Sunday, April 29

Save the Sea Turtles in the Memory of

In the Loving memory of : Donald Cotton
 From : The Needham's

 A memory I will share with you all in adopting a nest for my son is Papa was going to teach him how to do magic. The trick was he was going to turn him bald. We love and miss you very much!

Sea Turtle Nest #3 Hatching @ Carolina Beach, NC 8/30/2007 Justin just took it upon his self to adopt a nest. They are too cute. I want one to put with my other turtles. I know this one will need a lot more care then the two in the tank.

Saturday, April 28


This is my Nana and Papa they were married for 45 years. They had five kids and many grandchildren. My papa sadly passed away from lung cancer two years ago he was never able to meet my Popsicle who is one of six great grandchildren. I did tell him I was pregnant a few days before he died. He was the very first person Steve and I told before we told Justin. I asked him to get better so he could meet who ever I was carrying in my belly. He was there though out my pregnancy with Justin. I realize that was a little too much to ask of him. I said my goodbyes he passed away the day after Christmas and I as well had a miscarriage. One of three I had but now I know they all have their Papa to guide them.  When I think about renewing my vows I said to Steve next year it makes me think. What does it really take to stay married for that long? My grandparents have went though HELL and back. They were a very good set of role models for me to see what a couple needs to do. My Nana has always been by my Papa's side though think and thin, right and wrong it didn't matter she stood by her man. It took a toll on her as his death approach. She was mean and right down evil to her core. She was angry with the Lord. He was taking half of her away. Her heart was broken into pieces. Life was not going to be the same. I could hear my Papa tell me to just give her time. I did and now we are closer then ever before.There were many people in my family who I think took her angry towards them the wrong way. She was hurt and broken. Steve and I were extremely close to my Papa as for everyone who knew him. In a lot of ways Christopher reminds me of him. He is just so full of Life. Steve and I used to sit and listen to Papa tell his stories even if we had already heard them a thousand time. He was famous for them. It was okay with us. Steve loved him very much even if Papa thought he was an alien. Justin asked me "Mom can Papa see us now that we moved?" "Yes, Honey he can always see us." I'm trying to plan a wedding without someone that meant the world to me. I guess there is the need to hear one of Papa's stories. My Papa and Nana believed in one another gave each other space as well as drove each other crazy. She would follow him anywhere. I thought she would die of a broken heart when he passed away. I still have her phone number listed on my phone as Nana and Papa.  I loved it when My Nana would be her normal self crazy in her own way. He would say"Shirley" No matter what she was doing she would come running only for a kiss. That's why he called her many times. She would always "oh Donald." They were cute very cute. They had a lot of kid's over all I think that is something I fight with myself. I want  to try for another child just not now,but I don't want to wait to long. She was pregnant for seven years in a row. Seven I can't do that no way. That is a lot. They made their dream work so can I. Not with seven but maybe one more a cat and another dog will do.
My mother and father were never married but together for five years before they split. Yes, I was five they were just two different and young. They have very strong personalities that just didn't mix like oil and water. I had two strong, independent, very hard working parents growing up still do. Even if they didn't agree with each other they still said the same thing. They just both wanted to be the first person to say it. I never told them that just so they could be happy they said it first. This is the first picture of them that I have now together. The last one was when I was three years old. They are very good role models as well for Steve and I. They have also lived one crazy life that has brought them the good, the bad and the ugly in the past years. They went for their dreams and now live it. I'm very proud to call them Mom and Dad. It's funny how certain people shape who you become in life. My dad likes oldies and my mom likes hip hop. I received the best of both worlds. They always talked to each other maybe yelled a few times but was on the same level most of the times in a unique way I guess. When it came to my sister and I they did their best to raise us the best way they knew how. Our last day in Michigan they were talking like normal people. I haven't seen that in years it was nice. They were worried to death about the drive we had ahead of us. I was on the phone with one and Steve was on the phone with the other. I'm happy to announce they will both be at my wedding not together but as friends. They both are married to others My dad and step mom have been married I think for fifteen years. I love my step mom to death she is my second mom who I adore. She is a very good fit for my dad. I know her better now then I did before. I love talking to her.  My mom is married to a man I think finally understands who she is. He gets her. Overall I think I have all them to thank for my marriage being as strong as it is.
Steve and I are very much alike in many ways. It's funny how he understands me. Sometimes I don't have to say anything he just knows how I feel or what I need to say. When I think he isn't paying any attention. He can recite me for every word. I think he does that to just be a smart ass sometimes. It makes me laugh because I can't get mad at him. He is just too lovable to be mad at. He will do anything to make me happy. As I do the same for him. I know he is my soul mate. He understands me better then most. The picture above was taken at Best Buy after we stop dancing in the Aisle. Why, you ask we danced because Steve wanted to. He is silly all the time. He loves Life so much more then I have ever seen anyone love life. He was glowing at how happy the boys and I were at Panama Steve ha been such a big teddy bear since we moved with the boys. It is kind of making me out to be the one who has to set down the law.I work from home most of the time. I talked to him about going back into retail. His response was"You don't have to go back. Keep doing what you love. I hate seeing you work. You don't have to stress you are my wife. I will do that for you."  I love him for that. He supports me in anything I do. Now, that we have a dog this week working on my second book which has no title yet and homeschooling Justin trying to open my charity. My plate is full but what I have learned from my Papa and Nana, Mom, Dad,Deana(step mom) and Steve is that being happy is the most important thing there is in life that will keep a marriage going. I couldn't agree more. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.  If you are happy anything is possible in life.

