Tuesday, May 29

 Steve is such a sweetheart he took the boys and I to Panama City Beach this weekend with our good friend Adam. I had no idea he had this plan. I hate to be surprised by anything. He told me to pack a bag for the day.
I knew he had something up his sleeve when we showed up to drop Levi off at the dog kennel which was the size of Justin's room with a TV. I mean why does a dog need a TV? Who knows but he did get to play with other dogs. Steve is always doing something that makes me smile. We rented Jet Ski's on Saturday. I have never been on one. I thought I was going to fly off and be eaten by a shark or something. Steve was wiping that thing around like a pro. I don't know why I agree to half the things I do with Steve. He is an adrenaline junkie I swear. When he took Justin out on the water I thought for sure I was going to have a heart attack right there in the water. They were gone for what it seems like forever. When he told me he let Justin drive I just shook my head. Justin had a blast on the water. When Steve and Adam went out on the water they were racing each other. As I watched them almost crash a dozen times. I just thought well at least they are happy if they get eaten by a great white. As you can tell I have watched Jaws way too many times. They both came back smiling! 
Justin and Daddy

We spent half the day at the beach just swimming till our belly's told us it was lunch time. We ate and off we went to a water park. This place was huge. They had about nine different slides the men went on with Jay. I took the lazy river which was a challenge to get Christopher to sit down to relax with me for a change. We went around a few times stop to watch the men zip line into the water off a pirate ship. Christopher was intrigued by the elephant that was a water slide. We went over there and played until we all met up again. All of  us were exhausted I mean all the adults were. The boys were still on over drive. We left there straight to the dune buggies and zip line. Again my heart sank to the ground when Justin came pass my head.

It was hard to get a good picture of him because he is so small it gives no room to move his head.
After all that fun we headed back to our hotel room for a fire dance. The video above is not my best but the best for trying to hold Christopher until Steve took him. It was hilarious it only got better after what you see above with a man dance some drunk old people and Justin went on stage for his first hula lesson. We had drinks by the pool. Later Steve and Jay went swimming and a movie to end the fantastic night we had. (Note to self don't eat sea food after a long day in the sun) We all felt sick at the end. We made it to Sunday morning for my Jet Ski ride with my amazing hubby.
Being on the open ocean was breathtaking. I love the water. I could spend all day out on the sea. Steve and I had the best time ever. We came up on a mantaray that was the size of my truck. We seen some dolphins. I was a little nervous seeing them that close up. Steve jump right in took some pictures. I wanted to drive when he got back up. He put his arms around me and said.

 "I know I can't get down on one knee right now,but will you be my wife again and marry me?"

I didn't know what to say I just started brawling my eyes out. I couldn't speak I tried but nothing came out. He put my beautiful ring on my finger that sparkle in the sun. He kissed me with his soft salty lips. (lol) It was the best moment of my life. This past weekend was so much fun. I had a blast! Steve surprised me with the best gift ever. I love my ring but even better I love that he took the time to plan this all out the way he did. He is such a romantic at heart. I couldn't have asked for a better second proposal. I mean it was on a jet ski in the middle of the ocean. What else could a girl ask for?  He took my breath away once again.  I love you Steve! You are amazing man. I love you more and more with each passing  day. Yes, I will marry you again.
This is my ring

I came across this on facebook. Just thought it had a great meaning behind it.  If this was true in the world which it is not. No matter what you do in life there is always someone who will try to hurt you. I live by this as I teach my children the same no matter how evil a crazy person may be. In the end all that matters is how happy you are. Whatever they may say it doesn't matter what they think!

