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Monday, December 8

Letters for Abbie

The boys and I made cards for Addie and her family. It has to be one of the hardest things to do is knowing your child won't make another Christmas. It makes me sad just thinking about it. I know I have a few followers if you could pass this around.  That would make this family happy.  Here are the boys cards so far. 
If you don't have a child get your niece, nephew or god child to help you out with this Christmas wish. 

Wednesday, November 26

A very wise man....God bless him...worth the read....

This was posted in the Ferguson Scanner, and later deleted. I copied it before it disappeared, and emailed it to myself. I am posting it here because I found man's message to be in keeping with my own thoughts about the events going on in Ferguson. It's lengthy, but worth reading. See if you agree, and let me know your thoughts (I blanked out references to the 'n' word, for FB rules):
My Name is William G. Lillas....
I wanted to clear up a few black and white questions and answers. The things I state are facts. They are not downloaded from some media website, not propaganda, just observations from a 83 year old black man, born in America:
"I was told by my parents (yes, a married man and woman with my last name), that I was n*****. We lived in “N***** Town” in a small Texas town, no A/C, grass growing through the floor, no car, no TV. We washed our bodies with lye soap that my mother made, by hand. I thought I was a n*****, until I graduated high school, went to college, did an enlistment in the Army, and got a job. I am now retired, own my own home, have 6 children by ONE WOMAN, and we all have the same last name. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts, a Master’s Degree in Sociology. My retirement, VA disability from combat in the Korean War (I only have one leg), and part-time pay in a local college, is about $125,000 a year. From dirt poor n*****, to old, black, proud American.
Yes, I am black, and I can say “n*****”, because I understand the true meaning of the word.
Let’s clear up a few things about the Michael Brown incident.
-Fact: It is not called "shoplifting or stealing", it's called "robbery", which is a felony. Brown stole something and assaulted someone, that means ROBBERY. It’s on video, and it’s a fact. Not shoplifting, not theft, not “lifting” a few cigars, but ROBBERY!
-Michael Brown, like Trayvon, was portrayed by the media as a “little black boy”, cute little headphones, and his cap and gown photo, gunned down by a ruthless police assassin, executed by “whitey”. First, I have never seen a cop drag a person into their car’s driver door to arrest them. So, let us be clear, Michael Brown was a n*****; a sorry assed, criminal, hoodlum, n*****. Nobody wants to say that, but I will. He had a criminal record a mile long, was known for numerous assaults, robberies, including the one you saw with your own eyes, and still refuse to call it a robbery. He was, like so many others, living a life that he thought he was “entitled” to, just for being alive. Gangsta rap, weed, drinking, guns, and those stupid-assed low profile rims, makes him some kind of bad-ass n*****.
-I have fought communist Chinese and North Korean soldiers in the 1950’s with more honor than that n*****. Yep, I peeled potatoes and shot communists. That’s the only job a n***** soldier could get.
Rodney King? Black Riots!
Trayvon? Black Riots!
-Hurricane Katrina? Black Riots! Stealing TV’s, designer clothes, etc.
-O.J. Simpson kills white man and white woman, found NOT GUILTY? Did white folks riot? Nope!
-In fact, when is the last time white people rioted? Civil War, maybe? That’s because they are, relatively, civilized people, much like many black Americans. Protesting is one thing, hell, I’m all for it. Even if you are an ignorant idiot, you have a right to protest.
-Stop only showing the young black "cap and gown" photos of Michael. Charles Manson may have a few of those laying around, as well. Show the n***** "gangsta" photos of the "poor unarmed teenager" (grown man) pics that have been removed from his Facebook page, holding the loaded pistol, smoking weed, with a mouthful of money.
-Militarization? The stupid-assed media that publicizes this has no idea what “militarization” really is. Cops wear helmets and vests, and drive armored vehicle because unemployed n*****s thrown bricks at them, moron! You put on an "Adam 12" uniform and walk down the streets of Ferguson during the criminal riots. I can guarantee that you'll jump into the first armored "military tank" that you see.
-You only "want the police" when you "need the police", otherwise, you mock and fear what you do not understand about the police. And by the way, the police are trained to take your shit, but I wouldn’t fuck around with those Army National Guard, they aren’t as well disciplined “culturally” to take your shit like police do every day. They will ventilate your black asses with M-16s, with military precision and extreme prejudice.
-And finally, the way we protest and demand justice, is run down the streets breaking shit, looting stores, and acting like a bunch of untrained monkeys? Hell, after Rodney King, criminal n*****s were actually killing people, thinking they were entitled to be worse criminals than they already were. For those black criminals that do that, you are a disgrace to your race, inflamed by idiots like Al Sharpton, instead of listening to logic from proud black Americans, like Bill Cosby, Samuel Jackson, Colin Powell, Allen West, me, etc.
-You blame white people for your ignorance, criminal acts, unemployed laziness, etc.
-You blame white people for 89% of the prisons in America being full of blacks. They did nothing wrong, the racists white cops framed them all, right? No chance at school, no chance for college, military, employment?
-More n*****s kill n*****s, than n*****s killing whites, whites killing n*****s, and whites killing whites….COMBINED. I find this astounding.
-It's not white peoples' faults, the Emancipation Proclamation was signed by a white man years ago. You can go to school, get a job, buy a house, and vote, JUST LIKE WHITE FOLKS!!!! You are not a slave, you are not discriminated against! Slavery is abolished, and nobody alive today, was alive when it was popular. Get over it! You are discriminated against because you are a criminal, sorry-assed n*****. Otherwise, black Americans are treated like everyone else.
-If you choose to create "baby daddy and baby mama", and fake disabilities as an excuse for laziness to draw social security disability…… instead of husband, wife, family, job, mortgage, it's YOUR FAULT, not white folks. And there are a lot of proud black Americans that will tell you the same, as I AM ONE OF THEM!!!
-Remember, the way you act on the camera, is remembered by everyone who sees it. They will never forget it. It shows them how you, as the black race, respond to situations that don’t particularly go the way you think they should. It will become a reference standard, something they expect from you when the next media report doesn’t go your way. Stop being stupid n*****s, and be a proud black American. My parents raised me well, but they were wrong about one thing, I am not a n*****.
I will not be around long. While my mind is still sharp, and my aim is still good, my body is eating away with cancer. It started in the prostate, and is spreading rapidly. After I die, I have asked my children to publish my writings, and include my name. Although I am not expecting any miracles, I can only hope that Americans will stop blaming color, start blaming criminals, and see people for what the y really are. We have too many countries that want us dead. We should not be fighting each other.
"William G. Lillas"

