then I could describe without laughing. 
It's hard to explain the bible to my children when I don't exactly believe with everything that has been written.  One day at a time. I am finding out that my children have more questions about God which leads me to the King James Bible. That in turn leads to a bigger discussion with my wonderful husband. He doesn't believe in the written word either  but if you listen to him speak it sure sounds like he is preaching the word of God. Amen! I have to admit if he was a preacher I'm going to hell for having impure thoughts about him.  I say that out loud and we both laugh. Then I feel guilty and ask for forgiveness. Religion is a complicated thing. Especially when you're getting ready for church and have to choose a perfume the names of them just make you feel bad.  Do I wear Sexy, Fancy or Endless Weekend. Do you see my dilemma? Then telling the boys not to hit each other bug or lick each other makes me think if God makes them bug me for his own amusement. Just getting there seems to be a huge task.  Someone always spills something somewhere gets their clothes dirty or has to pee right as we are pulling out of the driveway.  Going to church is so complicated sometimes! Some people take it to extreme.  It's not God or whoever you pray to it's his followers. If you believe in something that's all that counts. Don't let anyone else tell you different.  This is just apart of my family's journey into the land of understanding something new. 

Wednesday, April 22

Earth Day

The earth is beautiful place.  I never understand why people litter.  It's being lazy.  I have raised my boys to respect the earth.  We walk daily just around our neighborhood. It never fails that we come home with others trash. It's sad that people don't value the earth we live on. We pick up trash no matter where we are. Just walking into a store on the beach if it's trash we put it where it belongs.  If it can be recycled we end up taking it home to be taken care of. It's not hard to do it. Justin when he was little would pick up trash another person dropped go up to them and give it back. The adults always looked embarrassed. Christopher is very outspoken he will pick it up and say "There is a trash can you are walking by. You could have dropped this off." I love my boys. They are leaving no trace behind. Footprints are all humans should leave. We live here and for the most part I want to be able to go outside with my children without have to play in trash. Do your part pick up after yourself. It's really not that hard to do.

Tuesday, April 14

This is an article by Helen Faulds

I'm always looking for insight about anything that I have blog about. Thanks to Helen she wrote something for my readers.

 HMIC Report: An Improved Response from Police is Required in Cases of Domestic Abuse
Domestic abuse is a far-reaching problem in the UK, affecting one in four women and one in six men in their lifetime. On average, two women are killed each week and 30 men suffer the same fate every year. Domestic violence makes up 16 per cent of all violent crime in the UK and has more repeat victims than any other. Some of its direct effects include homelessness, hospitalization for injury and approximately 400 suicide attempts made each year. Things seemed to be looking up when a report was published last year by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary regarding police response to domestic violence in the UK, since the report pointed out important failures in the system that need to be targeted. The report was the conclusion of a six-month review into the workings of police forces in England and Wales with respect to domestic abuse yet despite its intent, little has changed since its initial publication and police response to violence in the home has now become a matter of urgency. Some of the most important findings of the HMIC report include:
  • The overall police response to domestic abuse is lacking, despite considerable improvements having been made in recent years. In many cases, inadequate service has been provided to victims, and this means that they are placed at an unnecessary risk.
  • Domestic violence is listed as a priority in the Police and Crime Plans of most forces, yet in practice, it sometimes does not receive the importance it merits.
  • Some of the factors that contribute to an inadequate response include:
    • A lack of clear leadership and direction from senior officers.
    • Problems in core activities, especially with regards to the collection of evidence at the scene of the crime.
    • A failure to promote proper behavior, attitudes and actions on the part of officers.
    • The failure to place domestic abuse as a priority when determining day-to-day priorities, routines and assignments for frontline officers.
    • An inadequate feedback system that will highlight the experience of victims with respect to police response. It is vital that the voices of victims be heard; they can provide police with a keen understanding of the nature of abuse and the many forms in which it can be manifested.
    • Police officers need to have the required training and tools they require to provide the right response to victims. Officers need to be aware of the nature of domestic violence, and of the effects it can have on victims, children and society.
    • The lack of priority given to domestic abuse means that often, police miss the opportunity of tracking down aggressors and serious consequences can ensue.
    • An improvement is required in the information technology accessed by officers, so they can obtain more information about the victim or perpetrator when they arrive at the relevant home.
    • Police can find it more difficult to respond appropriately when psychological intimidation is used instead of physical violence.
    • The initial response of officers to a situation of violence is crucial, yet in some cases, victims can appear to be uncooperative out of a sense of future repercussion from the perpetrator or because the relationship is marked by addiction or codependence. Police officers need to be aware of the sometimes ambiguous response they may receive from a victim. The report notes that all too often, the service a victim receives depends entirely on the skills of empathy of the particular police officer involved.
    • A quick police response is not sufficient; officers also need to ensure victims know that they are being taken seriously and that they are not being judged. When these qualities are not present in police officers, it can undermine the confidence of victims.
    • Police officers need greater awareness of who is responsible for what; often, a confusion as to roles leads to inadequate service being provided.
    • The assessment of victims as either high, medium or standard risk cases, needs to be reviewed.
A recent article in The Telegraph has pointed out that too many necessary changes have not been effected, including the recommendation that methods of risk assessment reviewed. The problem is that being categorized as a high risk case is the only way to receive support. When it comes to domestic violence, the risk of violence can easily change from standard to high and police need to focus on much more than merely minimizing risk.
Further reading: abuse, accessed April, 2015.
This is an article by Helen Faulds
It's everyone's problem not just yours!

