Saturday, September 22

Let's talk about Heaven

Get ready to go to heaven on earth with Carrabba's Tiramisu, lady fingers dipped in liqueur laced espresso, layered with sweetened mascarpone, Myer's Rum and chocolate shavings. Whoohoo! Here is my Picture from last night,

We took our friend out last night for his Birthday. He turned 33 years old. He is still very young. I just had to brag about this yummy melt in your mouth dessert. I think I may just go back for a double  chocolate martini. I ate a lot of  food yesterday. I don't know where my appetite came from but it was like I haven't ate in weeks.  We had such a blast! If my P90 X guy was here I know what he would say. It's bad,Bad ,Bad! I don't care I will just have to do three workouts in one day instead of two all next week. You have to live a little. Make life fun at any given chance you get. Don't let it pass you by it could be your last. I just can't make this an everyday thing. I might not look good as a 300 pound Mexican!
My hubby and I have never been there before yesterday but I think it may be our second favorite restaurant besides the the sea food place by St. George Island. We are also a huge fans of sea food. Steve just will not order the whole fish with eye balls next time we go. It's a lesson well learn all menus should have pictures for each items.  They have a great menu not to mention the drinks.  Awesome! Just remember Happiness is a Hot Mexican!  Where is your favorite place to eat? I would love to hear about it. Leave me a comment.  Have a great rest of the day.
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