This took me a second

This Artist is Inspiring! I have an Urge to Paint Skin and this makes my Urge Pulse with Excitement! What do you think? Artist for the Ocean

Wednesday, April 25

Video: First-ever albino killer whale adult spotted in wild

Wow, Look at this whale! Iceberg is living a normal life with his family. This whale is beautiful!

Teacher/Bully: How My Son Was Humiliated and Tormented by his Teacher an...

What this Teacher does turns my stomach. I hope she never teaches again. I love what the father says at the end.

Monday, April 23

Working Out with kids

I have always been a very athletic person. I  made sure I workout during both my pregnancy with my children. I was unbelievably fit with Justin. With Christopher I didn't do as much because my right leg was the size of an elephant's leg which made me look funny. My body didn't match my leg at all. Steve was always on the go when I was pregnant with Christopher. We were always doing something walking the mall with the mall walkers. Something was always on our list of things to do daily.
I know what you are thinking you can't workout with kids. I'm here to tell you of course you can. My hubby used to laugh as he sat there watching Justin and I workout side by side. I wanted to make sure my son was fit in life. I made all his baby food myself. Steve and I insisted we didn't fill our son with all that junk they put in the stuff they sell at the stores. Justin did everything I did from boxing,yoga, running, walking, swimming,biking, hiking,martial arts everything. He still does. He is a very active little boy.
Here I am eight years later getting fit with my second son. He loves it. We have so much fun in the morning, afternoon and evening which ever works for us. I still have time to hit the gym for some alone time which is great. I love it when the whole family takes timeout to do it together. Steve and I never talk about losing weight in front of the boys we call it "Getting Fit for Life!" I don't want my children to have a negative outlook on their physical appearance.
All my hard work I guess is paying off since a lady at Walmart thought I was to young to buy a frozen pina colda mix. Her words were" Girl, you have some good genes honey!" That made me feel great since I'm older then Steve by a year technically speaking I'm the old lady.(Laughing) When I'm 80 I will look 40. I'm okay with that.
Steve and Jay have been keeping fit lately playing basketball. I love watching them pouring sweat laughing and joking on the court. Steve loves to run around after Christopher he prefers it actually. I don't mind it with our work schedules he can take the boys whenever he wants. I make sure I walk everyday no matter what. Little by little you can find many ways to stay fit. Take the kids to the park and use the monkey bars to do legs lifts and throw in some crunches while you are at it. The key to getting fit is staying consistent with whatever you are doing. Remember everyone is different it took me nine month to put my baby weight on it has taken me just that to get rid of it. I'm in the toning stage now. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 22

Earth Day

For Earth Day my thoughts are with the Polar Bear. This is a poem that I wrote about the tragic fate awaiting this most magnificent of all the bears.

