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Tuesday, June 30


Last night was about the most scariest thing we have been in since last summer when my hubby had to pull off the road in North Dakota with a bunch of people at a gas station to avoid the tornado that hit.

It was crazy receiving texts from him that read.
If you wake up and see the news. I love you. 
The next one reads
I'm  okay I was able to get off the road.
Then he sent a picture 
and the last text reads 
I love you and the boys. This above picture was from a guy he worked with that sent it to him. There is no place to go the houses are all mobile homes. We stayed in an RV for the summer. The land is flat where it looks like the sky could swallow you whole. Traveling is by far the most exciting thing to do. Our drive there to North  Dakota was storms all the way. As we left one state or town a tornado hit. This year driving to New Mexico was the same. We hit a storm in Louisiana. Thank God we were driving  away from it. Last night I made my decision not to make our home in Carlsbad permanent. It will stay a summer home to visit our family. 

The road was flooded on both sides. I was for sure we we're going to get stuck in the water. The hail was so big and thick look like snow on the streets. The city has no draining system at all. I took a video mind you it's a two lane road with no where else to go. maintenance 
The kids thought it was really neat. Us not so much as hubby drove and I took pictures to keep my mind clear. Tree branches were down everywhere. I think I will stick to the Florida weather instead. Bright side we were in the same car with hail dents from last year storm. A few more doesn't matter. 

Friday, August 24

Tropical Storm: Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac may be upgraded to hurricane status by the time it rolls into Florida. Residents need to heed warning.

 I have learned since moving to Florida that there is not a warning system for storms besides your gut instinct as one neighbor told Steve and I. We did buy a weather radio which is the loudest radio I have ever heard. It could wake a dead person. I think I'm missing Michigan we may have all seasons in one day but still get by. Here in Florida I guess you can grab your ankles and kiss your butt goodbye. However, I think my family is still in the clear even though the storm is heading right for us. I packed a suitcase that is sitting by the front door for all of us. A just in case we have to leave or go hop in the boat before our house floats away bag. We all have a change of clothes, flashlights, batteries and some snacks. The boys packed a bag with Justin's Ds game,DVD player and toys. They are so cute. While we were packing Christopher thought we were going to the beach. He kept saying"Beach momma." Since we live in the Panhandle right were the storm will be in a few days I'm hoping all we see is rain like the last one "Debbie."  I guess I have to open up my playbook for inside games and activities for raining days. We may be homebound for awhile. 

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