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Friday, August 5

I gave myself 5 years

Me today

Weight 130 lbs
       age 33

I'm at four years now to my six pack. I have learned so much about myself in these few years that makes me wonder why I didn't start my fitness journey sooner. It has been a challenge for me and I'm thankful my hubby has been my biggest support system. Three months ago I had a very difficult time just holding a glass in my hand.  My kids nor my hubby could touch me without me being in excruciating pain. I never really paid too much mind to my arthritis before until this last outbreak. Talking with my Doctor more of trail and error since I don't take pain meds at all. My hubby has to talk me into even taking an Advil for a headache. I had to change my healthy eating completely 
to fruits and veggies oh the biggest change being gluten free. It took about a week with my green shakes. Finding the right ones mixing them to see what works. Since I already ate healthy it was a no big thing until you have to do it and it's no longer a choice. I guess it's still a choice to be in pain or not be in pain. I never want to be in that much pain ever in my life. 

Green shakes I come to love. Lol #getfit #lovinglife in a spinach, kale, cucumber, cilantro kind of way. Make sure you use cold water.

Hello, My name is Patrica and I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis. It affects everything in my body. It is chronic inflammatory disorder that affects joints including those in hands and feet.  I was diagnosed at an early age then again after Justin was born. I came from abusive household growing up then was trap in an abusive young teenage relationship which to me. I thought I was always in pain from old injuries. 
Now, With the right doctors eating right and working out In one month I lost 14 lbs. I wasn't tying to but I did. I switch my H.I.T class ( High Intensity Workout) for more cardio no weight but my body. I took up spin class again more Zumba, Running and lots of Yoga. I have worked so hard to get where I am I wasn't giving in because I was in pain. I had to find out what works for me. I have always talked about your mind set in my BLOG. Having the right thoughts changing the way you think can do wonders for anything in your life especially working out. I had a lot of time to think from day to day about how I was going to give it my best shot not to give up. One month went by I had to tell myself daily it wasn't the end of the world it's only food. I love to eat my cheat days on Fridays don't happen like they used to since sugar is a trigger. Now, My cheat days are maybe an extra green shake or protein shake that is all natural gluten free. The taste is what got me some taste gritty and nasty. Sun Warrior is actual good. I guess learning about how to keep being fit for me is going to be different from someone else. I know that but listening to my own words is harder than I thought when I want to go that extra mile in the gym knowing that I shouldn't. I am strong I won't let this bump in the road stop me. I am two months in to my changed diet which has done wonders. I am 100% better then before. My will power is going to take some work. I love cake I really do the pain that follows makes it not worth it.  

                                      Most important part is that I am Happy and almost pain free!

Tuesday, June 28

How we treat our bodies today

How we treat our bodies today?
Is a common question for many of us everyday. I personally have been on my fitness Journey for four years. I find the biggest part of staying on track is changing the way you think. I cut out almost all processed foods. Before you say you can't it's a lot easier than you think. Just don't buy it. I did it slowly by taking out something every week. I made baby steps so it didn't feel like I gave up everything. I already don't eat red meat and haven't most of my life. I love cereal which is a processed food that contains a ton of sugar. I just simply made myself eat oatmeal with fruit and honey. Now, I eat oatmeal daily for breakfast or overnight oats.
                                                                My Overnight Oats

 chia seeds, blackberries, cinnamon, ginger and oatmeal covered with coconut milk left in the refrigerator overnight to soak up. Take out in the morning eat and enjoy. I make sure I add a different fruit every day. 

I get asked often what I do to stay fit. I am a member of the YMCA since my oldest was about four years old. We have continue to stay a fit family today even after my second son was born in 2010. It took me a little while to get back to working out like before after I gave birth though a c-section. I made little changes like walking every single day. It also helps that we work out as a family.

