Saturday, September 15

Cup of Joe

Have you made someone a promise to do good? Have you ever thought about sending our troops anything maybe a letter or a gift basket of some sort? My family and I have. We do what we can to help people ,animals and causes that mean a lot to us. I read the emails I received from our troops after I purchased coffee from Green Beans Coffee. It made me smile to know they were happy. It moved me so much that I will add this to my list of things I have to do. My son also made a purchased with his own money to buy our troops some coffee.
                           "Mom, If they can't be here at least I can give them a piece of Heaven." My son said
                              "What do you mean son a piece of Heaven?" I simply asked

                                "You always say your french Vanilla coffee is a taste of Heaven for your day." He said with a smile

                                    "Yes, Yes I do say that." I laugh

It's funny how your children will recite something you have said in the past without hesitation. My son Justin is the most thoughtful person I know. He is always there with a helpful hand to anyone who needs it. It's makes me proud to be his mother. I couldn't of asked God for someone better. My son is he best! It's not what you say that your kids will see it's what you do that they will remember. My hubby and I are always there to help someone something or any animals in distress. I love making people happy. We are working on acts of kindness but over all I hope my son gets that the smallest thing to us may mean the world to someone else. I think with this step for a Cup of Joe he is heading in the right direction. I would like to share this email with all of you.

2 Troops want to thank you for sending them a Cup of Joe!Cup of Joe #1

Your message and gift of a CUP OF JOE was delivered to a Service Member serving at Camp Sabalu-Harrison in Afghanistan. They wanted to say thanks and make sure you knew your gift was received. Please see below for their note to you:

Ma'am, Thank you for your kind words and support. I am especially moved by your son's gesture. He could have spent his money on himself yet he chose to give it to a caused he felt was worthy -- he has a sense of kindness and charity beyond his years. Things are going well here, despite what you read in the paper. It means a lot to know that folks back home remember us and keep us in their prayers. Thank you again to you and your family. I wish you all the best. yrs, Capt V.

Cup of Joe #2

We want you to know that we've delivered your personal message and gift of a CUP OF JOE to a Service Member serving at Camp Marmal in Afghanistan. Your support of our Service Men and Women through your gift of a CUP OF JOE FOR A JOE provided a much appreciated morale boost and helped make a Service Member's day a little brighter.

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