Friday, August 5

Blast from the Past Part 2

 The last pictures I put up here where a hit a whole 72 views on just that one post. Someone liked them. Well I'm glad my readers did so here are some more.
Awwe look at that Jay's friend loves him. `How  cute is that. Kids love anyone when they are that little. They are so tiny at two years old.

There is my little man again. He gonna get you. lol

 At the park in Monroe. I love these faces how can you not. I love you guys.

Jay and  his friend again how cute to start off with until he held Justin's head under water. I stop babysitting him  I can't seem to remember his name he had so many anger issue for being so small. Beside that I thought I would share some more pictures with you. I'm still working on that video to cut. It's of Jay and Steve reading. Hope you like these have a blessed day readers. Come back real soon.

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