Sunday, February 16

FL Law Enforcement Sex Offender Advisory


This is what my email reads in the subject line.  I signed up for the Florida Sex Offender List. Now I'm starting to freak out! It's official there are freaks near by keep your kids inside at all time.

Sex offenders in Florida now have no place left to hide.
Cops in Bradford County are posting huge signs outside the homes of convicted rapists and child molesters in a bid to warn children and parents about their potential danger.

I'm not sure if this is the right way to go about letting people know. Before you question me let me just say I would move A.S.A.P but think about the neighborhood going to shit if you see these signs everywhere. This could break a city in two. There should be a city of just these people in a small town to deal with each other daily.  As a mother this just makes me sick anyone who takes advantage of a child and hurts should be killed. I have no pity or mercy for anyone who can rape a child. Let's just say with the help of these signs in front of a house will make a family walk much easier to know what street not to go down. These people should never be let out of jail. Just my thoughts I'm physical feeling ill right now I have received one everyday this week. Thank God there are none here near my house. They can still drive and walk it should be tattoo on there forehead that reads I'm a sicko. If you would like to learn more click on the link and sign up.

It will show you a map of where you live and all the sex offender's in the area with name, address and the crime they were charged with. Please be careful and never go looking for anyone let the police handle something if you have a question or concern. As always be safe!

Monday, December 2


There have been so many reports this past week about drivers that lost control of their car like the one that Paul Walker was in. Even though he was famous its sad that his death came at an early age. There's also an accident on I4 here in Florida  a white SUV was going the wrong way on the road and collided with four other cars. No other information was given but on my way to the gym every morning there is a big giant cross with a name Samantha on it. There was an accident 3 months ago I drive by it everyday my heart goes out to the family that suffer daily knowing they have to live day to day without Samantha in their life. No I don't know what happened to her. I remember the day were I had to take a detour the freeway was closed down a sense of sadness overwhelms me people today don't value life. No one ever drives the speed limit. Yes, I Drive the speed limit it took me a very very long time to  learn how to drive. I was in a car accident when I was 16. I was trapped in the car. I won't ever forget that day.  How the impact felt what I saw the little girl screaming in the other car even though it wasn't my mother's fault it was the other driver. He was drinking and driving at the time. It doesn't really matter he should have never been driving. I was 24 when I learned how to drive. The only reason I learned how to drive thanks to my wonderful husband. Who took the time and effort to show me. He had to literally pick me up and set me in the driver seat. I almost had a panic attack I wanted absolutely nothing to do driving I was perfectly fine walking everywhere. Walking not so bad it gives me time to think. My husband doesn't see it that way he tends to worry when I'm out walking. He's a big giant worry wart I think he's getting old. I don't text and drive I don't even use my phone when I drive. Driving is important task that you have to take on its not something you have to do it's a privilege not a need. I believe cars shouldn't go over the speed limit people should not be able to speed. There is no need to rush go through a red light honk at the person in front you. There's no reason to ride somebody's tail to try to make them go faster. If you're late then you should get up a few minutes earlier or leave a few minutes earlier to get to your destination on time. It drives me absolutely insane when I get behind a person I see a child that should be in a car seat or a seatbelt long behold they are not they have free range of the backseat while parent's up front texting. I also love with somebody is trying to merge on the freeway goes from 30 to 50 then just stops right in front of you like they forgot how to drive. When I go to pick my son up from school I really cannot understand why people speed with the school right there. While there are hundreds of kids walking on the sidewalk and riding their bikes. I hate driving I don't think I will ever like it but I'm a good driver. I pay attention follow the rules I just wish more people would do the same. Life is a precious thing more people need to wake up and realize that before they get behind the wheel. God Bless you today please be safe.

