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Thursday, December 17

Cards For Noah

My cousin's wife contacted me on Facebook asking to send cards to a little boy who has cancer. It's a lady's son she works with. We sent him a card in October another one for Halloween now for Christmas.
I was able to get Justin's class to make Christmas cards. Noah should have 40 already we mailed them out two weeks ago.  Maybe if you have an extra card you can send one out. It would put a smile on his face. 

The bottom cards are from Christopher's VPK class today. I will be mailing them out in the morning. I hope he gets them in time. 

We are sending our love all the way from Cocoa Florida. 

Friday, October 16

Small deeds make a huge impact

The other day we went grocery shopping Justin started collecting carts. Taking them back into the store. This summer we ran into a lot of people hitchhiking standing outside stores that we ended up giving money to. There is a hotel that is run down and left to rot away near our house. My son asked if we could buy it to let the homeless live there. His thought is they could pay rent by up keeping the place. He wants to do things that would make a person smile. It's a great idea I'm not sure if we are able to do that right now. I will be checking into it. It's definitely a good thought to keep in mind. He is collecting dog and cat food right now for the shelter we donate to. He loves animals. 

We are collecting blankets , food, treats, cat litter, anything you can think of right now. 

It's not hard to make a person smile. 
Small things will make a huge difference.
We as a family try to do something for someone else everyday. We love helping people. It warms my heart that my children are now thinking on their own what to do. 
What can you do to help? 

Tuesday, August 11

School is almost here

Well we are off to a great start so far. School shopping is done supplies for the kids complete. Teachers supplies dropped off today at open house all set and ready to go. Christopher did a fantastic job on helping pick up supplies for his Teacher. I can't believe he is starting preschool in a week. Justin is taller than me. Christopher  wants me to go find dinosaurs for him to train. I'm freaking out about three hours  popsicle will be gone but really I have that time to study without interruption. I can go grocery shopping by myself. I don't know what to do with myself. That's huge a shopping cart with no little hands grabbing everything. I might just have to go done an aisle and throw something down just to feel normal. Go to the gym I'm a gym rat totally. Well that's half of my studies anyway. The picture of school supplies are what we are donating to Jay's school we also picked up all this again plus four more packs of line paper and copy paper. School starts tomorrow I have so much anxiety about Jay going to school not so much with popsicle. I don't know why that is maybe first born. I don't know! Talking to my friend she is the same way with her son not daughter. It just seems like time is going by so fast. Next year Jay will be in high school and driving soon. I want to stop time. Today ten Teachers stop to say hi to him before we made it to his classroom. He is popular in his school for all the good reasons. I'm excited to see what this year will bring. A lot of memories smiles and laughs. I know this blog post is just me carrying on about a lot. Just smile today be thankful and laugh a lot. 

Thursday, January 29

Jump Rope for Heart

Justin is at it again raising money for Jump Rope for heart he is up $70.00 dollars so far.  We are going out again on Saturday to see if he can reach his goal of $100.00 dollars. I have always let him decide if he wants to do any of the fundraising his school comes out with. This one he really enjoys doing. Justin keeps it all local in his community asking for donations which works out well for him. There are a lot of people who will help out a local school with any event. Five dollars seems to be the target everyone was willing to give. If you would like to help just visit
Wish Justin luck this weekend whatever he doesn't raise Mommy and Daddy always seems to pick up the rest. It's okay it's for a good cause.

Friday, December 19

Green Beans Coffee

                       It's that time of year to send our Troops some coffee. It's something small but makes the biggest splash for our men and women in uniform. I have slowly taken out coffee from my diet that doesn't stop me from buying it for family member's who drink more then they should.

$2 = 1 Cup of Joe

  • Click on the link above  make someone smile today. You might even get an email that is the best part for my oldest. This will make three years of us donating to Green Beans Coffee. He still acts like it was his first email ever.
     Merry Christmas to all who can't be with their families. Thank You for all that you have sacrifice for our country.


    Friday, December 12

    28 cents

    I always express to my children how  seeing a smile will change your day. Today was one of those days for Justin.  He went to the Santa Shop at school yesterday. He donated ten dollars to the school shop.  They didn't have a clue what to do with the donation. He had to talk to three different people in order to find out how he could do it. That took me by surprise. How could they not know? Clearly this was the first donation ever. Justin spoke very clear he wanted it to go to a kid who wanted to buy something but couldn't. 
    One of the Teachers that worked the shop found Justin to tell him that a child in kindergarten came in with 28 pennies later that day.  He didn't have enough to buy anything but with the money Justin donated he was. He left the Santa Shop with a SMILE!  It brought tears to my eyes as my eleven year old son told the story. His eyes filled as well. My son paid it forward today. Here is another step to making a difference.

