Monday, July 22

So much to do so little time

Can you spot the hubby in the bottom picture? 
My hubby and I tore apart the garage took everything out to make shelves to make it easier to park the car inside. At first I really didn't care if the car was inside of the garage or not. Once it sat outside all day in the sun when I had to leave the leather seats fried my skin off. Now I know why it should be parked on the inside. We power washed the house it looks ten times better we just have to paint it now. 
Okay the garage is done now we are moving on to the boys room. Chalkboard paint here we come. Yard sales on the way in the near future. Justin's bed is in the process of being made I never knew it would be so hard to get hockey sticks here in Florida for a bed frame. I seen it on Pinterest like this one. Justin fell in love with it.
This is what we are doing for Justin's room. Daddy is having a hard time finding sticks.

Wish us luck we still have so much to do.
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