Wednesday, August 3

However I do not advise children to watch the other guys. Steve and I were laughing non-stop. This movie is really up and down. It switches from one thing to another leaving you think WTF.

 Good Vibrations is a great song also by Mark.
 Last night I took my little man to see the Smurfs. This movie is really cute I loved it. Taking my son to see the smurfs was pretty neat considering I used to watch them with my sister when I was his age. I especial loved when Neil Patrick Harris of all people to play in this movie found the little blue people.  I still see him as Doogie Howser.

 They were climbing all over him asking where clumpy was who was the cutest little thing ever.  George Lopez was great as the voice of Grouchy. The scene with the green m&m where he spills all his feelings out of why he is grouchy is classic. The movie takes place in New York of all places because they get sent there by some portal. I have to say listening to Jay say “Hey mom we where there and there too!” As the camera passes the M&M store we went into. The empire state building was another one. He loved standing in front of all the TV’s in time square. I just smiled at him as he was filled with excitement.  There is a part in the movie where Neil stands to look at his ad as they appear all around on the big screens. It over takes you for a moment. If you ever go to New York just take a moment to take it all in. It’s an unforgettable experience to have. Justin loved the subway. The Smurfs get stuck in the subway door cute really cute.  The only thing I couldn’t get use to was the smell of the city. You could smell all the trash and pollution around. The business leave their trash on the side of the road is another site I could do without. They don’t recycle there which upset me.  Other then that I loved New York in fact it is one city we are thinking about moving to soon.  Smurfette kicked Gargamel butt. Girl power is all I have to say besides she was amazed by how many times Grace changed her clothes. It was adorable when she thought she made a mess of herself that’s why she changed. This is a must see family movie. I couldn’t stop laughing as Jay was constantly pulling on my arm to talk. I don’t want to give it all away. I loved Papa Smurf he is the father of the year with all those children. Papa Smurf and Neil have a talk as Papa Smurf is trying to find a way back home. A heart to heart about having kids it melted my heart it sounded like the same talk Steve and I had about our kids. I guess more me then anything Steve was really confident in being a Father. He couldn’t wait to hold our sons. With him at my side I was sure to follow.  Steve helped me see that I would be just fine a confident woman who will pull out all the stops for my children. Hope you like this movie as much as we did.The previews of Dolphin Tail will be a must see in September for us we love the ocean and dolphins.
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