    Monday, December 8

    Letters for Abbie

    The boys and I made cards for Addie and her family. It has to be one of the hardest things to do is knowing your child won't make another Christmas. It makes me sad just thinking about it. I know I have a few followers if you could pass this around.  That would make this family happy.  Here are the boys cards so far. 
    If you don't have a child get your niece, nephew or god child to help you out with this Christmas wish. 

    Sunday, December 7

    Giving Tree

    It's getting harder each year to help out without giving away what the giving tree means. I had Christopher pick a card off of the tree. It was for a little girl who is four years old who likes monster high dolls, anything frozen and Doc McStuffins. This is what he picked out. Not bad for being little. I thought it would be hard to explain to him that the toys were not for him. We had a little bump in the road but overall I think he had fun when it came time to wrap the gifts.
    Justin also picked a card for a ten year old girl. He didn't look at the card until we made it to the car.
    She asked for make-up, nail art and nail polish. I have boys I have no ideal what to get a ten year old little girl. We stopped a lady at the store who happen to have two granddaughter's who was able to help us out. I wasn't the girly girl growing up. I didn't start wearing make up till after my first child. Even now it's not much just a little eye liner, eye shadow and mascara if that. I think ten is to young for make up but that's why I don't have a daughter. We have a few more things to get her before we wrap it up. Justin was funny in the store he just went to the first thing he saw and put it in the cart. We still have some more shopping to do for toys for tots next weekend. I love this time of year helping people is the best gift I can show or give my boys. Please help out if you can. It will make someone smile.

    Friday, November 28

    Happy Thanksgiving for a family

    Holidays are hard on a lot of families not being together money problems and just life gets in the way sometimes. Hubby and I purchased a Thanksgiving dinner for a family that needed a little help.  They work but like a lot of families have a hard time deciding what bills to pay vs. food. We decided a longtime ago that if we had extra to give we would. We have kept that promise to ourselves to help. Opening our non-profit business is taking forever. In the meantime as a family we are helping all the time. We don't want anything in return for helping anyone that needs it. I love knowing that someone needed help and received it. It puts a smile on their face as well as ours.  This Thanksgiving meant a lot to us. It never fails that our kids keep us laughing.  When they were asked what they were thankful for Justin says "He is thankful it's not 1621!" They didn't have bathrooms then or toilet paper.  I'm glad it's the simple things in life he appreciates. I'm thankful for spending time with my family and friends.  We went to my Aunt's house bless her heart was in the hospital. She was able to come home later that night.  The apartment complex she lives in puts on Thanksgiving in the courtyard.  Everyone brings a dish mingles and eats delicious food. It's getting a little less weird having Thanksgiving outside as the years go by. The day was beautiful as well as all the new people I ran into. Life is a Journey you live in. Make the last month of 2014 count for something you can be proud of. My accomplishments this year may not be materialistic but they did change someone's life.

    Friday, October 3

    A New Job

    Justin has a new job. He is an Assistant Coach for flag football.  He amazes me!
    I'm extremely happy for my son! He is very helpful with the children. The kids look up to him and listen.  They call him Coach Jay! It's adorable.  I guess it's different when you are a kid getting
    directions from a kid. I think this will be a great experience for him to see the game from another view. I think it will make him a better player at any sport. The most important part is that he has fun. No matter what Justin does he seems to always have fun. Yes, I'm bragging about my son. I think he has found his job for right now besides school of course. He forever talks about the kids on his team. I can't remember all the names but he does. He gets really excited when he has to go to practice and games. This Saturday is his last game he will take up Basketball once again in November for his self.
    My baby is growing up I don't know what to say but we are proud parents. He is turning out to be an amazing young man all on his own. My hubby and I are so happy we get to see him grow into this caring person. It's nice to know we had a little help in making this little person who he is today. I couldn't be more proud of my son than I am now. His report card was great he is learning the violin. Which took us by surprise now I'm on the hunt for a violin for popsicle.  He follows in his Big brother footsteps in everything. Let your kids be themselves they will surprise you with what they have listen too.

    Monday, August 18

    Backpacks,Smile & Pay it Forward

    First Day of School
    This summer on our vacation I realized how much I really do put into my family. My life revolves around my two children and wonderful hubby. I'm very thankful that I'm able to stay home with my children not a lot of parents can. A Parents work is never done working full-time or being at home. I know going back to school can make parents cry. Not just because their children are growing up but shopping for school can bring heartache among some. My family and I thought it would be a Great Ideal to donate backpacks filled with school supplies to Justin's school. We love to help out when we can in the past if you are a regular reader you already know of our act's of kindness.
    Keep up the Great work Parents just remember with the new school year ahead the most important part of your child's life is what you do with them is what counts the most.
    1. Make time for them
    2. Read to them
    3. Hug them
    4. Talk to them

    Trust me it Matters!!!

    I always go overboard school shopping anyways and we end up donating most of it throughout the school year. Justin came up with a nice way to do it better this year. We went to the store and purchased backpacks then filled them up. 

