Monday, August 29

Look at me

I'm 8 months here at my baby shower for at the time "No Name Needham". Look at that belly I was huge. I miss my belly. I miss Steve rubbing it daily. What am I talking about that he still does. It's his favorite part on my body one of them anyways. It's  too funny he loves to cuddle with me and lay his head on my belly. He loves my belly with babies or no babies.
There we are in July I'm at 142. Not bad having my second baby nine months before.
 at 142


139 lbs
Me today flat as can be. I 'm lucky I lost all my baby weight the first month thanks to nursing. I'm really happy I have my old body back. I thought after a c-section it would never go back to normal. My hubby made me rest after I had Christopher. He wouldn't let me do anything. He was Mr. Mom for at least 18 weeks or so. Thank you babe for that.I however have one complaint my chest is gone.  I guess that is okay. I never did like those twin girls sitting on my chest. Anyone who needs big bras I have them. I lost it once before after I stop nursing Jay it will come back. Hitting the gym and pumping that iron will do the trick. I miss having that bonding time with the boys. I just stopped nursing Christopher 3 weeks ago due to having to take some medicine for my leg. He is doing better then what we thought he would do with the big change from boob to bottle. Now he has four teeth in I'm glad I didn't get bit by him like I did with Jay. I thought that kid was going to rip it off.  I love my body. I love the way I feel. I love that my hubby loves my body anyway it is. Having Steve be supportive where he is cheering me on to eat right as he is eating a burger kills me sometimes. I love that he doesn't pressure me to be skinny. He loves me just the way I am. Working out everyday and eating right has done my body very GOOD!

One of our last Trips before school starts

This past five days with my family has been a blast. We went to go see my dad. I love seeing him but the drive is really long a 7 1/2 hour trip turns into a 9 hour trip with all the stopping we have to do with the kids.  Last night on our way back home Justin would cough or sneeze and Christopher would just giggle out of control. He thought it was the funniest thing ever. I couldn't help but laugh. It was really cute.

Christopher trying to walk to daddy.

 Man oh Man taking the time to relax and get away from the city was nice. Justin had to fight the dog for a frog. She was not giving up her toy she found.  You had to be there to see it. Jay ended up putting the frog on steroids in the garden. The thing was huge!
We found a water fall on the side of the road. Here is Justin and Steve. Justin  had a blast because his Daddy had to carry him down to it.
 His daddy was joking that he was going to put Jay in the fall. He was freaking out. Steve said it was cold in the cave that it droped about ten degrees in there.
Back up to the Truck. I swear they are two peas in a pod. I can tell Jay is getting older. He stays up on the trip now before he would sleep the whole time. My little man is going to be in the 3rd grade already. I'm really happy but sad at the same time. Kids are little only for a short time. I remember going to the out house races when he was 3 years old.  That seems like it was a lifetime ago. I love that we find time to take family trips. It's the little things that matter the most in our life like this. It makes me happy to have the chance to watch my children grow. Our children have both of their parents to share these wonderful times with.
We also stopped by the lake and took a dip. I love watching Christopher with excitment when he sees something new like sand. He ate a hand full of it. He didn't seem to mind it. I had to rinse out his mouth three different times in the water. My boys love the water. Justin buried his self in the sand with our help of course. I pushed him in the water to get all the sand off of him. I sliped in the water myself well up to my knees. That water is cold as hell. To think when I was Jay's age I too swam in it. Crazy I know but the boys loved it.
My dad's cat caught a mouse on the deck it must of got in from outside. She almost threw it on my dad's friends. He so acted like a girl with that one feet up and all. My wonderful hubby got the mouse out of her mouth when it escaped. Steve was chasing the mouse and caught it by the tail. He is walking though the house to the back door telling me not to scream. Justin and I where at the table playing uno.  A quick hand off to my dad and out the door and down the road the little mouse went. It's a no kill zone here. I can't wait to go back in October. I'm not looking forward to the snow. Steve and Jay love the snow up there. You can jump in and disappear.  I was able to get my second book I'm working on almost complete. The title is A Child well that is what I'm thinking so far. It's about kids, blended families , marriage, love and hate. I have a lot of friends who are going though a lot right now with these subjects. I seem to have a lot to say about it. We will see what happens with this book. I guess a wise woman pushed me to write this book. With her I don't know if it would have ever happen. Recent events enlighted me to these touchy subjects mothers have with the men they choose to have kids with. A few years of research can go a long way especially when I didn't have to do much work when it was right in front of me the whole time. Putting it all together is going to be a ticky one. The long drive was very helpful. Have a great day my wonderful readers. I hope your summer was as good as mind. It's almost over but there are plenty of things to still do.

