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Sunday, April 14

100 Ways to Make Your Marriage Rock

  1. Write him letters
  2. Go on regular date nights
  3. Write his name on lipstick on the bathroom mirror
  4. Revitalize the romance with intimate dates
  5. Pray together
  6. Hide notes in secret places
  7. Go to bed at the same time
  8. Listen to music together-share ear buds
  9. Send him on a scavenger hunt in the house
  10. Buy him gifts he will love
  11. Hide a treat in his glove box or desk at work
  12. Read the Bible together
  13. Wear shirts that tell the world you love your spouse
  14. Praise your spouse to other people
  15. Let them overhear you
  16. Read a marriage devotional
  17. Porn-proof your home( I disagree just as long as it doesn't get out of hand. I always say my hubby can look but he has to eat at home)
  18. Be best friends
  19. Sleep in his t-shirts(naked is better)
  20. Look to him to make the big decisions (it's 50/50in our household)
  21. Let her make the small ones
  22. Don’t nag him(I never it seems silly to do that I'm not his mom. He either does it or he doesn't)
  23. Put down the seat, pick up your socks for her
  24. Renew your vows privately with whispers and memories
  25. Renew them publicly with cake and bubbly
  26. Fight naked( we always do it's fun but always end up hot and sweaty)
  27. Tell him you like him( I think my hubby is yummy)
  28. Receive his compliments
  29. Pick your battles( funny but the battles we have are where we go out to get right now it's about what nude beach we should go to)
  30. Show her you love her and tell him you respect him(always it's a daily thing with us)
  31. Go away together at least once a year(planning now)
  32. Frame your wedding vows
  33. Her: Read For Women Only
  34. Hang pictures of the two of you around your house( we have many)
  35. Kiss in front of your kids( always I can't help not to his smile brings me in every time)
  36. Make his favorite dessert
  37. Have pictures of just the two of you made
  38. Make sex a priority( everyday 3 times  DAY)
  39. Spend time apart occasionally
  40. Learn to enjoy something he loves(MMA FIGHTING)
  41. Surprise each other
  42. Meet him at the door ( I do it's like meeting him for the first time. I get butterflies in my belly every time  I see him)
  43. Dream storm
  44. Text each other from across the room
  45. Be accountable to each other
  46. Set reminders on your phone to remember him/her throughout the week
  47. Call him right now and tell him you appreciate him
  48. Be affectionate
  49. Him: Read For Men Only
  50. Leave work and come home early
  51. Wash, vacuum her car. Keep it full of gas.( He does ever since I started driving it's funny I just had to get gas and had to call him to ask how to do it. lol)
  52. Give each other romantic coupons
  53. Engage every day in meaningful conversation
  54. Compliment each other
  55. Touch your spouse several times throughout the day( we can't keep our hands off each other)
  56. Take one day a month to make your spouse your total focus
  57. Let each other sleep in
  58. Be spontaneous!(That's what we live for)
  59. Argue fair: avoid these words “you always” and “you never”( we don't argue)
  60. Kiss every day
  61. Find tangible ways to serve your mate without complaining
  62. Forgive quickly
  63. Be honest.(always we made that the number one rule when we met)
  64. But not hurtful
  65. Get on the same page: plan your budget together
  66. Look your best as often as you can
  67. Guard your marriage
  68. Get out of debt (and stay out)
  69. Laugh together
  70. Have a date night in(every week)
  71. When your together-BE TOGETHER (take a break from phones, technology, etc)
  72. Talk about your favorite memories together
  73. Tell him he’s sexy just because( I tell him he is my yummy piece of meat)
  74. Tell her she’s pretty, especially when she’s not feeling it
  75. Make him breakfast in bed
  76. Do her chores for her(I remember the first time my hubby washed my clothes. I came home from work and I wanted to take a shower. He folded my panties so weird he still does it. I just throw them in my dresser)
  77. Get a couple’s massage or host your own privately
  78. Read a book out loud together
  79. Dance together-soft music (alone) or rocking music with the kids( We can be in the middle of the store when he takes me by the hand to dance. It's one of my hubby's sides I adore)
  80. Bring her/him a favorite drink during the middle of the day( my handyman needs lemonade)
  81. Exercise together-hikes, bike riding, etc( we are fitness freaks)
  82. Choose not to be annoyed by an irritating behavior/disappointment
  83. Tell him a secret he doesn’t know about you
  84. Thank your spouse just because, often
  85. Sit on the same side of a booth at a restaurant
  86. Lay in bed together and stare into each other eyes, without talking
  87. Learn something new together-take an art class, cooking lessons, etc
  88. Leave a sweet comment on the Facebook wall
  89. Teach your kids about marriage
  90. Stop what you’re doing, look them in the eye and listen to their answer
  91. Create art together
  92. Support each other’s goals( I'm back my hubby's goals 100% as he does the same for me)
  93. Know when to talk and when to hush
  94. Consider counseling (even if there’s not conflict)I disagree why go if there isn't a problem.
  95. Doodle his name
  96. Bring her flowers (even when she says they are too expensive)
  97. Wear something he loves
  98. Share furniture-sit in his lap
  99. Fight for your marriage
  100. Remember your spouse rocks-even when they don’t.
Thanks for this wonderful information I had some I disagree with but left it as is. Maybe you have some to add or disagree with but these are my thoughts and only mind. I know my hubby and I had a life before each other but what we both understand is that we love each other for who we are not who we were. I think most people let things get in the way and those become the problems that destoy a marriage. What I have learned from being married for seven years is that you have to have fun have lots of sex and just live life to the fullest everyday. Our  children are the best of what we are.  I