Sunday, November 24

A Story that needs to be told

I just read a story of a father who was arrested for walking up to his childrens school to pick them up instead of in a car. I don't know about you but sitting in a line of cars 30 minutes after your child gets out of school to pick them up in the car loop is insane! When we used to live in Michigan I had to pick my son up when he was in 1st grade after I had my second son. I had a c-section and it was extremely hard on my back to pick up the car seat to go pick up him up.That's the only time I use the car loop. After two weeks I couldn't take it my wonderful hubby took over to get him from school. I'm hearing more and more about how situations are stopping good parents from being a parent. 

To make things worse click on the link below that tells about a mother who lost custody of her 15-year-old daughter after she took her into the hospital. The mother refused to give her daughter some medicine  that the hospital wanted her to give consent to. When she refused then they kick the mother out. I know there are always two sides to every story.

Reading the comments after the story I was already sick to my stomach and confused about the whole story. I thought in America you have the right to choose or not choose medical treatment. Which includes taking medicine or not taking it. I came across a comment that will break your heart. So I posted here to share it along with my question. Do your children belong to you or the state?  In this sense I mention above. Children are not property as many scorn men and women use them in a custody case.  As the two stories I'm referring to.  What do you think?

Grieving Mom • 2 days ago−

THANK YOU Glen Beck for reporting this story and please keep reporting these. Exactly the same thing happened to me and my 14 year old daughter at one the the "best hospitals in the world." My daughter did have cancer, a very rare cancer and had an unannounced visit to her hospital room right after chemo and in serious pain and ill, a visit from a STUDENT in the psychiatry program who we had never met before and had no history with my daughter. This person decided my daughter needed to be on a couple anti depressants and demanded that I sign the consent forms to start her immediately on these other drugs (on top of her many cancer drugs). I told this person she just saw her regular psychologist and medical team and they said she is ready to go home and no one else has said anything about clinical depression. She just had chemo and was feeling sick and had other side effects and was on morphine for the pain. I demanded a second opinion and to meet with her medical team and regular psychologist before signing and putting her on some other drugs and of this type. I was first lied to by this student that said she had called them all and we were to meet the next morning. The next morning she admitted she had not actually called any of them and refused me that right.My daughter did not have a clinical depression requiring these drugs. She had cancer and was handling it all quite well with all her support of her psychologist, friends and teachers and medical team and mom. She was responding to treatment "phenomenally well" as put by her medical team and top researcher on her case. This student person got her way though by calling child protective services and hospital security and the city police. She insisted my daughter be put on the LOCKED psychiatric ward. My daughter was terrified. She and I both knew it would be her demise.I was escorted out and told not to return or to try and communicate with my daughter. My daughter was taken from her hospital and medical team and her stem cell transplant she was to have just 2 weeks from the time they locked her up. They took her entire support system from her - her friends, mom, her dog, her home, teachers and school, her life. She died of complications, not the cancer, 2 1/2 months later. It doesnt matter what you take your child in for, it can happen to ANY parent ANY child in ANY situation when you take them to a hospital, clinic, school. I would love to get my story out there and want desperately to start a huge movement bringing parents together to fight against this. It IS happening and more than people realize. Thank you thank you thank you Glen Beck for telling about this.

Please post your comments here or on my fb page to have a general dialogue about these issues.  Thank you for reading have a wonderful Sunday. 

Wednesday, September 18


Have you ever been in a place one time or another when what you are doing seems 100% right? Well I have I have been working on a book for the last four years it is almost completed with original emails, phone conversations, court documents and police reports. It tells a story about two families. It's the up and downs what a Step-parent has went through. I'm not even sure if you could call her a step parent really being in the child's life for less than a year but in that year spent more time with the said child then both parents. She is the only one who battles her husband to pick up the said child the only one who thinks the Biological mother and Father are being unreasonable on both ends. The mother tries to battle with the father daily with at times 50 or more phone calls a day. His response is to leave it be not engage with her and if he doesn't see his son "Oh Well!"  There is a reason he says oh well. Yet, Constant harassing from the Mother  to the step- mother with phone calls to emails to trying to kill her becomes a little much to bear. The mother even has her friends and family harassing her at work along with emails as well.