Tuesday, August 23


This was an email sent to me. It's a must read.

A husband wrote the following letter for his wife and left it on the

Dining room table:
To My Dear Wife,

You will surely understand that I have certain needs that you, being 54

years old, can no longer satisfy. I am very happy with you, and I value

you as a good wife. Therefore, after reading this letter I hope you will

not wrongly interpret the fact that I will be spending the evening with my

18-year-old secretary at the Comfort Inn Hotel.
Please don't be upset - I shall be back home before midnight.'

'To My Dear Husband,
I received your letter and thank you for your honesty about my being 54

years old. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you

are also 54 years old. As you know, I am a math teacher at our local

college. I would like to inform you that while you're at the Comfort Inn,

I will be at the Hotel Fiesta with Michael, one of my students, who is also the

Assistant tennis coach. He is young, virile, and like your secretary, he

is 18 years old.

As a successful businessman with an excellent knowledge of math, you

will understand that we are in the same situation, although with one

small difference; 18 goes into 54 a lot more times than 54 goes into 18.

Therefore I will not be home until sometime tomorrow.'


"What I found is divorce just can't be an option," Will told Ellen at the time. "It's really that simple. And I think that's the problem with L.A. - there are so many options. So a huge part of the success for [Jada] and I is that we just removed the other options."

This is what Will told Ellen and I have to say I’m a firm believer that it is not an option for Steve and I ever no matter what happens. We will work though it no matter what it takes. I just watched Look Who’s Talking while I clean the house for the night. Steve is just like John Travolta in the movie.

I can’t count how many times I have came home to see the house a mess because he was playing with Jay. Steve is really silly when it comes to the kids. What am I saying? Steve is a big kid his self. I love it. Steve may not be able to dance God love him. It's real funny to see him try to bust a move with Jay. Now Christopher is getting to know his daddy just like Jay. I picked a great man to have kids with.

