Wednesday, September 5

Summer Plans

What kind of plans did you set for the summer? This summer was like every other summer we set goals,bucket list,moved and tons of crafts. The only difference is that we wrote it down. Justin and I made a mommy and me book. We are going to try to top it next summer. My family and I are outside kind of people no matter what kind of weather it may be. I got this cute idea from a friend's blog. Thank you Beth.
There are a hand full of things we have not done yet. We will get there in no time.I love summer almost as much as I love Halloween. It comes in second maybe. I believe it's a great thing to set goals even better when you make a huge effort to complete them. Kids need to see that from adults especially their parents. My hubby and I are really good at that. Once we set our mind to something we never give up. It would take god him self to break us. We are raising the next hand of Needham's to take over the world. I wish my children the best in life. I will help them succeed in any way possible. That is my job as a parent. What did you do this summer? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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