The Passing of the Bear

The probable loss of the Polar bear is something that fills my heart with immense sadness. This is my tribute to the Bear.
Like a ghostly wraith he drifted through the heavy snow and sleet,
Powerful muscles rippling, eyes taking in every dropping snowflake
Upon the ice he trod quietly on massive padded giant feet,
He lowered his head to lick the ice, his mighty thirst to slake.

Monarch of a whitish kingdom, unblemished and remote
Whiter than the Arctic snow at forty-eight below,
There is no garment on this Earth as warm as his white coat
With razor sharp ebony claws manicured into every toe.

He is living, walking, gleaming, iron, smiling, stoic and enduring,
There is no danger that he dreads, his dire anger strikes deadly fear,
He hides within the powdered snow, unwary seals he’s luring.
And men who try to track him often turn to find him to their rear.

He is Nanook, Lord of the frozen North.
His strength doth spread across the top of the entire world,
And all life trembles to see his silhouette as he strides boldly forth
Stalking through flickering darkness with the Northern Lights unfurled.

Those lights that define both polar space and time,
Lights dancing with greenish hues and silvered all ablaze
The Aurora and the bears movements both with nature rhyme.
As the one moves through the shadow of the other in a blinding haze.

And so it has been for thousands of years but not for a hundred more,
For now the ice melts underfoot and the wary seals grow rare,
The ice no longer extends from rocky shore to rocky shore,
And no longer can Nanook stride forth barely without a care.

His days are numbered as the ice retreats and the seals move far away,
Once he moved without fear, a life both noble and free,
But now his fate lies on the scales and there is nothing he can do or say,
For in a hundred years, no more will he walk upon the frozen sea.

There are few animals with such majestic flowing grace,
There are few whose babies are so deceptively cute,
A savage merciless temper masked by an innocent face,
Victim of pathetic men with little dicks that shoot.

In a fair fight, he would win, yes he would win for sure every time,
But little in this time and space is fair for plant or beast,
As mighty rivers grow sick and die and turn to putrid slime,
As species after species fade with the never-ending feast.

I watched him walk and his trail broke through the crusted snow,
His footfalls grew heavy as he searched for ice holes now long gone,
His body was growing lean and still the seals did not show,
In his mind he knew not why, but he knew something was very wrong.

I followed his tracks over the chalky waste, seeing sadness in every step
He was clinging to life as best he could in that vast white domain,
And at nightfall up to his silent unmoving form I cautiously crept,
And saw at once that his breath had ceased and so also had his pain.

I placed my hand upon his broad savage brow and felt that it was still warm,
I saw his eye, blue, and deep open wide in a vacant stare,
And in that eye I saw reflected the face of death upon my human form,
For life goes on each day down south and the fate of bears stirs not a care.

The wind blows harsh and silently across the frozen splendour of the North,
The Northern Lights still blaze in a spectacular symphony so rare,
But Nanook no longer prowls the ice or across the tundra sallies forth,
The Northern winds will mourn forever the passing of the bear.
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Friday, April 20

Help us save polar bears and other species

Aquarium Maintenance which is our family business along with my son Justin helps the Polar Bears every month won't you help them too. Look into your heart and give what you can. You can write it off at the end of the year.

Wednesday, April 18

I seen this on facebook.

A worried woman went to her gynecologist and said:

'Doctor, I have a serious p...roblem and desperately need your help! My baby is not even 1 year old and I'm pregnant again. I don't want kids so close together.'

So the doctor said: 'Ok and what do you want me to do?'

She said: 'I want you to end my pregnancy, and I'm counting on your help with this.'

The doctor thought for a little, and after some silence he said to the lady: 'I think I have a better solution for your problem. It's less dangerous for you too.'

She smiled, thinking that the doctor was going to accept her request.

Then he continued: 'You see, in order for you not to have to take care of 2 babies at the same time, let's kill the one in your arms. This way, you could rest some before the other one is born. If we're going to kill one of them, it doesn't matter which one it is. There would be no risk for your body if you chose the one in your arms.'