To have a successful marriage you have to have the following. Honesty is the number one thing I have found to be at the top of our list for each other. If you don't have that then it's over before it starts.
Intelligence and Confidence in each other goes a long way. I support my man and he supports me. Even if I think some of Steve's ideas or business ventures are a little out there at times. A Good Sense of Humor is a big key to life. You have to be able to laugh at yourself, others just in general at things. It's like crying over spilled milk. It's silly life is too short to be serious all the time. Steve and I have very good work ethics. We have worked for everything we have. We are very family oriented people. That was one thing that bought us together in the first place. Our families may not be perfect but we found a way to make it work. We found each other when it meant the most to us. I'm thankful to add we are very mentally stable people. It helps when you are both sane in the marriage. Instead of dealing with a crazy person all the time. Even worst when you are the only one who is trying to make it work. I know many people where being mentally stable is the last thing on their list of things of doing. I have found that these people are very selfish in wanting only what they want. That's no way to live with another person you care about. Steve and I have the ability to listen to each other. That's where our friendship comes in. That was built before we said I DO. We have each others best interests at heart. It's always and forever with us till the end. I can't picture my life without Steve. I know Steve feels the same. I remember when he wasn't a big talker when we met. I could always tell what he was thinking by looking into his eyes. I think he is the only man who likes to cuddle with me beside my Jay man. I have to say we do that very often. I have never met someone who is just as protective as I am about our loved ones. I was very sick back in 2008 when a nurse of all people told Steve to stop asking questions to just be a husband and go to the waiting room. I was in a lot of pain but still managed to hold his hand to calm him down from exploding. I could see the steam come out of his ears. Steve has a very soft voice when it comes to Jay. Our poor baby needed to give blood when he was two. Of course my feelings were hurt when all he wanted was his Daddy. Steve made it all better for him on top of taking him to get ice cream. I don't know how Steve does what he does when it comes to his family. He always makes us his number one in his life. I'm the sameway I will fight to the death to protect my loved ones. We are both very passionate people who have a very stubborn streak in us. If we think we are right or wrong we will fight to prove our point. It's hard to be mad at that man when he is being groofy when I'm trying to be mad.  I love that about Steve he never gives up especially on us. We both have very big ambitions about life and love. It's great that we see each other for who we really are inside and out. We don't have to hide it like most do. Steve and I just celebrated 7 years together this month. We take care of each other not to mention the wiliness to experiment in bed to keep it hot and spicy. It's never the samething with us. It may be a quickie sometimes in the car or on the deck. I think married couples have to find time for themselves to make it work. Sex may not be everything in a marriage but it seals the bond you share with your loved one. Steve will always have my unconditional love, support and happiness.  We have never taken each other for granted. I almost forgot you have to be able to share everything with your partner the good, bad and ugly. Love is such an amazing thing. True love is something to hold on tight to. We are each other soul mates. This is what makes us work. What about you?

This is my Happiness in life. No one can take that away from us. Why you may ask?  I don't give that kind of power to anyone!
Have a great night my readers I have a favorite quote from Shakespeare "To thine own self be true" I have lived by this my whole life now it will be a tatto on my ribs.

Saturday, August 20

My Boys

Let me start off by saying Justin won first place in Cubannapolis today!All the cub scouts did great. Poor Zack fell but he still did great. Hang in there Zack you always have next year babe. The Cubannapolis is where all the boys make a car out of a box. They decorate it however they want. Once it starts they have to go around the track three times. They have to make a pit stop where it involves changing the tires(shoes) turning the socks inside out and putting the shoes back on. They have to fuel up with bug juice( cool-aid). They have to clean off the windshield(glasses). Then off they go. You can do it all at once or split it up in three. We always do it on the first run. Justin you were great out there Mommy and daddy are really proud of you. You have done exceptional in Cub Scouts. Let the new year bring just as much fun.

Christopher is a hand full for us. He is trying his little hardest to walk. He stands there for a minute takes a step then falls. He is already climbing on everything like his crib,high chair and his bike.

He is a wiggle worm anytime someone holds him. He likes to climb up on you. I love that he lights up when his big brother walks in the room. He is already at Justin's feet getting into his stuff. He knows how to play mommy and daddy with his fake cry. It's really adorable we can't help but pick him up. We are really glad he now sleeps in his crib like a big boy. That leaves mommy and daddy some needed alone time to cuddle. I love that part. I have to say I do miss him sleeping in bed with us cuddle up to me then his daddy. Steve and I are planning on having his 1st Birthday/ Halloween party in October. Not sure of the date yet but it will be posted on FB for you guys. They may drive me crazy. They may act stubborn like their Dad. My house never stays clean for too long. Food may be all over the walls thanks to my Popsicle. Dinner time has never been entertaining like it has been lately. Finding time to work and go to the gym is a challenge. I'm a proud mommy of two. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my boys they are the air I breathe.

Summer Fun

I love going on my boat. Steve kind of freaked me out with all the turns he did while Jay was tubing. I guess that is the mom side coming out. We had to wait out the storm that we ran into in the hot hole. Thank god it didn't come see us it stayed on the other side. Summer has been great my brother came out with us. He even got on the tube with Jay. He fell off a dozen times. Jay looks like popcorn out there bouncing all over the place. We stopped to swim.
I love this picture of us. Jay was under water somewhere.
 In the bottom picture I'm tossing Jay in the water. He loves it.
Get ready guys hold on tight!