What is a parent to do when she has no connection to a child but marriage? Her only fault is trying to love the child as her own. She involved her family with the said child as part of a family her family. Yet, The Biological mom mad her son hate the step- mother by telling him lies. If you have seen the movie Step Mom it's a lot like that just no one is dying.

     Now with the release of this book "A Child" written by me will and can hurt the feeling of two brother's. I know both families one personal the other not so much.  They are seven years old just a few months apart. My dilemma is to continue to push the book forward or let it sit till both are much older. It will bring drama to the two families again. I feel the truth should come out. I'm just unsure if I should use real names  or fake. I have thought about both but still come up with a Dilemma. What would you do?

I'm going to open my blog for anonymous comments just for this post.

Wednesday, September 11


                        Remember 9/11 

      9/11 False Flag – German Documentary

Remember this day never forget the lives that once were here. Many died on this day that didn't have to. Please take a moment of silence for this day as it will never be forgotten. Talk to your children about WHY today should mean something Why it should be remember. Everyday people die for our country that are left names less others I don't think will ever be explain why they had to die like a year ago when news took over the world releasing information about BENGHAZI. It has been a year with no news on why no help was sent.

Remember today talk about today listen about today Remember. God Bless all the families of 9/11 who lost loved ones and the families left behind from Benghazi. My heart and prayers are with you all.

9/11 posts that should be read
Take a peek at

Wednesday, August 21

Texting and Driving

Sign up today and take the pledge no text or email is worth it. I see so many people texting and driving it makes me sick because they are all over the road not paying attention to driving at all. Driving is a privilege not a right.It's a gift drive safe.

Anyone who text and drives deserves to get life for killing someone. No excuses at all once they lock up DUI drivers the first time not the 10th time then we can start locking up the distracted drivers. 

Wednesday, August 14

How do you Forget?

The video above is of a child being left in the car while his mother goes shopping. She forgets her child. How in the world do you forget your child? Two not one person walks by the car and leaves the child sitting in his sweat to die. How do you walk away knowing that that child may die? This makes me sick beyond sick. I don't care who you are if you see a child in a car you need to call the police right away. I have done it a million times it's simple take out your phone put your finger to the keypad and dial 911.  If I have to break a window to get someone else child out of a hot car I will do it. Then that person may want to seek shelter because I will want to hurt you. It is your business too many people walk away from things that happen in life because it doesn't involve them. Common sense people use it that is way GOD gave you the ability to think.

                         NO EXCUSE 

There is no excuse for a parent to leave their child in a car. I have no sympathy for any parent who does this. I think their sentence should be the same way their child died in a hot child in the sun. There is nothing more important than your child. When people realize this our world would be a better place. They should not be able to have any more children along with their sentence at all it should be the law. This makes me sick I think I would have gone off on that dumb lady. Right there in the parking lot she had no reason to cry she doesn't need to be a mother. She doesn't deserve the title! I can't tell you how many people would like to have children and can't. My children are the first thing on my mind 24/7. They are my life they are the reason I breathe the only reason I can breathe they make me breathe. No excuse absolutely no excuse for the parent neglect for their child.

NO child should be left in a car if you can't decide if you should or not. Then hand your child over to someone who can take care of your child because you clearly can't. These are my views on this subject and I don't think it will change. If you are offended by my statement then you are guilty of the above. 

Thursday, July 18

Trayvon Martin

I have mix feelings when it comes to this case. I'm a mother of two boys  just like Trayvon parents. I love my child just like his parents do. Love doesn't have a color. I would have went to prison for killings Zimmerman if it was my son he killed in cold blood. A piece of my heart would be lost forever if my son was taken away from me. That's not what happen. Trayvon Martin was in the wrong for attacking a man. NO MATTER the color of his skin. He was in the wrong. I can not stand here with the evidence and say if that was my child that I could be mad at someone for protecting himself from getting beat up.  I don't know where to began I have lived in Florida for over a year I moved here from Michigan. I spent some time in Tallahassee if you know anything about race here is an everyday event. I took care of properties. If someone was late on their rent we sent a letter along with the chance to work with whoever they may be White, Black , Mexican whatever. If I told a Black woman she had to pay up to meet her back bill the first thing that came out of her mouth was  mind you she is screaming at the top of her lungs at me. "It's because I'm BLACK that's why you are picking on me!" My response would always be "NO, I could care less what color you are as you stand in front of me I know now you are black. Thank you for pointing it out to me.The reason you we sent a letter is because you don't pay your bills. It's that plain and simple I don't know who you are or what color your skin is by looking at a computer screen that tells me you are late on your rent." 

