Saturday, August 20

Summer Fun

I love going on my boat. Steve kind of freaked me out with all the turns he did while Jay was tubing. I guess that is the mom side coming out. We had to wait out the storm that we ran into in the hot hole. Thank god it didn't come see us it stayed on the other side. Summer has been great my brother came out with us. He even got on the tube with Jay. He fell off a dozen times. Jay looks like popcorn out there bouncing all over the place. We stopped to swim.
I love this picture of us. Jay was under water somewhere.
 In the bottom picture I'm tossing Jay in the water. He loves it.
Get ready guys hold on tight!

My hubby the driver. I love you babe next time not so fast I know it was only 30 but still. Thanks for your skills we made it back across the river with all the waves. I thought I was going to have a heart attack while Jay is yelling go faster. I'm not cut out for this danger. I'm getting old I tell you before not a problem. I might have a glass of wine next time to calm my nerves.I had to hold on to Christopher before he flew out of the boat with all the waves we hit. However I'm glad we didn't get stuck in the storm like Steve and Adam did. They told me the waves were clearly over the boat. Steve was getting soaked driving back a few days before. Summer is almost over I can't wait to fill the rest of our days going back out. I might even hit the tube up. You to Cassie you have to do it if I'm going.   Do you hear that babe? You better not scare me. lol A trip to see my daddy then green field village even a bonfire is in store for us.
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