Friday, February 28

2 Ingredients

Making Homemade Playdough is always fun and messy.

2 Ingredients needed that's right only two

~ Cornstarch
~ Hair Conditioner ( dollar store works the best)

I would take this outside because it is very messy as we found out when we made it the first time in our kitchen. Thank God we have tile floors which made is just a little easy to clean up. The second time we adventure into the playdough making world we took it outside.

I gave my boys a heaping pile of cornstarch on the play table with some conditioner to have at it to mix with their hands. If it was to dry just add more conditioner to sticky add more cornstarch. 

We added some food coloring which by the way turned it to a light pastel color. It left our hands soft and smells really good depending on what conditioner you have chosen. You can keep it for about a day or two in a zip-lock bag store in a cool place.  Just add either more conditioner or cornstarch once you take it back out to play with again. It kept my boys busy all afternoon. Have fun!!!

Wednesday, February 26


I was going about my day as any other this time I just pulled up to GNC. I looked around as I always do before getting out of my car. I checked all the mirrors. I seen nothing wrong I get out and I start to unbuckle my son from his car seat when I hear a man's voice. I looked up and around my car out the backseat windows to make sure no one was there. I stand up as the man is talking I get a glimpse from the corner of my eye of a person walking up behind my car. The thoughts are racing through my head. This is it I'm getting carjack. I can't believe it all this time preparing myself for it and I feel as if I knew nothing. I had so much fear and adrenaline running through my my veins I wasn't going down without a fight.

"If you are ever by" he says
I tell him to stop as the man walking towards my car walks across the parking lot.
I speak in a very loud stern voice
"Don't ever approach a women or anyone for that matter as they are getting out of the car! I almost just beat the shit out of you!"

"Excuse me Ma'am?" The man looked surprised turns out he was just trying to sell an oil change. He starts to talk at this point I'm beyond upset and pissed off. I kindly explain to him why selling an oil change can get him hurt or killed. He said I changed his mind about the way he approaches people whether or not I did I hope he thinks about it first. I'm pretty sure he thought I was a crazy person. Now days you can't be to sure about anyone.

 My son was still in the car if he would have taken another step towards me I would have beat the living shit out of him climb in the backseat to the front to leave. As a women I'm already a target for crime the fact that I have children makes criminals think I'm an EASY target. Please be aware of your surrounding park in a well lite area. I have always put my youngest child car seat right behind the driver's seat. The reason is that it takes to much time to walk around your car to the get in it leaves that split second chance for someone to try and steal your car. I have gone through a carjacking plan with my children we go over it often as well as a safety plan for a home invasion, fire, kidnapping, hurricane, school shooting and tornado plan. My theory is It's Better to be Safe then Sorry! My family may never have to deal with these issues then again we live in a world where it can happen at any given time. I'm honest with  my children I talk about everything with them as far as what do they know what to do if one of the above happens. I want my children to try and be clear minded if a carjacking happens to happen. I know this may sound weird and unusual My oldest knows how to jump out of a car if he has to. No matter what someone says he is to fight scream anything to get free if the unthinkable happens. It's hard to think what he may have to do if I'm not there if he's dad isn't there. I hear too many stories about what horrible things people have done to children it makes me sick. Talking to your children letting them know that the world isn't just sunshine and rainbows it's a big dangerous place. Ask them question's see what they say go from there. Besides the ones I listed above  here are a few more topics to talk to your children about. Talk to your family about what to do.

1. What to do if a friend has a gun?
2. If someone try to touch them inappropriately.
3. If they are home alone and someone knocks at the door what do they do?
4. If you are out walking or playing at the park and a drive by shooting happens.
5. Do you have a code word for the family and kids?
Meaning if your kids are uncomfortable while standing in front of the person who hurt them they can use the code word in a sentence to alert you. That is not out of normal so it's not noticeable. Once you are just with your child they can explain to you why they used the code word.
6. Do you know how many sex offenders live in your neighborhood?
7. Do you keep your house and car locked up at night and during the day?
8. Do you know the people your children play with?
(My rule of thumb my son gets tried of hearing is that If I don't know the parents NO you can't go to their house to play)
9. Are your children friends parents gun owners and how they keep their weapons locked up or out in the open?
It's okay to ask for the safety of your children. If they won't tell you then I would think twice about letting my children play there.
10. Do you have a safe spot where your child or loved one can meet you if you get split up in public.