This is what is sad about our world we live in that the color of her skin would matter more then the problem at hand. Which is she did not pay her bill. Trust me white people got the same letter. Not once did I hear the same from a white person. 

I would always be nice and pleasant as you should be when working with the public. If you can't be nice then there is no need to work with the general public.
I think it's common sense to be nice to someone no matter what color their skin is. 

First mistake:
 Trayvon parents made was giving the media and the world a picture of their son at 12 when in fact he was 17.


The parents deleted their son's fb and twitter page a few days after their son died.
I think if the parents didn't automatically think it was race intended the case would have been different. The first time I heard about this case I couldn't understand if Zimmerman was attacked why would he shot Trayvon in the back as the media first reported. I too said hang the bastard. As the facts keep hitting the surface like this one Zimmerman WHITE HISPANIC.  My views started to change about the case where do you get off calling someone a white Hispanic none other then to make a race war. Being Hispanic is a culture not a race. I'm Mexican but not from Mexico I'm an American as Trayvon and Zimmerman is also. Race should have never been an issue it was cut and dry someone attacked someone and paid the ultimate price with his life. 

Second Mistake:
Having the first Black President come out and back what Trayvon did his words"This could have been your son my son." Okay Mr. President jumps the gun before knowing all the facts. Why didn't he come out and speak of these crimes a black teenager shots white baby in the face.

Why didn't this story turn into a race war? Why didn't the President speak of this child?
What about this story a mother(Black if you need to know)shots her abusive boyfriend and gets 20 years. The President didn't speak of this case. Why Mr. President? Why did he wait for Trayvon case to speak about him but not the others? What about all the children that are done wrong in the USA White, Black,Asian, Mexican most of all Americans? 
                  What about these cases? 

Third mistake: 
Trayvon's parents had one of the best lawyers in the world why weren't their any BLACK JURY'S on the panel? If it was a case of black and white why not have Black Jury's on your side. Again common sense people if I was Trayvon's parents that would have been something I bought to my Lawyers attention. The trail could have been very different. 

Fourth Mistake:
The police didn't preserve the crime scene the way they should have. Many others mistakes I'm sure there were others made these are the ones that I had a problem with.

I'm still not sure how I feel about this case what I do know I have taught my children to protect themselves at all cost no matter what. My exact words to my oldest son when he was being bullied at school in the 1st grade were 

" If they hit you tell them the first time I'm not your punching bag keeps your hands off of me or I will knock you out. Never hit first only after you tell them this first and they hit you again knock them out. You won't get in trouble for protecting yourself." 

My children will not be afraid to stand up for themselves or loved ones. I'm a gun owner and will protect my family at any means necessary  I would rather explain to the police why a bullet is in someone chest then them explaining to my family that I was beat,rape and killed or worst my children were at the hands of a Monster who did that to them. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is if you go looking for trouble you may not return. Americans no matter the color of your skin should always look out for one another. I'm thankful I have neighbors who look out for my family as I do the same for them. It is your business if you see a crime or think someone is making a bad decisions  Zimmerman should have never followed Trayvon as Trayvon should had never went back to comfort him. I hope this case teaches people not to hate or profile  people. The only reason people are profiled is because of the way you act. It's sad but true. IGNORANCE KILLS!!!!!! My heart goes out to the family of both Trayvon and Zimmerman just because Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY just puts him to death anyways someone will seek revenge not because someone has died but because a black man was killed by a white man. Until we as a nation can get pass the race war this will never change. He is a dead man walking! I will leave you with a message from the Facebook page REAL MEN DO REAL THINGS. If we want to stop racism you have to start with yourself. (These are my opinions and thoughts)

MESSAGE...........From My son and I we at RMDRT will be talking a moment of silence(no posting, no pictures, no inbox advice) due to the judgement and verdict last night..We ask that if and when you see a post and or thread in rage due to the Verdict last night that you stop and pray for the strength of the Martin family any discussion that leads to anger and bad feelings we ask that you stop and pray for the thousands of family that lost sons and family to senseless violence as my 13 year old son told me this morning Dad the pain and anguish I feel is minimum compared to what many go through daily ...Race did not kill Trayvon and many others..Profiling did not kill Trayvon and many others..IGNORANCE killed Trayvon and many others...I ask that God reign down His patience and His unconditional love on us all because as a society of people we have seem to replace that love with ignorance of self....To all my Fathers white black or otherwise who share the same bond I share with my so who Tracy Martin shared with his son...I say I LOVE YOU AND BE STRONG....WE ARE TRACY AND TRAYVON MARTIN..