Monday, February 18


I was online looking up motorcycles when this site popped up on the side bar. It caught my eye with the title.

How To Pick The Right Wife

Curiosity made me hit the link. I read it to my hubby we had time to wait since we were getting an oil change. This article made my mouth drop! I laugh as I disputed some of it how could someone write this stuff? It was hilarious! His name is Victor so blame him. I guess I can agree with some but sure not all of it but I will say more men need to follow some guideline in picking the right wife. Same goes for women you can't sleep with everyone and expect people to respect you. You can't sleep with a married person and expect them to marry you. If your lady or man is still caught up on their past love it's time to move on.  If they don't respect you that should be the card you are looking for to stay or go.This man Victor is just saying it as he sees it. What are your thoughts after you read what I took from his site? (Below) If you are interested in the rest I will leave a link to his blog. Click on it if you dare!

Notes from Victor

You have two options: You will get married or you won’t get married. If you will get married then this article is for you. We will not review whether or not you should get married but we will review how to pick the right wife.

Picking the right wife is of utmost importance. Marriage is a life-long commitment and requires a great deal of forethought. Getting married without a plan and without any forethought is a terrible decision.

Getting married is a business decision. Marriage is a contract between two entities. You’ve got to enter into it with the ruthless mind of a determined businessman for it to work.

You’ve got to pick the right wife like a businessman picks a company to invest in. It shouldn’t be left to chance (“love”) – you’ve got to be pro-active, know what you want and then go after it.

Marriage isn’t about love or connecting with your soul-mate. Those are inventions of TV and movies. Marriage is an exchange of resources. Your wife shall provide A and you will provide B. If you’re wife doesn’t, or won’t, provide her share then she should not have the privilege of marriage with you.

Marriage is a contract and you’ve got to try your hardest to make sure that contract is re-inforced. You cannot make the best decision when you’re emotionally love-sick like a 16 year old school girl. No businessman who wants to stay in business will sign a contract in an emotional state of mind and no man who wants to stay married will sign all of his power away just because he loves her. It takes rational, clear-headed planning and thinking to pick the right wife material.

There are only two reasons a man should ever get married:

1) He wants to start a family.