I have always suffered from arthritis my whole life but never realize that certain foods I ate made it worst. I feel like I'm always eating snacking on something like nuts. I try to live by eating as clean as I can. I do however hate to hear people talk about losing weight and not eating. When truth be told the only way to lose weight in a healthy way is to eat. You don't have to eat like me but please don't try to stave yourself or use those meal replacement shakes. I don't agree with those. You should fuel your body with the right Foods. Fiber and protein is a very important part to a successful way to stay fit. Fiber will help relegate your digestive track and protein will help to keep you feel full. Here are some proteins to consider.
  • Beef
  • Chicken and other Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Milk, Cheese and Yogurt
  • Peas and Beans
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Soy

My son has been taking Zumba since school let out over a month ago. He loves it. 
He is even as brave as to take the full Barre class on Thursday's with me yoga on Friday's. He is a well rounded kid when it comes to sports and working out. I feel like it will help him a lot in life.

He also lights weights with me every other day. We make sure to rest on the weekends which is just as important as working out. 

 We all have a cheat day on Friday's which can be anything from eating ice cream or just something we don't normally eat. It's not necessarily sweets. We eat to fuel our bodies. It's the only one we will ever get. Yes, Justin tends to want to eat pizza then go workout but finds that he doesn't feel the same as when he eats something healthy. He laughs when I tell him you are what you eat. It's as plain as day. Self control is hard so if you want a cookie eat one just not ten of them. I hardly ever tell myself no when it comes to food. I just eat it in moderation which is very important. I always drink a glass of water first thing in the morning a glass before each meal throughout the day with a cup of lemon ginger tea before bed.

Take the time to write out your grocery list plan for the up coming week. I found some awesome recipes on like the Quinoa Veggie Wrap which I love to make. Make your biggest meal for lunch lightest meal for dinner and always eat breakfast. It really is the most important meal of the day. If you seem to always be on a rush in the morning try packing a lunch the night before with a few extra pieces of fruit or a handful of sweet peppers, carrots, cauliflower,broccoli in a sandwich baggie to help keep you on track. You can do anything you set your mind too just don't give up. You are worth the time you put into making yourself healthy it's a lifestyle not a diet. Once you start thinking of it in a different light it becomes easier. Trust me I have had my share of downfalls I'm human. What sets me apart from everyone else is that that extra cookie I ate doesn't bring me down. I'm not a bad person. I will live and learn to fill my kitchen with fruit and veggies maybe even with
This healthy and gluten-free homemade granola bars  YUMMY!!!

In the end always do your research and just because this works for me doesn't mean it will work for you. Don't be afraid to try new things. Take a class at the gym don't just stick with the same thing you did a year ago. Your body needs to experience something new. The only person you have to prove anything to is you. The only person you are competing with is you. The only person standing in your way is you. You can always ask questions maybe leave a comment. I love to hear your thoughts. 

Thursday, June 23

Working Out as a Family

 I love taking the kids to the gym, running and teaching them the importance of staying fit. 
 It's hard but well worth the time hubby and I spend on making dinner together. This summer Justin and Christopher are learning on how to cook meals. It's a great teaching skill to have since it won't be too long when they both decide it's time to move out. I know they are still young but time flies by. I want them to be confident in themselves to be able to take care of themselves without any help. We look up recipes plan out the week. It takes time you only have one body and it's the only place you will live in for the rest of your life. Mind as well take care of it.

Weight lifting Justin is finding hard to do because muscles don't appear over night like he wants them to. It's a long road ahead. As long as we  keep our family on track we will continue to be a fit family. We have a lot of fun with it. We join races track our steps we compete with each other. It never seems like we have to do it. We want to. With kids it can be hard to change eating habits, TV time ect. We limit two hours a day to the web and TV. I think the hardest part for people when trying to change their lifestyle is being happy no matter what. When you change your mind your way of thinking anything is possible in LIFE. Just keep smiling you are worth it.

Friday, April 15

Mother and Son

 We went to the gym to workout
We did some hanging legs raises played some basketball. Now my son can run a mile in seven minutes. It's all in keeping in mind what you want in life. He is taking one day at a time with his fitness. I'm so very proud of him with staying with it. He never gives up it keeps me going when I see him no matter how hard it gets he stays with it.   Now, That my little man isn't so little anymore. Growing into a teen. 