Thursday, April 9

Get Stepping

Get those rock hard abs! If it was easy everyone would do it! Monika makes you work. She is famous for making you sweat and abs sore. Just what we all come for. Russian twists,  crunches, and planks.  Monday's are plank day's.  Be the plank! Two minutes of torture with a lower planks side planks you name it. She loves them. 
Step class is always fun. As long as you don't trip over your step. It can be an amazing cardio workout. It's your workout it's your  class. Make it what you want just keep moving.  That's the hardest part when you get tired you tend to stop don't push yourself.  Train your brain even if you get tired it's your brain you have to overcome. You have to decide how bad do you want it. You are the only obstacle that you have to get by. Don't stand in your way. 

Monday, April 6

Motivation Tuesday

Your workout can easily get lost in the whirlwind of your weekly to-do list. Don't let it! If you need help follow these tips.

1. Get a gym buddy. Have someone by your side who can help push you to your goals and vice versa!

2. Workout at least three times per week. Make it a guiding rule to, at the very least, exercise three times a week!

3. Set goals. Setting a goal weight or other related goal can be utilized as motivation to get up and moving

My personal favorite look to Arnold Schwarzenegger for help. Blast your headphones with kick ass music you can get lost in. Bust out that workout telling yourself you can! Ask yourself How bad do you want it? 
Then do it.

Laughing and Shaking your hips

It is true my life is so much better after I get done with Zumba. It's hard not to laugh in class because my Zumba teacher is shaking her hips like a pro while we all look like we are having some kind of attack of some sort. A few tips if you take  Zumba class you will laugh if you look at others. My thought is "What the Hell is that person doing?" Then I remember that I'm doing the samething which makes me laugh my ass off. It's a good thing mirrors are not in the gym. Tip 2: Always think you have it. Just dance it out.
Just wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!! - Click image to find more Humor Pinterest pins

The hip rolls are a little much for me since I think certain rolls should never be seen in a family setting. It is fun to try it out considering that It's fun to show my hubby. Take a look at this studmuffin! I learn this today from Diane mixed with this jump squat turn from Leanna. Let's hit a club to show off my new moves!
zumba ecard - Google Search

Dancing is good for the soul I enjoy it a lot. Tip 3: If you are new to a class don't try and keep up with the teacher you might blow a hip out. Been there done that telling someone you have an injury from Zumba class you tend to get odd looks.