Thursday, March 21

Davidson middle school

A tragic tale is unfolding as we speak at Davidson middle school in Southgate Michigan a child commited  suicide he was in eighth grade. I have a very good friend who's daughter  is friends with the boy. She posted on Facebook  that all she and  her husband  can do is hold her. They don't know what else to do. We are praying for you  and Mercedes. I hope she somehow will get through  this. You and Mariano are very good parents. I wish you luck just be patient  with her. She will need you now more then ever.

I'm asking my readers to pray today for all that are involved  in todays tragic events that took place.

Student suicide reported at DavidsonMiddle Schoolin Southgate March 21, 2013 10:28 AM

An eighth-grade student at Davidson Middle School in Southgate committed suicide in the building Thursday morning.

The school was put on lock down and parents were asked to come pick up their students at about 9:15 a.m.

Superintendent William Grusecki said the boy was found with a note.

The school is located at 15800 Trenton Road.

Stay with Local 4 News and for updates to this developing story.

I can't imagine what the staff the children,parents and friends are thinking right now.  I wish he had someone to talk to. Someone he could ask questions no matter what is was. Someone he could lean on and cry if needed. I wish he knew he is special.  There is never a reason to hurt yourself or others no matter how bad Life seems to be. You matter to someone! You matter because you are special in your own way. If you need to talk please talk to someone. Someone will listen to you if not find someone else who will. Life today for children is a lot different  then when I grew up. I grew up around gangs,crime and you name it. We just didn't hear it as much. I grew up in a neighborhood  where everyone watched out for each other. If I did something wrong you can beat one of my friends parents came out to scold me on what I was doing wrong. Even with my mother being a hard worker not home as much she always made it clear no matter what I felt I could come to her and tell her. No matter what was on my mind I could talk to her.

Please  talk to your children, nephews, nieces and friends  let them know you are here if they need to talk. Smile to a stranger lend out your hand to someone in need. Let them know they are loved. Life is too short not to say it to someone you care about. Please tell your children they will grow up to become someone awesome. Tell them they are special. Make them believe they can do whatever they set their minds to. Build up your child's self esteem its easier to make a child happy than trying to repair adult  pain. Please don't let a day go by without telling your child you love them and they matter.

Friday, March 1

Animal hoarders

I have today off to work on my book. I came across the show animal hoarders. Two stories one man has 19 pitbulls and a two year old daughter. His name is Shane who lives with his momma and sister. He steals money from them has full custody  of his little girl who doesn't support her which the mother of the little girl was married to someone else at the time of conception . His two pitbulls  ate his sister's cat and killed his moms dog. They are on a 20 foot chain on his property. That is no way for a dog to live but Shane says he is doing God's work. He blames his behavior  on the fact that when he was 7 his parents divorced. None of the dogs can be around each other.

Second story lady named Sharon  has a house full  of cats and no appliances  due to the cat using  the stove as a toilet. I think you know where I'm going with this. The house is full of feces  it needs to be demolished. She still owes 50,000  on her house. I have one cat and can't stand the smell of urine. Cat urine  is the worst in the world to smell. I don't know how this woman lives in her house. Sharon's daughter  talked her into moving out and surrendering  83 cats. Sharon and her hubby skip out on their medications to buy cat food $600.00 worth.They qualified for a veterans housing. She blames her animal hoarding  to her father not loving her.

I don't understand animal hoarding at all. I'm sure someone out there knows a crazy cat lady. I love animals but I wouldn't take it this far at all. My children come first unlike the man Shane above I mean that is crazy. Those dogs need love not just a place to stay. Two ate a cat I'm sure they would have no problem munching on his daughter for a snack.

                                     WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

 I mean sure when your parents divorced at 7 it was hard. DUDE, you are now 30 get over it and move on. Be a father to your little girl go get a job and man up! Sharon you are in your late 60's let go of the past please for your health you need to stay cat free. I'm sorry animal hoarding is a choice not a disease. People excuses these days kill me. No one takes any kind of responsibility for their actions anymore. They always blame someone else. Everything I have done in my life I have taken responsibility for them good and bad. That includes what you say as well. I hope both Shane and Sharon can get better but they have to realize they need to fix themselves.

You have to love yourself before you can love someone else.
You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of someone else.
You have to have a job before you take a person/animal in your care.

                                   What are your thoughts on this subject?

Sunday, December 16

Morgan Freeman

If you read what Morgan Freeman says for me it hit a spot. I remember the shooting in1999. For those who don't know On April 20, 1999, in the small, suburban town of Littleton, Colorado, two high-school seniors, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, enacted an all-out assault on Columbine High School during the middle of the school day. The boys' plan was to kill hundreds of their peers. With guns, knives, and a multitude of bombs, the two boys walked the hallways and killed. When the day was done, twelve students, one teacher, and the two murderers were dead; plus 21 more were injured. The haunting question remains: Why did they do it?