2) His career or political ambitions demand he has a wife (he is interested in going into politics). We will not talk about this except to say that a political wife is for show and show only. For this article we will assume the reader falls into the first category.

There is absolutely no other reason to ever get married. Love is not a reason to get married. When you get married you sign all your power over to your wife – it must be of some benefit for you to do so. That benefit is to grow old with your family.

Again this article may make you mad. I disagree with Victor about not getting married for love. For that matter I disagree with Victor on most of what he wrote. That is the only reason I married my hubby.The fact he can make me laugh and smile daily is one of his best traits.He cares about people. He loves to help out.He works hard at everything he does in Life. I accepted him for who he is not who he was. He has never lied to me about anything. No matter how hard it may hurt the truth will always be better in the end. We both respect we each other to be up front. Everything was put on the table in the beginning everything! My hubby provides, support, and loves us with his whole heart not half most of all he will stop at nothing to make our children and I happy. I picked a wonderful man to spend the rest of my life with. I thank him all the time for what he does as he will thank me for the same. He makes me cry when he tells me he loves me for standing by and supporting him through everything. I have never turned my back on him no matter what life has made pass by. I strongly believe a marriage is 50/50 you have to give your all to make it work. You have to be willing to fight for what you love. Divorce is not an option for us not now or ever. If we have a problem we are going to sit down and work it out. My hubby and I have been through unreal drama, death, cancer in the family, moving, meeting new family,job change for both of us and loss of not one but two children by miscarriage. We never blame or bring up the past as for it means the past. There is nothing you can do about it. We live in the moment at hand. Nothing has ever had a hold on us it only makes us STRONGER as a couple! We cherish what life and the lord has given us TIME with each other and our children. We have so much to be grateful for like our health and happiness. I never in a billion years thought my life would be this much fun. I never knew I could be this happy with life in general. It's great! Why you may ask? Because I make it that way. That's how I came up with the title of my blog LIFE IS ONLY WHAT YOU MAKE IT! Life can only be as good as you make it to be no matter what situation you are in. As for Victor is concern he has a few points where you think he may be a little over the top but he put it out there.I agree with one parent staying home to raise the children. Raising our children is the most important job a parent will ever have. My hubby is a little old fashion when it comes to that.Which is fine with me I love staying home with our boys. I love the fact that my hubby gives me the option to. I still work from home our business is well. I just don't see why both parents need to work. One job is paying for daycare alone now if you are a single parent then I understand.The children of today need that other parent home to help guide them in the right direction.

 It's up to you what you do in life! Do you have any guidelines before you get married?
                                                            Happy Reading!


Tuesday, May 29

 Steve is such a sweetheart he took the boys and I to Panama City Beach this weekend with our good friend Adam. I had no idea he had this plan. I hate to be surprised by anything. He told me to pack a bag for the day.
I knew he had something up his sleeve when we showed up to drop Levi off at the dog kennel which was the size of Justin's room with a TV. I mean why does a dog need a TV? Who knows but he did get to play with other dogs. Steve is always doing something that makes me smile. We rented Jet Ski's on Saturday. I have never been on one. I thought I was going to fly off and be eaten by a shark or something. Steve was wiping that thing around like a pro. I don't know why I agree to half the things I do with Steve. He is an adrenaline junkie I swear. When he took Justin out on the water I thought for sure I was going to have a heart attack right there in the water. They were gone for what it seems like forever. When he told me he let Justin drive I just shook my head. Justin had a blast on the water. When Steve and Adam went out on the water they were racing each other. As I watched them almost crash a dozen times. I just thought well at least they are happy if they get eaten by a great white. As you can tell I have watched Jaws way too many times. They both came back smiling! 
Justin and Daddy

We spent half the day at the beach just swimming till our belly's told us it was lunch time. We ate and off we went to a water park. This place was huge. They had about nine different slides the men went on with Jay. I took the lazy river which was a challenge to get Christopher to sit down to relax with me for a change. We went around a few times stop to watch the men zip line into the water off a pirate ship. Christopher was intrigued by the elephant that was a water slide. We went over there and played until we all met up again. All of  us were exhausted I mean all the adults were. The boys were still on over drive. We left there straight to the dune buggies and zip line. Again my heart sank to the ground when Justin came pass my head.