Getting ready for another race next Saturday. I can't wait I get to run it with him. I just hope I can keep up with my son. 

He is taller than me it's so weird having to look up to him to talk to. These are my mommy moments. What are yours? 

Wednesday, March 9

Life, Running, Kids, No Internet

Since November I have had a cough that comes and goes whenever it wants. My doctor just says oh don't worry you are fine. Okay, So what am I paying you for? So my cough is back the weather changed again here in Florida so what is the best time to cough again. It's now because I'm preparing for a run with my kids. I hope I don't die like yesterday running with the family just one mile. I was so happy to see my house and driveway. I gave it my all the last block literally fell on the ground. I was so out of breath. My hubby thought I was playing around until he helped me up. It has to be the pollen that turns my black car to yellow. I'm fine in the gym which is bizarre to me as long as I don't run.  Looking for a new doctor hopeful this goes away. I still kill it now I have a butt. Yeah me on my way squatting 90 lbs one leg. Talking to a few people about fitness goals I'm finding that if you want to lose weight or build muscles you have to change the way you think. I'm a positive person always have been. It's hard to always see the bright side of life. Even when I was pregnant I loved the way I looked. I embrace who I am and my body. I think it has a lot to do with my family. The women of my family have always had a negative outlook on themselves. Which in turn did the opposite for me. I loved myself at an early age. Fitness is a huge part of my life. It is what keeps me sane. It is who I am as a Mother, Wife, Friend and me. I laugh about it now since I'm shrinking. I told my hubby I was shrinking a few years ago he didn't believe me until I bought new shoes the other day. Either I have been wearing the wrong shoe size since I was 14 years old from a nine in a half to a size eight or I'm shrinking. I'm going to go with shrinking everything else on me is. The ladies in power mode class on Monday says it could be when you start getting old. It was a good laugh I turn 33 last month and shrink at the same-time. What else in in store for me this year.

I see YouTube channels for both my boys. Christopher is making a video everyday to put on his YouTube channel he wants. I think I will make one Daddy says No. I think I can change his mind if I put one up.

Justin is a Minecraft freak who wants to record what he does on his game. First we have to see how his room set up goes. The boys might be switching rooms. Christopher has the bigger room. Redoing the whole house is a lot of fun. Between school, work, magic club and whatever my boys are doing trying not to die is a huge task. I need a break I see a trip to the ocean real soon. We cut the cable and Internet off. It's been about a month to see if our boys could do without. I have to say it has been better this last week. I wasn't the favorite person in the household when I cut it off. I didn't realize how much we really do need the web. Sitting in Starbucks is getting old on Wednesdays. I have to hang in there to prove a point now. We all have a bet to who caves first. My money is on the man of the house. Hubby can't hang in too much longer without the politics news. We will see who wins! Never give up on yourself. Change will come in time. 

Saturday, February 6

The reason I live

 My kids are the reason I live. They are the reason I get up every morning. I know they watch everything I do. They have discipline to go forward with their goals they set.   We are a fit family. These pictures where taken before school on Friday. They kill me getting ready to leave they drop and complete ten push-ups for the morning. 

Justin is taking weight lifting a little more serious since next year he will be in high school. I can't  it's too soon for my baby to be growing up. 

He already has a six pack cut in. Oh no is all I have to say about that. Daddy mention girls uh NO big fat No.  I want him to be focus on school not girls. He is not allowed to date until he can support her.  He has been busy since he could walk with sports and he will continue to be too busy for girls come next year. Girls already call him wanting to video chat uh No again. Where are their parents? 

Christopher cracks me up as of right now he wants to grow up and be a body builder. Which is fine with me. We will see how he changes as he gets older. We won't be making the super hero race today. Allergies have had a hold of  three of us for over two weeks. It makes it hard to run with a five year old who only wants to cuddle and sleep. We will have a chance for another 5k in March. Until next time my readers stay fit be happy. 

Tuesday, December 22

If you want it you have to put the work in.

Working out is a workout in it's self when you have a family.