Morgan has a point I don't know any of the victims names. I feel lost with being hit with that fact. I was in 10th grade. I remember even more now since my son asked if anything like Friday' s school shooting happen when I was in school? The fact that the answer was yes is even more disturbing. My stomach has been in knots since this morning when I took him to school. Part of me didn't want to let go of him. My hubby called me me a dozen times just to talk because he was worried too. I must have kissed Justin a dozen times before I let him go. An hour before I had to pick Justin up a bullet was found on a school bus at another school in our area. His school was on lock down. On top of the phone call we received last night letting all parents know that  police will be station outside all schools till the end of the year. My heart drop to the floor. I called the school and was told everything was fine. I have never felt better when I did get to see my son in person. My heart goes out to everyone today who have to make plans to lay their child down for the last time. Please pray for all the families that have lost a child.

Saturday, December 15

Victoria Soto

Victoria Soto, 27, a first-grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., ushered her students into a closet and in so doing placed her body between them and the assailant.

She was a very brave women. God Bless her. It's sad that among fire drills and homework you have to worry about some crazy person walking in your school with a gun. When something like this happens its hard to believe in God. For me at least I know bad things happen all the time. I will never understand why he let these children die. My son is nine I did not find out about the shooting until I picked him up from school. I was homeschooling him with a lot of talking to my hubby we made the choice to put him back in public school. My son asked to go back we now live in a neighborhood with school age children. They have been asking him when he was going to come to school. I just talked to Justin about what to do if someone came in his school with a gun two weeks ago. Just two weeks ago we sat down as a family and talked about this. I turned on the news Friday my heart dropped to the floor. What has this world come to? My son asked me "Why would someone do that?"
I turned my head I admit I choked up. Looking at my nine year old son I bush away my tears "My son bad things happen to good people. Even kids the best way to go on is to remember them ,not the bad guy."
It was a conversation my hubby and I had that night with our nine year old son. Explaining the Evil in the world is the worst when the victims are the same age as your child. If you are a parent you know what I mean. I can only hope this will stop in the future. My heart and prayers goes out to everyone.

Sandy Hook Elementary

Below are the names of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, as released by Connecticut State Police (Name, age, date of birth, sex):

Charlotte Bacon, 6, 2/22/2006, F

Daniel Barden, 7, 9/25/2005, M

Rachel Davino, 29, 7/17/1983, F

Olivia Engel, 6, 7/18/2006, F

Josephine Gay, 7, 12/11/2005, F

Ana M Marquez-Greene, 6, 4/04/2006, F

Dylan Hockley, 6, 3/08/2006, M

Dawn Hocksprung, 47, 6/28/1965, F

Madeleine F Hsu, 6, 7/10/2006, F

Catherine V Hubbard, 6, 6/08/2006, F

Chase Kowalski, 7, 10/31/2005, M

Jesse Lewis, 6, 6/30/2006, M

James Mattioli, 6, 3/22/2006, M

Grace McDonnell, 7, 11/04/2005, F

Anne Marie Murphy, 52, 7/25/1960, F

Emilie Parker, 6, 5/12/2006, F

Jack Pinto, 6, 5/6/2006, M

Noah Pozner, 6, 11/20/2006, M

Caroline Previdi, 6, 9/7/2006, F

Jessica Rekos, 6, 5/10/2006, F

Avielle Richman, 6, 10/17/2006, F

Lauren Rousseau, 30, 6/8/1982, F

Mary Sherlach, 56, 2/11/1956, F

Victoria Soto, 27, 11/4/1985, F

Benjamin Wheeler, 6, 9/12/2006, M

Allison N Wyatt, 6, 7/3/2006, F

Please let's remember these name and not the shooter. I believe the shooter wanted to be famous. As a human race we need to forget his name. My heart goes out to everyone.