Sweat.  I love to not wear deodorant on my days off. Sit outside on a hot day and just sweat! Zumba works too. :)
 Thank God I'm not a big chested woman or I might put an eye out in class. I look like I just jumped out of the pool when class is over. I burn a good 500 - 800 calories in class easy! Make sure you pee before class and get a good meal in so you have something to burn. The one thing I know is that everyone in class is a family.
 Back up old lady with the 80's reeboks ! This is my personal space @Ms.Janette P lol !!  Be sure everyone in class has a spot they have been there for awhile. They get there early just for that spot don't make anyone mad. In the end just dance to the tenth Pitbull song. It's okay he is in lot's of songs however we went country today. I had a blast!! Country line dancing with a hip roll made my day.

Stuff you do for your kid's

Today is a nice sunny day to get shot! To lay on the ground get dirty come out full of paint and pain. Today is the day to come out and have fun with the kids!
Justin wanted to go have fun and shoot paintball guns he's doing good so far and having a blast! Christopher can't play until he's seven. He's a little upset but we talked the ref into letting him shoot just a few by himself. I never seen my boys so excited to shoot Daddy. I have to admit now our boys are getting older they want daddy more. It makes me have mix feelings I both love it and sad at the same time. Nothing sexier than a father playing with his boys. I love him more and more with each new day. Children will melt your heart if you let them. We live to make them smile. Smiling is all they did Sunday now that's the new thing that has taken over our house. Checking EBay for paintball guns and equipment planning the next time. I love it! I love the relationship my hubby has with our boys. I can't believe that this summer Justin will be 12 years old. He is growing up so fast Christopher is in the fast lane as well. I'm very proud of the boys we are shaping into young men. It shows in how we live our lives. We don't live in the past we live for today! Being a parent takes time to mold a little person into who they are not what you want them to be. We live to make them Smile!
My Husband the Dad
He is a father that takes his time to love with his whole heart. NO matter what the day will bring or how long he had to work. He is there to listen to love. His gives advice shows his kids it's okay to make a mistake. No one is perfect it's a life of learning step by step. His time is all about the kids. Nothing takes away from that. They come first and foremost even before me. That's okay I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm amazed by how much he has grown into the Father he was meant to be. The kids did that with a little help from me. The most important part is that I didn't try to control how he became a father. I didn't tell him he was doing it wrong. To me there is no wrong way to be a parent as long as you give your children time nothing else matters. Time is the one thing you won't get back. My Husband the Dad is doing a great job!

Saturday, April 4

30 Days down

Day 30 completed on Monday 200 Jump Squat and 100 V ups.
I would have to say I did switch the jump squats to lunges half way through and just plain old squats. I did find that this challenge was a little much with the squats. In my opinion why not add some weights to your hands to make it hard.

200 is a  little much and you risk injury to
your knees forcing more on how many then form. You always want to have good form no matter what. I normally don't start counting until it hurts.
The amount of superman's in this was a little much. If you have back problems it could help but not in the amount this challenge was asking for. Over time being consistent at least three days a week will help your back overall.

Working out is more mental then physical. The reason for that you have to set your mind up in order to put your body through something it's not use to. Even if it is you still have to avoid that plato that everyone goes into from time to time. Change it up you shouldn't be at the same spot next year in your workout. Increase your weights don't be scared take a cardio class get outside and run get off the treadmill. Mix it up but don't forget to have lot's of fun! The rest of this 30 days was descent I didn't mind the extra work later in the evening. I did crash on day 20. I was just exhausted from not taking a day off to rest. Resting is needed when working out it's as important as lifting weights. Your body needs that time to repair itself in order to build. I think I might take this challenge and redo it changing a few things to fit me. If you took the time to do this please let me know how you did.

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