Yesterday trying to fit in a workout after we ran a mile in fourteen minutes with a five year old. Is by far not just fun but exhausting. I'm very proud of my boys Justin didn't have a problem with running. Christopher is better now than when we started in November. Teaching him how important it is to breathe always makes me laugh. Christopher thanks God today that he could breath without getting sick. He doesn't run crazy unless he is trying to beat his brother.

I read a lot of articles about how women don't have time to workout having a family and being a wife with a real job. If you didn't already know many of those women even ones I know tell me a stay at home mom is having a cake job aka no job at all. I would say yes to that because I enjoy it. I have fun teaching my children about life and the love of life.

Here it is:

We come home from our run boys take a shower.

I start to cook dinner we are at 5:00pm

I put the water on for the rice to boil.

Ten push ups in the bedroom check on Christopher who is making a swimming pool in the bathroom.

Cut chicken put in pan.

wipe up floor

Check on Christopher wash him up.

Back to the chicken add some spices and olive oil.

Back to Christopher get him out. He drys off.

Check on chicken stir it

Back to Christopher put lotion on him as he empties a body of lotion on himself to be a monster. lol This is one mommy moments that I love.

Check on water 20 calf raises while I add the rice and stir the chicken.

Back to my little monster who is getting dress now after he wiped most of the lotion off.

Ten more pushups Ten squats Ten hanging leg raises.

Both boys are at the table doing homework.

Check on food we are still good.

Help Christopher spell his name

Check on food

Back to hanging leg raises, ten more squats, ten burpees

Back to food 20 more calf raises as I stir the food

Back to Christopher who is coloring right now

Answer phone hubby feels like talking ten walking lunges as I walk to the sink to rinse rice

Back to Christopher who needs helps cutting his homework

Justin is done with his homework helps his brother as I finish adding rice to chicken.

Stir food together still talking to hubby as he laughs at me after I tell him what I am doing.

Ten more burpees

Boys are done with Homework and are playing.

Back to food It smells great.

Watch magic tricks from Justin who is getting ready for a magic show as I complete ten more pushups ten hanging leg raise more squats I lost count.

6;00 pm food is done homework is done Time for me to take a shower

6:15 hubby is home from work dinner is at the table.

I know it's not for everyone but if you want something bad enough you will find a way to make it work.

Just making sure I workout everyday no matter how hard it is. It''s my challenge to myself. Days are busy fun filled day no matter who you are or what you do. If it means something to you you will make it happen. Good Luck keep your head high. Never give up. 

Tuesday, November 10


I have taken up running. I have my family do it to. Sometimes against their will but that's okay. It turns out to be fun. If you are thinking about running here are some benefits to look at. Most of all you get a good sweat on. I love it!
Father and son ran the zombie race last month. They placed 11th and 12th place. Next year we will do it as a family. I kind of thought Christopher would be freaked out by the zombies. I was wrong he loved it. 

  • Overall mental health.
  • Runners are happy people. We’ve got that runner high thing going for us. 
  • Strengthens your lungs.
  • Runners have increased lung capacity from logging mile after mile. Those strong lungs come in handy if you ever find yourself on the other side of race as a spectator. A runner’s WOOHOO! is loud and proud.
  • Helps prevent high blood pressure.
    Your arteries expand and contract while running helping to keep your arteries fit which in turn keeps your blood pressure in a normal range. That is until you find out that your favorite running shoe has been discontinued. Nothing is harder to replace than a beloved running shoe! I have about ten pairs of shoes. 
  • Strengthens immune system.
    Regular running builds up your tolerance to germs which results in fewer minor illnesses. That is unless you are training for a marathon. Then you will be sick all the time.
  • Weight control.
    Running burns mega-calories. However, it makes you mega-hungry, especially if you are training for long distances.  Running doesn’t give you a pass to eat all the food, all the time.
  • Physically strong legs.
    Runner’s legs are a powerhouse. They move you from point A to B. They carry you up and down hills. They know how to put it into high gear at the track. 
  • Relieves stress.Running boasts the brain’s serotonin levels which make you calmer and more relaxed. Who said you can’t run away from your problems? I used to walk away from mine. 
  • Increased bone density.
    Running stresses your bones. Essential minerals are sent to the bones when under stress, which makes them stronger. However, running does not make you unbreakable. You still can break a bone by thinking you can jump a 10-foot high fence.
  • Increased joint strength and stability.
    Running increases the strength of your ligaments and tendons. You’ll find your joints will be able to withstand more mileage and more uneven terrain. But that doesn’t mean you will never sprain your ankle again while trail running. It just may mean four weeks on crutches versus eight weeks if you didn’t run.
  • Increased confidence. Once you start running, your confidence begins to grow. You’ll feel more in control of your life and your body. You will even begin to think you look good in spandex tights.
  • Boys running yesterday. 
    After the 5k race 

