Tuesday, July 16

Happy 10th Birthday Justin

My little man turned ten years old this past Saturday. I had a little surprise for him I filled his door with balloons so when he opened it all the balloons would fall down. It made him smile that's all my hubby and I was going for.

It took about 40 balloons to fill it.
Cake and ice cream for breakfast then we were off to Wet &Wild in Orlando. 

 It was nice they had 7 water slides and a play place for smaller kids. The ice cream dots were awesome along with the very very hot sidewalk. I thought my skin was going to melt off my feet. Word to the wise wear sandals leave them at the bottom of the water slide so you can still have skin.  We went in the morning to avoid the crowds that came in about 2 pm. It seems like yesterday that I was holding my son in my arms. Time flies by way too fast when you are having fun. He is such a great kid we were blessed with. I'm very proud of how my son has turned out. It's funny I don't think my son looks anything like his baby pictures. We later took him to see the Medieval Times in Orlando. It was nice to see some fighting and horse races.
 When bought tickets we told them it was our son's birthday they announced him as a knight Justin who is turning 10. His face was priceless the food was a little greasy. No forks just our good old hands ripping into the chicken leg,ribs and potatoes. It was fun to be right by the stage. The horses were beautiful to see up close. We cheered on the yellow knight as he fought to the death. By the way is too funny to see how they fling themselves off the horse and battle. I never laughed so hard. Our boys were intrigued by the swords.

Dear Son,
Your father and I adore every minute we get to spend with you. It's your smile that melts our heart. Your questions that lead to many others that drive us crazy. Your kind heart that makes us very proud of you. You are the best big brother a person can have. 
NO matter what it is you are there to guide your little brother to be the best. I have seen you grow from a baby to an almost teenager. I wish I could turn the clock back and spend your baby times with you all over again. 
Times like this is priceless Halloween 2005
You always make us laugh.   You remind me so much of your dad with how you think you can fix everything. If you don't know how to do it you will find a way. As you remind daddy of me with your one of a kind personality. I love how you never give up. People want to be around you no matter where you are. Justin your father and I weren't ready for you but you somehow made us the parents we are today. I hope you like all your legos, bike and drawing gear for your Birthday. Next stop is Disney World. 
Love Mom & Dad
P.S you will always be my little man.

September 2010
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