I seen this too on facebook on the crazy facts or it might have been drama something page. There are so many pages that pop up on my wall it's insane. I couldn't help but laugh this is so far from the truth. Yes, many women chose to show off what God has given them. Why, because they want to. Why hide them? As long as you are not showing off your chest at your son's school play with a nipple holding on for dear life to your shirt. I don't see anything wrong with it but a time and place ladies should be on your mind. There are many women who show their chest off like the top page just to get men to look at them because that is the only thing they have going for them is just that. The bottom picture doesn't show that you are happily married it shows that you are married to a controlling freak who is paranoid. I love when I have heard men say I would really like you to cover up because I should be the one the only one who sees you that way. It's all about power honey so don't take it as a sign of affection. Physically and emotional abuse follows shortly after that.  I have V-neck tops that show off a little bit of my chest like the middle picture. I will not wear a shirt that is like the bottom picture because I feel like I'm being suffocated by my clothes. I'm happily married to a great man who doesn't care what I wear as long as I'm comfy he could care less. We were going to go to a nude beach this weekend but we had the kids. Our friend Adam was going to go with us. (lol just something to knock off my bucket list)  We get compliments all the time from others. It just makes us laugh and boost up our ego that another man or woman finds each other attractive. We never get mad that would just be silly to do. I know just like my hubby knows that we are coming home to each other. I have lived by this saying since we have met "You can work up an appetite as long as you eat at home."  It's called human nature. Everyone is going to look at some point in time. If your man is constantly on your case about your clothes you should start to question him. I met you wearing this so what's the problem? A man should not care what you wear if he is confident in his relationship. I think a man who is your hubby(not your boy toy) should have a say if you are going to walk around the block in your mini skirt and heels as your child is riding their bike. To say maybe this is not the time to wear that. It should never be an order or only his choice. It's your body your choice. I'm glad I don't have to worry about what I wear. It's my choice to wear it. Like I said before I'm happily married and can walk around nude if I wanted to. My hubby wouldn't say a word as he would be the one to join me in freedom to bare all. What are your thoughts on this?

Tuesday, May 22

Christopher at 19 months

Here is my Popsicle at 19 months. He is a hand full. I love every minute of it. He is almost potty train so I might hit my deadline. He tells us when he has to go. He has to be naked when he goes poop just like Justin. I don't get the point but they obviously get that from their daddy who is the same way. They all want to talk to me when they are in the oval office. Another one I don't understand. It must be a guy thing. I'm not sure being the only girl in the house I like to close the door. Even if it is a second before the dog, Steve or Christopher comes in to talk to me.

Christopher talks up a storm. I can't believe how much he says already. He is amazing! He has learned how to climb up on the table to jump off. He is a dare devil at heart. I'm forever telling him “Don't step on the dog. Don't go outside by yourself. Don't hit your brother. Put the bike down! Don't use hot sauce to wash your hair. Don't spit. (Thanks to me) Get out of the closet! Get dress. No, you can't have coffee. It will keep you short. Don't jump over the furniture”. After each one of these he looks at me with a smile and says “Why Momma?” I ran out of reasons. I just now say “Because I said so Christopher!” I was explaining to him that some of these things can hurt him it just lead to another question. Between both boys I answer questions all day long. October is coming up fast he will be two years old. It doesn't seem like it has been that long ago when Steve and Jay were rubbing my belly talking to him. Christopher is just the right mix of both Steve and I. He has the cutest smile I have ever seen. He is too goofy. He loves to get in my face to give me a kiss. That is how he wakes me up. If I try to wake him up he screams and yells because he wants to sleep in. It's cute! His favorite movie is Alvin and the Chipmunks. I now know this movie by heart. I love when he calls me mommy. It melts my heart. I love hearing his tiny feet run around with big brother and daddy. He is a little master mind when it comes to yoga. He is too cute to get in trouble. Christopher will sit next to me while I'm on the computer. I adore these times like this. I love being a mommy nothing else can compare.

Friday, May 18

Torture of Tennessee Walking Horses? | Video - ABC News

Torture of Tennessee Walking Horses? | Video - ABC News
This makes me sick to my stomach. Thank GOD

Tennessee Walking Horses are abused, according to an ABC News report (Associated Press)

 Pepsi pulls sponsorship after horse abuse.