    Not sure about the spandex part I will go as far a yoga pants. My knees ache when I run but I know I have early onset arthritis. You know that dull ache that never goes away. Some days are better than others. It will just take time to get used to like anything new. My Popsicle is five who can pump out a mile with a quick stop for water in about twenty minutes. Something new we are taking on with our fitness Journey together. It has been a month.  We are running at least three days a week together. I run four or five depending on my workout in the morning. Trying to balance the day with family, work and school is always something fun to do. Thank God for my phone and alarms or I would be lost each day. Let me know how you keep fit and balanced out during the week. 

                         Smile always!!!

     Wish us luck. 

    Thursday, October 22

    It takes one step

    All it takes is one step to change your life. One step towards the future may seem like a long distance to travel. It's not don't let your mind take over your body. I had a girlfriend ask me what I was doing to change my body. It's a good thing we are friends because I was like "What was I fat before?" We couldn't help but laugh. She was meaning you can see I have tone down and built muscle.

    It takes a lot of will power. I fall off my band wagon ever now and then. I don't and won't let myself feel bad about it. It happens as long as it's not ever day. It's a lifestyle a person has to choose. It's something that you have to keep up on in order to move forward just like anything else in life. If you want to get better at making your body great. It will take sweat,tears and time.
    My workout this morning went a little something like this.

    6 Rounds of the following

    40 walking Lunges

    35 Jump Squats

    15 Triceps Dips

    20 Pushups

    35 Crunches

    By the end of this workout I thought I was going to puke. I looked like I just step out of the shower because I was sweating so bad. My back and knees hurt. I could barley get up off the floor. I even thought about just sleeping there in my sweat until the next day. Then I heard a little voice say " Good Morning Mama!" It sucks working out but I get a sense of enjoyment out of it. I think people need to realize that working out is a small very small part in getting fit. What goes in your mouth the rest of the day is what counts. Once you switch from pop to water give up that process food to fresh veggies. You will see a significant change in your body alone. Make a small change like get a book about eating. Try new things out don't be afraid of food. Eat to fuel your body. Think about what you will get out of your meal to nourish your body. Changing the way you think is the hardest part. Change that and your body will follow.  Good Luck Don't Give Up on Yourself.

    Monday, July 6

    Push Yourself

    Workout for today was a killer routine.
    Frog thrust
    Side alternating plank
    Mountain climbers
    Squat jumps
    I did 25 reps of each since I was using my phone to listen to music. It makes it hard to time yourself. I did three rounds and added a few more abs routine. I personally like the one where you lay down on the ground. You hold a weight in your hand and get up then lay back down. I'm not sure what that one is called it sure will push you. I get bored working out on my own with the pictures I get off line. Five rounds seems a bit much to me. Then again I have no idea who is coming up with workouts. I always let my body tell me where I'm at. I always find myself adding knees up plank walk downs, push ups, knee smash. Another favorite of mind is where you are in a push up and jump in and out with your legs. Killer for lower abs. I also work a little on arms with my bands. Traveling light is great. My bands fit right in my bag. I try use my bands as much as I can. It just takes a second to remember all the great workouts you can actually do with them. It took about an hour my boys sat in the workout room with me at the hotel. They watched TV even helped me on a few circuits. Christopher likes to mock me. It's cute when he will flex his muscles. Getting fit will always be hard no matter where you are in life. Don't let no gym or I'm traveling be an excuse. If you want it you will complete your goals. Nothing will stop you from getting it but YOU! Have faith in yourself you are worth your own time.

