Monday, July 22

The Hunt Day 7

The boys and I have missed a few days of the hunt we are on Day 7. Take the challenge change the world just a little each day. It's not a lot just a few seconds of your time post a pic on Instagram done. Can you do it? We did my boys and I challenge ourselves everyday. Life wouldn't be worth living otherwise.
I Heart Dad

ones) to upload below for your chance to be in our national commercial!

Day 1: Don't be Trashy

Day 2: Help the Homeless

Day 3: Literacy for All

Day 4: No Bullies Allowed

Day 5: Sexism Sucks

Day 6: Play Ball

Day 7: Be an Ally

Show everyone you're an ally to LGBT youth* by taking a pic of your hand with the word "ally" on it and sharing it on Instagram with this sentence:
LGBT youth are 2x more likely than their peers to be assaulted, kicked, or shoved at school. #DShunt #ally
*being an ally means you will stand up against all forms of LGBT bullying
Your challenge for today is to fight discrimination in your community by celebrating differences.
Create a sign that says one thing about yourself that people can’t tell just by looking at you. Get your friends to join you, and wear your signs in a public setting.

Day 8: Puppy Patrol

Day 9: Continental Thirst

Day 10: Be Prepared

Day 11: Apathy Sucks
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