Justin and I watched this video in horror of what this trainer did. Only for a ribbon you can buy from the dollar store. I will never watch the horse races again. I 'm sure out of the 52 horse they tested someone can do something about this. This has to be stopped. How would they like it if diesel fuel was put on their ankles and wrapped with plastic wrap to make the pain worst? I feel like crying right now. I hate animal abuse. You should too! They have feelings like we do. This is horrible! What kind of person can be so evil and cruel to another living thing makes me wonder what this world has come to be for my children who will have to grow up in this world. I hope they stop hurting these horses for a prize.

Sunday, May 13

Meet Levi

Hello, Everyone meet Levi. He is the newest member of our family. He has already at the trim off our door he is currently working on the other side. Half if not all of the boys toys are in his belly as we speak parts anyways. He sleeps like a human looks like Steve and I are going to give Justin our bed and get a king size one. Justin's bed is just not big enough for both of them. He ate the blinds out of the spare bedroom. Christopher rides him around the house. Steve and I chase  after Levi while Christopher is holding as he runs. It's a must see. Christopher seems to think it's real funny. We can't seem to leave him alone which turns out to be the only time he eats the house.  Levi doesn't like people, little dogs or geese we named Stephanie and Gorge. He trys to eat the chicken duck we call him that because his mom was a chicken sadly daddy was a duck.The kids are loving having a dog! Steve and I are really thinking about getting another dog. He really needs a friend to play with. We took Levi to get a bath today while we were there Justin saw a kitten. I'm not sure about that but they were really adorable. In the word's of my son" He is only $80 dollars I have half mom!' The Needham house is starting to get full now I don't know what is next in line. I know that I will never get sick of our house full. I love it!

Friday, May 11

This is the playground Justin is trying to raise money for. The top picture is for 5 years to 12. The bottom is for 5 and younger. Besides bake sales, car washes,cleaning yards, washing windows, walking dogs, cleaning tanks, paper boy what other idea's do you have to help Justin in his Steps to make a difference in the world. I'm open for ideal's if you have any please feel free to email me at

Are you Mom Enough?