    Friday, June 12

    Beast Within

    July 2013

    My fitness journey to getting fit not skinny has been a hard struggle that is still not over.
    Here is when I started out three years ago.
    I have had more problems then I can count working out. I have always been fit my whole life. I have no problems working out at home. As you know my P90X journey went well after I had tore my rotator cuff and re injured my left wrist. Which by the way was a walking crab injury when my son and I had a race. He won because I slipped and fell.

    I started out with spin class which led to fluid in my needs and lots of time off almost two months. Then getting back into it to my disappointment I'm not able to take spin class. Maybe in the future when I build muscles around my knees. I also have sica nerve in my back which I have had all my life. I have my good days and my bad. I have noticed that the stronger my back gets sometimes the pain is manageable now. Everyone has struggles in anything they do. You can either cry about it or push through the hard times and get back to the grind. Every time I had to stop it was twice as hard to get back to where I was before I had to stop. I have a very good support team starting with my hubby who refuses to let me fall. He is my rock when I physically can not walk. He is by my side every step of the way. He  is  nothing but inspirational and confident. Most of all he makes me laugh at the times I want to give in. I can't give up I'm not that type of person even when I see no light at the end of the tunnel. I think about how far I have came in life to get where I'm at now. My kids need a strong mom. My body is my temple I take care of it. I'm even thinking about competing in bodybuilding. I have a long way to go still. I'm on the right track posing in a bikini flexing just makes me laugh when I think about it. If I do go ahead with this I'm not getting one of those spray tans. They just look silly when their head doesn't match.

    Not sure about the face I'm making I'm sure holding the camera and flexing is hard. I have to also thank all the great instructors at the gym who kick my ass everyday. I have made wonderful friends in this journey. It's important to know it's a lifestyle that I have taken on. There is no end insight. I'm thankful I have the opportunity to take this step. It's hard as hell when you are sore from your workout the day before to get up and do it all over again. Even if it's ten minutes a day that I have I'm still improving my body and mind. Today is a rest day for me but I'm sure I will fit in a workout. It's  contagious when I see my lonely weights on the floor. I swear they talk to me. Just do five reps and walk away. That really never happens. I end up sweating my ass off. Love your body ladies and it won't do you wrong.

    June 2015

    Tuesday, May 26

    Beast Mode

    Instagram photo by sean_sarantos - Just a heads up that the Memorial Day sale for all @beastsportsnutrition gear is still going on until 5/31.  20% off all the fitness gear 🙌. Just head over to www.BEASTSPORTS.come and check it out 👌 #beastblue #beast #beastsports

    Sean promotes the Beast products on Instagram. I love his YouTube videos and great advice. He also has a dog name Clark who is adorable! My wonderful hubby decide to switch up my game with some new clothes and samples. He knows me too well. 
      Pre -workout today was insane I was totally wired before my workout.  I took half of my trail package yesterday just to see how I would do. I didn't feel anything so my thought today was take the orange flavor one but the whole serving. By the way any pre-workout I have taken always taste horrible. Drink it fast and plug your nose. Well I loved it! The only thing I disliked about the pre-workout was it did give me the jitters. The directions say to take 30 minutes before working out which I did. I felt it kick in as I was driving to the gym. Once I got there I had to run in place before my short circuit class. I was ready to go! The instructor and other women there asked me if I was okay. My response was " Let's get this party started. What are we waiting for?" We were waiting for Teresa to explain what the hell we had to do. Meanwhile
    I'm doing jumping jacks at this point. I killed my workout today. Knowing my body I knew I had to slam my water in order to be able to take my yoga class.  I had to push my pre workout out of my body through the power of water.  Thankfully I was able to take yoga. Angela is a great instructor who is way to flexible.
    This is totally her. I'm not there yet hopeful soon.  I needed to slow down after my pre workout. This class helped me relax 100%. If you are in the area try it out. She has a beginners class and advance. Either class is always at your own pace. Don't try to keep up with anyone that's how you can hurt yourself.
    Pineapple BCCA's are absolutely delicious. The BCAA's have a rapid recovery. The electrolytes really make this an epic product!  Just like my Shredz BCAA's it does the something. I love BCAA's during my workouts, keep me focused, and delay time to fatigue! A nice switch from fruit punch. It also helps to curve your appetite in the evening which I tend to get a little sweet tooth from time to time. Drinking this at dinner  keeps me on the right track. My overall review is great but be careful when taking the pre workout. It did last during my whole workout class including fifteen minute's of abs. Which I love! In about a month I will try this product again to switch it up from Shredz. Not that I don't like it I'm still in the works finding out what works for me and if I want to take anything at all. My fitness goals are simple not to lose weight but to build muscle. The main reason just to lead a healthy lifestyle. It's not a diet it truly is a lifestyle which makes it easier for me at least. I'm two years in on my five year six pack goal. Wish me luck! Remember it takes hard work and dedication for anything. You will make time for it if you want it bad enough.

