Thursday, September 25

Picnic Tuesdays

My popsicle came up with having a picnic in the kitchen on the floor. 

This is how I get the boys to eat leftovers.  It takes a few hours we sit there we eat we talk  even the cat gets involved. 
It has become Picnic Tuesday!  Another cute way to eat dinner with my kids. They have a blast. Next week we will try it outside if it's not raining.  

Thursday, September 18

Review on pre workout

My knees have been giving me problems  lately to keep up on my busy schedule with working out I have incorporated a pre workout.I'm not much for a pre workout I have been doing it for over a year with nothing. My hubby has taken the stuff before. He doesn't really like it but he thought I might.

I have to say after taking it for 4 weeks it did help me get through my work out in beast mode. However by the third week it seemed to stop working. I completed my 4 weeks and now I'm cycling off of it. If you are sensitive to caffeine I would suggest taking something different. Also has niacin  which makes you hot in order to sweat more. With any new product please just take one scoop it is a powder form be careful. I didn't have any side effects besides I forget to eat. I ended up having to set my phone to remind me to eat. It will surpress your appetite but make sure you drink lots of water while taking this pre workout. I found that my mental capacity was much clearer than normal. I stayed on track. I didn't lose any weight but I did gain muscle. 

Tuesday, September 16

Challenging our ancestors!

When you have kid's everyday is an adventure. You never know what they will come up with.  Mind wanted to paint themselves with clay to tap into our  Cherokee Indian heritage. Of course I said okay why not. We will try and do just about any craft out there to keep parenting fresh. It's entertaining already however this is by far my favorite activities besides the shaving cream fight we had a year ago.
Having a blast painting themselves!  
He was dancing tapping into his  chi! Christopher is behind him trying to push him over.
Now his chi!
The video below is by far the laugh of the day.  My Popsicle is crazy funny!

Tuesday, September 9

He said he loved me!

Young, dumb and in love I was running away from my family. I thought he loved me until he showed me that with a black eye. I didn't care I was nothing like my mother he was nothing like my step father. I didn't call the cops. I love him I will support him. I can fix him. I can make him love me like before.  Until a friend of mind seen me in the hallway of school stop to ask why we don't talk anymore. I just allowed myself to think it was better this way. I have to prove to him that he is the only one for me. He doesn't like me talking to other men. He is a little jealous he says I'm pretty. He doesn't want someone else to look at me that way. A kiss before class a whisper in my ear if you talk to him again I will kill him. My love smiles as he walks away. I'm confused he just told me he loved me. Why would he threaten my friend that's all we are, are friends have been for a very long time. Once school ends my love picks me up from my locker we walk to his house. We talked the whole time nothing to worry about then he punches me in the stomach as the door closes.  He Grabs me by the hair throws me to the ground. I hit my head on the cement floor. I close my eyes I grab my head I start to cry. My love jumps on me grabs my face says "You are a whore for talking to another man. I won't allow it. You won't disrespect me." I don't understand why is he yelling at me? I'm hurt he hurt me again. He said he would never do that again. He continued to yell for me to stand. It's hard to open my eyes I have a headache I feel sick I can't see that well. He kicks me my love picks me up. I'm crying telling him I'm sorry I won't do it again. I leave as I walked my bike home. All I can think about is what happen. Why me why is he so mean. It's all my fault why do I do these things. If I never talked to my friend my love would have never hit me. What will I tell my mom? I have to talk to someone I hope my mom is home. I walk up to my house as before I can hear screaming from above. My step father is home he is beating my mom again. I guess I won't talk to her tonight even if I did would she care. All I want to know is why he hurts me so? Is this normal? Who will know? My love beats me my step dad beats my mom. His mom beats his dad. I guess it is this is all I know. I'm trapped in a life I don't understand. I'm scared I'm alone This is #WhyIStayed

This is just a story by an unknown Author


It's not your fault A REAL MAN DOESN'T HIT! Love doesn't hurt like that. Don't give up find someone to talk to talk. Someone will listen someone will help you. Just because you grow up in that kind of world doesn't mean you have to stay. Please seek help. Please don't allow someone to degrade you. Know your Worth Know who you are. Someone special someone who is worthy of being loved by someone who will adore you. Know the signs of an abuser.

Saturday, September 6

Building a Bond that will Last Forever

Building a strong bond with your children should come first in any parents agenda. Unfortunately it doesn't in this day in age. Too many parents stick their children in front of a computer screen or in front of the TV. My hubby works mad crazy hours all the time in order to give our boys a life he nor I had growing up. A chance for opportunity to live a life that is worth living. We may own our own business which gives me the chance to be home with our boys more. We are constantly busy with client's some how when my hubby has set a date to build something, play soccer, go to the beach, play football, travel, build a giant Lego ship he is always there. I love my hubby for that. Being a parent means more to us then anything else. It took them two hours to build this catapult with people targets. That they later set up a Nerf battle in the house with. Kids are little once no matter the amount of money you spend on them. They won't remember how much something cost but the time with you they spent. Our son loves to build things as crazy as it sounds he has had Daddy's help in building something then tearing it apart. They are always coming up with new a adventure. Take the time to get to know your children before time runs by. 

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