It was hard to get a good picture of him because he is so small it gives no room to move his head.
After all that fun we headed back to our hotel room for a fire dance. The video above is not my best but the best for trying to hold Christopher until Steve took him. It was hilarious it only got better after what you see above with a man dance some drunk old people and Justin went on stage for his first hula lesson. We had drinks by the pool. Later Steve and Jay went swimming and a movie to end the fantastic night we had. (Note to self don't eat sea food after a long day in the sun) We all felt sick at the end. We made it to Sunday morning for my Jet Ski ride with my amazing hubby.
Being on the open ocean was breathtaking. I love the water. I could spend all day out on the sea. Steve and I had the best time ever. We came up on a mantaray that was the size of my truck. We seen some dolphins. I was a little nervous seeing them that close up. Steve jump right in took some pictures. I wanted to drive when he got back up. He put his arms around me and said.

 "I know I can't get down on one knee right now,but will you be my wife again and marry me?"

I didn't know what to say I just started brawling my eyes out. I couldn't speak I tried but nothing came out. He put my beautiful ring on my finger that sparkle in the sun. He kissed me with his soft salty lips. (lol) It was the best moment of my life. This past weekend was so much fun. I had a blast! Steve surprised me with the best gift ever. I love my ring but even better I love that he took the time to plan this all out the way he did. He is such a romantic at heart. I couldn't have asked for a better second proposal. I mean it was on a jet ski in the middle of the ocean. What else could a girl ask for?  He took my breath away once again.  I love you Steve! You are amazing man. I love you more and more with each passing  day. Yes, I will marry you again.
This is my ring

Sunday, May 6

I received a text yesterday it read

"Without you my world would not spin, without the boys I could not breathe. I love you."

It was from my wonderful sweetheart of a husband. This is just one of the texts I receive daily from Steve. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a great man. Steve is one in a million. Last night as we laid in bed he kissed Christopher goodnight as he is always between us then Justin wakes and slips in bed with us in the morning. Steve spoke of having another baby as I watched him look over our son with a sparkle in his eye.  Steve loves being a dad. He really does I watched him play basketball with Justin Friday. They enjoy playing basketball together. It’s a big stress reliever for both of them. They are always laughing and smiling when they play. I stood there and watch them play together it melts my heart. Many things make a father. A father has to be there every step of the way.  Steve has been there since Jay was little. Steve doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to Justin. He has been there for every tooth he has lost. The tooth fairy is more than happy to give him five dollars like tonight for the tooth his lost. He has been to every Cub Scout meeting.  Every bump, scrap and pain Steve is right there picking his little man up fixing them with a kiss. I guess you can say Justin is spoiled just a little bit. I mean we did take him to New York last year for his 8th birthday and this year it will be Lego Land. Justin loves his daddy from the moon and back is what he used to say when he was little. Now daddy is his number one fan in everything. I asked Justin what he wanted to be when he grew up for a short writing assignment for school. He wrote about how he wanted to be strong and smart just like his daddy. He wants to grow up and be a big "Devil Dog" like dad with a side job as a scientist.  I just laugh as he spoke of his dad being a hero who helps save people. My Daddy the" Hero" is what he kept saying. Yes, I have to agree with him his daddy did save me. He made me believe in love. He gave me my fairytale life I never thought I would ever have. I have more than I have ever imagined. I have a loving husband who will stop at nothing to make me happy two beautiful healthy loving boys who are just like their father unique with personalities of their own yet very much like their father. I have everything I need. I thank God his self for helping my dreams come true.