Saturday, November 24

Wings of Cancer

Its unreal not being able to pick up the phone to call to see what you are doing. It has almost been three years since I lost you to lung cancer Papa. This December is going to be hard. I miss hearing your stories and debating on the man vs. food on how much food we could eat to try and beat one another. It's sad how your death tore the family apart. We have all gone our separate ways. You were the Legend that kept us together. No matter how bad it had become no matter how long someone was gone it was like it never happen once you spoke your peace. Justin wants to buy an Elvis stocking to put up to remember you. I wish you were here to see how much Justin has grown up. He is very smart.  I have tons of pictures of you guys together. It was hard for me to tell you on your death bed that I was pregnant again. My pain of losing my grandpa was too much to bear the thought of you not knowing your great grandchild. I lost him or her a few days after you pass to the next journey in life. I hear an Elvis song and it brings tears to my eyes because I can't hear you sing to the family with Uncle Ricky. It's funny that I thought you were famous but it was Elvis on the radio. Thanks mom it is one of my favorite memories from my childhood. I know my mom misses you like crazy. She needs you just like everyone else. I wish Santa could bring you for Christmas but I know he can't. It's a nice throught right? You sure had the belly first the red suit. Nana and I was talking about you the other day she told Lilly and Dallas that you were in the magic box that sits on her dresser. I meant for a fivee and four year old they still talk about you daily.I had to take the phone away from my ear for a second. Nana was slient she needs you the most out of everyone. We are all greatful you left earth on your final days not in pain. It was hard to see and be with you on your treatment days. The months Steve and I took you it was really hard to see you like that. You were always so strong you still pushed though the pain. I wish you never had bear that pain. If I could have taken your place I would have. You now have wings eating a burger with Elvis is what I know you are doing looking over our family. I want you to know that I still miss and love you Papa. Your family still talks about you like you are in the other room waiting for you to appear.You are very much alive though the eyes of my children. They will never forget you nor will I.

Tuesday, September 18

God Makes You AppreciateLife

God makes you appreciate life in a funny way. Last night about 10 pm or so we were sitting down watching the football game when we heard this loud thunder that scared me to death. Our house lite up like the 4th of July. We heard loud crackling thunder. My hubby thought it was a tornado as he grab us and shoved us in the hallway to lay over top of us. We then heard talking outside. It turned out to be our neighbor. His house was on fire. My heart sank to the bottom of my chest. There were fire trucks everywhere that seem to come out of nowhere. They were standing out on the pouring rain watching their house burn. Helpless to do anything about it. Our neighbor works for us. I can't believe what was happening. Talking to him finding out he doesn't have any insurance at all makes me think. That could have been us. That could be my family in the rain. That could have been our house. What would we do? We don't have family here expect my cousin in Miami and Steve' s brother in Alabama. It's sad what happen to our Neighbor. His wife and son all got out with their life nothing more then the clothes on their back. I guess you can say they should be thankful they all are alive. That it doesn't matter its just things. Yes,you would right. I couldn't imagine having to start completely over. My family will do everything we can to help them out. My heart goes out to them. I'm glad they had family to go to last night if not they would have been sleeping on our floor or couch. Life is unexpected. You never know what each day will bring. Live you life full of joy and happiness. Life is also very short. Never leave your house mad at someone. Always kiss your loved ones before you rest your head at night. Please help out where ever you may be needed. I may not have a lot but what I have I would give away to help someone out. I appreciate Life even more now then before. I will always cherish every waking moment I have with my family. I will never complain about being late somewhere. I will be happy I'm late with my hubby. Live Life to your fullest potential. Don't waste it!

Tuesday, September 11

A Note 10 years later

I don't know if I could live with the thoughts these ladies have to deal with now. It's very sad so many are left with phones calls of pure panic. Most were left with the last picture of their loved ones walking out the front door for work. I remember one thing my mother used to tell me when we would fight like mother's and daughters do "Don't ever leave upset or go to bed angry because you never know if this is your last goodbye." Everyone should live by those words alone. Life is to short for what ifs. My husband and I don't ever really have an argument where this would take place. We always make up within five minutes. I'm glad I married my best friend. I think because of that is why we have stayed married for so long. I could never picture having a lost like the people who have been left behind to pick up the pieces from this tragedy.  I can't think about this day without crying for the ones who past, the families of the fallen and what war means. They are all in my prayers. God Bless you all.

Monday, September 10

9/11 Heroes

There are many people who helped out on 9/11 many left unnamed. Many who left their families to go who didn't return. I remember a story I read somewhere on line that a police offer just heard the news on the radio as he drove home from a midnight shift. He got out his car walked inside and explain to his pregnant wife he had to go back. He left her on the porch begging him not to go. He never came back.

Tomorrow is a big part of U.S.A history my history. It was the reason I wanted to join the military along with many more. I spent an hour tonight watching a special on the 9/11 emergencies  that happen below the burning towers. My son and I saw and discuss this lady who was recalling the events of that day fighting back tears. We both began to cry I couldn't help but feel the pain she must have gone through along with all the people she helped that day. She talked about the skin of a man who was very badly burnt. How his skin fell off in her hands. She didn't have time to think she rush him instead the ambulance an took off. I don't think I could ever do what these men and women did that day. They continue to do this everyday. They run into a burning building as people are running out. God Bless them all. It really takes a special person to take on such a task. Many lost loved ones many lost in many different places. I hope they can all find peace as well as our Nation.
Let's take a few moments and pray please never forget.


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