Wednesday, August 3

Blast from the past

I love to scrapbook I have been going through pictures. I have ran across really old pictures of my Mom, Aunt even Steve swimming with Jay. He is one year old (above) looking just like his daddy.  Steve never left Jay's side when he was little. I guess first borns are special like that. Then again he never leaves Christopher's side either. Steve is a great father. I couldn't ask for someone else. He loves with his whole heart. Kids are forever. They are freaking adorable. I also found one with all the cousins. Jay was such a fat baby when he was little he out beats all the babies in the family so far. He had the chubbiest checks ever. I can't believe how much Christopher looks like Jay. Jay looks just like me and Christopher well you see Steve all the way. However he is pretty dark I have been ask as a joke if I slept with a Black version of Steve.( LOL) Everyone seems to forget that Jay was a dark baby also not as dark as Christopher just a shade lighter. Jay has an allergy to the sun just like I do. We are fine once our color comes in. It sounds silly but true. I have more on my facebook page check them out. I love it just looking at all of these are making me smile. This just made my day.

The pic of Steve and I is a really old picture back in May 2005. We are still sexy although I like Steve with a little more hair.
Steve and Jay look so cute. Jay is in the yellow life vest the other little kid is someone I used to baby-sit. Jay just turned two in this pic.
Us again

Aww this is the little boy from the above picture that I use to baby-sit.
He was really cute then I wonder if he still is. I had to really dig out this picture. I almost forgot I had it. I haven't seen him since he was two.  

Jay is precious to me I love him to death. It seems like yesterday I was on the phone with Steve telling him a mini him is on the way. We were so excited about becoming first time parents. Jay was a miracle baby for us. These are the moments. Well enough down memory lane I have to start my day. Have a nice day my readers. God Bless

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