    It nice to see that my son knows how to make someone smile. 

    We had our hands full this morning along with the backpacks we also donated a big bottle of hand sanitizer, tissues and Ziploc bags.  Look for more post each month to see who we will help next. I hope this makes it easier for one parent not to have this worry at least. Ask your Children's teacher how you can help every little bit counts in a big way. Thanks for reading. 

    Saturday, February 8

    Valentine’s Day, what’s the big deal?

    That is what my ten year old asked me. I had to think before I told him It's a time to share how much you love someone. My son confused at first then added that there doesn't need to be a special day to say I LOVE YOU! He's right my his daddy always says I love you with flowers, notes on our chalkboard cabinet and simply just being there for us. We celebrate life and love daily in our household I'm forever telling my boys I love them to the moon and back. My little one likes to blow kisses to us. We pretend to catch his kiss and slap it on our cheek. My oldest still gives me a kiss before he leaves for school.  We decide that this year we will extend that love by putting a smile on someone else's face.
    Write and create a Valentine's day card for a Senior Citizen. I have to say I have never thought about this subject too often since I went to Mother Daughter work day when I was a teenager. My mother has taken care of elderly people all her life. It was sad to see all those men and women sitting in there rooms doing nothing but rioting away. No one to talk to no one to care to stop by and say hello. It's sad so let's spread the love together sign up today to make someone SMILE!
    Depression and isolation in older adults affects people of all backgrounds. 


    Click on this link to print out a list of places you can send your cards to. They list all states there are few of them in Florida. We are sending ours too 
    Seniors First, Inc 5395 LB McLeod Road, Orlando, Fl 32811 

     Justin would like to send candy as well we will  be creating a few goodies bags to go with our cards. So far he has made ten cards all different. Christopher two right now with my help. 

    Find one in your state have fun spread the love!

    Monday, December 9


    A Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without giving. The boys and I donated about six coats to the Salvation Army with a duffle bag of my hubby's clothes that he no longer wears of course. Sending in a Christmas gift today for a little boy who is the same age as my little one. Who may not get anything but what we bought him. Justin was so cute explaining to his brother what we were doing.  Christopher kept asking why doesn't Santa just get him toys. Justin finally just told him he will. While looking at me and said  "I hope he does." It's hard not being able to explain fully without destroying Christmas for my son. I have always told him that some people don't believe in Christmas that's why Santa doesn't come. I don't know what else to say. We give a lot around this time of year. I help out everywhere I can. Now, That my son is getting older he understands more of the meaning of Christmas not what he will get. He sent a gift in for someone in his school and one for a child overseas.  We were on the way to his tap class when he asked if we could stop to give a homeless person his last ten dollars.  I pulled off in the parking lot where the man was. Justin ran up to him as I was getting out of the car.

    Justin "Maybe you can get something to eat. Merry Christmas try to be safe." 

    Yes, I'm a proud momma. A qick note please be careful if you take part in giving to a homeless person.  

    The gift contains
    Thomas the Train, Captain America and in the stocking is filled with cars.

    I hope we helped out just a little for this little boy. 

    Tuesday, December 3

    Cup of Joe

    Here is a site that helps our Troops have a piece of home away from home.  Order a cup or a bag for our Troops who are away. My son Justin has been doing this for a little over a year. He loves buying coffee because of the emails he gets back from our troops. He cuts the grass along with chores around the house for coffee money.  Then with my help he orders coffee.  He also has a love for coffee.  I will take him to Starbucks for a decaf coffee or smoothie for our coffee Friday's. Its every Friday like clockwork we are at Starbucks after school. He is such a talented and caring giving kid that I've ever seen. I'm so proud to be his mother. Please help Justin show our appreciation for our troops and everything they do daily to ensure our safety  and Freedom.

    Friday, October 25

    Ways to help

    List of ways to help for domestic violence awareness month.

    1. Host a clothing-swap fund-raiser, where you pass a hat to raise funds for domestic violence shelters. Identify a needy shelter in your area and register your swap (or find one near you) at San Francisco pals Brianna Cayo Cotter, 29, and Orli Cotel, 31, (pictured) launched Swap for Good in April with no money (friends helped design the site). Within months, the nonprofit had raised $2,800. Now the swaps are catching on nationwide.

    2. Search using Type in "National Domestic Violence Hotline," then surf the Internet as you normally would. The site's browser is powered by Yahoo; every time you search, GoodSearch will donate about a cent to NDVH. With millions of us clicking, that's big money!

    3.Shop on October 17 at Macy's or on If you buy a "Shop for a Cause" ticket, your $5 will go to the Family Violence Prevention Fund RESPECT! campaign, and you'll save 10 to 20 percent on most purchases, plus 25 percent on one in-store item.