    Monday, May 11


    Latin night Downtown Titusville, with my YMCA volunteer Team.
    Posted by Diana">">Diana Marcela Araújo-Fernández

    on Friday, May 8, 2015

    Diana has a great attitude about getting fit. She teaches a few classes that will kick your butt into shape. This class is a favorite of mine even if I have been away for awhile with a different class. These ladies are the most upbeat people you will ever meet. Don't shy away because you can't dance. Don't make excuses why you can't take a class. Just walk in the door the people are amazing! There isn't any judging just people getting into shape. Most of the time they have no clue you are new until after the class. Then everyone will talk to you so get use to having new friends. Everyone knows who you are. They miss you when you are gone. The encouragement is out of this world. I think the ring leader in being positive is Marsha. Dancing makes everyone happy. It's a chance to let go and live in the moment you are given. If you want to sweat burn calories and have fun. Please stop by to see Diana and the rest of the crew. She also teaches a spin class, abs and a power mode class. Change it up a bit don't get stuck doing the same workout year after year.
    Shake what you can most of all have lots of fun. Hope to see you in class Monday morning! Make sure you click o the video above just to get a little taste of what to expect in class.

    Wednesday, May 6

    8 Fit

    I recommend 8fit v 2.1.5. Visit the links from your Android device. 8fit v 2.1.5 ( )

    This app is a great tool to use at home or traveling.  The workouts vary from fourteen minutes to four minutes.  It gives you the option to listen to music to pause it whenever you need to. I'm always looking for new apps new videos on YouTube new information. Knowledge is power! How to sculpt and tone my body is important to me. Besides I like to be nosy and see how other people are doing their workouts. To see what's new now. The only person you should ever compete with is yourself. Who else has this app? 

    Monday, April 27

    Smoothie of the Day

    I love my smoothie's thought I would share this one.
    -A handful of ice cubes
    -A handful of strawberries
    - 1 cup of almond milk (milk)
    A dash of cinnamon and pumpkin powder.
    -honey to taste add as much as you want or as little. 
    -A scoop of my shredz protein powder Cinnabon. (my secret ingredient)
    This smoothie turned out fluffy and smooth.  I need a little bit of a change from my normal smoothie which I add the above but also add spinach and change up to chocolate peanut butter protein powder from when I need to have  something sweet. I also blend it with my Ninja Blender a little longer just to make sure the strawberries are mixed well. I love my Ninja it's the only thing that can break down the ice. This makes up about five cups total.  Have a smoothie day!

    Thursday, April 9

    Get Stepping

    Get those rock hard abs! If it was easy everyone would do it! Monika makes you work. She is famous for making you sweat and abs sore. Just what we all come for. Russian twists,  crunches, and planks.  Monday's are plank day's.  Be the plank! Two minutes of torture with a lower planks side planks you name it. She loves them. 
    Step class is always fun. As long as you don't trip over your step. It can be an amazing cardio workout. It's your workout it's your  class. Make it what you want just keep moving.  That's the hardest part when you get tired you tend to stop don't push yourself.  Train your brain even if you get tired it's your brain you have to overcome. You have to decide how bad do you want it. You are the only obstacle that you have to get by. Don't stand in your way. 