Saturday, April 28


This is my Nana and Papa they were married for 45 years. They had five kids and many grandchildren. My papa sadly passed away from lung cancer two years ago he was never able to meet my Popsicle who is one of six great grandchildren. I did tell him I was pregnant a few days before he died. He was the very first person Steve and I told before we told Justin. I asked him to get better so he could meet who ever I was carrying in my belly. He was there though out my pregnancy with Justin. I realize that was a little too much to ask of him. I said my goodbyes he passed away the day after Christmas and I as well had a miscarriage. One of three I had but now I know they all have their Papa to guide them.  When I think about renewing my vows I said to Steve next year it makes me think. What does it really take to stay married for that long? My grandparents have went though HELL and back. They were a very good set of role models for me to see what a couple needs to do. My Nana has always been by my Papa's side though think and thin, right and wrong it didn't matter she stood by her man. It took a toll on her as his death approach. She was mean and right down evil to her core. She was angry with the Lord. He was taking half of her away. Her heart was broken into pieces. Life was not going to be the same. I could hear my Papa tell me to just give her time. I did and now we are closer then ever before.There were many people in my family who I think took her angry towards them the wrong way. She was hurt and broken. Steve and I were extremely close to my Papa as for everyone who knew him. In a lot of ways Christopher reminds me of him. He is just so full of Life. Steve and I used to sit and listen to Papa tell his stories even if we had already heard them a thousand time. He was famous for them. It was okay with us. Steve loved him very much even if Papa thought he was an alien. Justin asked me "Mom can Papa see us now that we moved?" "Yes, Honey he can always see us." I'm trying to plan a wedding without someone that meant the world to me. I guess there is the need to hear one of Papa's stories. My Papa and Nana believed in one another gave each other space as well as drove each other crazy. She would follow him anywhere. I thought she would die of a broken heart when he passed away. I still have her phone number listed on my phone as Nana and Papa.  I loved it when My Nana would be her normal self crazy in her own way. He would say"Shirley" No matter what she was doing she would come running only for a kiss. That's why he called her many times. She would always "oh Donald." They were cute very cute. They had a lot of kid's over all I think that is something I fight with myself. I want  to try for another child just not now,but I don't want to wait to long. She was pregnant for seven years in a row. Seven I can't do that no way. That is a lot. They made their dream work so can I. Not with seven but maybe one more a cat and another dog will do.
My mother and father were never married but together for five years before they split. Yes, I was five they were just two different and young. They have very strong personalities that just didn't mix like oil and water. I had two strong, independent, very hard working parents growing up still do. Even if they didn't agree with each other they still said the same thing. They just both wanted to be the first person to say it. I never told them that just so they could be happy they said it first. This is the first picture of them that I have now together. The last one was when I was three years old. They are very good role models as well for Steve and I. They have also lived one crazy life that has brought them the good, the bad and the ugly in the past years. They went for their dreams and now live it. I'm very proud to call them Mom and Dad. It's funny how certain people shape who you become in life. My dad likes oldies and my mom likes hip hop. I received the best of both worlds. They always talked to each other maybe yelled a few times but was on the same level most of the times in a unique way I guess. When it came to my sister and I they did their best to raise us the best way they knew how. Our last day in Michigan they were talking like normal people. I haven't seen that in years it was nice. They were worried to death about the drive we had ahead of us. I was on the phone with one and Steve was on the phone with the other. I'm happy to announce they will both be at my wedding not together but as friends. They both are married to others My dad and step mom have been married I think for fifteen years. I love my step mom to death she is my second mom who I adore. She is a very good fit for my dad. I know her better now then I did before. I love talking to her.  My mom is married to a man I think finally understands who she is. He gets her. Overall I think I have all them to thank for my marriage being as strong as it is.
Steve and I are very much alike in many ways. It's funny how he understands me. Sometimes I don't have to say anything he just knows how I feel or what I need to say. When I think he isn't paying any attention. He can recite me for every word. I think he does that to just be a smart ass sometimes. It makes me laugh because I can't get mad at him. He is just too lovable to be mad at. He will do anything to make me happy. As I do the same for him. I know he is my soul mate. He understands me better then most. The picture above was taken at Best Buy after we stop dancing in the Aisle. Why, you ask we danced because Steve wanted to. He is silly all the time. He loves Life so much more then I have ever seen anyone love life. He was glowing at how happy the boys and I were at Panama Steve ha been such a big teddy bear since we moved with the boys. It is kind of making me out to be the one who has to set down the law.I work from home most of the time. I talked to him about going back into retail. His response was"You don't have to go back. Keep doing what you love. I hate seeing you work. You don't have to stress you are my wife. I will do that for you."  I love him for that. He supports me in anything I do. Now, that we have a dog this week working on my second book which has no title yet and homeschooling Justin trying to open my charity. My plate is full but what I have learned from my Papa and Nana, Mom, Dad,Deana(step mom) and Steve is that being happy is the most important thing there is in life that will keep a marriage going. I couldn't agree more. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.  If you are happy anything is possible in life.