You can call me paranoid I call it being safe. I don't take it to the extreme but my family has a plan do you? Let me know what you have talked about with your kids what do you do to keep your family safe?

Sunday, February 16

FL Law Enforcement Sex Offender Advisory


This is what my email reads in the subject line.  I signed up for the Florida Sex Offender List. Now I'm starting to freak out! It's official there are freaks near by keep your kids inside at all time.

Sex offenders in Florida now have no place left to hide.
Cops in Bradford County are posting huge signs outside the homes of convicted rapists and child molesters in a bid to warn children and parents about their potential danger.

I'm not sure if this is the right way to go about letting people know. Before you question me let me just say I would move A.S.A.P but think about the neighborhood going to shit if you see these signs everywhere. This could break a city in two. There should be a city of just these people in a small town to deal with each other daily.  As a mother this just makes me sick anyone who takes advantage of a child and hurts should be killed. I have no pity or mercy for anyone who can rape a child. Let's just say with the help of these signs in front of a house will make a family walk much easier to know what street not to go down. These people should never be let out of jail. Just my thoughts I'm physical feeling ill right now I have received one everyday this week. Thank God there are none here near my house. They can still drive and walk it should be tattoo on there forehead that reads I'm a sicko. If you would like to learn more click on the link and sign up.

It will show you a map of where you live and all the sex offender's in the area with name, address and the crime they were charged with. Please be careful and never go looking for anyone let the police handle something if you have a question or concern. As always be safe!

Thursday, February 13

Coconut Conditioner

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Repairing Conditioner

I love this stuff just another review today. I have been using Palmer's Coconut Conditioner for about three weeks now along with just baking soda and water mixed in a spray bottle for shampoo. I only use the shampoo mix on my scalp not the rest of my hair. It makes it too dry in my opinion. My hair is medium length and thick now it's extremely soft. It shines like never before and smells really good. I tried to use the NO Poo Method before but it didn't work like the web said it would. Using the No Poo Method of baking soda and water in a spray bottle for shampoo you spray it in rinse it out. It makes your hair dry it's then said to use apple cider vinegar as your conditioner which is hard to do. I followed the video below which Ashley says it takes three weeks for your hair to adjust. At the end of three weeks my hair was to greasy. I could put it up in a ponytail without gel. I guess you could really call me a Greasy Mexican then! The smell of vinegar was to overwhelming it started to give me a headache it was so strong. It even made it worst with my workout schedule I was a walking bottle of vinegar. Ashley says the vinegar smell will rinse out I'm not so sure about that more or less you get immune to the smell and forget about it. I couldn't to each it's own I guess. Still working on the natural hair gel haven't mastered it yet. That will be in another post later. The spray bottles at target I have found that works the best. Good luck if you try it.

Saturday, February 8

Valentine’s Day, what’s the big deal?

That is what my ten year old asked me. I had to think before I told him It's a time to share how much you love someone. My son confused at first then added that there doesn't need to be a special day to say I LOVE YOU! He's right my his daddy always says I love you with flowers, notes on our chalkboard cabinet and simply just being there for us. We celebrate life and love daily in our household I'm forever telling my boys I love them to the moon and back. My little one likes to blow kisses to us. We pretend to catch his kiss and slap it on our cheek. My oldest still gives me a kiss before he leaves for school.  We decide that this year we will extend that love by putting a smile on someone else's face.
Write and create a Valentine's day card for a Senior Citizen. I have to say I have never thought about this subject too often since I went to Mother Daughter work day when I was a teenager. My mother has taken care of elderly people all her life. It was sad to see all those men and women sitting in there rooms doing nothing but rioting away. No one to talk to no one to care to stop by and say hello. It's sad so let's spread the love together sign up today to make someone SMILE!
Depression and isolation in older adults affects people of all backgrounds. 


Click on this link to print out a list of places you can send your cards to. They list all states there are few of them in Florida. We are sending ours too 
Seniors First, Inc 5395 LB McLeod Road, Orlando, Fl 32811 

 Justin would like to send candy as well we will  be creating a few goodies bags to go with our cards. So far he has made ten cards all different. Christopher two right now with my help. 

Find one in your state have fun spread the love!

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