    Monday, April 6

    Motivation Tuesday

    Your workout can easily get lost in the whirlwind of your weekly to-do list. Don't let it! If you need help follow these tips.

    1. Get a gym buddy. Have someone by your side who can help push you to your goals and vice versa!

    2. Workout at least three times per week. Make it a guiding rule to, at the very least, exercise three times a week!

    3. Set goals. Setting a goal weight or other related goal can be utilized as motivation to get up and moving

    My personal favorite look to Arnold Schwarzenegger for help. Blast your headphones with kick ass music you can get lost in. Bust out that workout telling yourself you can! Ask yourself How bad do you want it? 
    Then do it.

    Laughing and Shaking your hips

    It is true my life is so much better after I get done with Zumba. It's hard not to laugh in class because my Zumba teacher is shaking her hips like a pro while we all look like we are having some kind of attack of some sort. A few tips if you take  Zumba class you will laugh if you look at others. My thought is "What the Hell is that person doing?" Then I remember that I'm doing the samething which makes me laugh my ass off. It's a good thing mirrors are not in the gym. Tip 2: Always think you have it. Just dance it out.
    Just wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!! - Click image to find more Humor Pinterest pins

    The hip rolls are a little much for me since I think certain rolls should never be seen in a family setting. It is fun to try it out considering that It's fun to show my hubby. Take a look at this studmuffin! I learn this today from Diane mixed with this jump squat turn from Leanna. Let's hit a club to show off my new moves!
    zumba ecard - Google Search

    Dancing is good for the soul I enjoy it a lot. Tip 3: If you are new to a class don't try and keep up with the teacher you might blow a hip out. Been there done that telling someone you have an injury from Zumba class you tend to get odd looks.

    Sweat.  I love to not wear deodorant on my days off. Sit outside on a hot day and just sweat! Zumba works too. :)
     Thank God I'm not a big chested woman or I might put an eye out in class. I look like I just jumped out of the pool when class is over. I burn a good 500 - 800 calories in class easy! Make sure you pee before class and get a good meal in so you have something to burn. The one thing I know is that everyone in class is a family.
     Back up old lady with the 80's reeboks ! This is my personal space @Ms.Janette P lol !!  Be sure everyone in class has a spot they have been there for awhile. They get there early just for that spot don't make anyone mad. In the end just dance to the tenth Pitbull song. It's okay he is in lot's of songs however we went country today. I had a blast!! Country line dancing with a hip roll made my day.

    Saturday, April 4

    30 Days down

    Day 30 completed on Monday 200 Jump Squat and 100 V ups.
    I would have to say I did switch the jump squats to lunges half way through and just plain old squats. I did find that this challenge was a little much with the squats. In my opinion why not add some weights to your hands to make it hard.

    200 is a  little much and you risk injury to
    your knees forcing more on how many then form. You always want to have good form no matter what. I normally don't start counting until it hurts.
    The amount of superman's in this was a little much. If you have back problems it could help but not in the amount this challenge was asking for. Over time being consistent at least three days a week will help your back overall.

    Working out is more mental then physical. The reason for that you have to set your mind up in order to put your body through something it's not use to. Even if it is you still have to avoid that plato that everyone goes into from time to time. Change it up you shouldn't be at the same spot next year in your workout. Increase your weights don't be scared take a cardio class get outside and run get off the treadmill. Mix it up but don't forget to have lot's of fun! The rest of this 30 days was descent I didn't mind the extra work later in the evening. I did crash on day 20. I was just exhausted from not taking a day off to rest. Resting is needed when working out it's as important as lifting weights. Your body needs that time to repair itself in order to build. I think I might take this challenge and redo it changing a few things to fit me. If you took the time to do this please let me know how you did.


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