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Saturday, February 6

The reason I live

 My kids are the reason I live. They are the reason I get up every morning. I know they watch everything I do. They have discipline to go forward with their goals they set.   We are a fit family. These pictures where taken before school on Friday. They kill me getting ready to leave they drop and complete ten push-ups for the morning. 

Justin is taking weight lifting a little more serious since next year he will be in high school. I can't  it's too soon for my baby to be growing up. 

He already has a six pack cut in. Oh no is all I have to say about that. Daddy mention girls uh NO big fat No.  I want him to be focus on school not girls. He is not allowed to date until he can support her.  He has been busy since he could walk with sports and he will continue to be too busy for girls come next year. Girls already call him wanting to video chat uh No again. Where are their parents? 

Christopher cracks me up as of right now he wants to grow up and be a body builder. Which is fine with me. We will see how he changes as he gets older. We won't be making the super hero race today. Allergies have had a hold of  three of us for over two weeks. It makes it hard to run with a five year old who only wants to cuddle and sleep. We will have a chance for another 5k in March. Until next time my readers stay fit be happy. 

Saturday, August 22

Priceless Conversations with my kids

Walking into Publix our grocery store we seen the Navy Seals standing outside. My conversation with my son Justin.
Me: "Do you want to go to Navy camp?"
Justin: "When I see the Navy I think of Popeye. I don't want to be Popeye!"
I start to laugh
Me: "Popeye? You know Coach Mike was in the Navy."
Justin: Go figure he's skinny. He looks like Popeye."
I'm dying at this point. It's so funny what kids associate things with. Christopher put five dollars into their donations jar. They saluted us and the kids were taken back by that as we walk to the car. They both said simultaneously.
That was Awesome!

On our way driving through Louisiana we stopped at a hotel for the night. I couldn't sleep to save my life at midnight I decide to go ahead get the kids ready to start driving at 1 am. I would make it home around seven that night. It had to be about an hour or so I seen a group of five deer on the side of the road. Slowly driving just in case they decided to run in the road.  A few miles from them I seen another group of deer. As I still was driving I saw another deer this time he was running. I mean he was hauling ass. My thought he was trying to catch up with his buddies. Then I saw a Bobcat. It was huge. I never seen one up close besides in a zoo. I wanted to pull over to pet him. Then I realized that would be a bad idea since he would probably eat me. I kept driving besides he was getting breakfast fast food. 

My boys woke up about five hours later. I told them what I seen. 
Popsicle: " So you saw a cat. It can run?'
Me: "Yes."
Popsicle "It looks like a cat."
Me: "Yes."
Popsicle: " It had fur?"
Me: " Yes."
Popsicle: " Can it meow?"
Me: "Yes."
I'm thinking okay where is he going with this? Then the best part came at the end. 
Popsicle: "So you are telling me it doesn't throw bombs?"
Me: "Why would it throw bombs?"
Popsicle:" So what kind of cat is it?"
Justin starts to laugh and says "He thinks it's a bomb cat!" 
That was the laugh of the morning. He asked to see a picture of it when we stop for gas. Once I pulled it up I realized it wasn't a Bobcat I saw it was a cougar. He must of had a bad hair day because it was muggy that morning. His or her tail was long and fuzzy!

It's still funny when I tell people about my kids. I swear I never know what will come out of either of them. I do have to say these two conversations are right up there just like when Justin was about four or so. He thought God looked like Sam Bernstein.
 The story went a little like this. I was putting Justin to bed when he asked 
"What does God look like?"
"I don't know. What do you think he looks like?" I asked
Justin:" A old guy with white hair. Like Sam."
"You think God looks like Sam our cousin Sam?" I asked
" No, The guy that says You in an accident call Sam!" He said it with passion waving his hands.
Laughing I asked " You think God looks like Sam Bernstein?"
Justin: "Yes, I do."
All I could say was okay I guess that is what God looks like. 
I love being a mommy. I love my boys! 

Friday, June 19

Mommy travel moments

I don't know how it can be sunny and raining with hail at the sametime.  I thought it was going to break my windshield. It's a beautiful scenic route driving through Louisiana,Texas and now we're in New Mexico still 5 hours to go. We're taking a family trip to four corners. Justin and I seen on TV that a lot of alien activity happens there so we decided to take a trip. I really hope we don't see any green aliens I can go for illegal aliens long as they mind their own business. Last year we just drove through Roswell. We are meeting up with my hubby and Father. They went ahead to bond and gamble a pre Father's Day gift. 
My mommy travel moment with Christopher. 
We stopped to get gas in Louisiana.
Christopher asked "Mommy why do those guy's look so rough? Did they just come back from Naked and Afraid? " 
I couldn't help but laugh as I didn't answer him till we got back in the car. 
"No, Christopher I don't think so." 
He looked confused and didn't say anything so I left it as that. By the way if you don't know Naked and Afraid is a TV show. There are two people who have to survive in the wilderness for 21 days.

Yes, There is a cat under there. The seat is on the sun is shining and Godzilla is in cat heaven.  He is warm and sleeping.  Until the storm rolled in he just had to look out the window.  This is his first trip with us. Everything is new to him. I do have to say he is a lot more active than Mickey the cat. She just hides.  Godzilla tried to steal my grapes incognito with the blanket over him. Like I wouldn't see him. 
We are still working on the whole meowing in the middle of the night as he trys to get the squirrel that's in the window.  Not to mention trying to escape from the hotel room. He is still learning. 

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