Monday, September 10

10 Years

I'm sharing this from a friend but I couldn't say it any better. Thank you Joie

I would like to take this month to remember the people that our nation lost on 9-11 regardless of the question of "who" Americans think are responsible! I am not going to debate that because this is a month when the souls that were lost should be remembered without any bias thoughts what so ever! Now, I'm going to share what I remember about that day. Before the news camera's were ordered to go to...
delay, I saw things that to this day cause me to not even be able to look at photographs that were taken that day. I remember a man that jumped from one of the top floors, knowing that he his death was imminent either way. I will never know his name, but he lives in my memory! I saw the planes hit and the buildings fall knowing full well that the death toll would be enormous. I saw the people that stood on streets with pictures of loved ones that they would never find, but what I remember most was the Jew and the gentile that died in the stairwell, not because they had too, but because one couldn't get out and the other refused to leave a fallen American behind.

I remember the stories of the people that survived, how in the blink of an eye, on that day, there were no black or white, no religious denominations, no Democrats or Republicans, no Christians and Islamic differences, there were only people! Hate and different views no longer mattered because for the first time in our nations history, I believe in my heart, that everyone that day, became a true human being! As people clung to each other, hate was a word that didn't exist that day. As for those that died, I am sure that as their souls flew free, they still held the hand of the person that died next to them that day! And the people that knew they had no hope, didn't fear their death as much as they feared not being able to say that last goodbye or I love you as they found anyway possible to make one last call or text. Not only did they think of loved ones first, with death looming, they didn't linger on phones to say a long goodbye, a simple "I love you" would be said just before the same phone was handed to another person, so their goodbye could also be heard by their loved ones! I remember the woman that sat outside of the Pentagon trying to hold on to all the faith she could, that her husband would come out soon. I remember her face the day she had to go home without him. I remember audio from a plane that would never reach its destination. I remember America!

Nobody with a heart was out to seek power, profit, or spotlight. I remember the first responders and the civilians that showed up day after day with their shovels and tools, from other cities and states in hope that maybe they could still save a life. I remember seeing grown men cry and they worked non-stop for days, digging and trying to maintain some hope. I remember the school children across the United States that sent gloves and water to those working so hard to try to find life. I remember flags flying at homes that have never flown again since. Americans were hurt, but they rallied together and the nation was undivided and you could feel the soul of your neighbor swell with pride as well as yours did. I remember Americans coming together as one to help, to pray, to hug, and to cry. It took a monumental death toll, to make us realize that we were lucky to be Americans and we shared that pride. Now I weep for those that were lost and I weep more for Americans, because all too soon they forgot that pride and remembered how to hate.......
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