Monday, August 29

Look at me

I'm 8 months here at my baby shower for at the time "No Name Needham". Look at that belly I was huge. I miss my belly. I miss Steve rubbing it daily. What am I talking about that he still does. It's his favorite part on my body one of them anyways. It's  too funny he loves to cuddle with me and lay his head on my belly. He loves my belly with babies or no babies.
There we are in July I'm at 142. Not bad having my second baby nine months before.
 at 142


139 lbs
Me today flat as can be. I 'm lucky I lost all my baby weight the first month thanks to nursing. I'm really happy I have my old body back. I thought after a c-section it would never go back to normal. My hubby made me rest after I had Christopher. He wouldn't let me do anything. He was Mr. Mom for at least 18 weeks or so. Thank you babe for that.I however have one complaint my chest is gone.  I guess that is okay. I never did like those twin girls sitting on my chest. Anyone who needs big bras I have them. I lost it once before after I stop nursing Jay it will come back. Hitting the gym and pumping that iron will do the trick. I miss having that bonding time with the boys. I just stopped nursing Christopher 3 weeks ago due to having to take some medicine for my leg. He is doing better then what we thought he would do with the big change from boob to bottle. Now he has four teeth in I'm glad I didn't get bit by him like I did with Jay. I thought that kid was going to rip it off.  I love my body. I love the way I feel. I love that my hubby loves my body anyway it is. Having Steve be supportive where he is cheering me on to eat right as he is eating a burger kills me sometimes. I love that he doesn't pressure me to be skinny. He loves me just the way I am. Working out everyday and eating right has done my body very GOOD!
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