    4.  Join Liz Claiborne Inc.'s Love Is Not Abuse Coalition at, to help end teen dating abuse. As a member, you'll learn how to work with educators and legislators to get a dating-abuse education curriculum into schools.

    5. Recycle old cell phones, laptops, and other electronics by sending them to Recycle for Domestic Violence (, and they'll donate to the domestic violence charity of your choice.

    6. Text HOTLINE to 85944 to instantly donate $5 to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which connects those in crisis to local shelters and resources.

    7. Donate your clunker car by visiting and all proceeds will benefit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which supports programs such as safe houses, educational initiatives, and policy development.

    8. Accessorize with "Empowerment" tees and jewelry at The proceeds will go to the Avon Foundation to end violence against women.

    9. Tune in to talk radio on December 8, when hosts nationwide will talk to celebs, advocates, and survivors about how to end the cycle of abuse . It's all part of the seventh annual It's Time to Talk Day.

    10. Reach out to a friend who you suspect might be in an abusive relationship. "Gently express your concern and ask questions about her situation, and listen without judgment," suggests Jane Randel, the director of the Love Is Not Abuse campaign. "If she shares evidence of abuse, emphasize that whenever she wants help, you'll be there." Encourage her to call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE.

    A little help can go a long way. Don't forget to turn Facebook purple for the rest of October.

    Sunday, September 15

    Ocean Conservancy

    Ocean Conservancy

    Why we need to clean up the beaches near you. Besides being the right thing to do here are a few other reasons to help.
      We missed clean up today due to rain. We will make it up later in the week.

    International Coastal Cleanup

    This year's Cleanup will take place on September 21, 2013. Help be apart of the solution not the problem. I will be there with my family will you?

    Saturday, September 7

    Thursday, August 29

    Community Food Drive

    Community Food Drive

     August Acts of Kindness
    • Peanut butter
    • Jelly
    • Boxed cereals
    • Canned meats (with pop-tops)
    • Boxed macaroni and cheese
    • Pork 'n Beans
    • Canned soups                                

    Justin and I are going around the neighborhood collecting items for the food drive. It's a lot of fun to continue to show my children how to help others in need. We just donated six bags of clothes to the YMCA to help out parents in need along with a car seat and playpen. One of the items I should have never spent my money on neither of my children used the playpen. We are now working on donating books with
                                   We ended up with about 70 books and 20 cd's we sent.

    Here’s the best part: In addition to selling new titles, Better World Books supports book drives and collects used books and textbooks through a network of over 2,300 college campuses and partnerships with over 3,000 libraries nationwide. 

                                                  That is GREAT!

    This is what we are doing to help out it's one way among many others. What are you doing to help? I would love to hear from you please leave a comment or visit my Facebook page the link is on the right side of my blog. Thanks for reading once again be Kind to one another. 

    Monday, August 26

    Helping Out

                                                             The Hunt/Do Something

    I Heart Dad
    The boys and I completed all 11 challenges which was a lot of fun. I'm a little late on this post from last month but I wanted to let you know this is a great website to help out on. My boys and I try to find something everyday to do just to see a smile on someone's face. Yesterday we made a zip lock bag full of toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, tissue and a gift card for a homeless man instead of giving money to them. As always be safe if you stop to help someone please use common sense to keep yourself and love ones safe while doing a good deed. Try to come up with some new ideal's of your own to help someone in need. It will teach your children there is more to life then they can see. Good luck please feel free to share your ideal's

    Help us Donate I did today.

    We have done this a few times along with 

    Monday, July 22

    The Hunt Day 7

    The boys and I have missed a few days of the hunt we are on Day 7. Take the challenge change the world just a little each day. It's not a lot just a few seconds of your time post a pic on Instagram done. Can you do it? We did my boys and I challenge ourselves everyday. Life wouldn't be worth living otherwise.
    I Heart Dad

    ones) to upload below for your chance to be in our national commercial!

    Day 1: Don't be Trashy

    Day 2: Help the Homeless

    Day 3: Literacy for All

    Day 4: No Bullies Allowed

    Day 5: Sexism Sucks

    Day 6: Play Ball

    Day 7: Be an Ally

    ACTION 1:
    Show everyone you're an ally to LGBT youth* by taking a pic of your hand with the word "ally" on it and sharing it on Instagram with this sentence:
    LGBT youth are 2x more likely than their peers to be assaulted, kicked, or shoved at school. #DShunt #ally
    *being an ally means you will stand up against all forms of LGBT bullying
    ACTION 2:
    Your challenge for today is to fight discrimination in your community by celebrating differences.
    Create a sign that says one thing about yourself that people can’t tell just by looking at you. Get your friends to join you, and wear your signs in a public setting.

    Day 8: Puppy Patrol

    Day 9: Continental Thirst

    Day 10: Be Prepared

    Day 11: Apathy Sucks


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