I just seen this when I signed onto my facebook. My first reactions was WTH(what the hell). This is not what it looks like to breastfeed your child.It's on time magazine at that. I have conflicting emotions about this. First, of all the kid looks a little on the freaky side just staring at you. I never fed either of my children while they were standing on a chair. I guess to each it's own. I do however think there should be a age limit. I stop nursing both boys when they received teeth. I always sat down with my pillow to feed both of them. With my son Justin I  was nineteen when I had him. The nurse was a little too pushy for me bugging me about nursing Justin. She even tried to pull out my breast for me. I kindly took my breast out of her hand. I told her "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to feed a child. Let my breast go." She did and Justin latch right on without a problem. I produce more than enough for him. At two months being  pregnant I had to wear those uncomfortable breast pads. I was leaking so much. This picture kills me saying Are you mom enough? Really, a mom can be a mom even if she doesn't breastfeed her children. It is her choice plain and simple. So many women chose to because they want to. On the other hand I have heard many reasons why some women won't nurse their children. Again it it their choice. If you never had you should at least try. One big reason I did with Justin well two babies are proven to be smarter, don't get sick and you lose your baby weight twice as fast. Okay, I guess I lied a little more then two.  I would never tell a mother she is not a mom because she didn't breastfeed.  I enjoyed feeding my children. I really did. The closeness you feel to your baby is really important. I always fed with my shirt off with Justin when I was at home so he could have the skin to skin contact. I think by doing that is why we have a close-net bond. Breastfeeding Christopher was something else. Feeding each child is different just like each pregnancy. Christopher wanted to eat all the time an hour sometimes. I would crack up laughing when Steve would come in the room and act like he was going to eat too. Christopher would mumbling and grumble and then he would eat really fast. Steve and I would about die laughing at him. He was telling daddy nope get lost it's all mind. Steve and I explain to Justin what I was doing. After the shock he got over it. If I was feeding Christopher when Justin walked in I didn't rush to cover up it was something natural not to be ashamed about it.I don't want my boys to ever feel bad or embarrass about the human body. It's beautiful. With both boys I could easily pump up to 7 and half ounces out of each breast. I could have sold it of course for a good cause.  I mean Steve did put four ounces in his power shakes twice a day before he hit the gym. He did take it right from the source before he froze and bottle it for shakes. Steve said " It was sweet like me!" I just laugh and shook my head as I took the bags out for his shake. I still think it was a little weird but hey if my son's can drink it he can. Steve did gain ten pounds with his breast milk shakes. He wasn't embarrass about it he told everyone what he was doing. I read it in one of those baby books that a woman's body knows when your baby would be getting up and going to sleep. Night time feeding's had that extra push to make you fall asleep. Steve would always yell from the bedroom "Make sure I don't get a nighttime one like yesterday. I was too sleepy at the gym." Thinking to myself I can't believe my hubby just said that. (laughing) In the last month or so Christopher has wanted to nurse again. I don't know what all that is about. He hasn't yet. In my case I hope not it is very painful when all your milk dry's up. Although I still leak which I'm not surprise I didn't fully dry up till Justin was five.  I'm very grateful that my husband was very supportive with breastfeeding. I didn't hesitate to whip my breast out in Ihop,apple bees,walmart if Christopher wanted to eat I was going to feed him. I was more comfortable feeding Christopher then Justin but I think it was the whole age difference. I covered up with Justin more. Christopher was not having it at all.
Most of the time nursing the boys was okay. Then came the days
when it was hard to feed them. Christopher always wanted to hold on to Daddy's finger or hold his shirt. It didn't matter where we were at he had to do that or it was hell to pay. Justin was more of a laid back feeder but both prefer to lay down. The boys slept with both of us. I miss my bed I really do.  If Christopher isn't in between us I can't sleep same goes for Steve we have tried more then once but it never fails Christopher still ends up in our bed. These are my thought's on nursing my boys. If anyone out there is a stand on a chair feeder please feel free to write. What are your thoughts about this?

Sunday, May 6

I received a text yesterday it read

"Without you my world would not spin, without the boys I could not breathe. I love you."

It was from my wonderful sweetheart of a husband. This is just one of the texts I receive daily from Steve. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a great man. Steve is one in a million. Last night as we laid in bed he kissed Christopher goodnight as he is always between us then Justin wakes and slips in bed with us in the morning. Steve spoke of having another baby as I watched him look over our son with a sparkle in his eye.  Steve loves being a dad. He really does I watched him play basketball with Justin Friday. They enjoy playing basketball together. It’s a big stress reliever for both of them. They are always laughing and smiling when they play. I stood there and watch them play together it melts my heart. Many things make a father. A father has to be there every step of the way.  Steve has been there since Jay was little. Steve doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to Justin. He has been there for every tooth he has lost. The tooth fairy is more than happy to give him five dollars like tonight for the tooth his lost. He has been to every Cub Scout meeting.  Every bump, scrap and pain Steve is right there picking his little man up fixing them with a kiss. I guess you can say Justin is spoiled just a little bit. I mean we did take him to New York last year for his 8th birthday and this year it will be Lego Land. Justin loves his daddy from the moon and back is what he used to say when he was little. Now daddy is his number one fan in everything. I asked Justin what he wanted to be when he grew up for a short writing assignment for school. He wrote about how he wanted to be strong and smart just like his daddy. He wants to grow up and be a big "Devil Dog" like dad with a side job as a scientist.  I just laugh as he spoke of his dad being a hero who helps save people. My Daddy the" Hero" is what he kept saying. Yes, I have to agree with him his daddy did save me. He made me believe in love. He gave me my fairytale life I never thought I would ever have. I have more than I have ever imagined. I have a loving husband who will stop at nothing to make me happy two beautiful healthy loving boys who are just like their father unique with personalities of their own yet very much like their father. I have everything I need. I thank God his self for helping my dreams come true.

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