Friday, October 28

Life, Family and Everyday Stuff

Today I feel a sense of calmness that comes over me. I’m so far from home but at home.Choices we make today will shape who we are tomorrow

Tiny fingers grab my neck it’s my Popsicle giving me a hug. The sound of laughter is what I hear as you try to give me a kiss without biting me. I love the way you kick your feet every time I pick you up. You get so excited about what is going on. Even if it’s nothing at all. I love how we play tag already melts my heart when you get daddy. I can tell you are very strong willed, stubborn and determined. You are very young still with a great life ahead of you. You are growing more and more each day with every piece of food I clean off my wall. You are such a happy baby. Watching your eyes light up every time your brother appears is something I hope lasts forever. Your bond with your big brother means a lot to me. He loves you to death there is nothing he wouldn’t do for you. Even getting in trouble when he goes to your room to play with you so you stop crying.

I love the arms wrapped around my waste and a head under my armpit. It’s my Jay man my little man always in my book. I love to hear your voice even better I love your questions you have. No, you can’t jump off the deck with your bike! No, I have never seen an alien nor do I want to. Sure your father and I will help you catch one if we see it in our backyard. As far as doing skin test on your little green friend I want gloves first. I’m not sure if the bug on the window will transform into an alien who is like a transformer. Okay you can have an alien party with your friends. No, you can not go to the mother ship not even if you promise you will be back by dinner. No, you can’t carry your little brother in your hockey bag like a Chihuahua. My little man can hold up an argument with the best meaning his father. It kills me they are so much alike but hold so much love for one another. I hear mumbling coming from the playroom it’s the sound of an owl and someone saying Oh GOD and more laughter from my boys. The sound of the monkeys, cars, spit bubbles and a motorcycle fills the room. The endless laundry the pile of dishes the constant cleaning the house is something I don’t mind doing. I put up with my husband scaring me to death in the shower. His silly acts of affection that makes me so mad at him sometimes I want to kick him in the head. To the flowers he brings me out of nowhere to the phone call to just hear my voice is why I love him. It’s my husband, my boys, my family how could I forget this moment. This is my Peace this is my Serenity this is my life as a mother and a wife. This is who I am I will not change for anyone I will not be sorry because I am happy.

 My family is happy my boys know they are loved my marriage is great even if we fight about what croutons we will get in Wal-Mart for our salad. Even if I did brake the truck and made you work on football Sunday you still love me no matter what. Thanks to my daddy you were able to get us back on the road once again.  Honey you are the best and the worst of me as I am for you. You are my weakness and my strength. We are like bread and butter you can’t have one without the other. I guess this is what makes us great partners and parents. We understand each other our children our life. Money will never be the root of all evil for us. We are not just lucky we are blessed with a life we share with one another.

