Sunday, September 2

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I have talked before about helping our Military Men and Women in many blog post. I read a story of a 23 year old Marine who shoot some of his co-workers. It makes me sick that he went to serve our country and in return he gets nothing. No help Nada! I'm so sick of hearing about Marines and other Military killing themselves and others. Where is our government to help these men and women? I don't think our society does enough for our soldiers. They sacrifice so much for our freedom. It makes me upset that people are just thrown away like yesterday trash. I come from a Military family. My stepfather was in the Army who served in Desert Storm in 1991.  My grandpa also served in Army which made my Uncle follow his foot steps. Like father like son. Sadly they both passed away not because they died in war. However it left a lifetime of scares. My Uncle had many problems trying to deal with what he had seen and did. No one understood him at all but a few who served with him. My Uncle Don Served in Korean War. It is not talked about much we never hear about it. Just like this war we are in now. People have forgotten we have troops that are still in Afghanistan . We need to get them out. My husband and my cousin both are Marines who served. My cousin was overseas three times.My hubby once which made being married to extraordinary man who will stop at nothing to see his family. He came home safe to our children. Our men and women need our support.  My other Uncle Bob served in the Vietnam War war who seen his share of Violent things. Take a visit over to Military Minds on facebook or to buy our troops some coffee. Please help where you can they need us. Send an email to one just listen to what they say it may just save their life. It is a little bit of chaos coming from a background like this. I think it only makes you a stronger person inside and out. You learn to appreciate the little things in life like grass.God Bless our Men and Women please pray for their safely.

This is the story I talk about above. It's something that should have never happen if he had the help of others to enforce that it is okay to feel the same way you did overseas. Like Military minds on facebook there are people who can help.

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