Friday, March 28

Someone once told me

Someone once told me that I need to find Jesus! I would quote them but I would rather not they know who they are. I grew up in a Catholic household until I moved out when I was sixteen.

The picture to the right hung in the middle of the doorway for many years. My mother never made us go to church because her mother forced her to go when she was younger.  She wanted us to make that choice for ourselves. She was not a religious person. She didn't follow the bible nor did she deny it. My siblings and I went to many different churches growing up it kind of came with our territory with who we grew up with. One week we were Baptist the next Catholic.  I guess you can say we were dip in many cultures so to speak. Three weeks ago I decide with the help of a now friend to take on the Church again. Going to church has always been a battle with me. It's not that I don't believe I do. I have always believed that there is a higher power then humans walking around. I have many stories to tell of God loving people who are the first to preach to you and the first to do the complete opposite of what they just preach. They are the most hypocritical people in the world with the exception of a few that I have found it hard to believe. I once had a girl tell me I was a slut for having a child out of wedlock when she did the same. Not knowing how I got pregnant in the first place. She had no problem judging me on the little information she knew.  She also tried to explain that the church wouldn't release her from it. Call me crazy but I would think all she had to do was not go. She also swings cuss words around as if she never read the bible ever in her life. Let's not to mention she has had more problems with drugs and alcohol then anyone else I know. She has no problem telling someone else what they are doing wrong but not once looked to how she lives her life. When she or any of GOD followers are told they are no angle I love the come back they have. I'm in the making of what GOD wants me to be. I find it hilarious like if I had a camera to tape you how would they act then. It's like they back track like Will Smith in the Fresh Prince the first 40 seconds of the clip below. SEE WHAT HAD HAPPEN WAS!!!

Many people go to church and live their life they see fit as I do the same.
I'm not judging the girl I spoke of above she just has a little more soul searching to do for herself if she speaks of the lord but doesn't follow where he takes her. No one is perfect in fact I don't believe in that word. There is always room for improvement in yourself and others. If you have the need to judge someone make sure your closet is free of skeletons before you utter words of hate. That's if you have too. In my book there is no need to judge another. Your shoes you walk are different then someone else's.
I can say my mother help me understand when I was still very young. That I strongly still believe in  it's not how people judge you it how that person sees themselves that comes out in a negative light. I have to keep reminding myself of that. As I get older I see LIFE in a different way then I once did. It's funny in a way that I can say that. I never wanted anything more then to be happy when I was younger. I found that ten years ago with the birth of my son and now hubby. Two lives collided together to make a family two people wanted the same thing separate now more so together. It's not hard to be happy it's left up to you to decide that. If you have to seek Jesus then by all means find him.

 I have always been extremely emotional in church. It's like I feed off what others are feeling. To me I find that to be a little strange to know that what I'm feeling are not my emotions but are that of someone else.

I don't know if the whole God thing is a man made religion to get people to believe in something more or if it's true. I'm on a six week Journey in my life to see if my views change or stay the same. I don't know what the next three weeks hold in store for me. I'm sure I will find out with an open heart and mind anything is possible. I would love to hear your views on this subject.

Tuesday, March 18

Blogger pictures gone

This is a short blog post about my blog and all my pictures seem to be gone. Turns out Google deletes them without notice who knew.
 Until I can fix my post I'm not sure if I can being that I have been blogging since 2010. That is a lot of pictures to replace. I may just give up blogging or switch to WordPress.
Have a nice day! Thanks for reading

Monday, March 10

Getting back


I have been fighting allergies for almost a month now until today. I'm getting back to my normal schedule with getting fit. My journey is still full speed ahead as I took up yet again a new workout. I hit a plateau back in January it was time to switch up my workout routine. Turbo Jam was fun today lots of energy in the DVD still very entertaining when you watch the other people on the DVD. The faces they make are just silly. I guess overall the DVD was great! Along with intense weight lifting with cardio combo and muscle conditioning it has made that plateau non existing.
I'm not looking to lose weight I just want to tone up.
Losing the weight was a plus.
 I have to say my results are wonderful. I weigh 149 as of today lost five pounds and went from a size 8 to a size 5 in my jeans. How exciting until I realized I no longer have any boobs all to due to shopping this past weekend. I was a little upset until I walked past the cute little bikini's hanging on the racks then I was alright. The funny thing about my journey to getting fit is that I didn't even notice the weight loss. My pants were a little big sagging between my legs I just thought they were a little worn out. You know from wearing them maybe four times a month. I'm never in jeans I hate jeans because they are all stretchy junk. I just want the hip hugger with flair bottoms like when I was in high school. They no longer make them as the nice lady at Old Navy told me. I guess not really a loss I never really liked that store anyways. I did find some jeans at Macy's.Yes, They have a little stretch to them which I'm not happy but old well they are a size five. I could even fit into a four but my thighs won't.
( There was a picture here Google took it off with most of my pictures on my blog. I don't know why I apologize in advance.)

 Here is me with my Popsicle doing squats. He is my weight of 34 pounds. Trust me I feel it with 30 lunges each leg and then 20 regular squats. 

I really need a full body picture I'm more then happy with my arms and body overall. My hard work, dedication and consistency has really paid off. My Journey isn't over yet still working on my six pack with a no processed food no meat unless my hubby makes me eat chicken which just kills me. I had to fight him on this last time he wanted me to eat chicken. It really upsets my stomach I'm a veggie, fruit ,water, protein shake kind of person. 
I'm happy with that I still have my cheat days once a week you have to in order to stay on this kind of lifestyle.  It is a life style not a diet. My weakness above all is cookie dough ice cream and maybe pizza. Until next time just remember it takes time to meet a goal in fitness. It has to be your goal not anyone elses. Get fit for you challenge yourself to be better then you were yesterday. Have fun with it make it work for you.

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