Tuesday, August 23


"What I found is divorce just can't be an option," Will told Ellen at the time. "It's really that simple. And I think that's the problem with L.A. - there are so many options. So a huge part of the success for [Jada] and I is that we just removed the other options."

This is what Will told Ellen and I have to say I’m a firm believer that it is not an option for Steve and I ever no matter what happens. We will work though it no matter what it takes. I just watched Look Who’s Talking while I clean the house for the night. Steve is just like John Travolta in the movie.

I can’t count how many times I have came home to see the house a mess because he was playing with Jay. Steve is really silly when it comes to the kids. What am I saying? Steve is a big kid his self. I love it. Steve may not be able to dance God love him. It's real funny to see him try to bust a move with Jay. Now Christopher is getting to know his daddy just like Jay. I picked a great man to have kids with.

To have a successful marriage you have to have the following. Honesty is the number one thing I have found to be at the top of our list for each other. If you don't have that then it's over before it starts.
Intelligence and Confidence in each other goes a long way. I support my man and he supports me. Even if I think some of Steve's ideas or business ventures are a little out there at times. A Good Sense of Humor is a big key to life. You have to be able to laugh at yourself, others just in general at things. It's like crying over spilled milk. It's silly life is too short to be serious all the time. Steve and I have very good work ethics. We have worked for everything we have. We are very family oriented people. That was one thing that bought us together in the first place. Our families may not be perfect but we found a way to make it work. We found each other when it meant the most to us. I'm thankful to add we are very mentally stable people. It helps when you are both sane in the marriage. Instead of dealing with a crazy person all the time. Even worst when you are the only one who is trying to make it work. I know many people where being mentally stable is the last thing on their list of things of doing. I have found that these people are very selfish in wanting only what they want. That's no way to live with another person you care about. Steve and I have the ability to listen to each other. That's where our friendship comes in. That was built before we said I DO. We have each others best interests at heart. It's always and forever with us till the end. I can't picture my life without Steve. I know Steve feels the same. I remember when he wasn't a big talker when we met. I could always tell what he was thinking by looking into his eyes. I think he is the only man who likes to cuddle with me beside my Jay man. I have to say we do that very often. I have never met someone who is just as protective as I am about our loved ones. I was very sick back in 2008 when a nurse of all people told Steve to stop asking questions to just be a husband and go to the waiting room. I was in a lot of pain but still managed to hold his hand to calm him down from exploding. I could see the steam come out of his ears. Steve has a very soft voice when it comes to Jay. Our poor baby needed to give blood when he was two. Of course my feelings were hurt when all he wanted was his Daddy. Steve made it all better for him on top of taking him to get ice cream. I don't know how Steve does what he does when it comes to his family. He always makes us his number one in his life. I'm the sameway I will fight to the death to protect my loved ones. We are both very passionate people who have a very stubborn streak in us. If we think we are right or wrong we will fight to prove our point. It's hard to be mad at that man when he is being groofy when I'm trying to be mad.  I love that about Steve he never gives up especially on us. We both have very big ambitions about life and love. It's great that we see each other for who we really are inside and out. We don't have to hide it like most do. Steve and I just celebrated 7 years together this month. We take care of each other not to mention the wiliness to experiment in bed to keep it hot and spicy. It's never the samething with us. It may be a quickie sometimes in the car or on the deck. I think married couples have to find time for themselves to make it work. Sex may not be everything in a marriage but it seals the bond you share with your loved one. Steve will always have my unconditional love, support and happiness.  We have never taken each other for granted. I almost forgot you have to be able to share everything with your partner the good, bad and ugly. Love is such an amazing thing. True love is something to hold on tight to. We are each other soul mates. This is what makes us work. What about you?

This is my Happiness in life. No one can take that away from us. Why you may ask?  I don't give that kind of power to anyone!
Have a great night my readers I have a favorite quote from Shakespeare "To thine own self be true" I have lived by this my whole life now it will be a tatto on my ribs.


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