The lady was horrified and said: 'No doctor! How terrible! It's a crime to kill a child!'

'I agree', the doctor replied. 'But you seemed to be OK with it, so I thought maybe that was the best solution.'

The doctor smiled, realizing that he had made his point.

He convinced the mom that there is no difference in killing a child that's already been born and one that's still in the womb. The crime is the same!

If you agree, please SHARE.

Together we can help save precious lives!

Love says, 'I sacrifice myself for the good of the other person.' Abortion says, 'I sacrifice the other person for the good of myself.'
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I use to say I was against Abortion reading this I think my mind has been changed. I mean really what would be the differences? I don't think this woman has a case for Abortion. I still think only in extreme case as of rape. Not all woman are strong enough to have a child of rape.

Khloe Kardashian Odom on Loving Her Body

I think this is a very positive way for everybody to look at themselves. I love that she is very out spoken reminds me a little of myself. No, I may not be a size 0 but I love who I am inside and out. Every woman should love their bodies. I think what has helped me over the years is not paying attention to what I eat. I don't count calories or tell myself I can't have something. I workout everyday regardless of my busy schedule being a wife,mother trying to make it work as a writer and taking care of my small business. It gets a little overwhelming at times. That's when I take a step back and take a nice little walk. It helps clear my mind set for the rest of the day. Yes, I do miss a few days here and there no big deal.

I love my body! My biggest supporter is my hubby. He tells me all the time I'm beautiful and sexy. I'm 5'3 and I'm happy to say I weigh 138. I wear a size 7. The picture was taken a month ago. I was thinking about fixing a page up since the blog post "All about me " is a huge hit. Let me know what you think?

Tuesday, April 17

Panama City Beach

Steve and I surprised the kids with a trip to Panama this past weekend. What I didn't know was that my wonderful hubby made sure we had an ocean view from or hotel room on the tenth floor. It took my breath away.  When I asked him why? Steve said " I will do anything to see you smile." I didn't know what to say once in my life. I love Steve with all my heart. He amazes me daily.

I love the ocean there is a sense of calmness that falls over me when I see it. I could sit and watch the ocean all day. The hotel room was huge for a family suite. It had two bunk beds and a king size bed. Justin wanted to go swimming once we were there. It was a little late to do that. We did go take a walk on the beach. Putting our feet in sand was an experience all in itself. Steve hates the sand but walked in it for his family as he was grinning his teeth. The next morning we woke up at 6am ate breakfast then straight to the beach.
The boys had a blast! Christopher was stuck in the sand all morning. He really didn't care to much for the ocean after the waves knocked him down a few times. He did get his first taste of salt water that made him mad. Justin I swear he should have been born a fish. He was in the water like a pro. Daddy was showing him how to catch the waves on his kick board. He would ride a wave in fall try to get up and the waves would take him down. All we seen was Justin rolling down the beach as we are yelling for him to get up. It was great until he got hurt and started to bleed. He ran to the water to rinse the blood off. Steve and I were trying to stop him but it was too late because he ran back screaming"It hurts It hurts!" We couldn't help but laugh. I know laughing at your kids is wrong when they are hurt. Justin now knows not to do that for next time. We finally called it quits when Christopher was shaking like a left.
                                            Our next step of the day was Gulf World.
The outside of the building looks very small. It doesn't give it justice for what is inside. There he goes again my wonderful hubby made my day. He brought tickets for a meet and greet with a dolphin. Here we are touching a Dolphin. It was an awesome experience I still don't know what to say fully. I loved the fact that we were working with one dolphin and the baby of the four named Lilly kept coming over to play. Justin and I got soaked. How many people can say we played with a Dolphin who thinks it's funny to splash humans. When I mean wet Justin and I needed to change clothes after the meet and greet. It was still great. It was so much fun to feed him fish. They feel weird. Their skin is slimy.  Here is another one of my favorite animals the sea turtle. 