My hubby the driver. I love you babe next time not so fast I know it was only 30 but still. Thanks for your skills we made it back across the river with all the waves. I thought I was going to have a heart attack while Jay is yelling go faster. I'm not cut out for this danger. I'm getting old I tell you before not a problem. I might have a glass of wine next time to calm my nerves.I had to hold on to Christopher before he flew out of the boat with all the waves we hit. However I'm glad we didn't get stuck in the storm like Steve and Adam did. They told me the waves were clearly over the boat. Steve was getting soaked driving back a few days before. Summer is almost over I can't wait to fill the rest of our days going back out. I might even hit the tube up. You to Cassie you have to do it if I'm going.   Do you hear that babe? You better not scare me. lol A trip to see my daddy then green field village even a bonfire is in store for us.

Sunday, August 14

Tears in New York

We will always Remember.

I came across this on yahoo today. As I watched this video I started to tear up. When we were in New York in July we did stopped by ground zero. Yes, we took pictures unlike a lot of people who were smiling next to the plaque. I don’t understand why you would want to be in the picture let along smile in it. Even as we walked down to ground zero it took me back to the day it happen. I was in school walking down the hallway when I seen a girl crying.

“What’s wrong?”

“They are dead I know it!”

“Who is dead Hun?”

“The towers went down the towers went down!”

I gave her a hug as she cried on my shoulder. I didn’t know what she was talking about just then a teacher walked out and took her away. I went to my next class with everyone talking, sobbing going on it was chaos. My teacher turned on the TV. At that moment I saw what she was talking about. The twin towers where hit by planes I couldn’t believe it. I felt like throwing up. I saw the people jumping from the building as my heart sank to the floor. I later founded out that her parents worked there. I couldn’t imagine losing my mom and dad to something like that. I couldn’t even think about losing them at all. I’m glad that they have this completed for the people who lost loved ones. They have water falls to remember them by. The biggest man made water falls in the world I think that’s what the video said. I really like it I think that was the best thing to do. It would be to weird for them to build something over top of ground zero.

Here are some pictures I took when we were there. Steve and I took a few pictures as we teared up ourselves. It's surprising with all the noise in the city it was quiet standing there. We had a very erie feeling being there. There is so much lost on ground zero not to mention on the streets with so many people unaccounted for that we don’t know about.  Being in New York made it real for me. Steve and I will be going back soon to view the water falls.

Last night I started to watch flight 93 that was on TV. I couldn’t do it I had to change the channel. My heart goes out to everyone who lost a loved one. I feel your pain and panic on your last moment here on earth. I wouldn’t wish that kind of lost on my worst enemy. I know when I found out Steve left for marine boot camp a few years later even though we were not a couple then. I had all these feeling of hurt come over me like I did on this day. I had a lot of friends who left in 2001 for the military. They only join for this reason. I think I regret not going I chicken out for many reasons. I wasn’t ready to go. I come from a family who has served many years. My great grandpa, grandpa, uncles, cousins, step dad and I can’t forget my husband. The whole bottom part are filled with names. It's really sad to think about this day.

                               10 years have gone by so fast seems like another life time ago.

Friday, August 5

Blast from the Past Part 2

 The last pictures I put up here where a hit a whole 72 views on just that one post. Someone liked them. Well I'm glad my readers did so here are some more.
Awwe look at that Jay's friend loves him. `How  cute is that. Kids love anyone when they are that little. They are so tiny at two years old.

There is my little man again. He gonna get you. lol

 At the park in Monroe. I love these faces how can you not. I love you guys.

Jay and  his friend again how cute to start off with until he held Justin's head under water. I stop babysitting him  I can't seem to remember his name he had so many anger issue for being so small. Beside that I thought I would share some more pictures with you. I'm still working on that video to cut. It's of Jay and Steve reading. Hope you like these have a blessed day readers. Come back real soon.

Wednesday, August 3

However I do not advise children to watch the other guys. Steve and I were laughing non-stop. This movie is really up and down. It switches from one thing to another leaving you think WTF.