This thing was huge. It was really cute. I wanted to take one home. We were able to watch the workers feed them and the sharks they had in the same tank. Evey kind of animal you could think of we seen. We seen a magic show which is the only thing Justin talked about later. He loves magic and anything that has to deal with it. Watching a lady getting sawed in half. Justin says" I can do that it's easy to do." He is mister know it all like his daddy.  We took a walk on the pier.
The water is very clear. There had to of been at least fifty people fishing that day. We can see the pier from our hotel room. I would love to live on the ocean. I don't think anything else can compare to it. We are all in love with it. We will be back for Justin's birthday for sure. He will take the jet ski out next time with daddy of course. I will miss sitting on the balcony those two day drinking my coffee looking out seeing the ocean. I'm the happiest I have ever been in life besides getting married and having my children. This runs in at a close second. I can't wait to go back.

Crazy stuff

Kids are daring each other to eat ground cinnamon, no water allowed, in 60 seconds. Kids can experience severe coughing fits, choke, or suffer from pneumonia or other medical conditions as a result. Another one is choking game,and chugging water. I don't know about you but all of these are as stupid as can be. I heard about the ground cinnamon on 89x awhile back. Cinnamon plain is nasty. I don't know where these kids come up with this stuff but my question is why? Where are the parents? Justin is not out of my sight at all expect to go pee and maybe playing basketball. No, he can't go over any one's house unless I know them and I'm in the other room talking with the parents where I can still hear him. Call me overprotected sure but I'm not half as bad as Steve is with Jay. Jay has to be where Daddy can see him no ifs ands or butt's about it. I hate to see how we would be if we had a little girl on top of two brothers. She would really hate life. Whatever happen to playing at the park? Watching TV with your buddies? Maybe playing a game outside and riding a bike. I can remember playing from sun up to sun down when I was Justin's age. If I came inside I had to help my mom clean. I stayed outside as long as I could as long as I was back before I heard her whistle or the street lights came on. Her whistle is so loud that Steve and I heard her in that huge crowd at the Taylor fireworks one year. I told Steve which way to go because that is yup my mom calling us. (true story) Thanks Mom I love you to death.

 Now, that we live by neighbors I'm more cautious then ever before. Steve is a nervous wreck when I let Justin play Basketball outside with the neighborhood kids. Which has been okay for the most part. I find it to be a little strange that I'm the only mother that is checking on her kid. I seen a kid a little younger then Jay with his little sister who look to be about three or four months old. I had to restrain myself from going over there and asking if I could carry her where ever he was going. Not in a million years would I have let Justin carry Christopher around when he was that young. Come on use your head people!

Thursday, April 12

Christopher's First Hair Cut

We just had Christopher's hair cut the other day. He looks like a little man now. It makes us sad he has grown up so much since his birthday. Right before my eyes the little baby I once held in my arms is now a toddler. He is extremely smart beyond belief. He amazes me by how fast he picks up anything you say and do. He reminds me of Justin when he was little. The outgoing, catch me if you can, take my breath away little heart breaker. Christopher has the eyes you can get lost in as for his Big Brother's smile that will melt your heart. My boys mean the world to me. Today watching them take a bath together made me happy to hear Justin talk to Christopher as he listen. Christopher soaks up all the information like his daddy. He is a free spirit like Justin and of course he has his momma attitude all the way. I can't help it I'm Mexican! Steve refers to me as his little enchilada.(his favorite food)  Christopher is something else. He makes our family complete. He brings nothing but joy to our lives. If you blink you will miss something. I have to push Steve out of the door in the morning to go to work even though we see him we work at the same place.That's the great thing about working as your own boss you can bring your kids to work. He doesn't want to leave Christopher's side. My little Popsicle has his daddy wrapped around his little finger. Well he has all of us wrapped around his litlle finger.

Tuesday, April 3

Missing Daddy

It has been a very long month since the boys have seen their Daddy. It has been really hard on them not being able to see Steve. It has taken us two days to get to our new home. The boys are stuck to Steve like glue. They don't want anything to do with me. That's okay it gives me a short break.  To think Steve was worried that they forgot who he was. Not a chance from this picture. They still love you to death. They missed their Daddy! They love and adore you still. Like Justin said  "You are his Hero!"

Sunday, April 1


This is very beautiful. This was a gift from my mother for a safe trip to our new life by the sea.

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