 Good Vibrations is a great song also by Mark.
 Last night I took my little man to see the Smurfs. This movie is really cute I loved it. Taking my son to see the smurfs was pretty neat considering I used to watch them with my sister when I was his age. I especial loved when Neil Patrick Harris of all people to play in this movie found the little blue people.  I still see him as Doogie Howser.

 They were climbing all over him asking where clumpy was who was the cutest little thing ever.  George Lopez was great as the voice of Grouchy. The scene with the green m&m where he spills all his feelings out of why he is grouchy is classic. The movie takes place in New York of all places because they get sent there by some portal. I have to say listening to Jay say “Hey mom we where there and there too!” As the camera passes the M&M store we went into. The empire state building was another one. He loved standing in front of all the TV’s in time square. I just smiled at him as he was filled with excitement.  There is a part in the movie where Neil stands to look at his ad as they appear all around on the big screens. It over takes you for a moment. If you ever go to New York just take a moment to take it all in. It’s an unforgettable experience to have. Justin loved the subway. The Smurfs get stuck in the subway door cute really cute.  The only thing I couldn’t get use to was the smell of the city. You could smell all the trash and pollution around. The business leave their trash on the side of the road is another site I could do without. They don’t recycle there which upset me.  Other then that I loved New York in fact it is one city we are thinking about moving to soon.  Smurfette kicked Gargamel butt. Girl power is all I have to say besides she was amazed by how many times Grace changed her clothes. It was adorable when she thought she made a mess of herself that’s why she changed. This is a must see family movie. I couldn’t stop laughing as Jay was constantly pulling on my arm to talk. I don’t want to give it all away. I loved Papa Smurf he is the father of the year with all those children. Papa Smurf and Neil have a talk as Papa Smurf is trying to find a way back home. A heart to heart about having kids it melted my heart it sounded like the same talk Steve and I had about our kids. I guess more me then anything Steve was really confident in being a Father. He couldn’t wait to hold our sons. With him at my side I was sure to follow.  Steve helped me see that I would be just fine a confident woman who will pull out all the stops for my children. Hope you like this movie as much as we did.The previews of Dolphin Tail will be a must see in September for us we love the ocean and dolphins.

Blast from the past

I love to scrapbook I have been going through pictures. I have ran across really old pictures of my Mom, Aunt even Steve swimming with Jay. He is one year old (above) looking just like his daddy.  Steve never left Jay's side when he was little. I guess first borns are special like that. Then again he never leaves Christopher's side either. Steve is a great father. I couldn't ask for someone else. He loves with his whole heart. Kids are forever. They are freaking adorable. I also found one with all the cousins. Jay was such a fat baby when he was little he out beats all the babies in the family so far. He had the chubbiest checks ever. I can't believe how much Christopher looks like Jay. Jay looks just like me and Christopher well you see Steve all the way. However he is pretty dark I have been ask as a joke if I slept with a Black version of Steve.( LOL) Everyone seems to forget that Jay was a dark baby also not as dark as Christopher just a shade lighter. Jay has an allergy to the sun just like I do. We are fine once our color comes in. It sounds silly but true. I have more on my facebook page check them out. I love it just looking at all of these are making me smile. This just made my day.

The pic of Steve and I is a really old picture back in May 2005. We are still sexy although I like Steve with a little more hair.
Steve and Jay look so cute. Jay is in the yellow life vest the other little kid is someone I used to baby-sit. Jay just turned two in this pic.
Us again

Aww this is the little boy from the above picture that I use to baby-sit.
He was really cute then I wonder if he still is. I had to really dig out this picture. I almost forgot I had it. I haven't seen him since he was two.  

Jay is precious to me I love him to death. It seems like yesterday I was on the phone with Steve telling him a mini him is on the way. We were so excited about becoming first time parents. Jay was a miracle baby for us. These are the moments. Well enough down memory lane I have to start my day. Have a nice day my readers. God Bless

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